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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Schu - Se

ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED6p8a Schubert Albirdie
ED10p6b Schubert Alfred
ED10p6b Schubert Alvina
ED9p6a Schubert August
ED9p6a Schubert August
ED9p6a Schubert Bell
ED6p8a Schubert Dora
ED10p6b Schubert Erwin
ED9p6a Schubert Henry
ED10p6b Schubert Kinch
ED9p7a Schubert Laura
ED9p6a Schubert Marie
ED6p8a Schubert Mary Bell
ED6p8a Schubert Max
ED6p8a Schubert Ray
ED9p7a Schubert Willie
ED11p3a Schucany A
ED11p3a Schucany Mary
ED1p8b Schuchman Bertha
ED1p8b Schuchman Gerhart
ED1p8b Schuchman Herbert
ED1p8b Schuchman Otto
ED10p13a Schuette Andrew
ED5p2b Schuette Anna
ED5p3a Schuette Anna
ED10p13a Schuette Benjamin
ED10p16a Schuette Bertha
ED10p16a Schuette Caroline
ED10p16a Schuette Chas
ED10p16a Schuette Chas H
ED5p2b Schuette Edna
ED5p3a Schuette Edna
ED5p2b Schuette Edwin
ED5p3a Schuette Edwin
ED10p16a Schuette Elenora
ED5p2b Schuette Elgin
ED5p3a Schuette Elgin
ED5p2b Schuette Elmo
ED5p3a Schuette Elmo
ED10p14b Schuette Erna
ED10p14b Schuette Esther
ED5p2b Schuette Henriette
ED5p3a Schuette Henriette
ED10p13a Schuette Henry
ED10p16a Schuette Henry
ED10p16a Schuette Hugo
ED10p16a Schuette Ida
ED10p13a Schuette Leeland
ED10p14b Schuette Leona
ED10p13a Schuette Louis A
ED10p13a Schuette Nettie
ED10p16a Schuette Ottilie
ED10p13a Schuette Raymond
ED10p14b Schuette Raymond
ED10p13a Schuette Roland
ED10p16a Schuette Rubina
ED10p13a Schuette Sophia
ED10p13a Schuette Viola
ED10p13a Schuette Walter
ED10p14b Schuette Willie J
ED2p7a Schuider Augustine
ED4p5a Schulke Adolf
ED4p5a Schulke Edward
ED4p5a Schulke Herbert
ED4p5a Schulke Herman
ED4p5a Schulke Louise
ED4p5a Schulke Martha
ED4p5a Schulke Otto
ED9p5a Schullz Adelheide
ED9p5a Schullz August
ED9p5a Schullz Frieda
ED8 p9b Schultz Albert
ED14p1b Schultz Alfred
ED8p1a Schultz Alfred
ED14p1b Schultz Alvin
ED5p8a Schultz Augusta
ED8p2a Schultz Augusta
ED5p8a Schultz Benny
ED8 p9b Schultz Bernice
ED8 p9b Schultz Bertha
ED5p3b Schultz Berthold
ED8 p9a Schultz Charlie
ED8p1a Schultz Edna
ED8p2a Schultz Edward
ED8 p9b Schultz Edwin
ED8 p9a Schultz Emil
ED8p1a Schultz Emma
ED5p8a Schultz Ernest
ED14p1b Schultz Etta
ED5p3b Schultz Eugene
ED5p8a Schultz Fred
ED14p1b Schultz Freda
ED5p8a Schultz Gottlieb
ED5p8a Schultz Henry
ED12p2a Schultz Ida
ED5p3b Schultz Julius
ED5p8a Schultz Lillie
ED8 p9a Schultz Lissie
ED1p11b Schultz Louisa
ED5p8a Schultz Louise
ED5p3b Schultz Margaret
ED5p8a Schultz Marie
ED8 p9a Schultz Mary
ED1p11b Schultz Minnie
ED1p8a Schultz Richard
ED1p11b Schultz Robert
ED5p8a Schultz Robert
ED5p8a Schultz Tillie
ED5p8a Schultz Tommy
ED1p11b Schultz Walter
ED8p3b Schultz Wiliam
ED8p1a Schultz William M
ED8 p9a Schultz Willie
ED1p11b Schultz Willie
ED2p8a Schultz Scholtz Julia
ED2p8a Schultz Scholtz William
ED10p16a Schulz Adolf 
ED5p8b Schulz Adolph
ED5p8b Schulz Anita
ED5p8b Schulz Charles
ED11p6a Schulz Edith
ED5p8b Schulz Frances
ED10p16a Schulz Johanna
ED5p8b Schulz Johanna
ED10p16a Schulz John
ED11p6a Schulz Leeland
ED10p16a Schulz Leo
ED5p8b Schulz Viola
ED5p8b Schulz William
ED10p5a Schulze Agnes
ED10p3b Schulze Anna
ED10p5a Schulze Chas
ED10p5a Schulze Cora
ED10p5a Schulze Dessie
ED10p5a Schulze Elda
ED10p3b Schulze Eliza
ED10p3b Schulze H L
ED10p3b Schulze Herbert
ED10p13a Schulze Herman
ED10p3b Schulze Lina
ED10p6a Schulze Louise
ED10p3b Schulze Thursnelda
Ed7p3b Schumacher Bernice
Ed7p3b Schumacher Henry
Ed7p3b Schumacher Myrtle
Ed7p3b Schumacher Raymond
Ed7p3b Schumacher Sophia
ED14p5b Schupak Adolph
ED14p6a Schupak Bennie
ED14p5b Schupak Esther
ED14p5b Schupak Frank
ED14p6a Schupak John
ED14p5b Schupak Lillie
ED14p5b Schupak Mary
ED14p6a Schupak Mary
ED14p5b Schupak Sadie
ED14p6a Schupak Tillie
ED14p6a Schupak Vastie
ED14p6a Schupak Willie
ED8p3b Schwanbeck Elizabeth
ED9p6b Schwanbeck Emma
ED8p2b Schwanbeck Estella
ED8p3b Schwanbeck Fritz
ED8p2b Schwanbeck Ida
ED8p2b Schwanbeck Leona
ED8p5a Schwanbeck Louise
ED8p2b Schwanbeck Ozwald
ED9p6b Schwanbeck Reginald
ED9p6b Schwanbeck Wilbur
ED10p14a Schwecke Alma
ED10p15a Schwecke Alton
ED10p15a Schwecke Anna
ED10p17b Schwecke Ellie
ED10p17b Schwecke F G
ED10p17b Schwecke Fenton,Jr.
ED10p15a Schwecke Henry
ED10p17b Schwecke Inez
ED10p15a Schwecke Lester
ED10p14a Schwecke Lola
ED10p15a Schwecke Louis
ED10p14a Schwecke Mary
ED10p15a Schwecke Mathilde E
ED10p14a Schwecke W A
ED10p15a Schweke Annie K
ED10p18a Schweke Antonia
ED10p14b Schweke Arthur E
ED10p14b Schweke Clarence
ED10p14b Schweke Henrietta
ED10p14b Schweke Hildegard
ED10p18a Schweke K O
ED10p14b Schweke Robert
ED10p15a Schweke W E
ED10p14b Schweke Wilhelmine
ED10p14b Schweke William
ED13p4b Schwenke Adolph
ED13p4b Schwenke Annie
ED13p5a Schwenke Elmer
ED13p5a Schwenke Theo
ED2p2a Schwingel Elizabeth
ED2p2a Schwingel Emily
ED2p2a Schwingel Marthy
ED2p2a Schwingel Sophie
ED2p2a Schwingel Schmiegel Richard
ED6p9a Scott Gertheane
ED6p9a Scott Hugh
ED6p9a Scott Josphine
ED6p9a Scott Lier
ED4p9a Scranton Eddie
ED4p8b Scranton Roscoe
ED4p8b Scranton Willie
ED15p9b Scroggins Ellen M
ED15p7a Scrogins B G
ED15p7a Scrogins Gridley
ED15p7a Scrogins Hartsel
ED15p7a Scrogins John 
ED15p7a Scrogins Lyda
ED15p7a Scrogins Owen
Ed7p18b Scruggs Clyde
Ed7p18b Scruggs Dana May
Ed7p18b Scruggs Herbert
Ed7p18b Scruggs Lillian
Ed7p18b Scruggs Maggie
Ed7p5a Sears Bertha
Ed7p5a Sears James
Ed7p5a Sears Lillian
Ed7p5a Sears Martha
Ed7p5a Sears Walter
ED14p10b Sebesta Alvina
ED14p10b Sebesta Alvina
ED14p10b Sebesta Annie
ED14p10b Sebesta Annie A
ED14p10b Sebesta Annie A
ED14p10b Sebesta Arthur C
ED14p10b Sebesta Charles
ED14p10b Sebesta Chas C
ED14p10b Sebesta Edmund E
ED14p10b Sebesta Edwin J
ED14p10b Sebesta Esther A
ED14p10b Sebesta Ethel E
ED14p10b Sebesta Fannie
ED14p10b Sebesta Frank
ED14p10b Sebesta Frank A
ED14p10b Sebesta Henry C
ED14p10b Sebesta Jerry
ED14p10b Sebesta Joe
ED14p10b Sebesta John J
ED14p10b Sebesta Lebusa
ED14p10b Sebesta Olvin F
ED14p10b Sebesta Vlastie
ED8p4a Sechting Albert
ED8p4a Sechting August
ED8p4a Sechting Charles
ED8p4a Sechting Gustav
ED8p4a Sechting Mary
Ed7p9b See Adolph
Ed7p7b See Eleanore
Ed7p7b See Leo
ED9p2a See Louis
Ed7p9b See Mildred
Ed7p9b See Otis
Ed7p7b See Rosie
ED14p5a Sefcik Edmund
ED14p5a Sefcik Elda
ED14p5a Sefcik Ellanora
ED14p5a Sefcik Esther
ED14p5a Sefcik Eugene
ED14p9b Sefcik Fannie
ED14p9b Sefcik Fannie
ED14p9b Sefcik John
ED14p9b Sefcik John
ED14p5a Sefcik Joseph
ED14p5a Sefcik Mary
ED14p9b Sefcik Thirese
ED1p12b Seidel Mary
ED9p6b Seier Almeida
ED9p6b Seier Clinton
ED9p6b Seier Harry
ED9p6b Seier Meta
ED9p6b Seier Richard
ED9p6b Seier Roy
ED15p15a Sell Adela
ED15p15a Sell Albert
ED10p15a Sell Arnim
ED15p14a Sell Gensine
ED15p14a Sell Gus
ED15p6a Sell Hermena
ED15p14a Sell Louise
ED15p15a Sell Mary
ED10p15a Sell Nora
ED10p15a Sell Otto
ED15p15a Sell Raymond
ED15p14a Sell Walter
ED6p1b Sens Addie
ED8 p9b Sens Arnold
ED8 p9b Sens Arthur
ED8 p9b Sens Bertha
ED6p1b Sens Edgar
ED8 p9b Sens Edwin
Ed7p17b Sens Eliese
ED8 p9b Sens Elmo
ED8 p9b Sens Ema
Ed7p17b Sens Emilie
ED6p1b Sens Franciska
ED8 p9b Sens Fritz
ED8 p9a Sens Gerhardt
Ed7p17b Sens Herman
ED6p1b Sens Hermann
ED8 p9a Sens Ida
ED8 p9b Sens Mary
ED8 p9b Sens Mary
ED8 p9a Sens Max
ED8 p9a Sens Max
Ed7p17b Sens Therese
ED8 p9b Sens Willie
ED6p11b Serapia Mary
ED1p6b Sesseors William
ED9p1a Severin Alfred
ED9p1a Severin Amalia
ED4p7a Severin August
ED9p1a Severin Charlie
ED9p1a Severin Chas
ED9p1a Severin Dora
ED9p1a Severin Estella
ED4p7a Severin Fritz
ED9p1a Severin Henry
ED9p7b Severin Henry Lee
ED4p7a Severin Hildegard
ED9p1a Severin Lucile
ED9p7b Severin Magnolia
ED9p1a Severin Marie
ED4p7a Severin Martha
ED9p1b Severin Minna
ED6p5b Severin Minnie
ED9p7b Severin Monroe
ED4p7a Severin Oranell
ED9p1a Severin Otto A
ED6p12b Sevinky Annie
ED6p12b Sevinky Frank
ED6p12b Sevinky John
ED6p12b Sevinky Martin
ED6p12b Sevinky Mollie
Ed7p11a Sexton Evelina
Ed7p11a Sexton Gurthena
Ed7p11a Sexton James
Ed7p11a Sexton James
Ed7p11a Sexton Josephine
ED6p19b Sexton Max
Ed7p11a Sexton Sarah
ED6p19b Sexton Tempie
ED1p15b Seyer Alma
Ed7p2b Seyer Alvina
ED1p15b Seyer Christ F
ED1p15b Seyer Christie F
ED4p4b Seyer Elfrieda
Ed7p2b Seyer Elnora
ED1p9a Seyer Emil
Ed7p2b Seyer Felix
ED1p15b Seyer Florence
ED1p5b Seyer Fritz
ED4p4b Seyer John
ED4p4b Seyer Martha
ED1p5b Seyer Virginia



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