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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Pa - Ph


ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED11p2b Paap Charlotte
ED9p2a Pacher Adolph
ED9p1b Pacher Auguste
ED9p1b Pacher Charlie
ED9p2a Pacher Franciska
ED9p1b Pacher George
ED9p1b Pacher George
ED9p1b Pacher Gustav
ED9p1b Pacher Herman
ED6p10a Paco Anarm
ED10p10b Paige Ernest
ED10p10b Paige Henry
ED3p11a Paine Hattie
ED3p11a Paine Mary
ED3p11a Paine Ray
ED3p11a Paine Robert
ED3p11a Paine Robert G
ED3p11a Paine Sadie
ED1p9a Palacios Ascensin
ED1p9a Palacios Clara
ED1p9a Palacios Consuela
ED1p9a Palacios Diago
ED1p9a Palacios Pedro
Ed7p19b Pallacios Jesus
Ed7p19b Pallacios Juana
Ed7p19b Pallacios Ralph
Ed7p19b Pallacios Ralph
Ed7p19b Pallacios Thrana
ED9p1a Palm Adolph
Ed7p15a Palm Alvin
Ed7p15a Palm Annie
Ed7p15a Palm Charlie
ED8p6b Palm Christina
Ed7p15a Palm Edwin
ED1p3a Palm Emma
ED9p1a Palm Erna
ED9p1a Palm Fred
ED9p1a Palm Fred
ED8p1b Palm Herman
ED9p1a Palm Hulda
ED9p1a Palm Joe
ED8p6b Palm John
ED8p6b Palm Lawrence
Ed7p15a Palm Pauline
ED1p3a Palm Rufus
ED15p6a Palma Bertha
ED15p6a Palma Frank
ED15p6a Palma Margurett
ED15p6a Palma Mary
ED15p6a Palma Sophia
ED4p2b Palmer Booker P
ED6p21b Palmer Burnard Andrew
ED4p2b Palmer Curtis
ED6p21b Palmer Idell
ED4p6b Palmer Johnie
ED6p2b Palmer Lalph
ED15p4a Palmer Linsey
ED4p2b Palmer Loren
Ed7p12b Palmer Mary
Ed7p12b Palmer Maude
Ed7p12b Palmer O Olga
Ed7p12b Palmer Robert
ED6p2b Palmer Severnah
ED6p2b Palmer Solen
ED6p21b Palmer Thomas
Ed7p17b Palso May
ED6p20b Palsow Annie
ED6p20b Palsow Annie
ED6p20b Palsow Cara
ED6p20b Palsow Fritz
ED6p20b Palsow Lillie
ED6p20b Palsow Lorice
ED1p2b Pannell Annie
ED1p2b Pannell William
ED12p8a Papke Amelia
ED8 p8a Papke Anna
ED12p5b Papke Emma
ED13p5b Papke Emma
ED12p8a Papke Fritz
ED12p8a Papke Herman
ED13p5b Papke Herman
ED12p5b Papke Herman
ED12p8a Papke Olga
ED12p8a Papke Paul
ED12p8a Papke William
ED6p16b Parenul Cartillo
Ed7p10b Parker Adelina
ED12p9a Parker Agnes
ED12p5a Parker Albert
ED15p6b Parker Allen
ED12p1b Parker Annie
ED12p9a Parker Archie 
ED15p12a Parker Beatrice
ED15p6b Parker Carry
ED12p9b Parker Chester
ED12p10a Parker Chester
ED15p13b Parker Christina
ED15p13b Parker Doritha
ED12p9a Parker Ellen
ED15p6b Parker Essie
ED15p17a Parker Etta Mae
ED12p9a Parker Eugine
ED15p13b Parker George W
ED12p10a Parker Hattie E
ED15p17a Parker Henry A
ED12p9a Parker Ira
ED15p7a Parker Ira G
ED9p6b Parker James
ED15p6b Parker Jessie
ED15p17a Parker Joe
ED14p7a Parker John
ED12p9a Parker John
ED12p9a Parker L D
ED9p6b Parker Lee
ED15p13b Parker Lena Bell
ED9p6b Parker Lilian
ED12p9a Parker Listine
ED12p9a Parker M L
ED15p13b Parker Mabel
ED15p13b Parker Malvin
ED15p6b Parker Mamie
ED15p7a Parker Mandy
ED15p6b Parker Mandy
ED12p1b Parker Mary Ann
ED12p1b Parker Matta
ED12p11b Parker Mattie
ED15p13b Parker Nirgia Mae
ED15p13b Parker Nora
ED9p6b Parker Ollie
ED15p6b Parker Rosetta
ED15p6b Parker Roxie
ED12p9a Parker Samuel
ED12p10a Parker Savanna L
ED12p3b Parker Tessie B
ED12p1b Parker Will
ED15p12a Parker Will
ED12p1b Parker William
ED15p13b Parker Willie
ED15p11a Parks Martin
ED15p11a Parma Bertha
ED15p11a Parma Judith
ED15p11a Parma Marie
ED15p11a Parma Mary
ED2p8b Parmele Rebecca
ED6p20a Parmer Georgie Lee
ED1p3a Parten Anna F
ED1p3a Parten Elloise
ED1p3a Parten John W
ED6p14b Parvalak Antonia
ED6p15a Parvalak Clara
ED6p15a Parvalak Idnas
ED6p14b Parvalak Mary
ED6p15a Parvalak Mattie
ED6p14b Parvalak Rosie
ED6p15a Parvalak Sophie
ED6p14b Parvalak Steck
ED6p15a Parvalak Stephen
ED6p15a Parvalak Victoria
ED6p14b Parvalak Willie
ED6p21b Patak Fererie
ED6p11a Patak Teresia
ED3p9a Paten  Patent Annie
ED2p8b Patrick Edith
ED2p8b Patrick Lenora
ED4p3a Patterson Ellen
ED4p3a Patterson Ward
ED6p12a Pavalick Pavlicek Annie
ED6p12a Pavalick Pavlicek Frank
ED6p12a Pavalick Pavlicek Louisa
ED6p12a Pavalick Pavlicek Mary
ED6p12a Pavalick Pavlicek Mary
ED14p5b Pavelka Alma
ED6p5b Pavelka Bennie
ED8p5a Pavelka Eddie
ED14p4b Pavelka Frank
ED14p1b Pavelka Joe
ED8p5b Pavelka Julius
ED14p5a Pavelka Lydgic
ED8p5a Pavelka Mather
ED14p5a Pavelka Willie
ED6p11b Pavlicek Amilie
ED6p6b Pavlicek Charly
ED15p2b Pavlicek Edward
Ed7p20a Pavlicek Frank
Ed7p20a Pavlicek G L
ED6p11b Pavlicek Joe
ED15p2b Pavlicek Joe
ED15p2b Pavlicek John
Ed7p20a Pavlicek Lucy
ED15p2b Pavlicek Mary
ED15p2b Pavlicek Olga
Ed7p20a Pavlicek Steve
ED15p2b Pavlicek Vaclav
Ed7p15b Payton Buelah
Ed7p15b Payton Fred
Ed7p16a Payton Gladys
Ed7p15b Payton James
Ed7p15b Payton Jimmie
Ed7p16a Payton Leslie
Ed7p15b Payton Millie
Ed7p15b Payton Sandy
ED15p8a Pazderny Annie
ED15p8a Pazderny Annie
ED15p8a Pazderny Annie
ED15p8a Pazderny Carrie
ED15p8a Pazderny Frank
ED15p8a Pazderny S V
ED15p8a Pazderny Sydnie
ED15p8a Pazderny Sylvester
ED11p8a Pechacek Albina
ED11p8a Pechacek Frank J
ED11p8a Pechacek Lina
ED11p8a Pechacek Mary
ED11p8a Pechacek Tonnie
ED11p8a Pechacek Vilma
ED11p8a Pechacek Willie
ED6p10a Pechanec Charley
ED6p10a Pechanec Emil
ED6p10a Pechanec Frank
ED6p10a Pechanec Frank
ED6p10a Pechanec Joe
ED6p10a Pechanec Ludmila
ED6p10a Pechanec Mary
ED6p10a Pechanec Mary
ED6p10a Pechanec Nraffa
Ed7p9a Pefko Charles
Ed7p9a Pefko Edith
Ed7p9a Pefko Gertrude
Ed7p9a Pefko Mary
Ed7p9a Pefko Powell
ED6p1b Pelnric Homer
ED9p5b Penner Jacob
ED9p5b Penner Maris
ED9p5b Penner Peter 
ED9p5b Penner Peter P
ED15p11b Pennington Rebecca
ED3p4a Perkins Alice
ED12p11a Perkins Elbert
ED12p11a Perkins Ermine L
ED3p4a Perkins Ethel
ED3p4a Perkins Frank
ED3p4a Perkins Frank
ED3p4a Perkins Genevieve
ED12p11a Perkins George
ED14p2b Perkins Gracy
ED14p1b Perkins Gracy
ED3p4a Perkins Leola
ED3p4a Perkins Mabel
ED12p11a Perkins Malcomb
ED3p4a Perkins Minnie Pearl
ED10p11b Perkins Vinia
ED12p11a Perkins Woodson L
ED1p1a Perrine Albert
ED1p1a Perrine Charlie
ED1p1a Perrine Emma
ED1p1a Perrine Emma
ED1p1a Perrine Jery
ED1p1a Perrine Lenora
ED1p1a Perrine Lillian
ED1p1a Perrine Richard
ED1p1a Perrine Roy
ED1p1a Perrine William
ED15p10b Perritte Ailsen
ED15p10b Perritte Gladys
ED15p10b Perritte Herbert
ED15p10b Perritte S V
ED10p12b Persky Adela
ED10p12b Persky Arthur
ED10p12b Persky Bertha
ED10p12b Persky Chas
ED10p12b Persky Mathilda
ED10p12b Persky Miles
ED10p12b Persky Monroe
ED2p9b Persuie Edmonia
ED10p13a Peschel A C
ED14p9a Peschel Adala
ED14p9a Peschel Adina
ED10p13a Peschel Adolf W
ED8p4b Peschel Albert H
ED8p5b Peschel Alma
ED10p13a Peschel Anna
ED10p7b Peschel August
ED8p5b Peschel August W
ED10p12b Peschel Ben E
ED10p12b Peschel Charlie
ED14p5a Peschel Delmus
ED10p12b Peschel Elda
ED8p5a Peschel Ella
ED10p7b Peschel Emilie
ED14p9a Peschel Erna
ED14p5a Peschel Eugene
ED14p5b Peschel George
ED14p9a Peschel Goldie
ED8p5a Peschel Herman
ED10p12b Peschel Hertha
ED14p9a Peschel Hugo
ED10p7b Peschel Johanna
ED10p12b Peschel Johnny
ED8p5a Peschel Lesly
ED10p7b Peschel Lina
ED10p12b Peschel Lloyd
ED14p5a Peschel Louisa
ED14p5a Peschel Mesterie
ED8p4b Peschel Meta
ED10p7b Peschel Milda
ED10p12b Peschel Newton
ED10p7b Peschel Oscar
ED14p5a Peschel Raymond
ED14p5a Peschel Robert
ED10p12b Peschel Wilhelmina
ED10p12b Peschel Willie
ED10p7b Peschel Willie
ED1p3a Peschke Adelaide
ED1p3b Peschke Agnes
ED1p3b Peschke Clover
ED1p3a Peschke Edward
ED1p3b Peschke Emelia
ED1p3b Peschke Jerome
ED1p3a Peschke Joseph
ED1p2b Peschke Louisa
ED1p2b Peschke Mary
ED1p3a Peschke Willie May
ED15p3a Peska Alois
ED15p3a Peska Alois
ED15p3a Peska Annie
ED15p3a Peska Francis
ED15p3a Peska Joe
ED15p3a Peska John
ED15p3a Peska Mary
ED15p3a Peska Willie
Ed7p19b Pesoe Goes
Ed7p19b Pesoe Juan
Ed7p19b Pesoe Mesone
ED15p7b Peter Bessie
ED15p7b Peter Louis
ED1p4b Peters Addie
ED1p4b Peters Adeline
ED9p6a Peters Albert
ED4p7b Peters Albert
ED8p2b Peters Alwina
ED4p3b Peters Anna
ED4p3b Peters Anne
ED14p1b Peters Annie
ED1p4b Peters August A
ED4p3b Peters Bennie
ED1p13a Peters Bertha
ED4p3b Peters Dora
ED9p4a Peters Edgar
ED8p2b Peters Edmond
ED1p4b Peters Emil
ED4p7b Peters Erna
ED4p3b Peters Fannie
ED4p7b Peters Frank
ED1p4b Peters Frankie
ED14p1b Peters Freda
ED9p4a Peters Gertrude
ED1p4b Peters Harry
ED4p3b Peters Hazel
ED14p1b Peters Henry
ED1p4b Peters Henry
ED9p4a Peters Herman
ED1p4b Peters Hertha
ED1p4b Peters Hetric
ED4p3b Peters Jochenn
ED4p3b Peters Joe
ED1p4b Peters Leona
ED9p6a Peters Lina
ED9p4a Peters Monroe
ED1p4b Peters Walter
ED1p13a Peters Wilhelmina
ED14p1b Peters Willie
  Peters area  
ED15p2a Petetan Cora
ED15p2a Petetan Lawrence F
ED15p16b Petras Rosalie
ED6p13b Petrucek Chas
ED6p13b Petrucek Edward
ED6p13b Petrucek Matilda
ED6p4b Petrusck Emil
ED6p4b Petrusck Emily
ED6p4b Petrusck Frank
ED6p4b Petrusck Jannie
ED6p4b Petrusck Joe
ED11p8b Petrusek Albina
ED11p8b Petrusek Alois
ED11p8b Petrusek Miroslav
ED11p8b Petrusek Ruben
ED11p8b Petrusek Tom
ED15p16b Pettan Alex
ED15p9b Petter Arnold
ED15p9b Petter Frank 
ED15p9b Petter Frank M
ED15p9b Petter Johnie
ED15p9b Petter Marcela
ED2p9a Pewright Leana
ED2p9a Pewright Lucy
ED2p9a Pewright Willey
ED2p9a Pewright Willey
ED2p9a Pewright Willie
ED3p10a Pfeffer A Otto
ED13p2a Pfeffer Adele
ED3p10a Pfeffer Albert
ED12p7b Pfeffer Alma
ED12p7b Pfeffer Alma
ED12p7b Pfeffer Annie A
ED12p11b Pfeffer Arnold
ED12p1a Pfeffer Augusta
ED4p3a Pfeffer Benjamin
ED12p2a Pfeffer Bennie
ED12p11b Pfeffer Charles F
ED12p1a Pfeffer Charles W
ED12p11b Pfeffer Charlie
ED12p11b Pfeffer Clara
ED3p10a Pfeffer Cynthia
ED3p10a Pfeffer Daniel
ED12p7b Pfeffer Dennis
ED4p3a Pfeffer Dora
ED13p2a Pfeffer Ed
ED12p1a Pfeffer Edwin
ED4p3a Pfeffer Elda
Ed7p5a Pfeffer Ella
ED13p2a Pfeffer Ella
ED4p3a Pfeffer Elmer
ED3p10b Pfeffer Elna
ED3p10a Pfeffer Emil
ED8p4a Pfeffer Emilia
ED8p4a Pfeffer Emilya
ED12p7b Pfeffer Emma
ED12p1b Pfeffer Ernest
ED4p3a Pfeffer Flora
ED3p10a Pfeffer Flora
ED12p8a Pfeffer Floyd
ED12p7b Pfeffer Gus
ED3p10a Pfeffer Gus
ED3p10b Pfeffer Halley
ED3p10b Pfeffer Helen
ED12p1a Pfeffer Henry F
ED12p7b Pfeffer Herbert
ED12p7b Pfeffer Herman
ED12p7b Pfeffer Hugo
ED12p11b Pfeffer Jacob
ED12p11b Pfeffer Johanna
ED12p11b Pfeffer Johnnie
ED12p7b Pfeffer Lee
ED12p1a Pfeffer Leona
ED3p10a Pfeffer Louis
ED3p10a Pfeffer Maggie
ED12p2a Pfeffer Maggie
ED12p11b Pfeffer Martha
ED12p7b Pfeffer Mary
ED3p10a Pfeffer Max
ED3p10b Pfeffer Melinda
ED8p4a Pfeffer Minna
ED3p10a Pfeffer Minnie
ED12p1a Pfeffer Paulina
ED12p11b Pfeffer Phillip
ED12p7b Pfeffer Rolf Ralph
ED13p2a Pfeffer Ruby
ED3p10b Pfeffer Seldan
ED12p1a Pfeffer Theodore
ED13p2a Pfeffer Walter
ED3p10a Pfeffer Wanda
ED3p10a Pfeffer Wesley
ED12p8a Pfeffer Wilmer
ED11p2b Pfeiffer Albert
ED11p5a Pfeiffer Alex
ED11p5a Pfeiffer Alvina
ED11p5a Pfeiffer Bennie
ED11p5a Pfeiffer Bruno
ED11p5a Pfeiffer Chas
ED11p2b Pfeiffer Elly
ED11p2b Pfeiffer Emil
ED11p4a Pfeiffer Ernest
ED11p5a Pfeiffer George
ED11p2a Pfeiffer Herman
ED11p5a Pfeiffer Herman
ED11p4a Pfeiffer Ida
ED11p4a Pfeiffer Lenona
ED11p2b Pfeiffer Lina
ED11p2b Pfeiffer Lydia
ED11p4a Pfeiffer Otto
ED11p4a Pfeiffer Paula
ED11p5a Pfeiffer Ramey
ED11p2b Pfeiffer Walter
ED2p10b Phelps Leona M
ED2p10b Phelps Mattie
ED2p10b Phelps Mellville
Ed7p6b Phenicie Grace
Ed7p6b Phenicie Jane
Ed7p6b Phenicie John
Ed7p6b Phenicie Paul
Ed7p6b Phenicie William
Ed7p3a Phiglem Sallie
ED1p2a Philipps Henry
ED1p2a Philipps Rosie M
Ed7p2a Philips Emma
Ed7p2a Philips Nata
ED6p18a Phillips Addie
ED6p18a Phillips Agnes
ED6p8b Phillips Alex
ED6p8b Phillips Annie
ED12p9b Phillips Arthur
ED6p18a Phillips Beryl
ED12p3b Phillips Booker T
ED6p17a Phillips Charles
ED6p17b Phillips Charles
ED1p8b Phillips Clyde
ED6p7b Phillips David
ED6p17a Phillips Dorothy
ED6p18a Phillips Elizabeth
ED1p8b Phillips Ella
ED6p8b Phillips Florence
ED12p9b Phillips Gertrude
ED12p9b Phillips Glen
ED12p9a Phillips Hallie
ED12p9b Phillips Helen
ED6p17a Phillips Horace
ED6p18a Phillips J. B
ED6p18a Phillips James Leon
ED12p9a Phillips Jessie
ED6p18a Phillips John
ED6p18a Phillips John Jr
ED12p9a Phillips K R
ED12p9a Phillips L C
ED6p17a Phillips Leonard
ED6p8b Phillips Lillian
ED12p9b Phillips Lisa
ED6p18a Phillips Lottie Mae
ED6p17a Phillips Mabel
ED12p9b Phillips Mamie
ED6p17b Phillips Margurite
ED10p18a Phillips Mary
ED12p9a Phillips Nefs
ED12p9b Phillips Nep
ED12p9b Phillips Pink
ED6p18a Phillips Rosa
ED12p9a Phillips Rubie
ED6p18a Phillips William Grant
ED12p9b Phillips Willie
ED6p18a Phillips Winston
ED6p9b Phornick Flip
ED6p9b Phornick Francis
ED6p9b Phornick Janie
ED6p9b Phornick Julie
ED6p9b Phornick Louis
ED6p9b Phornick Louis
ED6p9b Phornick Louise


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