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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Pi - Q


ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED15p10b Pickens Annie
ED15p10b Pickens James A
ED11p2b Piel Albert
ED10p3a Piel Barlow
ED11p3b Piel Belinda
ED11p2b Piel David
ED10p3a Piel Enola
ED11p3b Piel Freda
ED10p3a Piel Henry
ED11p2b Piel Isabille
ED11p2b Piel Lenore
ED11p2b Piel Lizzie
ED11p2b Piel Marya
ED10p3a Piel Ofelia
ED11p3b Piel Otto G
ED13p5b Pieper Alfred
ED13p5b Pieper Bennie
ED13p5b Pieper Bettie
ED13p5b Pieper Chas
ED13p5b Pieper Chas
ED13p5b Pieper Clara
ED13p5b Pieper Eltion
ED13p5b Pieper Herbert
ED13p5b Pieper John
ED13p5b Pieper Lara
ED13p5b Pieper Mildred
ED13p5b Pieper Sada
ED13p5b Pieper Willie
ED2p4a Pier Leila
ED1p10b Pierce Bettie
ED1p10b Pierce Edward
ED1p10b Pierce Janey
ED5p3b Pilcek Edward
ED5p3b Pilcek John
ED5p3b Pilcek Mary
ED5p3b Pilcek Therese
ED5p11b Pilcik Joe
ED5p11b Pilcik Mary
ED10p17b Pille Mrs. Franz
ED2p1b Pink Alice
ED3p6a Pink August
ED2p1b Pink Bessie
ED2p1b Pink Cora
ED3p6a Pink Erma
ED3p6a Pink Francis
ED3p6a Pink L. J.
ED2p1b Pink Louis
ED3p6a Pink Narcisus
ED3p6a Pink Robert
ED15p18b Pisklak Edward
ED15p18b Pisklak Edward
ED15p3b Pisklak Francis
ED15p18b Pisklak Gabrial
ED15p18b Pisklak Joe
ED15p3b Pisklak Paul
ED15p18b Pisklak Sophia
ED15p18b Pisklak Tilly
ED15p8a Pivoda Earnest V
ED6p13b Piwetz Annie
ED6p13b Piwetz Cicelie
ED6p13b Piwetz Jim
ED6p13b Piwetz Julia
ED6p11b Plachy Chas
ED6p11b Plachy Della
ED6p11b Plachy Reuben
ED6p11b Plachy Ruth
ED14p10b Placik Emely
ED14p10b Placik Frank
ED14p10b Placik Therese
ED14p10b Placik Therese
ED5p11b Plasek Bennie
ED5p11b Plasek Frances
ED5p11b Plasek Jerry
ED5p11b Plasek John
ED5p9a Plasek Joseph
ED5p2b Plasek Joseph
ED5p3a Plasek Joseph
ED5p9a Plasek Marie
ED5p11b Plasek William
ED5p5b Platte Edmund
ED5p5b Platte Elsa
ED5p5b Platte Emily
ED5p5b Platte Ernest
ED5p5b Platte Ernest
ED5p5b Platte Harry
ED5p5b Platte Marie
ED5p5b Platte Richard
ED5p5b Platte Wilson
ED4p6b Pless Adele
ED8p1b Pless Alfred
ED8p1b Pless Augusta
ED9p7b Pless Charley
ED9p4a Pless Christoph
ED4p6b Pless Edwin
ED8p1b Pless Elizabeth
ED4p6b Pless Ennis
ED4p6b Pless Gladys
ED9p7a Pless Henry
ED9p7b Pless Hugo
ED9p7a Pless Ida
ED9p7b Pless Jessie
ED8 p 7b Pless Lora
ED8 p 7b Pless Mary
ED8 p 7b Pless Robert
ED9p4a Pless Sophia
ED8p1b Pless Theodore
ED9p7b Pless Waco
ED6p1a Pliss John
ED13p7b Poehlmann Ernest
ED13p7b Poehlmann Ewald
ED13p7b Poehlmann Gerhard
ED13p7b Poehlmann Henry
ED13p7b Poehlmann Louise
ED13p7b Poehlmann Louise
ED13p7b Poehlmann Reinhold
ED13p7b Poehlmann Rudolph
ED13p7b Poehlmann Waldemar
ED2p8b Pointer Mathis
Ed7p17a Polansky Anton
Ed7p18a Polansky Julia
Ed7p18a Polansky Mary
ED15p1b Polasek Agnes
ED15p3a Polasek Agnes
ED15p5b Polasek Albina
ED6p1b Polasek Amon
ED15p1b Polasek Annie
ED6p1b Polasek Anton
ED15p5b Polasek Anton
ED15p5b Polasek Bennie
ED15p15b Polasek Bessie
ED15p6a Polasek Charlie
ED15p6a Polasek Charlie
ED6p1b Polasek Edith
ED15p6a Polasek Edna
ED15p1b Polasek Emil
ED15p15b Polasek Esibelle
ED15p1b Polasek Fannie
ED15p6a Polasek Francis
ED15p13a Polasek Frank
ED15p6a Polasek Frank
ED15p15a Polasek Henrietta
ED15p15b Polasek Ignac
ED15p3a Polasek Isador
ED15p6a Polasek Jennie
ED15p1b Polasek Johnie
ED15p1b Polasek Kristina
ED15p15b Polasek Lilly
ED15p15a Polasek Louise
ED15p15b Polasek Mallie
ED15p3a Polasek Mallie
ED15p15a Polasek Martha
ED15p13a Polasek Mary
ED6p1b Polasek Mary
ED15p13a Polasek Mary
ED15p5b Polasek Matilda
ED15p3a Polasek Monika
ED15p3a Polasek Rudolph
ED15p15b Polasek Sidoney
ED15p6a Polasek Sophia
ED15p3a Polasek Sylvester
ED15p15a Polasek Will 
ED10p1b Polcak Bessie
ED10p1b Polcak E L
ED10p1b Polcak Eddie
ED10p2b Polcak Filamena
ED10p2b Polcak Francis
ED10p2b Polcak Francis
ED10p1b Polcak Francisca
ED10p1b Polcak Francisca
ED10p1b Polcak Frank
ED10p2b Polcak Frank J
ED10p1b Polcak Lilly
ED10p1b Polcak Mary
ED10p1b Polcak Mary
ED5p1a Polk Charles
ED5p1a Polk Rose Anna
ED15p19b Polka Francis
ED15p19b Polka Stash
ED5p9a Pomikal Albina
ED5p9a Pomikal Annie
ED8p1a Pomikal Bessie
ED8p4b Pomikal Charlie
ED5p9a Pomikal Frances
ED5p9a Pomikal Franciska
ED5p9a Pomikal Frank
ED1p13b Pomikal Hattie
ED5p9a Pomikal Henry
ED5p9a Pomikal Hermina
ED8p4b Pomikal Irine
ED8p4b Pomikal Joe
ED8p4b Pomikal Joe
ED1p13b Pomikal John
ED8p1a Pomikal John
ED5p9a Pomikal John
ED5p9a Pomikal Joseph
ED5p9a Pomikal Joseph
ED5p9a Pomikal Joseph
ED8p1a Pomikal Louise
ED8p2b Pomikal Mary
ED5p9a Pomikal Milady
ED14p10b Pomikal Minnie
ED8p4b Pomikal Olga
ED8p1a Pomikal Ruby
ED1p13b Pomikal Rudolph
ED8p1a Pomikal Sam
ED1p13b Pomikal Sylvester
ED5p9a Pomikal Therese
ED5p9a Pomikal Vlasta
ED14p10b Pomikal Willie
Ed7p19b Ponciana Hela
Ed7p19b Ponciana Max
ED5p9b Pondruff Alma
ED5p9b Pondruff Anna
ED5p9b Pondruff Bennie
ED5p9b Pondruff Clarence
ED5p9b Pondruff Hedwig
ED5p9b Pondruff Louis
ED5p9b Pondruff Martha
ED5p9b Pondruff William
ED5p9b Pondruff Willie
ED6P18b Pool Harris
ED6P18b Pool Jessie
ED6P18b Pool Lula
ED6P18b Pool Marsisle
ED6P18b Pool May Bell
ED6P18b Pool Willie Davie
ED10p14a Pope Anna
ED10p14a Pope Arthur Lee
ED10p14a Pope Burrel
ED10p14a Pope Burrel
ED10p14a Pope Elmer
ED10p14a Pope Louise
ED10p14a Pope Mandy
ED10p14a Pope R J
ED13p8a Popelmeyer Caroline
ED13p8a Popelmeyer Henry
ED13p8a Popelmeyer Louis
ED10p11b Pophanken Bernadine
ED10p11b Pophanken Emmet
ED10p11b Pophanken Frieda
ED10p11b Pophanken Leroy
ED10p17b Pophanken Lillian
ED10p17b Pophanken R E
ED10p11b Pophanken T A
Ed7p2b Porter Harold
ED2p7b Porter Rodie
Ed7p17a Porters Cova
Ed7p17a Porters Elmo
Ed7p17a Porters Inez
Ed7p17a Porters James
Ed7p17a Porters Lavernia
Ed7p17a Porters Mahala
Ed7p17a Porters Marion
Ed7p17a Porters Wilma
ED4p9a Portio Bill
ED4p4b Portis Acie
ED4p4b Portis Almeta
ED4p4b Portis Charlie
ED4p4b Portis Charlie
ED4p4b Portis George
ED4p4b Portis Joshua
ED4p4b Portis Lacy
ED4p4b Portis Marie
ED4p4b Portis Mary
ED4p4b Portis Mary Jane
ED4p4b Portis Merrel
ED4p4b Portis Ned
ED4p4b Portis Nellie
ED4p4b Portis Rosa
ED4p4b Portis Sylvia
ED4p4a Portis Will
Ed7p7a Poters Mabel
ED6p17a Powell Birdella
Ed7p12b Powell Ellis
Ed7p12b Powell L A
Ed7p12b Powell Maggie
ED6p17a Powell March
ED6p17a Powell Marshell
ED6p17a Powell Susfronia
ED15p18a Powell Will
ED6p17a Powell William
ED6p17a Powell Willie May
ED6p21b Prachil Juli
ED6p18a Praugh Beatris
ED6p18a Praugh Crealy Creasy
ED6p18a Praugh Ennis
ED6p18a Praugh Freddie
ED6p18a Praugh G. J   S J
ED6p18a Praugh Isaiah
ED6p18a Praugh Mittle May
ED6p18a Praugh Tiaphns
ED8p6b Prause George
Ed7p3a Prause Martha
ED8p6b Prause Nola
Ed7p4b Preibisch Adolph
Ed7p6a Preibisch Arnold
Ed7p6b Preibisch Arthur
Ed7p6b Preibisch Ella
Ed7p5a Preibisch Erna
Ed7p6a Preibisch Homer
Ed7p6a Preibisch Lena
Ed7p6a Preibisch London
Ed7p5a Preibisch Marie
Ed7p5a Preibisch Melvin
Ed7p5a Preibisch Ruth
Ed7p6a Preibisch Walter
Ed7p3b Preisbisch Oscar
Ed7p3b Presbisch Bertha
Ed7p3b Presbisch Earl D
ED2p8b Prick Hannibal
ED2p8b Prick Pearly
ED15p12b Proctor Annie Mae
ED15p12b Proctor John J
ED15p7a Prouty Bessie Mae
ED1p6a Prouty Mary
ED15p7a Prouty Owen R
ED1p6a Prouty William
ED15p7a Prouty Willie Mae
ED2p9b Puck John Thomas
ED15p14b Pullins Annie
ED15p5b Pullins Georgia A
ED6p20b Purise Ineze
ED2p11b Pursche Johann
ED15p10b Purtle Andrew M
ED15p10b Purtle Patsy
ED15p14b Pustejovsky Annie
ED15p14b Pustejovsky Annie
ED15p14b Pustejovsky Bessie
ED15p14b Pustejovsky Clement
ED15p14b Pustejovsky Louis
ED15p14b Pustejovsky Louise
ED15p14b Pustejovsky Mary
ED15p8b Pustka August
ED15p8b Pustka Augusta
ED6p1a Pyka Andrew
ED6p1a Pyka Anton
ED6p1a Pyka Clara
ED8 p9b Pyka Francias
ED8 p9b Pyka Fred
Ed7p1b Pyka Gertrude
ED6p1a Pyka Ignas
Ed7p1b Pyka Joe
Ed7p1b Pyka Joe
ED6p1a Pyka Joe
ED8 p9b Pyka John
ED6p1a Pyka John
ED6p1a Pyka Jules
Ed7p1b Pyka Lena
Ed7p1b Pyka Martha
ED6p1a Pyka Mary
ED6p1a Pyka Mary
Ed7p1b Pyka Powell
Ed7p1b Pyka Sophie
ED6p1a Pyka Victoria
ED11p7b Quilla Eliza
ED11p7b Quilla Mammie
ED11p7b Quilla Maxie
ED11p7b Quilla Rosa
ED10p10b Quiller Clarence
ED13p4a Quiller Dewiler
ED10p10b Quiller Emma
ED10p10b Quiller George
ED13p4a Quiller Glen
ED10p10b Quiller Gracie
ED13p4a Quiller Gussie
ED13p4a Quiller Julie
ED13p4a Quiller Lee
ED13p4a Quiller Lonnie
ED13p4a Quiller Lorince
ED10p10b Quiller Minnie  
ED13p4a Quiller Will
ED13p4a Quiller Willie


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