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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Sh - Sl


ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
Ed7p8b Shaffner Pauline
ED8p3b Shalak Jerry
ED8p3b Shalak Joe
ED8p3b Shalak Minnie
ED2p2b Shank Mary B
ED3p7b Sharp Winnie
ED2p4a Shaver James T
ED2p4a Shaver John W
ED2p4a Shaver Lavera
ED6p14a Shaw Elsie
ED6p14a Shaw Homer
ED6p14a Shaw Joe
ED6p14a Shaw Juanita
ED6p1a Shaw Louella
ED6p14a Shaw Pearl
Ed7p12a Shawn Florine
Ed7p12a Shawn Leslie
Ed7p12a Shawn Mattie
ED8p3a Sheen Hope
ED8p3a Sheen Mary
ED8p3a Sheen Milton
ED3p13a Shelburne Addie
ED3p13a Shelburne Anna
ED3p13a Shelburne Annie
ED3p13a Shelburne Claude
ED3p13a Shelburne Cochran
ED8 p9b Shelburne Ema
ED3p13a Shelburne Jeff
ED8 p9b Shelburne Micager
ED8 p9b Shelburne Micager
ED2p7b Shelley Carolina
ED2p7b Shelley Elisha
ED2p7b Shelley Ida May
ED2p7b Shelley Sammy
ED2p7b Shelley Wesley
ED6p17a Shells Jammie Jemmie
ED6p17a Shells Roberta
ED6p17a Shells Velmon
ED5p1a Shelton Davy
ED5p1a Shelton Lillie
ED6p2a Shepard John
ED6p2a Shepard Lulla
Ed7p5a Shepherd Allen
Ed7p5a Shepherd James
Ed7p5a Shepherd Vashti
ED3p6a Sherman Julia
ED3p6a Sherman Will 
ED4p4a Sherod Luverta
ED4p4a Sherod Samual L
ED3p14b Sherrel Jessie
ED3p14b Sherrel John Henry
ED3p14b Sherrel Judie
ED3p14b Sherrel Lucius
ED3p14b Sherrel Willie Mose
ED3p14b Sherrill John
ED3p14b Sherrill Susie
ED3p12b Sherrod Blanche
ED3p12b Sherrod Elsie
ED3p12b Sherrod Evelyn
ED3p12b Sherrod Gladys
ED3p12b Sherrod Gus
ED3p12b Sherrod Luther
ED14p1a Shiller Annie
ED14p1a Shiller Eddie
Ed7p4a Shiller Emil
ED14p1a Shiller Joe
ED4p2a Shorts Bialle
ED4p2a Shorts Henry
ED4p2a Shorts Kary
ED11p1a Shulz Albert H
ED11p1a Shulz Lina
ED11p1a Shulz Mary
ED14p8a Shupak Annie
ED14p4a Shupak Annie
ED14p4a Shupak Bessie
ED14p4a Shupak J D
ED14p4a Shupak Jessie
ED14p8a Shupak Joe
ED14p8a Shupak Lydia
ED14p4a Shupak Willie
ED15p16a Sicinski Henry
ED15p16a Sicinski Joe
ED15p16a Sicinski Julia
ED15p16a Sicinski Louis
ED15p16a Sicinski Mary
ED15p16a Sicinski Sophia
ED15p16a Sicinski Sydny
ED15p16a Sicinski Tommie
ED15p16a Sicinski Victoria
ED9p6a Siegert Anita
ED9p6a Siegert Anna
ED9p6a Siegert Berthold H
ED9p6a Siegert Callie
ED9p6a Siegert Erwin
ED9p6a Siegert Frank
ED9p6a Siegert Harold
ED9p6a Siegert Leona
ED6p2b Siems Annie
ED10p15a Siems Friedericke
ED10p15a Siems John
ED6p2b Siems William L
Ed7p7a Sigert Apollonia
ED3p8a Sim Jessie
ED9p2b Simenes Juan
ED5p6b Simera Charles
ED5p6b Simera Theresa
ED11p1a Simmank Alice
ED11p1a Simmank Augusta Mae
ED11p1a Simmank Barnett
ED10p3a Simmank Elsie
ED10p3a Simmank Eugene
ED11p1a Simmank Mable L
ED11p1a Simmank Roxie
ED11p1a Simmank Waldemar
ED10p4a Simmons Anna
ED9p1a Simmons Eugene
ED10p4a Simmons John R
ED2p3a Simmons Jordan
ED9p1a Simmons Mattie
ED10p4a Simmons Philippine
ED2p1b Simmons Rachel
ED6p19a Simpson Idonia
ED6p16b Sims Arelee
ED6p16b Sims Beatrice
ED15p17b Sims Bessie
ED1p7b Sims Booker T
ED1p7b Sims Curley
ED15p17b Sims Dan
Ed7p10a Sims Elsie
ED15p17b Sims Elvira
ED1p7b Sims Emma
ED6p16b Sims Gloddis
ED1p7b Sims Jeff
ED15p17b Sims Katie
ED1p7b Sims Kyle
ED1p7b Sims Louey
ED6p16b Sims Luella
ED6p16b Sims Mettie L
ED6p16b Sims Nester
Ed7p10a Sims Robert T
ED2p10b Sims Rosa Lee
Ed7p10a Sims Ruby
ED2p10b Sims Velie
ED8p5a Sincl Anna
ED8p5a Sincl Charlie
ED8p5a Sincl Ella
ED8p5a Sincl Helen
ED8p5a Sincl John
ED8p5a Sincl John
ED8p5a Sincl Juli
ED8p5a Sincl Mary
ED1p10b Singelton Anton
ED1p10b Singelton Eddie
ED1p10b Singelton Edna M
ED1p10b Singelton Eugene
ED1p10b Singelton Josephine
ED1p10b Singelton Lee
ED1p10b Singelton Rebeca
ED3p7b Singleton Josie
ED3p7b Singleton Mealy
ED3p7b Singleton Willie
ED5p10a Siptak Alfred
ED14p6a Siptak Annie
ED5p9b Siptak Edward
ED14p6a Siptak Edwin
ED5p9b Siptak Elsa
ED14p6a Siptak Elsie
ED14p6a Siptak Ernest
ED14p6a Siptak Francis
ED5p9b Siptak Frieda
ED14p6a Siptak Herminia
ED5p9b Siptak Joe
ED5p10a Siptak Joe
ED14p6a Siptak John
ED14p6a Siptak Johnnie
ED14p6a Siptak Lydia
ED5p9b Siptak Minna
ED14p6a Siptak Olga
ED14p7b Sisa Alvina
ED14p6a Sisa Annie
ED14p6a Sisa Frank
ED14p7b Sisa Isador
ED14p7b Sisa Joe
ED14p7b Sisa Joe
ED14p6a Sisa John
ED14p6a Sisa Rosie
ED5p9b Sisa Veronika
ED14p7b Sisa Vlasti
ED6p11a Siska Annie
ED6p11a Siska Annie
ED6p11a Siska Ferdinand
ED6p11a Siska Joe
ED6p11a Siska John
ED6p11b Siska Mary
ED15p9a Sivek Adela
ED15p9a Sivek Hdveka
ED15p9a Sivek Jerry
ED15p9a Sivek Joe
ED15p9a Sivek John
ED15p9a Sivek Joseph
ED15p9a Sivek Powel
ED15p9a Sivek Sylvester
ED15p9a Sivek Terezie
Ed7p3a Skaggs Gladys
Ed7p3a Skaggs Hattie
Ed7p3a Skaggs Olmir
ED14p5b Skalak Bertha
ED14p5b Skalak Kazmar
ED14p5b Skalak Lloyd
ED6p13a Skarpa Antona?
ED6p13a Skarpa Edward
ED6p13a Skarpa Francis
ED6p13a Skarpa Frank
ED6p13a Skarpa Joe
ED6p13a Skarpa Joe
ED6p13a Skarpa Louise
Ed7p13b Skeete Charlotte
Ed7p13b Skeete Henry
ED15p4b Sklar Adolph
ED11p3b Sklar Anton
ED5p11b Sklar Anton
ED5p11b Sklar Anton
ED15p4b Sklar Augusta
ED15p4b Sklar Delphene
ED5p11b Sklar Edward
ED11p3b Sklar Frances
ED15p4b Sklar Henry
ED11p3b Sklar Hermena
ED11p3b Sklar Joe
ED11p3b Sklar Joe
ED15p4b Sklar John
ED15p4b Sklar Johnie
ED5p11b Sklar Julie
ED15p4b Sklar Louis
ED15p4b Sklar Mary
ED15p4b Sklar Rosa
Ed7p17a Sklenarik Charlie
Ed7p17a Sklenarik Edward
Ed7p17a Sklenarik Ladislav
Ed7p17a Sklenarik Louise
Ed7p17a Sklenarik Terry
ED1p7b Skoble Constancy
ED1p7b Skoble Frank 
ED1p7b Skoble Joseph
ED1p7b Skoble Josephine
ED1p7b Skoble Katharine
ED1p7b Skoble Mary
ED1p7b Skoble Robert
ED6p21b Skrivanek Emil
ED6p21b Skrivanek Frances
ED6p21b Skrivanek Frank
ED6p21b Skrivanek Frank
ED6p21b Skrivanek Haldia
ED6p21b Skrivanek Joe
ED6p21b Skrivanek John
ED6p21b Skrivanek Louise
ED6p21b Skrivanek Prachil
ED6p21b Skrivanek Rosie
ED6p21b Skrivanek Rudolf
ED14p6b Slacik Annie
ED14p6b Slacik Augusta
ED14p6b Slacik Chas
ED14p6b Slacik Chas
ED14p6b Slacik Fred
ED14p7a Slacik Joe
ED14p10a Slacik John
ED14p8a Slacik Katy
ED14p10a Slacik Lydia
ED14p7a Slacik Mary
ED14p10a Slacik Mary
ED14p6b Slacik Minnie
ED14p10a Slacik Olga
ED14p6b Slacik Willie
ED15p11b Slade Wm
ED12p11a Slama Bessie L
ED12p11a Slama Cora
ED12p11a Slama Eva G
ED12p11a Slama Helen M
ED12p11a Slama Joe
ED12p11a Slama Rubie L
ED6p2b Slastny John
ED6p2b Slastny Johnnie
ED6p2b Slastny Therese
ED4p6a Slater Frank
ED4p3b Slater Hamond
ED4p3b Slater Lrella
ED4p4a Slater Mark
ED4p6a Slater Menervie
ED4p3b Slater Roberta
ED4p4a Slater Salina
ED6p22b Slaughter Georgie
ED6p22b Slaughter Harry
ED6p22b Slaughter Herman
ED15p10b Slaughter J B
ED5p11a Sless Marie
ED15p1b Sliva Adieta
ED6p11a Sliva Agnes
Ed7p18b Sliva Albert
Ed7p18b Sliva Annie
ED15p15b Sliva Annie
ED6p11a Sliva Annie
Ed7p18b Sliva Annie
ED15p1b Sliva Anton
ED15p1b Sliva Anton
ED6p11a Sliva Antonia
ED6p11a Sliva Dominik
ED15p1b Sliva Edward
ED15p15b Sliva Emil
ED6p11a Sliva Fanny
ED15p10b Sliva Francis
ED15p10b Sliva Frank
ED15p10b Sliva Frank
ED6p11a Sliva Gabrela
ED15p2a Sliva Henry
ED15p10b Sliva Jerry
ED15p10b Sliva Jim
Ed7p18b Sliva John
ED15p10b Sliva Johnie
ED15p1b Sliva Julia
ED15p1b Sliva Leda
ED6p11a Sliva Lindneila
ED6p11a Sliva Louis
Ed7p18b Sliva Louis
ED6p11a Sliva Louisa
Ed7p18b Sliva Ludwig
Ed7p20a Sliva Mary
ED15p15b Sliva Mary
ED15p2a Sliva Otela
ED15p15b Sliva Silverous
ED15p1b Sliva Stofina
ED15p3a Sliva Tillie
ED6p11a Sliva Victoria
ED15p3a Sliva Willie
ED15p2a Sliva Willie
Ed7p20a Sliva Wilmena
ED8 p9b Sloan Agnes
ED3p3a Sloan Barbara
ED3p2a Sloan Barbara
ED3p12a Sloan Bessie
ED3p2a Sloan Bessie
ED3p2a Sloan Betty
ED3p2a Sloan Dave
Ed7p7a Sloan David
ED3p2a Sloan Davie
ED8 p9b Sloan Esibel
ED3p12a Sloan Henry
Ed7p7a Sloan Josephine
ED3p2a Sloan Lee
ED3p2a Sloan Lillie
Ed7p7a Sloan Ralph
ED8 p9b Sloan Walter
ED8 p9b Sloan Walter
ED3p2a Sloan Willie
ED6p21b Slone Easter
ED14p1b Slovak Bennie
ED11p8b Slovak Charlie
ED14p1b Slovak Eddie
ED11p8b Slovak Elsie
ED11p8b Slovak Frances
ED11p8b Slovak Frances
ED14p1b Slovak Hermena
ED14p1b Slovak Joe
ED11p8b Slovak Lida
ED14p1b Slovak Milady
ED14p1b Slovak Otto
ED11p8b Slovak Stephen
ED14p1b Slovak Therese
ED11p8b Slovak Willie
ED14p6b Slupanski Annie


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