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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

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Sa - Schi


ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED4p9a Saage Angela
ED4p9a Saage Mary
ED4p9a Saage Milton
ED4p9a Saage Paul G
ED4p9a Saage Seneda
ED15p2a Sabrsula Annie
ED15p2a Sabrsula Annie
ED15p1a Sabrsula Charlie
ED15p2a Sabrsula Clara
ED15p1a Sabrsula Emma
ED15p2a Sabrsula Fannie
ED15p1a Sabrsula Frank
ED15p1a Sabrsula Jane
ED15p1a Sabrsula Joe
ED15p1a Sabrsula John
ED15p1a Sabrsula John
ED15p2a Sabrsula John
ED15p1a Sabrsula Lena
ED15p2a Sabrsula Lester
ED15p2a Sabrsula Lucy
ED15p1a Sabrsula Minnie
ED15p1a Sabrsula Ollie
ED15p1a Sabrsula Rosa
ED15p1a Sabrsula Rosa
ED15p2a Sabrsula Rosa
ED15p1a Sabrsula Ruth
ED15p2a Sabrsula Tom
ED6p4b Sachnik August
ED6p4b Sachnik Constantine
Ed7p3a Sachnik Frank J
ED6p4b Sachnik Martha
ED6p4b Sachnik Frank
Ed7p2b Sadler Byron
Ed7p2b Sadler Charles
Ed7p2b Sadler Garland
Ed7p2b Sadler Garland
Ed7p2b Sadler James
Ed7p2b Sadler Mary
Ed7p2b Sadler Sallie
ED6p6a Sadlock Albina
ED6p6a Sadlock Annie
ED6p6a Sadlock Frank
ED6p6a Sadlock Joe
ED6p6a Sadlock Torasta
ED11p1a Sagemoehn Fritz
ED11p1a Sagemoehn Henrietta
ED6p13a Saha Agnes
ED6p11b Saha Alois
ED6p11b Saha Annie
ED6p13a Saha Emiel
ED6p13a Saha Emilie
ED6p11b Saha Fannie
Ed7p9b Saha Frank
ED6p11b Saha Frank
ED6p13a Saha Joe
ED6p10b Saha John
ED6p13a Saha John
Ed7p9b Saha John
ED6p11b Saha Joseph
ED6p13a Saha Joseph
ED6p11b Saha Josephine
ED6p11b Saha Lillie
ED6p11b Saha Mary
ED6p13a Saha Mary
Ed7p9b Saha Matilda
ED6p11b Saha Paul
Ed7p9b Saha Rosa
ED6p11b Saha Sophia
ED6p13a Saha Teresia
Ed7p9b Saha Vera
ED6p13a Saha Veronik
ED6p11b Saha Wenceslas
Ed7p9b Saha Will
ED14p1a Sailer Alvin
Ed7p12a Sailer Arthur
ED14p1a Sailer August
Ed7p15b Sailer Elise
Ed7p15b Sailer Ernestine
Ed7p12a Sailer Fay
Ed7p12a Sailer Hattie
Ed7p2a Sailer Iola
Ed7p2a Sailer J W
Ed7p12a Sailer Joe
Ed7p2a Sailer Max
Ed7p15b Sailer Meta
Ed7p12a Sailer Willard
ED2p9b Sample Vivian
ED3p12b Samuel Maye
ED2p2a Sandeford Lou
ED2p2a Sandeford William
ED12p8b Sander Alwine
ED13p2a Sander Arnold
ED12p8b Sander Bertha
ED13p1a Sander Ed
ED13p8a Sander Ella
ED12p8b Sander Ella
ED13p2a Sander Ella May
ED13p1a Sander Ernest
ED13p2a Sander Fritz
ED12p8b Sander John 
ED12p8b Sander Laura
ED12p8b Sander Lena
ED13p8a Sander Louis
ED13p1a Sander Louise
ED13p8a Sander Luverna
ED13p2a Sander Lydia
ED13p1a Sander Lydia
ED12p8b Sander Melvin
ED12p8b Sander Minnie
ED13p2a Sander Raymond
ED3p16b Sander Rosie
ED12p8b Sander Sophia
ED12p8b Sander Sophia
ED12p8b Sander Willie
ED1p2a Sanders Albert A S
ED1p2a Sanders Albert A S
ED1p3b Sanders Alberta
ED12p9b Sanders Alex
ED1p3b Sanders Allwin
ED1p3b Sanders Anita
ED3p4a Sanders Annie Lee
ED12p4b Sanders Arch
ED3p3b Sanders Beatrice
ED12p5a Sanders C B
ED1p2a Sanders Charles M
Ed7p6b Sanders Charlie
ED3p4b Sanders Columbus
ED12p9b Sanders Columbus
ED3p3b Sanders Dora
ED3p3b Sanders Earl
ED3p3b Sanders Earnest
ED1p2a Sanders Elanora
ED12p4b Sanders Erline
ED12p5a Sanders George
ED12p5a Sanders George
ED12p5a Sanders Gertrude
ED9p2a Sanders Gretchen
ED1p2a Sanders Harey A
ED12p5a Sanders Helen
ED1p2a Sanders Helen L
ED1p2a Sanders Hulda
ED3p4a Sanders I D
ED3p3b Sanders James
ED12p9b Sanders James
ED3p4a Sanders Joe
ED1p3b Sanders Lawrence
ED3p3b Sanders Leila May
ED12p5a Sanders Lillie
ED3p4b Sanders Lilo
ED1p3b Sanders Martha
ED12p9b Sanders Mary
ED12p9b Sanders Mattie
ED2p3b Sanders Olivia
ED12p6a Sanders Oscar
ED1p2a Sanders Owen A
ED12p5a Sanders Raymond
ED3p4a Sanders Relly
ED12p9b Sanders Rosaline
ED12p5a Sanders Roseanna
ED1p2a Sanders Rosie E
ED12p9b Sanders Tom
ED2p3b Sanders Walter
ED3p4a Sanders Willie May
Ed7p19b Sandiez Antonio
Ed7p19b Sandiez Max
Ed7p19b Sandiez Thomas
ED12p8b Sanford Ben
ED12p9a Sanford Carrie
ED12p9a Sanford Clara
ED12p9a Sanford Ellie May
ED12p9a Sanford Ethel L
ED12p9a Sanford Hettie
ED12p8b Sanford Johnnie
ED12p8b Sanford Lila
ED12p8b Sanford Mark
ED2p9b Sanford Roxy
ED12p8b Sanford Sandy
ED12p1b Sanford Ultra
ED15p3a Sarman Frank
ED15p3a Sarmon Eddie
ED15p3a Sarmon Lester
ED12p5a Satcher Marnie
Ed7p1b Sauder Bertha
Ed7p1b Sauder Christie
Ed7p1b Sauder Christopher
ED2p4a Sauter Bennie
ED2p4a Sauter Rosie
ED3p13b Savaer Eddie
ED3p13b Savaer Lacy
ED2p5b Savoy Erma M
ED2p5b Savoy Joseph E
ED2p5b Savoy Leon W
ED12p10b Saxon Stella
ED12p10b Saxon Willie
ED9p2a Scales Betty
ED9p2a Scales Ella
ED9p2a Scales Ernest
ED9p2a Scales Flora Lee
ED9p2a Scales Jerry
ED2p8b Scales Jesse
ED2p7b Scales John W
ED9p2a Scales Leon
ED9p2a Scales Lillie
ED9p2a Scales Lynn
ED9p2a Scales Tom B
ED9p2a Scales Van Buren
ED2p7b Scales William
ED9p2b Scalis Maria
ED9p2b Scalis Van Buren
ED6p2a Schaare Hattie
ED6p2a Schaare Ida
ED6p2a Schaare Ida
ED6p2a Schaare Leroy
ED6p2a Schaare Theadore
ED6p2a Schaare Tillie
ED6p2a Schaare William
ED5p2b Schaefer Albert
ED5p3a Schaefer Albert
ED5p2b Schaefer Ida
ED5p3a Schaefer Ida
ED5p2b Schaefer Marie
ED5p3a Schaefer Marie
ED5p2b Schaefer William
ED5p3a Schaefer William
Ed7p6a Schaer Carl
Ed7p6a Schaer Carl
Ed7p6a Schaer Leonora
Ed7p6a Schaer William
Ed7p6a Schaer Willie Annie
ED9p4a Schaffner Anita
ED9p4a Schaffner Clara
Ed7p6b Schaffner Ernest
Ed7p6b Schaffner Fred
Ed7p6b Schaffner Freddie
ED9p4a Schaffner James
ED9p3b Schaffner Julius
Ed7p6b Schaffner Lawrence
ED9p4a Schaffner Mable
Ed7p6b Schaffner Sophia
ED9p4a Schaffner William
ED13p8b Schafner Alfreda
ED13p8b Schafner Alma
ED13p8b Schafner Edna
ED13p8b Schafner Erna
ED13p8b Schafner Leona
ED13p8b Schafner Lillie
ED13p8b Schafner Mary
ED13p8b Schafner Max
ED13p8b Schafner Selma
ED13p8b Schafner Walter
ED13p8b Schanick Bessie
ED13p8b Schanick Frances
ED13p8b Schanick Henry
ED13p8b Schanick Mabel
ED13p8b Schanick Wilburn
ED13p1b Schanik Schanick Jim
ED13p1b Schanik Schanick Will
ED10p1a Schaper Ellie
ED10p1a Schaper Louis
ED10p1a Schaper Louis
ED10p1a Schaper Mathilde
ED2p5a Schauerhammer Charles
ED2p5a Schauerhammer Clara
ED2p5a Schauerhammer Ellen
ED2p5a Schauerhammer Karl
ED3p9b Schavrda Albert
ED3p9b Schavrda Alfreida
ED1p10b Schavrda Annie
ED3p9b Schavrda Ida
ED3p9b Schavrda Joe
ED1p10b Schavrda Lige
ED1p10b Schavrda Mary
ED3p9b Schavrda Viola
ED8p6b Scheller Charlie
ED8p6b Scheller Henry
ED8p6b Scheller Herman
ED1p14b Schelly Elira
ED15p15b Schenck Joe
ED10p15b Scherbig Adolf
ED10p15b Scherbig Adolf C
ED10p15b Scherbig Agnes
ED10p15b Scherbig Alvina
ED10p15b Scherbig Anna
ED10p15b Scherbig Hugo
ED10p15b Scherbig Leona
ED10p15b Scherbig Lilly
Ed7p6a Schier Agnese
Ed7p6b Schier August
Ed7p3a Schier Clarence
Ed7p6a Schier Elizabeth
Ed7p6a Schier Elmore
Ed7p6b Schier Emma
Ed7p2b Schier Ethel
Ed7p3a Schier Fred
Ed7p6a Schier Hulda
Ed7p6a Schier Joe F
Ed7p6a Schier Johnetta
Ed7p6b Schier Lois
Ed7p2b Schier Mamie
Ed7p6b Schier Menettie
Ed7p6a Schier Myrtle
Ed7p2b Schier Nettie Marie
Ed7p2b Schier Olga
Ed7p3a Schier Oscar
Ed7p6b Schier Tom
Ed7p2b Schier Will
Ed7p2b Schier Willie
ED8p6a Schierbig Elsie
ED8p6a Schierbig Hettie
ED8p6a Schierbig Hilda
ED8p6a Schierbig Louise
ED8p6a Schierbig Otto
ED8p6a Schierbig Otto
ED1p1b Schill Edward
Ed7p1a Schill Fred
Ed7p6b Schill Freda
Ed7p1a Schill Gilbert
ED1p1b Schill Hazel B
ED1p1b Schill Lena
Ed7p1a Schill Lola
ED14p7a Schiller Alma
ED2p4b Schiller Arthur
ED8p5b Schiller Bertha
ED15p8b Schiller Bohomer
ED14p7a Schiller Boleslaw
ED14p9a Schiller Chas
ED8p5b Schiller Cineen C
ED6p14a Schiller Edmond
ED14p2b Schiller Edward
ED6p22b Schiller Edwin J
ED14p2b Schiller Ella
ED14p2b Schiller Emely
ED6p2b Schiller Emily
ED5p3b Schiller Emma
ED14p2b Schiller Francis
ED14p2b Schiller Francis
ED6p14a Schiller Frank E
ED6p22b Schiller Hattie Lula
ED14p9a Schiller Herbert
ED14p9a Schiller Ida
ED6p2b Schiller Ivan
ED15p8b Schiller John
ED6p13b Schiller John
ED14p2b Schiller John
ED6p2b Schiller John
ED5p3b Schiller John
ED14p2b Schiller John
ED15p8b Schiller John A
ED6p22b Schiller Joseph H
ED8p5b Schiller Leo
ED14p2b Schiller Lillie
ED14p2b Schiller Louisa
ED6p14a Schiller Louise
ED15p8b Schiller Mary
ED14p9a Schiller Melton Chas
ED6p2b Schiller Method
ED2p4b Schiller Milton
ED2p4b Schiller Olga
ED8p5b Schiller Olga
ED14p9a Schiller Paul
ED15p8b Schiller Robert
ED6p2b Schiller Ruth
ED14p9a Schiller Tillie D
ED5p3b Schiller Vincenc
ED14p9a Schiller Violet Mae
ED6p22b Schiller Vlastie
ED15p8b Schiller Willie
ED14p2b Schiller Wincent
ED8p4a Schilling Cristina
ED8p4a Schilling Lawrence
ED8p4a Schilling Lawrence
ED8p4a Schilling Lina
ED14p6a Schimara Alvin
ED14p6a Schimara Annie
ED14p6a Schimara Chas
ED14p6a Schimara Fannie
ED14p6a Schimara Francis
ED14p6a Schimara Joe
ED14p6a Schimara Olga
ED14p6a Schimara Robert
ED14p6a Schimara Willie
ED14p6a Schimara Willie
Ed7p1b Schindler Annie J
Ed7p1b Schindler Dollie
Ed7p1b Schindler Glen Dora
Ed7p1b Schindler Jeanette
Ed7p1b Schindler Joseph
Ed7p1b Schindler Mabel
Ed7p1b Schindler Marvin
Ed7p1b Schindler Woodrow


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