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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Schl - Schr


ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED11p2b Schlabach Carvin
ED11p2b Schlabach Edwin
ED11p2b Schlabach Frida
ED11p2b Schlabach Harry
ED11p6a Schlabach Henry
ED11p6a Schlabach Lina
ED11p2b Schlabach Milton
ED11p2b Schlabach Perlie
ED11p6a Schlabach Veliska
ED1p1a Schlapota Beulah
ED1p1a Schlapota Frank J
ED1p1a Schlapota Minnie
ED1p9a Schlecht Anna
ED12p3a Schlechte Alwine
ED12p3a Schlechte Carrie
ED12p3a Schlechte Edwin G
ED12p2b Schlechte Eli
ED12p3a Schlechte Ellenora
ED12p3a Schlechte Henry
ED12p2b Schlechte Henry B
ED12p3a Schlechte Wesley F
Ed7p16a Schlemmer Emmie
Ed7p16a Schlemmer Frank
ED1p4b Schlenantz August A
ED1p4b Schlenantz Tillie
ED3p12a Schley Callie
Ed7p8a Schley Marie
Ed7p8a Schley William
ED1p3b Schlosser Anna
ED9p1a Schluens Anita
ED9p1a Schluens Birdie
ED9p1a Schluens Celeste
ED9p1a Schluens Chas
ED9p1b Schluens Ella
ED9p1a Schluens Freddie
ED9p1a Schluens Frieda
ED9p1b Schluens Henry
ED9p1b Schluens Lina
ED9p1b Schluens Lodima
ED9p1b Schluens Lorine
ED9p1b Schluens Lucile
ED9p1a Schluens Sidney
ED1p13b Schluntz Dora
ED1p13b Schluntz Hulda
ED8p5b Schmalriede Chester
ED10p6b Schmalriede Fritz
ED8p5b Schmalriede Fritz
ED8p5b Schmalriede Helena
ED10p6b Schmalriede Lilly
ED10p6b Schmalriede Rosa
ED8p5b Schmalriede Wilma
ED10p4a Schmalz Edward
ED10p4a Schmalz Elfreida
ED10p4a Schmalz Emanuel
ED10p4a Schmalz Esther
ED10p4a Schmalz H
ED10p4a Schmalz Herman
ED10p4a Schmalz John 
ED10p4a Schmalz Lidia
ED10p4a Schmalz Pauline
ED10p4a Schmalz Perry
ED10p4a Schmalz Theodor
ED1p8b Schmeltz Awald
ED1p8b Schmeltz Charlie
ED1p8b Schmeltz Elzie
ED1p8b Schmeltz Mamie
ED1p8b Schmeltz Myrtle
ED11p3a Schmid Annie
ED11p2b Schmid Bessie
ED11p3a Schmid Edmir
ED11p8a Schmid Ella
ED11p3a Schmid Emily
ED11p3a Schmid Emily
ED11p8a Schmid Harold
ED11p3a Schmid John
ED11p2b Schmid Lina
ED11p8a Schmid Mellisa
ED11p8a Schmid Paul
ED11p2b Schmid Roland
ED11p3a Schmid Rudolph
ED11p3a Schmid Sanford
ED11p2b Schmid Victor
ED5p7b Schmidt Alfred
ED5p7b Schmidt Alice
ED5p8b Schmidt Arnold
ED5p8b Schmidt Arnold
ED5p7a Schmidt Bertha
ED10p12b Schmidt C W
ED10p6a Schmidt Caroline
ED1p6a Schmidt Charlie F
ED1p5b Schmidt Christina
ED10p17a Schmidt Dr. R J
ED5p7b Schmidt Elisa
ED5p7a Schmidt Ella
ED10p6a Schmidt Elwood
ED11p2b Schmidt Emma
Ed7p4b Schmidt Ernest
ED5p7a Schmidt Ervin
ED5p8b Schmidt Freddie
ED10p17a Schmidt Gladys
ED10p16b Schmidt Gussie
ED5p7a Schmidt Henry
ED5p7a Schmidt Henry
ED5p7a Schmidt Henry
ED10p16b Schmidt Hugo T
ED9p2a Schmidt Joe
ED10p12b Schmidt Johanna
ED1p5b Schmidt John
ED5p8b Schmidt Katy Mae
ED8p4a Schmidt Klermans
ED5p7b Schmidt Lillian
ED10p17a Schmidt Louise
ED5p7b Schmidt Mary
ED10p6a Schmidt Mary
ED5p8b Schmidt Minna
ED5p7a Schmidt Monroe
ED10p17a Schmidt Raymond
ED10p11b Schmidt Rubin
ED10p6a Schmidt Sigismund
ED10p17a Schmidt Wilfred
ED10p6a Schmidt William
ED11p2b Schmidt Willie J
Ed7p2a Schmiz Annie
Ed7p2a Schmiz Louis
ED15p4b Schneider Annie
ED15p4b Schneider Annie
ED15p4b Schneider Charlie
ED15p4b Schneider Charlie
ED15p4b Schneider Clara
ED15p4b Schneider Hattie
ED15p4b Schneider Henry
ED15p4b Schneider Johnie
ED9p3b Schneider Lillie
ED11p3b Schneider Louis
ED11p3b Schneider Ottillie
ED15p4b Schneider Paul
ED9p3b Schneider Walter
ED9p3b Schneider William
ED2p5a Schnieder Avis L
ED2p5a Schnieder Erna B
ED2p5a Schnieder Gustave
ED2p5a Schnieder Lillian
ED2p4b Schnieder Mattie
ED2p5a Schnieder Vernon
ED2p4b Schnieder William 
ED15p7b Schodek Augusta
ED15p7b Schodek Bettie
ED15p7b Schodek Charlie
ED15p7b Schodek Chas F
ED15p7b Schodek Frankie
ED15p7b Schodek Louise
ED15p7b Schodek Sophie
ED15p7b Schodek Willie
ED12p5a Schomberg Albert
ED12p2b Schomberg Alma
ED12p2b Schomberg Alvin
ED12p2b Schomberg Annie S
ED12p2b Schomberg Dennis
ED12p3a Schomberg Dora
ED12p3a Schomberg Eddie B
ED12p5a Schomberg Edgar
ED12p2b Schomberg Edward
ED12p3a Schomberg Ella
ED12p5a Schomberg Emanuel
ED12p5a Schomberg Freda
ED12p2b Schomberg Ida
ED12p2b Schomberg Irvin
ED12p3a Schomberg Minnie
ED12p2b Schomberg Raymond
ED12p2b Schomberg W S
ED12p5b Schomburg Adolph
ED12p5b Schomburg Alfred
ED13p2a Schomburg Arnold
ED13p2a Schomburg Christ
ED12p4a Schomburg Dora
ED12p5b Schomburg Earnest
ED12p5b Schomburg Eddie
ED13p2a Schomburg Edna
ED12p4a Schomburg Elda
ED12p5b Schomburg Freda
ED12p5b Schomburg Henrietta
ED12p5b Schomburg Henriette
ED12p5b Schomburg Henry
ED12p4a Schomburg Herbert
ED13p2a Schomburg Lenora
ED12p5b Schomburg Lydia
ED12p4a Schomburg Oscar
ED12p4a Schomburg Paul
ED12p5b Schomburg Theodor
ED13p2a Schomburg Tillie
ED13p2b Schomburg Wilhelmina
ED12p4a Schomburg William C
ED12p5b Schomburg Willie
Ed7p16b Schonert Alma
Ed7p16b Schonert Annie
ED1p7a Schonert Louis A
ED1p7a Schonert Vernaude
ED1p7a Schonert Vernon
Ed7p16b Schonert William
ED14p7b Schoone Adelaka
ED14p7b Schoone Bennie
ED14p7b Schoone Francis
ED14p7b Schoone Frank
ED14p7b Schoone Frank
ED14p7b Schoone Lydgie
ED14p7b Schoone Willie
ED14p2a Schovajsa Alvina
ED14p2a Schovajsa Emil
ED14p2a Schovajsa Francis
ED14p2a Schovajsa Francis
ED14p2a Schovajsa Frank
ED14p2a Schovajsa Herminia
ED14p2a Schovajsa Joe
ED14p2a Schovajsa John
ED14p2a Schovajsa Lydia
ED14p2a Schovajsa Vlastie
ED1p11b Schrader Annie
ED1p11b Schrader Henry H
ED1p11b Schrader Herbert
ED1p11b Schrader Monroe
ED1p11b Schrader Owen
ED1p11b Schrader Willie
ED13p1b Schrader Schroeder Alfreda
ED13p1b Schrader Schroeder Alma
ED13p1b Schrader Schroeder Dora
ED13p1b Schrader Schroeder Emma
ED13p1b Schrader Schroeder Fritz
ED13p1b Schrader Schroeder Herman
ED13p1b Schrader Schroeder Hulda
ED13p1b Schrader Schroeder Ida
ED10p4b Schram Alice
ED10p4b Schram Amanda
ED10p4b Schram Annie
ED10p4b Schram Cleo
ED10p4b Schram Herman
ED10p4b Schram Josie
ED10p4b Schram Mary
ED10p4b Schram  Schramm H A
ED11p3b Schramm Alliza
ED11p1a Schramm Asunta
ED11p1a Schramm Darter
ED11p1a Schramm Emily
ED11p3b Schramm Esther
ED11p3b Schramm Frank
ED11p1a Schramm Hugo
ED11p3b Schramm Lawrence
ED11p3b Schramm Roxie
ED11p1a Schramm Walter
ED11p3b Schramm Walthermar
ED11p3b Schramm Willie C
ED10p4a Schroeder A W
ED10p10b Schroeder Adela
ED5p6b Schroeder Adele
ED9p2b Schroeder Albert
ED9p2b Schroeder Alice
ED5p4b Schroeder Alma
ED5p4b Schroeder Alma
ED1p8a Schroeder Alvina
ED1p13b Schroeder Anita
ED1p10a Schroeder Anita
ED10p5a Schroeder Anna
ED1p13b Schroeder August
ED9p5b Schroeder August
ED1p13b Schroeder Augusta
ED12p5a Schroeder C W
ED1p8b Schroeder Carl
ED6p7b Schroeder Charles
ED9p7b Schroeder Charles
ED6p8a Schroeder Charles
ED1p13b Schroeder Christian
ED2p8a Schroeder Dona
ED10p3a Schroeder Ed
ED1p13b Schroeder Edgar
ED6p7b Schroeder Edmond
ED10p3a Schroeder Edna
ED5p8a Schroeder Edward
ED5p8a Schroeder Edward
ED1p13b Schroeder Elenor
ED10p10b Schroeder Eliza
ED9p7b Schroeder Ella
ED6p1a Schroeder Ellbertha
ED9p7b Schroeder Elvier
ED13p2a Schroeder Emma
ED1p13b Schroeder Emma
ED10p10b Schroeder Erna
ED9p5b Schroeder Ernst
ED6p7b Schroeder Frits
ED1p10a Schroeder Fritz
ED10p10b Schroeder George
ED6p1a Schroeder Gladys
ED2p8a Schroeder Harmon
ED5p8a Schroeder Hattie
ED12p5a Schroeder Henriette
ED5p4b Schroeder Henriette
ED5p4b Schroeder Henry
ED9p7b Schroeder Herbert
ED10p5a Schroeder Herm
ED9p7b Schroeder Hilda
ED1p10a Schroeder Ida
ED9p5b Schroeder Ida
ED2p8a Schroeder Jay Dee
ED10p10b Schroeder Leana
ED9p7b Schroeder Lee
ED1p13b Schroeder Leola
ED6p1a Schroeder Leonard
ED1p13b Schroeder Leslie
ED2p8a Schroeder Lester
ED9p5b Schroeder Lilian
ED6p7b Schroeder Lillie
ED1p8a Schroeder Lona
ED6p8a Schroeder Louis
ED1p13b Schroeder Louisa
ED10p3a Schroeder Louise
ED6p1a Schroeder Loyd
ED10p3a Schroeder Lula
ED6p7b Schroeder Mary
ED6p7b Schroeder Melanie
ED6p1a Schroeder Milan
ED9p7b Schroeder Milda
ED10p10b Schroeder Mildred
ED9p2b Schroeder Milton
ED2p8a Schroeder Minna
ED6p1a Schroeder Minna
ED1p8b Schroeder Minnie
ED10p10b Schroeder Myrtle
ED9p2b Schroeder Myrtle
ED6p1a Schroeder Norma
ED9p5b Schroeder Olga
ED10p2b Schroeder Otto
ED5p6b Schroeder Otto
ED10p5a Schroeder Otto
ED2p8a Schroeder Otto E
ED6p1a Schroeder Paul
ED6p1a Schroeder Ralph
ED1p10a Schroeder Raymond
ED6p7b Schroeder Raymond
ED6p1a Schroeder Reno
ED2p8a Schroeder Rosa
ED9p5b Schroeder Tom
ED12p5a Schroeder William


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