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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Rh - Ry


ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED6p16a Rhodes Charly
ED15p7b Ribera Rivera Alijandro
ED15p7b Ribera Rivera Geronima
ED2p7a Richard Ema
ED4p6a Richard Phoebe
Ed7p12b Richards Allonia
ED1p7b Richardson Alfred
ED1p7a Richardson James
ED1p7b Richardson Leo
ED1p7b Richardson Mandy
ED1p7a Richardson Sarah
ED13p8a Richter Adolph
ED13p3b Richter Alfred
ED13p8a Richter Annie
ED10p12b Richter Bertha
ED10p16a Richter Bertha
ED13p6b Richter Christof
ED10p16a Richter E O
ED13p3b Richter Eddie
ED13p4a Richter Edmond
ED13p8a Richter Elsie
ED10p12a Richter Emil
ED13p6b Richter Emilie
ED13p4a Richter Emma
ED13p8a Richter Emma
ED13p4a Richter Ervin
ED10p16b Richter Estella
ED15p16a Richter Fred
ED13p3b Richter Fritz
ED13p6b Richter Fritz
ED13p6b Richter Henritia
ED13p8a Richter Henry
ED13p8a Richter Hulda
ED13p8a Richter John
ED13p3b Richter Karolin
ED15p16a Richter Leander
ED15p16a Richter LeRoy
ED10p12b Richter Lesley
ED13p3b Richter Louise
ED15p16a Richter Melvin
ED10p12b Richter Moritz
ED10p12a Richter Mrs. Ernst
ED13p3b Richter Nettie
ED13p3b Richter Norma
ED15p16a Richter Olga
ED13p8a Richter Otto
ED10p16b Richter Ralph
ED10p12b Richter Rudie
ED13p4a Richter Theo
ED15p16a Richter Vera
ED10p16b Richter Virginia
ED13p3b Richter Willie
ED15p16a Richter Willie E
ED13p3b Richter Wm
ED13p8a Richter Wm F
ED15p12a Ridge Delphine
ED6p16b Ridge Frank
ED15p12a Ridge Ishman
ED6p16b Ridge Josephene
ED2p8a Rienecker Ella
ED2p8a Rienecker Emma
ED2p8a Rienecker Hedwig
ED2p8a Rienecker Herbert
ED2p8a Rienecker Irvin
ED2p8a Rienecker Robert
ED15p9a Riether Ruether Mary
ED4p3b Rigsby Charly
ED3p16a Rigsby De Leon
ED3p16a Rigsby Elijah
ED3p16a Rigsby George W
ED3p16a Rigsby Lu Emma
ED4p3b Rigsby Pearly
ED3p16a Rigsby Sarah A
ED3p16a Rigsby Sheffield
ED3p15a Riley Arzelia
ED4p9a Riley Arzelia B
ED3p15a Riley Callie
ED3p15a Riley Eb
ED4p9a Riley Hannah
ED3p15a Riley Hattie
ED3p16b Riley Joe
ED3p15a Riley Julia
ED3p15a Riley Lucius
ED3p15a Riley May
ED3p15a Riley Robert
ED3p15a Riley Will
ED3p15a Riley Will
ED12p2a Rinecke Reinicke Louisa
ED12p2a Rinecke Reinicke William
ED2p1b Rineger Ringener Agnes
ED2p1b Rineger Ringener Annie
ED2p1b Rineger Ringener Cecelia
ED2p1b Rineger Ringener Charles
ED2p1b Rineger Ringener Dora
ED2p9a Rinehart Reinhardt Louis
ED13p5b Ringner Gus
ED13p5b Ringner Minnie
ED13p5b Ringner Otto
ED13p5b Ringner Weda
ED2p5b Riniker Charles, Jr.
ED9p1a Riniker Chas
ED2p5b Riniker Ella
ED2p5b Riniker Ella
ED2p5b Riniker Gus
ED9p1a Riniker Ida
ED9p1a Riniker Louise
ED3p1b Riniker Paul
ED2p5b Riniker Rosalie
ED10p10a Rinn Ada
ED10p12a Rinn Adelene
ED10p12a Rinn Alma
ED10p8a Rinn Almeida
ED11p7a Rinn Almitha
ED11p4a Rinn Alvin
ED10p8a Rinn Anita
ED10p10a Rinn Anna
ED10p12a Rinn Arthur
ED10p10a Rinn Arthur
ED11p7a Rinn August T
ED10p10a Rinn Bennie
ED10p10b Rinn Bernice
ED10p10a Rinn Chas
ED10p12a Rinn Daniel
ED10p10a Rinn Davy
ED10p10b Rinn Dennis
ED11p7a Rinn Dessie
ED10p12a Rinn Eddie
ED10p12a Rinn Edmund J
ED10p14a Rinn Edward
ED10p8a Rinn Ella
ED10p17a Rinn Emil F
ED10p12a Rinn Emilie
ED10p12a Rinn Erna
ED10p8b Rinn Evelyn
ED11p7a Rinn Freda
ED10p10b Rinn Frieda
ED10p17a Rinn Harvey
ED10p10a Rinn Henrietta
ED10p10a Rinn Herman C
ED10p12a Rinn Hilma
ED10p8b Rinn Hubert
ED10p17a Rinn Ida
ED10p10a Rinn Ida
ED10p10a Rinn Ines
ED10p14a Rinn Isabella
ED10p12a Rinn Isabella
ED10p10b Rinn J D
ED10p8a Rinn James
ED10p8a Rinn Jesse
ED10p17a Rinn John
ED10p17a Rinn Josie
ED10p8b Rinn Julia
ED10p8b Rinn Julia
ED10p12a Rinn L J
ED10p10a Rinn Lenley
ED10p12a Rinn Lilly
ED11p7a Rinn Lina
ED11p7a Rinn Linda
ED10p8a Rinn Lola
ED10p14a Rinn Louise
ED10p12a Rinn Mathilde
ED10p8b Rinn Mildred
ED10p8a Rinn Mrs.Emil
ED10p12a Rinn Mundina
ED10p10a Rinn Nervia
ED10p12a Rinn Robert
ED10p10a Rinn Rosa
ED11p4a Rinn Rosena
ED10p14a Rinn Roxie
ED10p8a Rinn Vanieda
ED10p10a Rinn Vanita
ED10p10a Rinn Vida
ED10p8a Rinn Walter
ED10p12a Rinn Walter
ED10p17a Rinn Wilhelmine
ED10p12a Rinn Wilhelmine
ED10p13b Rinn William
ED8p1a Ripple Beatrice
Ed7p5b Ripple Elsie
ED10p5b Ripple Francisca
Ed7p5b Ripple Harold
ED8p1a Ripple Henry A
ED8p1a Ripple Hermina
ED10p5b Ripple Hilda
ED10p5b Ripple John
Ed7p5b Ripple John
ED10p5b Ripple Mary
Ed7p5b Ripple Vera
ED10p5b Ripple Woodrow
ED10p10b Rnn Viola
ED15p16b Roach Addie
ED15p16b Roach Frank
ED15p16b Roach Hattie
ED10p7a Roberson A J
ED10p8a Roberson Allen
ED15p12b Roberson Clinton
ED10p8a Roberson Deward
ED10p7a Roberson Edna
ED15p12b Roberson Ellen
ED10p8a Roberson Elma
ED10p7a Roberson Ethel
ED15p12b Roberson Floyd
ED15p12b Roberson L V
ED10p7a Roberson Louis
ED15p12b Roberson Lusenda
ED10p7a Roberson M T
ED10p7a Roberson Maggie
ED10p7a Roberson Mary
ED10p8a Roberson Nancy
ED10p6b Roberson Nancy
ED15p12b Roberson Rosa Lee
ED15p10b Roberson Jessie
ED15p10b Roberson Robert
ED6p20b Robert Wade
ED13p5a Roberts A D
ED6p3b Roberts Annie
ED5p7a Roberts Chester
ED1p5a Roberts Clara
ED6p3b Roberts Elijah
ED5p7a Roberts Elisa
ED15p2b Roberts Etta
ED1p5a Roberts Harry C
ED15p12a Roberts Henry
ED6p3b Roberts Henry
ED5p7a Roberts James
ED13p5a Roberts Jim
ED1p5a Roberts Juanita
ED15p2b Roberts Lewis
ED15p12a Roberts Liddie
ED13p5a Roberts Locket
ED15p2b Roberts Lucy B
ED8p2b Roberts Minna
ED13p5a Roberts Mis…
ED13p5a Roberts Olevey
ED13p5a Roberts Raymond
ED15p12a Roberts Thomas
ED8p2b Roberts Tom
ED15p12a Roberts Wilborn
ED13p5a Roberts Willie B
Ed7p7a Robertson Catherine
ED1p14b Robertson Laura
Ed7p11b Robertson Rosa
Ed7p11b Robertson Walter
ED15p15b Robinson Ardell
ED15p15b Robinson Cara
ED15p15b Robinson Charlie
ED15p15b Robinson Clara L
ED15p16a Robinson Fannie
ED15p15b Robinson Irmin
ED15p15b Robinson Johnie
ED15p15b Robinson Leora
ED15p15b Robinson M D
ED15p15b Robinson Minnie
ED15p15b Robinson Warding
ED15p15b Robinson Willie
ED9p2b Robison Joe
ED1p12b Robledo Anicleto
ED1p12b Robledo Bernarda P
ED1p12b Robledo Beunsolado R
ED1p12b Robledo Carmilla
ED1p12b Robledo Castula
ED1p12b Robledo Cresencio
ED1p12b Robledo Felipe
ED1p12b Robledo Francisco
ED1p12b Robledo Rofino
ED13p1b Rodgers Frank
ED13p1b Rodgers Henrietta
ED11p6a Rodiek Arthur
ED11p6a Rodiek Bennie
ED11p2b Rodiek Charlotte
ED11p6a Rodiek Ella
ED11p2b Rodiek Henry
ED11p2b Rodiek Henry
ED11p6a Rodiek Wilbert
ED9p3a Rodrigues Domingo
ED9p2b Rodrigues Eduardo
ED9p2b Rodrigues Elvira
ED9p3a Rodrigues Eulalia
ED9p3a Rodrigues Lorensa
ED9p2b Rodrigues Silomena
ED14p8a Roeck Emmie
ED14p8a Roeck Mary
ED14p8a Roeck William
ED12p2a Roehn Mary
ED12p2a Roehn William
ED13p5b Roehr Fritz
ED13p5b Roehr Henry
ED13p5b Roehr Herbert
ED13p5b Roehr Johnie
ED13p6a Roehr Linnes
ED13p5b Roehr Mellise
ED13p6a Roehr Raymond
ED1p1b Roensch Amalie
ED1p1b Roensch Emma
ED1p1b Roensch Fritz 
ED1p1b Roensch Fritz C
ED1p1b Roensch Herbert
ED1p1b Roensch Theodore
ED1p8b Roerth Edward
Ed7p6a Roesler Bernice
Ed7p6b Roesler Forest
Ed7p6a Roesler Irma
Ed7p6a Roesler John
Ed7p6a Roesler Sophia
ED1p5a Roeusch George
ED1p5a Roeusch Louis
ED1p5a Roeusch Mary
ED1p5a Roeusch Max
Ed7p2b Rogers Bonnie
Ed7p2b Rogers Daisy
Ed7p2b Rogers Edna
Ed7p2b Rogers Jim
Ed7p2b Rogers Therman
ED2p1a Rogge Clara
ED2p1a Rogge Fritz W
ED2p1b Rogge Leroy
ED2p1b Rogge Leslie
ED9p3b Roggemann Alma
ED9p3b Roggemann Ellen
ED9p3b Roggemann Emma
ED9p3b Roggemann George
ED15p8a Rohan Albina
ED15p8b Rohan Alfons
ED15p8a Rohan August
ED15p8b Rohan Benjamin
ED15p8b Rohan Eleonora
ED15p8b Rohan Frank
ED15p8b Rohan Sylvester
ED2p7a Rohde Amanda
ED2p7a Rohde Elizabeth
ED2p7a Rohde Henry
ED2p7a Rohde Otto
ED14p6b Roller Bob Ann
ED10p6b Roller Harry
ED15p11b Rornsby Hornsby Nensy
ED10p1b Rosenbaum Almeta
ED10p1b Rosenbaum Bennie
ED10p1b Rosenbaum Carl
ED10p1b Rosenbaum Edna
ED10p1b Rosenbaum Emma
ED10p1b Rosenbaum Emma
ED10p1b Rosenbaum Erwin
ED10p1b Rosenbaum Herbert
ED10p1b Rosenbaum Hilbert
ED10p1b Rosenbaum Lidia
ED10p1b Rosenbaum Willie
ED10p1b Rosenbaum Wm
ED2p5a Rosenberg Agnes
ED2p5a Rosenberg Charles
ED2p5a Rosenberg Herman F
ED1p15b Rosenberg Louisa
ED1p15b Rosenberg Marcus
ED1p15b Rosenberg Ollie
ED3p7b Rosinski Joe
ED11p4a Roski Francy
ED11p4a Roski Herman
ED15p16a Ross Fred
ED3p13a Ross Hattie
ED15p16a Ross Lula
ED6p18a Ross Mrs. M. E
ED3p13a Ross Sam
ED15p16a Ross Velma
ED5p6b Roth Charles
ED5p6b Roth Henry
ED5p6b Roth Lottchen
ED4p9a Round Martie E
ED15p12a Rountree Aron
ED15p12a Rountree C D
ED15p12a Rountree Ed
ED15p12a Rountree Eloise
ED15p12a Rountree Gertrude
ED15p12a Rountree Henry
ED15p15a Rountree Inez
ED15p12a Rountree Mack
ED15p12a Rountree Marshall
ED15p12a Rountree Mary
ED3p1b Routt Edith
Ed7p12b Routt Georgie
ED3p1b Routt Jessie James
ED3p1b Routt Mandora
Ed7p12b Routt Mason
Ed7p12b Routt R F
Ed7p12b Routt Thelma
ED10p4a Rudloff Albert
ED11p4b Rudloff Anna
ED1p6b Rudloff Annie
ED11p4b Rudloff Bennie
Ed7p7a Rudloff Edgar
ED11p4b Rudloff Ella
ED1p6b Rudloff Emma
ED2p4b Rudloff Eugene
ED10p4a Rudloff Frieda
ED2p4b Rudloff Harold
ED1p6b Rudloff Hilda
ED10p4a Rudloff Hilda
ED1p6b Rudloff Kurt
ED10p4a Rudloff Leona
Ed7p7a Rudloff Minnie
ED2p4b Rudloff Minnie
ED10p4a Rudloff Nola
Ed7p7a Rudloff Oenone
ED1p6b Rudloff Otto H
Ed7p6a Rudloff Owena
ED2p4b Rudloff Paul
ED11p4b Rudloff Reinhardt
ED1p6b Rudloff Ryllis
ED1p6b Rudloff Tillie
Ed7p7a Rudloff Vivian
ED1p6b Rudloff Waldemar
ED11p4b Rudloff Walter
ED10p4a Rudloff Werner
ED5p5b Ruemke Bernhard
ED5p5b Ruemke Johannna
ED15p3b Ruether Alfred
ED15p3a Ruether Elcie
ED15p3a Ruether Henry
ED15p3b Ruether Louis
ED15p3a Ruether Rosa
ED1p10b Rugge Annie
ED1p10b Rugge Bertha
ED1p10b Rugge Delmer
ED1p10b Rugge Emil
ED1p10b Rugge Irene
ED12p1b Ruiz Albino
ED12p1b Ruiz Albino
ED12p1b Ruiz Cadena
ED12p1b Ruiz Jobita
ED12p1b Ruiz Juanita
ED12p1b Ruiz Paula
ED5p11b Rummel Alvine
ED5p11b Rummel Lizzie
ED5p11b Rummel Louis
ED5p11b Rummel Louis
ED5p11b Rummel Rosie
ED5p11b Rummel Wilhelmina
ED5p11b Rummel Wilhelmine
ED5p11b Rummel William
ED5p11b Rummel Willie
ED10p15a Runge Arnold
ED10p15a Runge Edward
ED10p15a Runge Henry
ED10p15a Runge Herman
ED10p15a Runge Hermine
ED10p15a Runge Lottie
ED10p15a Runge Wilhelmine
ED12p2b Runnel Ed
ED1p14a Runnels Bernice
ED2p9b Runnels Mellie
ED2p9b Runnels Vera
Ed7p19b Rus Annie
Ed7p19b Rus Cecilia
Ed7p19b Rus Emma
Ed7p19b Rus Frank
Ed7p19b Rus Frank
Ed7p19b Rus John
Ed7p19b Rus Vera
Ed7p18b Rus? Emma
ED15p19b Ruskey Emma
Ed7p17a Ruskie Agusta
Ed7p17a Ruskie Katie
ED2p8a Russ Jay Dee
ED2p8a Russ Kinch
ED2p8a Russ Lulie
ED2p8a Russ Waldo E
ED3p7b Russel Cleo
ED3p7b Russel Leon
Ed7p18b Russell Cora
Ed7p7a Russell Ess
Ed7p7a Russell Ess
Ed7p2b Russell Harold
Ed7p7a Russell Ida
Ed7p18b Russell Marvin
Ed7p2b Russell Mayme
ED6P18b Russell Oscar
Ed7p18b Russell Willie E
Ed7p18b Russell Wm
ED8p6a Russett Erlibe
ED8p6a Russett John
ED9p2b Russett Lettie
ED8p6a Russett Sheren
ED15p11b Ryland Dolly
ED15p11b Ryland Ella
ED15p11b Ryland Fred
ED15p11b Ryland Henry
ED15p11b Ryland Lilly
ED15p11b Ryland Theaple


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