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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

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ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED6p15a Nachalis Anna
ED6p15a Nachalis Frank
ED11p5b Nagel Donald
ED11p5b Nagel Gladys
ED11p5b Nagel Lilly
ED11p5b Nagel Linie
ED11p5b Nagel Roy
ED11p5b Nagel Ruby
ED11p5b Nagel Verna
ED11p5b Nagel Walter
ED6p1a Nash Alace
ED6p1a Nash Ideller
ED6p1a Nash Wade
ED6p1a Nash Willie
Ed7p19b Nastoupil Carl J
Ed7p19b Nastoupil Mary
ED4p4a Neal Helen
ED4p2b Neal Hillard
ED4p2b Neal Irene
ED4p2b Neal Jane
ED4p4a Neal Jerry
ED4p3a Neal John
ED4p4a Neal Mary
ED4p3a Neal Mattie
ED4p2b Neal Mattie
ED4p2b Neal Moses
ED4p2b Neal Sam
ED4p4a Neal Tyree
ED9p3b Necker Adele
ED8 p8b Necker Arthur
ED9p5b Necker Bertha
ED9p5b Necker Cordella
Ed7p14a Necker Ella
ED8 p8b Necker Ella
ED9p6b Necker Ernestine
ED9p3b Necker Gertrude
ED9p3b Necker Henry
ED9p5b Necker Herbert
ED8 p8b Necker Ida
ED8 p8b Necker Louis
ED8 p8b Necker Milton
ED9p3b Necker Minna
Ed7p14a Necker Pressley
ED8 p8b Necker Walter
ED1p5a Neckert Alvin
ED1p5a Neckert Elgin
ED1p5a Neckert Harman
ED1p8b Neckert Helen
ED1p8b Neckert Henry
ED1p8b Neckert Jessie
ED1p8b Neckert Meta
ED1p5a Neckert Olga L
ED1p8b Neckert Osa
ED1p5a Neckert Wanda
ED2p4a Neely Almieda B
ED2p4a Neely Jubal A
ED13p3a Nehrkorn Ben
ED13p3a Nehrkorn Cordella
ED13p3a Nehrkorn Edmond
ED13p3a Nehrkorn Elda
ED13p3a Nehrkorn Emma
ED13p3a Nehrkorn Hans
ED13p3a Nehrkorn Henry
ED13p3a Nehrkorn Herman
ED13p5b Nehrkorn Herman
ED13p5b Nehrkorn Mamie
ED13p3a Nehrkorn Max
ED12p8b Neinast Gustav
ED12p8b Neinast Hulda
ED12p8b Neinast Hulda
ED4p4b Nelius Adolphine
ED4p4b Nelius Bertha
ED9p2b Nelius Bill
ED4p8a Nelius Charlie
ED4p4b Nelius Charlie
ED4p8a Nelius Charlie
ED4p4b Nelius Clifton
ED8 p9a Nelius Edelrine
ED4p4b Nelius Edgar
ED8 p9a Nelius Elice
ED4p4b Nelius Ervin
ED4p8a Nelius Fritz
ED8 p9a Nelius Gus
ED4p4b Nelius Hilma
ED9p2b Nelius Ida
ED4p8a Nelius J D
ED4p7b Nelius James 
ED4p8a Nelius Johnie
ED4p8a Nelius Lina
ED8 p9a Nelius Minnie
ED8 p9a Nelius Myrtle
ED8 p9a Nelius Norma
ED4p8a Nelius Sophie
ED4p4b Nelius Victor
ED4p4b Nelius Viola
ED9p2b Nelius Waco
ED4p8a Nelius Wesley
ED9p2b Nelius Winnie
ED6p5b Nelson Ida
ED6p5b Nelson Jessie
ED6p5b Nelson John
ED6p5b Nelson John
ED6p11b Nemic Paul
Ed7p2a Nenting Herbert
Ed7p2a Nentwig Albert
Ed7p8b Nentwig Elsie
Ed7p8b Nentwig Ennis
Ed7p2a Nentwig Freda
Ed7p2a Nentwig George
Ed7p8b Nentwig Gus
Ed7p2a Nentwig Louis
Ed7p6b Nentwig Minnie
Ed7p8b Nentwig Norma
ED4p2b Nettles Ellen
ED4p2b Nettles Lawrence
Ed7p15a Netwig Bruno
Ed7p15a Netwig Elfreda
Ed7p15a Netwig Emil
ED9p2a Netzel Doris
ED9p2a Netzel Fritz
ED9p2a Netzel Leona
ED9p2a Netzel Mathilde
ED10p10a Neuman Auguste
ED10p10a Neuman Herman 
ED10p10a Neuman Maurice
ED10p10a Neuman Wilson
ED12p10a Neuman Neumann Adolph
ED12p10a Neuman Neumann Agnes
ED12p10a Neuman Neumann Cordela
ED12p10a Neuman Neumann Emma
ED12p10a Neumann Agnes
ED12p10a Neumann Arnold
ED2p11b Neumann Arthur
ED12p10a Neumann Arthur
ED2p11b Neumann August
ED2p11b Neumann Augusta
ED11p4b Neumann Belinda
ED11p4b Neumann Carl D
ED11p2b Neumann Dora
ED12p10a Neumann Ed
ED12p10a Neumann Eliza
ED12p10a Neumann Emil
ED12p10a Neumann Ernest
ED12p10a Neumann Harry
ED12p10a Neumann Henry
ED12p10a Neumann Herman
ED11p2b Neumann Joe
ED11p4b Neumann Karl
ED12p10a Neumann Lena
ED12p10a Neumann Lillie
ED11p4b Neumann Lina
ED12p10a Neumann Martha
ED12p10a Neumann Mary
ED12p10a Neumann Mary
ED12p10a Neumann Meta
ED12p10a Neumann Nona
ED12p10a Neumann Olg
ED12p10a Neumann Otto
ED12p10a Neumann Robert
ED12p10a Neumann Rudolf
ED12p10a Neumann Siemund
ED12p10a Neumann Theodore
ED12p10a Neumann Walter
ED12p10a Neumann William
ED12p10a Neumann William
Ed7p5a Newcom Pearl
Ed7p5a Newcom W James
ED15p17a Newsom Adam
ED15p4a Newsom Arlee
ED15p4a Newsom Bessie Mae
ED6p2a Newsom Carl
ED15p11a Newsom Cecil
ED6p2a Newsom Cleopas
ED15p4a Newsom Earnest
ED15p17b Newsom Earnest B
ED15p17a Newsom Elizabeth
ED15p4a Newsom Florence
ED15p17b Newsom Gladys
ED15p11a Newsom J W
ED15p11a Newsom Jim
ED15p4a Newsom Julia
ED15p17b Newsom M J
ED6p2a Newsom Mabel
ED15p4a Newsom Mack
ED15p4a Newsom Mattie B
ED15p17a Newsom Melissa
ED15p11a Newsom Minnie
ED15p11a Newsom Mollie L
ED15p17a Newsom Ohee
ED6p2a Newsom Philip
ED6p2a Newsom Philip
ED15p17a Newsom R L
ED15p17a Newsom Rosetta
ED15p16a Newsom Susie
ED1p7a Newsome Annie
ED1p15a Newsome Eva
ED1p15a Newsome Isaac
ED1p15a Newsome Jesse
ED1p15a Newsome Leona
ED12p8a Newsome Raymond
ED12p8a Newsome Stella
ED15p10b Newson Arthur Lee
ED10p8a Newson Jane
ED15p10b Newson Jennie
ED10p6b Newson John
ED10p18a Newson Lesley
ED10p18a Newson Lesley
ED15p10b Newson Sim
ED4p2b Newton Anne
ED4p2b Newton Mitchell L
ED13p4a Nezderat Joe
ED13p4a Nezderat Julia
ED15p7a Nich Arquentes
ED15p7a Nich Chorcie
ED15p7a Nich Clarence
ED15p7a Nich D W
ED15p7a Nich Dach
ED15p7a Nich Fannie
ED15p7a Nich Lilly
ED15p7a Nich Minnie
ED15p7a Nich Odessa
ED6p14b Nichalas Emily
ED6p14b Nichalas Joe
ED6p14b Nichalas John
ED6p14b Nichalas Julia
ED6p14b Nichalas Jureclk
ED6p14b Nichalas Mary
ED2p8b Nichols Allen
ED1p11b Nichols Clara
ED9p1b Nichols Delphia
ED2p8b Nichols Dora
ED2p8b Nichols Dorie
ED2p8b Nichols Easter
ED2p7b Nichols Julia
ED2p7b Nichols Mary
ED1p11b Nichols Oscar
ED2p7b Nichols Sarah
ED2p8b Nichols Walla
ED2p8b Nichols Walter L
ED9p1b Nichols Will
ED1p9b Nicholson Annie B
ED1p5b Nicholson Edna
ED1p5b Nicholson Lucindy
ED1p5b Nicholson Lulu
ED1p9b Nicholson Mary
ED1p5b Nicholson Mattie
ED1p9b Nicholson Willie
ED1p9b Nicholson Willie
ED1p6b Nickels Arthur
ED1p6b Nickels Johnny M
ED1p14a Nicket Arthur
ED1p14a Nicket Flora
ED1p5b Nickols Mary
ED1p5b Nickols Ralph
ED10p9a Niebuhr Alma E
ED10p9a Niebuhr Elenora
ED10p9a Niebuhr Estelle
ED10p9a Niebuhr F H
ED10p9b Niebuhr Gertrude
ED10p9b Niebuhr H L
ED10p9a Niebuhr Henrietta
ED10p9a Niebuhr L A
ED10p9a Niebuhr Lorena
ED10p9b Niebuhr Mary
ED10p9b Niebuhr Mary
ED10p9b Niebuhr Ruth
ED5p10b Nietsche Adela
ED5p10b Nietsche Ben
ED5p10b Nietsche Bennie
ED5p10b Nietsche Hulda
ED5p10b Nietsche Josie
ED11p3b Nitzsche August
ED11p3b Nitzsche Frida
ED11p3b Nitzsche Hulda
ED11p3b Nitzsche Oddie
ED11p3b Nitzsche Tillie
ED11p3b Nitzsche Willie
ED11p1b Noack Alma
ED11p5a Noack August
ED11p5a Noack Augusta
ED11p1b Noack Burney
ED11p1b Noack Gus
ED11p1b Noack Lina
ED11p1b Noack Lionel
ED10p18a Nolasco Augustine
ED2p8a Nolte Annie
ED1p4a Nolte Ardela
ED9p4b Nolte August
ED3p3a Nolte Davie L
ED2p8a Nolte Henry
ED3p3a Nolte Henry H
ED1p4a Nolte Joseph
ED2p8a Nolte Lester
ED2p8a Nolte Margerete
ED2p8a Nolte Murrel
ED2p6b Nolte Nadine
ED3p3a Nolte Roscoe
ED2p8a Nolte Sam
ED2p6b Nolte Victoria
ED1p4a Nolte Virdie B
ED2p6b Nolte William C
ED2p8a Nolte William F
ED3p10b Nona ?
ED3p10b Nona Adam
ED12p10b Nona Annie
ED3p10b Nona John
ED3p10b Nona Mary
ED11p7b Nonnemacher John B
ED11p7b Nonnemacher Leola
ED11p7b Nonnemacher Leslie
ED11p7b Nonnemacher Vivian
ED11p7b Nonnemacher Winnie
ED10p7a Nonnenmacher Chas
ED10p13a Nonnenmacher John
Ed7p17b Norcross Lee
ED3p11a Norkre Antone
ED3p11a Norkre Helen
ED3p11a Norkre Susie
ED3p11a Norkre Zfe
ED10p18a Norris Anna
ED10p18a Norris Jessie Mozel
ED10p18a Norris L V
ED10p18a Norris Mrs. Mary
ED15p17b Northington Cora
ED15p17b Northington J N
ED15p17b Northington John
ED15p17b Northington Maudell
ED15p17b Northington Sammy
ED15p17b Northington Sular
ED15p17b Northington Wilmer
ED15p17b Northington Wm A
ED15p12a Novasad Charlie
ED15p12a Novasad Frank
ED6p15a Novosad Albert
ED6p15a Novosad Frank
ED6p2b Novosad Joe
ED6p15a Novosad John
ED6p15a Novosad Mary
ED6p15a Novosad Rosie
ED6p15a Novosad Willie
ED15p3a Nowak Alice
ED15p18b Nowak Alouise
ED15p3a Nowak Alvin
ED15p2b Nowak Alwina
ED15p3a Nowak Andrew
ED15p3a Nowak Annie
ED15p18b Nowak Annie
Ed7p4b Nowak Augusta
ED15p18b Nowak Ben
ED15p15a Nowak Cecelia
ED15p15a Nowak Clara
ED15p15a Nowak Frank
ED15p18b Nowak Frank
Ed7p4b Nowak Harry
ED15p3a Nowak Hattie
ED15p3a Nowak Henry
ED15p18b Nowak Joe
Ed7p4b Nowak John
Ed7p4b Nowak John
ED15p15a Nowak Josephine
ED15p3a Nowak Josie
Ed7p4b Nowak Louise
ED15p15a Nowak Martha
ED15p18b Nowak Mary
ED15p15a Nowak Max
ED15p18b Nowak Mike
ED15p18b Nowak Proxey
ED15p15a Nowak Rosa
ED15p18b Nowak Stanley
ED15p15a Nowak Stella
ED15p18b Nowak Stella
ED15p18b Nowak Theda
ED15p2b Nowak William
ED15p3a Nowak Willie
Ed7p9a Nowicki  Norvicki Frank
Ed7p9a Nowicki  Norvicki Martha
ED1p11a Nowitzky Cecelia
ED1p11a Nowitzky Charles
ED1p11a Nowitzky Clara
ED1p11a Nowitzky Francis
ED1p11a Nowitzky Johanna
ED1p11a Nowitzky Louis
ED1p11a Nowitzky Maria
ED1p11a Nowitzky Steve
ED6p1a Nphaw Louella
ED6p1a Nphaw Walter
Ed7p19b Nsoen Cecilia
Ed7p19b Nsoen Francisco
Ed7p19b Nsoen Joe
Ed7p19b Nsoen Neose
ED14p10a Nukiska George
ED14p10a Nukiska Millie
ED5p5a Nustedt Anna
ED5p5a Nustedt George
ED5p5a Nustedt Henry
ED5p5a Nustedt Lina
ED5p5a Nustedt Martha
ED5p5a Nustedt Meta
ED6p4b Obciena Annie
ED5p10b Oberrender Ernest
ED5p10b Oberrender Frieda
ED5p10b Oberrender Gotthold
ED5p10b Oberrender Sophie
ED6p5b O'Conner Ida
ED6p5b O'Conner Tom
Ed7p7a O'Connor Henry
Ed7p7a O'Connor Henry
Ed7p7a O'Connor Naomi
Ed7p3b O'Connor Roddy
Ed7p3b O'Connor Ruth
ED3p1b Odem Jim
ED5p9a Ofezarzak Frances
ED5p9a Ofezarzak John
ED5p9a Ofezarzak Rose
ED5p9a Ofezarzak Steven
ED1p7a Oggs Eliza T
ED1p7a Oggs Mildred
ED1p9b Ognaski Agnes
ED1p9b Ognaski Albert
ED1p9b Ognaski Annie
ED1p9b Ognaski Delmus
ED1p9b Ognaski Dora
ED1p9b Ognaski Frank
ED1p9b Ognaski Frank
ED1p9b Ognaski Janey
ED1p9b Ognaski Jesse
ED1p9b Ognaski Lenora
ED1p9b Ognaski Lilly
ED1p9b Ognaski Mary
ED1p9b Ognaski Minnie
ED1p9b Ognaski Minnie
ED1p9b Ognaski Rosie
ED4p5b Ognoski Anne
ED4p5b Ognoski Brownie
ED4p5b Ognoski Herman
ED4p5b Ognoski Joe
ED4p5b Ognoski John
ED4p5b Ognoski Martin
ED4p5b Ognoski Rose
ED4p5b Ognoski Wallace
Ed7p7a Okruhlik Cyprian
Ed7p4a Oldag Agnes
Ed7p4b Oldag Bertha
ED8 p9a Oldag Bettie
ED8 p9a Oldag Charles
ED6p20b Oldag Earnest H
ED6p20b Oldag Earnest Henry
ED6p20b Oldag Hattie Mary
Ed7p4a Oldag Henry
ED8 p8a Oldag Joe
Ed7p4a Oldag Louise
ED4p2a Oldag Robert
ED4p2a Oldag Vera
Ed7p12a Oliver Alice
Ed7p12a Oliver Andrew
Ed7p12a Oliver Cardelia
ED12p9a Oliver Ella
Ed7p12a Oliver Frank
ED12p9a Oliver Louree
ED12p9a Oliver Sam
ED14p9b Olsen Sam
ED6p9b Ondruch Ben
ED6p9b Ondruch Fannie
ED6p9b Ondruch Fannie
ED6p9b Ondruch Frank
ED6p9b Ondruch Joe
ED6p9b Ondruch Joe
ED6p9b Ondruch Louis
ED6p9b Ondruch Vladik
ED10p6b Orange Anne May
ED10p14b Ordener Mollie
ED6p14a Orsak Adolf
ED6p14a Orsak Agnes
ED6p14a Orsak Amelia
ED6p12a Orsak Angelina
ED6p21b Orsak Annie
ED15p5a Orsak Annie
ED6p14a Orsak Annie
ED6p10b Orsak Annie
ED6p21b Orsak August
ED6p10b Orsak Charley
ED6p22b Orsak Cirel
ED6p21b Orsak Earnest
ED6p22b Orsak Earnest
ED6p14a Orsak Eddie
ED15p5a Orsak Edith
ED15p19b Orsak Edwin
ED15p5a Orsak Edwin
ED15p19b Orsak Emil
ED6p14a Orsak Francis
ED6p14a Orsak Francis
ED6p14a Orsak Francis
ED6p14a Orsak Frank
ED6p10b Orsak Frank C
ED15p19b Orsak Gerom
ED15p19b Orsak Jennie
ED6p14a Orsak Joe
ED15p19b Orsak Joe
ED6p14a Orsak Joe
ED6p22b Orsak Joe
ED6p12a Orsak John
ED6p14a Orsak John
ED6p14a Orsak John
ED6p10b Orsak John Jr.
ED6p12a Orsak Julia
ED6p10b Orsak Julie
ED6p21b Orsak Julius
ED6p22b Orsak Lillie
ED6p4a Orsak Lonnie
ED15p19b Orsak Lou
ED6p4a Orsak Louis
ED6p14a Orsak Louise
ED15p5a Orsak Louise
ED6p12a Orsak Ludvik
ED6p12a Orsak Martha
ED6p14a Orsak Mary
ED15p19b Orsak Mary
ED15p19b Orsak Millie
ED6p14a Orsak Millie
ED6p12a Orsak Mollie
ED15p5a Orsak Philip
ED6p14a Orsak Rosie
ED6p12a Orsak Rosie
ED6p10b Orsak Rosie
ED6p12a Orsak Rosie
ED6p12a Orsak Sophie
ED6p14a Orsak Steve
Ed7p8a Orsak Tilda
ED6p4a Orsak Tlaka Tekla
ED6p4a Orsak Victora
ED1p10a Osborn Charlie
ED1p10a Osborn David
ED1p10a Osborn Dellie
ED1p10a Osborn Henrietta
ED1p10a Osborn Louisa
ED1p10a Osborn Lucy
ED1p10a Osborn Peter
ED4p9a Osborn Solomon
ED1p10a Osborn Thomas
ED1p10a Osborn Unice
ED9p3a Ostwald Franciska
ED3p5a Ottmer Alvin
ED3p5a Ottmer Emil
ED3p5a Ottmer Henry C
ED3p5a Ottmer Herbert
ED3p5a Ottmer Leona
ED3p5a Ottmer Lucy
ED11p1a Otto Henry
ED11p1a Otto L Amatie
ED6p14a Owczizik Frank
ED6p14a Owczizik John
ED6p14a Owczizik Stevie


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