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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Ra - Re

ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED4p7a Rabner Ben
ED4p7a Rabner Louise
ED4p7a Rabner Max
ED8p6b Rabner Minna
ED4p7a Rabner Minnie
ED4p7a Rabner Neide
ED2p1a Radensleben Sophie
ED5p8b Radthe Alfred
ED5p8b Radthe Edwin
ED5p8b Radthe Emma
ED5p8b Radthe Evelyn
ED5p8b Radthe Gerhardt
ED5p8b Radthe Leona
ED5p8b Radthe Mary
ED3p7b Raechle Clara
ED3p7b Raechle Emma
ED3p5a Raechle Fred
ED3p5a Raechle Fritz
ED3p5a Raechle Hattie
ED3p5a Raechle Leroy
ED3p7b Raechle Lillie
ED3p7b Raechle William F
ED14p7b Raeder Aug
ED14p7b Raeder Clara
ED14p7b Raeder Martha
ED11p7b Raeke Alice
ED11p7a Raeke Alvina
ED11p7b Raeke Edna
ED11p7b Raeke Edwin A
ED11p7b Raeke Ernest A
ED11p7a Raeke Henry
ED11p7b Raeke Herman W
ED11p7b Raeke Kathrine
ED11p7b Raeke Milton
ED11p7a Raeke Rudolf C
ED11p7b Raeke Viola
ED11p7b Raeke Wm
ED1p12a Ramos Andrew
ED1p12a Ramos Maria
ED10p14a Randall B J
ED10p14a Randall B J
ED10p14a Randall Catharine
ED15p18b Randel Dom
ED15p12b Randel Lenny
ED15p18b Randel Lula
ED15p18b Randel Oranell
ED12p2b Randle Bettie
ED15p5a Randle Blanche
ED15p5a Randle Caroline
ED9p2b Randle Clenny
ED15p5a Randle Douglas
ED9p2b Randle Emma
ED9p2b Randle Frank
ED9p2b Randle Hollis Lee
ED15p5a Randle John
ED12p9b Randle Johnnie
ED15p5a Randle Lanella
ED9p2b Randle Lula May
ED9p2b Randle Mary
ED15p5a Randle O J
ED9p2b Randle Prince
ED15p5a Randle Sidney
ED15p5a Randle Wilfred Lee
ED9p2b Randle Willie
ED15p13b Randolph Annie Bell
ED15p13b Randolph Bertie
ED15p13b Randolph Emma
ED15p13b Randolph S P
ED15p13b Randolph Willie
ED5p1a Randon Eli
ED5p1a Randon Mathilde
ED10p16b Ransom Beatrice
ED15p14a Ransom Beatrice
ED5p3b Rapp Dionas
Ed7p18b Rasche Henry
Ed7p18b Rasche Henry
Ed7p18b Rasche Louise
ED5p10b Raska Annie
ED5p10b Raska Anton
ED15p14b Raska Anton
ED5p10b Raska Anton
ED15p14b Raska Charlie
ED15p14b Raska Frank
ED5p10b Raska Hermine
ED5p10b Raska Joe
ED15p14b Raska Louis
ED15p14b Raska Lydia
ED15p14b Raska Mary
ED5p10b Raska Mary
ED15p14b Raska Paul
ED15p14b Raska Rosa
ED5p10b Raska Theresa
ED15p7a Ratcliff Adda Mary
ED15p7a Ratcliff Bertha J
ED15p7a Ratcliff Dan M
ED15p7b Ratcliff Daniel M
ED15p7a Ratcliff John R
ED15p7b Ratcliff Mabel
ED15p7a Ratcliff Mary L
ED10p16b Rath Artemas
ED10p16b Rath Chas 
ED10p16b Rath Edwin
ED10p16b Rath Elinor
ED10p16b Rath Erna
ED10p16b Rath Harvey
ED10p16b Rath Lorena
ED10p16b Rath Mary
ED5p2b Rathke Alwin
ED5p3a Rathke Alwin
ED5p2b Rathke Anita
ED5p3a Rathke Anita
ED5p2b Rathke Ernest
ED5p3a Rathke Ernest
ED5p2b Rathke Erwin
ED5p3a Rathke Erwin
ED5p2b Rathke Harvey
ED5p3a Rathke Harvey
ED5p2b Rathke Hulda
ED5p3a Rathke Hulda
ED5p2b Rathke Minna
ED5p3a Rathke Minna
ED5p2b Rathke Olga
ED5p3a Rathke Olga
ED5p2b Rathke Richard
ED5p3a Rathke Richard
ED5p2b Rathke Walter
ED5p3a Rathke Walter
ED12p3a Rau Hertha
ED14p7a Rauler Elba
ED14p7a Rauler Francis
ED14p7a Rauler Lena
ED14p7a Rauler Loria
ED14p7a Rauler Robert
ED9p3a Ravin Ever
ED9p3a Ravin Linnie
ED9p3a Ravin Sally
ED10p2a Ray Bessie
ED5p4a Ray Carnie
ED11p3a Ray Chella
ED10p2a Ray Daisy
ED5p4a Ray Edward
ED5p4a Ray Ellen
ED11p3a Ray Elnora
ED10p2a Ray Emma
ED10p2a Ray Golie
ED10p2a Ray Harley
ED11p3a Ray Hattan
ED10p2a Ray Iama
ED11p3a Ray Ida
ED11p3a Ray Isabella
ED10p2a Ray J D
ED5p4a Ray James
ED11p3a Ray James
ED11p3a Ray Jessie
ED11p3a Ray Larney
ED10p2a Ray Lee
ED10p2a Ray Lizzie
ED10p2a Ray Marnie
ED10p2a Ray Monroe
ED10p1b Ray Robert
ED5p4a Ray Ruby
ED10p1b Ray Sallie
ED11p3a Ray Van
ED11p3a Ray Wesley
ED10p2a Ray Willy May
ED6p5a Raymond Cal
Ed7p10b Raymond Harriet
ED6p5a Raymond Lula
Ed7p10b Raymond Sallie
ED15p18a Reason Abraham L
ED15p4a Reason Mattie
ED15p18a Reason Nancy
ED15p4a Reason William
ED3p13b Reed Callie
Ed7p9a Reed Clyde
ED1p6a Reed Eliza
ED3p10b Reed George
ED5p1a Reed Janie
ED3p13b Reed Lillie
ED3p10b Reed Louisa
ED3p10b Reed Napolean
ED3p10b Reed Patuent
ED3p10b Reed Sheppard
ED3p10b Reed Sheppard
ED3p10b Reed Stephen
ED3p10b Reed Willis
ED11p8a Reeder Herman
ED10p12a Reeder Hilma
ED10p12a Reeder Isabella
ED10p12a Reeder Joe
ED10p13b Reeder Linda
ED11p8a Reeder Lisa
ED10p12a Reeder Otto
ED11p8a Reeder Wm
Ed7p1b Reeds Pattie 
ED10p11b Reeg Louise
Ed7p6a Reeg Will
ED3p17b Reese Adele
ED3p13a Reese Angie
ED3p11a Reese Benny
ED3p2a Reese Burnett
ED3p2a Reese Catherine
ED12p4b Reese Catherine
ED3p6a Reese Dorothy
ED3p17b Reese Estella
ED3p7b Reese Estelle
ED3p2a Reese Eveline
ED3p15b Reese Frank
ED3p5b Reese Georgie
ED12p4b Reese Hoffman
ED3p5b Reese Hood
ED12p5a Reese Inez
ED3p17b Reese Irene
ED3p2a Reese Irie
ED3p2a Reese Jake
ED3p7b Reese James
ED3p1b Reese John
ED9p7b Reese John
ED3p17a Reese John  Andrew
ED3p17b Reese John Sandrew
ED3p2a Reese Julia May
ED12p4b Reese Kate
ED3p11a Reese Leroy
ED3p8a Reese Letha
ED12p4b Reese Lois Erette
ED3p17a Reese Luella
ED3p6a Reese Maggie
ED3p14a Reese Manuel
ED12p4b Reese Martha E
ED3p6b Reese Mary
ED9p7b Reese Mary
ED3p9a Reese Mary Emma
ED3p2a Reese Mattie
ED12p5a Reese Maudie M
ED3p11a Reese Nancy
ED3p2a Reese Renu
ED3p6b Reese Stein
ED3p6a Reese Tim
ED3p11a Reese Walter
ED3p2a Reese Zelma
ED9p5a Regenbrecht Emma
ED9p5a Regenbrecht Helene
ED9p5a Regenbrecht Leander
ED9p5a Regenbrecht Lina
ED9p5a Regenbrecht Lora
ED9p5a Regenbrecht Max
ED9p7a Regenbrecht Reinhold
ED9p7a Regenbrecht Valeska
ED9p5a Regenbrecht William
ED9p5a Regenbrecht Woodrow
Ed7p8a Reger Jo Bertha
Ed7p8a Reger Margurite
ED15p7b Rehm Bertha
ED15p7b Rehm O
Ed7p13a Reibenstein Adolph
Ed7p13a Reibenstein Arno
Ed7p13a Reibenstein Charlie
Ed7p13a Reibenstein Eddie
ED8 p8b Reibenstein Edmond
Ed7p13a Reibenstein Edwin
Ed7p13a Reibenstein Ida
ED8 p8b Reibenstein Julius
ED8 p8b Reibenstein Lilly
ED8 p8b Reibenstein Lissy
ED8 p8b Reibenstein Lodima
Ed7p13a Reibenstein Louise
ED14p2a Reice Mattie
ED8p1b Reichard Nellie
ED11p2a Reichelt Chas
ED11p2a Reichelt Edmonda
ED11p2a Reichelt Frida
ED11p2a Reichelt Fritz
ED11p2a Reichelt Mina
ED11p2a Reichelt Renia
ED11p2a Reichelt Zetonis
ED5p5a Reichle Amanda
ED5p5a Reichle Arnold
ED4p2a Reichle August
ED5p7b Reichle Bennie
ED5p5a Reichle Cecelia
ED5p7b Reichle Christoph
ED5p5a Reichle Clarence
ED5p5a Reichle Edgar
ED4p2a Reichle Elizabeth
ED10p5b Reichle Emma
ED5p5a Reichle Eugene
ED4p1b Reichle G H
ED5p7b Reichle Gotthold
ED10p16a Reichle Howard
ED5p5a Reichle John
ED5p7b Reichle Julia
ED10p5b Reichle K G
ED10p6b Reichle Kathrine
ED10p16a Reichle Leander
ED5p5a Reichle Leona
ED10p6a Reichle Lina
ED10p6a Reichle Manilla
ED5p7b Reichle Mary
ED5p5a Reichle Milady
ED10p16a Reichle Mrs. Chris
ED5p5a Reichle Pauline
ED10p16a Reichle Raymond
ED5p7b Reichle Robert
ED10p16a Reichle Roland
ED4p2a Reichle Tillie
ED4p2a Reichle Tina
ED5p5a Reichle Walter
ED11p1b Reim Chas
ED3p4a Reinecke Charlie
ED2p5a Reinecker Bertha
ED2p5b Reinecker Henry
ED2p5a Reinecker Herman F
ED2p5a Reinecker Lucille
ED2p5b Reinecker Mora
ED2p5b Reinecker Ruth
ED2p5a Reinecker William
ED2p7b Reinhardt Albert
ED12p10a Reinhardt Albert
ED12p10a Reinhardt Alma
ED12p10a Reinhardt Anita
ED2p7b Reinhardt Clara
ED12p10a Reinhardt Henry
ED2p7b Reinhardt Lester
ED2p7b Reinhardt Lilly
ED2p7b Reinhardt Lucile
ED2p7b Reinhardt Olga
ED12p10a Reinhardt Oscar
ED2p7b Reinhardt William
ED2p7b Reinhardt Willie May
ED1p7b Reinicke Bertha
ED1p7b Reinicke Charles
ED1p7b Reinicke Charlie
ED1p7b Reinicke George
ED1p7a Reinicke Henry
ED1p7b Reinicke Hugo
ED3p3b Reinicke Jake
ED3p3b Reinicke Laura
ED1p7b Reinicke Mary
ED1p7b Reinicke Max
ED1p7a Reinicke Minna
ED3p3b Reinicke William J
ED9p3a Reinke Adela
ED9p3a Reinke Walter
Ed7p15b Remmert Adolph
Ed7p14a Remmert Albert
ED6p2a Remmert Alphonse
Ed7p15b Remmert Alvin
ED6p2a Remmert Clara
Ed7p15b Remmert Edna
ED3p10b Remmert Edward
ED6p2a Remmert Edwin
Ed7p14a Remmert Ernest
Ed7p14a Remmert Ester
Ed7p14a Remmert Fritz
ED6p2a Remmert Gehart
ED3p10b Remmert Gilmore
Ed7p13a Remmert Henry
Ed7p14a Remmert Hilda
ED6p18a Remmert J. H
ED3p10b Remmert John
ED13p7b Remmert Johnie
ED10p17b Remmert Leola
ED13p7b Remmert Louis
ED6p2a Remmert Louviena
ED13p7b Remmert Malinde
ED3p10b Remmert Martha
ED6p2a Remmert Mattie
Ed7p14a Remmert Minna
Ed7p14a Remmert Olga
ED6p2a Remmert Otto A
ED6p2a Remmert Otto A
Ed7p14a Remmert Robert
Ed7p14a Remmert Selma
ED6p2a Remmert Thelma
Ed7p15b Remmert Vernon
ED10p17b Remmert W H
ED6p2a Remmert William
Ed7p14a Remmert Willie
ED13p7b Remmert Willie J
ED15p6a Renken Albert
ED15p6a Renken Bettie
ED15p15a Renken Eddie
ED15p6a Renken Eilert
ED15p15a Renken Fredrick
ED15p14a Renken Gustav
ED15p6a Renken Henry
ED15p6a Renken Herman
ED15p6a Renken Hulda
ED15p15a Renken Katie
ED15p15a Renken Louis
ED15p15a Renken Willie
ED8p4b Renner Edward
ED8p4b Renner Edwin
ED8p4b Renner Emily
ED8p4b Renner Fridericker
ED8p4b Renner Herman
ED8p5a Renner Peter
ED14p9b Renner Ruth
ED15p4a Repka Albina
ED15p3b Repka Albina
ED15p3b Repka Charlie
ED15p2a Repka Francis
ED15p4a Repka Joe
ED15p3b Repka John
ED15p2a Repka Lee
ED15p2a Repka Lessie
ED15p4a Repka Ludwig
ED15p3b Repka Peter
ED15p3b Repka Peter
ED15p3b Repka Terize
ED15p4a Repka Walter
ED15p2a Repka Will
ED15p2a Repka Will
ED11p3a Ressel Ema
ED15p4a Reuther George
Ed7p1a Reutsch Mary



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