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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Sm - Sp

ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED10p3b Smalensky C M
ED10p3b Smalensky Rosa
ED3p13a Smaley Laura
ED3p13a Smaley Oscar
ED2p1b Small Alice
ED6p20a Smallie Bertha May
ED6p20a Smallie Estella
ED6p10a Smesny Charley
ED6p10a Smesny Fannie
ED6p10a Smesny Frank
ED6p10a Smesny Louise
ED6p10a Smesny Paolno
ED15p4a Smidt Ferdnand
ED15p1b Smilek Annie
ED15p1b Smilek Clara
ED6p13b Smilek Fanny
ED6p13b Smilek Frank
ED6p13b Smilek Joe
ED15p1b Smilek John 
ED15p1b Smilek Lillie
ED15p1b Smilek Louis
ED6p13b Smilek Olga
ED6p13b Smilek Paul
ED6p13b Smilek Paul
ED6p13b Smilek Rudolf
ED15p1b Smilek Silvester
ED5p2a Smiler Delmus
ED5p2a Smiler James
ED5p2a Smiler Leann
ED1p15a Smiley Adelaide
ED1p15a Smiley Charlie
ED1p15a Smiley Chastine
ED1p15a Smiley Dicy Ann
ED1p15a Smiley Jennie
ED1p15a Smiley Rosa Lee
ED4p3a Smith Abby
ED15p4a Smith Addie
ED1p4a Smith Agnes B
ED4p6a Smith Albertha
ED3p3b Smith Andrew D
ED3p1b Smith Anna
ED6p7a Smith Annie
ED1p4a Smith Arthur
ED1p4a Smith Arthur J
ED3p3b Smith Augusta
ED3p9b Smith Beatrice
ED1p12a Smith Belle L
ED6p7a Smith Bennie
ED9p1b Smith Bertha
ED14p1b Smith Bertha
ED14p1b Smith Bettie
Ed7p15a Smith Bettie
ED4p3a Smith Birdie Rea
ED3p9b Smith Bracy
ED9p7a Smith Brono
ED3p2b Smith Carrie
ED6p7a Smith Charley
ED3p6a Smith Charlie
ED3p2b Smith Charlie
ED1p12a Smith Charlie
ED3p2b Smith Charlie
ED6p16a Smith Clarsay
ED3p17a Smith Corine
ED1p12a Smith Cyrena E
ED3p17a Smith Daisy
ED15p4a Smith Daisy Lee
ED6p7a Smith Dara
ED3p1b Smith Dave
ED1p15a Smith Delylee
ED3p2b Smith Dick
ED1p3b Smith Earl D
ED3p14a Smith Earnest
ED3p16b Smith Ebbie
ED4p4a Smith Eddie
ED6p7a Smith Eddie
ED9p7a Smith Edith
ED6p6b Smith Ellack
ED3p6a Smith Emma
Ed7p15a Smith Emma
Ed7p11b Smith Emma
ED1p3b Smith Ernest W
ED4p5b Smith Flora
ED4p3a Smith Flora
ED15p4a Smith Floyd
ED4p4a Smith Frank
ED13p7a Smith Frank
Ed7p15a Smith Frank
ED4p5b Smith Frank
ED3p17a Smith Frank
ED9p1b Smith Frank N
ED3p14a Smith Fred
ED14p1b Smith Fred
ED1p12a Smith Frederic
ED1p6a Smith Frederick
ED4p4a Smith Garfield
ED15p4a Smith George A
ED13p7a Smith Gertrue
ED3p14a Smith Handy
ED4p6b Smith Harry
ED15p4a Smith Harry
ED15p4a Smith Harry
ED3p17a Smith Henrietta
ED3p2b Smith Henry
ED3p2b Smith Herbert
ED14p1b Smith Herry Dell
ED15p4a Smith Hester
ED9p7a Smith Ida
ED3p17a Smith Irene
ED4p4a Smith J D
ED3p2b Smith J. V
ED4p5b Smith James
ED4p3a Smith James
ED4p4a Smith James
ED3p12b Smith James
ED4p4a Smith Jania
ED1p6a Smith Jennie
ED3p1b Smith Joe
ED15p18a Smith Joe
ED1p3b Smith John
ED13p7a Smith John
ED1p3b Smith John
ED3p3b Smith John Talbot
ED4p3a Smith Johnie
ED4p6b Smith Johnie
ED3p5a Smith Johnnie
ED4p3a Smith Jonas
ED3p14a Smith Julia
ED4p4a Smith Julia
ED6p7a Smith Junie
ED9p1b Smith Lena
ED3p3b Smith Lettie
ED1p4a Smith Lillian O
Ed7p15a Smith Lillie
ED3p16b Smith Lola
ED14p1b Smith Louis
ED3p2b Smith Louise
ED3p16b Smith Lucile
ED6p7a Smith Lucinde
ED15p13b Smith Lucretie
ED3p2b Smith Ludie
ED3p17a Smith Luemma
ED4p3a Smith Mabel
ED3p12b Smith Mabel
ED3p12b Smith Madalene
ED6p7a Smith Mammie
ED15p4a Smith Margarett
ED4p5b Smith Marilyn
ED3p3b Smith Martha
Ed7p11b Smith Mary
ED13p7a Smith Mary
ED6p6b Smith Mary
ED1p3b Smith Maud
ED1p5b Smith Millie
ED6p7a Smith Millie
ED3p17a Smith Mina
ED3p1b Smith Minnie
ED3p2b Smith Minnie
ED4p6a Smith Mitchell
ED4p6a Smith Mitchell
ED1p12a Smith Monroe
ED15p4a Smith Mozel
ED2p10a Smith Narcissy
ED4p4b Smith Nathan
ED15p13b Smith Nina Mae
ED13p7a Smith Nute
ED3p2b Smith Ollie May
ED6p7a Smith Pinkie
ED6p3b Smith Richard
ED1p12a Smith Richard 
ED6p16a Smith Robert
ED3p5b Smith Roberta
ED3p2b Smith Ruby
ED3p2b Smith Ruth
ED4p6b Smith Sadeh
ED3p14a Smith Sallie
ED4p4a Smith Saray
ED4p6a Smith Sarvansky
ED4p4a Smith Simon
ED4p4b Smith Sophia
ED3p2b Smith Sterling
ED4p6b Smith Telletson
Ed7p11b Smith Tommie
ED3p3b Smith Verbeline
ED4p6a Smith Vinia
ED3p12b Smith Viola
ED3p3b Smith Waco Allen
ED1p15a Smith Wallie
ED6p7a Smith Will
ED3p3a Smith Will D
ED3p3b Smith Will S
ED3p2b Smith Willie
ED3p5a Smith Willie
ED6p7a Smith Willie
ED4p4a Smith Willie May
ED4p6a Smith Willie Mckinley
ED15p18a Smithson A L
ED15p18a Smithson A M
ED15p18a Smithson Alebell
ED15p18a Smithson Arrennie
ED15p18a Smithson Fannie
ED15p18a Smithson Gertrude
ED15p18a Smithson Raymond
ED4p6a Smooty Opee
ED15p5b Snajstrla Annie
ED15p5b Snajstrla Bessie
ED15p5b Snajstrla Francis
ED15p5b Snajstrla Henry
ED15p5b Snajstrla Sophie
ED15p6b Sneed Hamp
ED3p9b Snell Heneretta
ED3p8b Snell Johnnie M
ED3p9b Snell Juanita
ED3p9b Snell Lottie
ED3p9b Snell Minnie Perl
ED3p9b Snell Minor
ED3p9a Snell Simon
Ed7p17b Sodolak Agnes
Ed7p17b Sodolak Antonie
ED6p12a Sodolak Charlie
Ed7p17b Sodolak Charlie
ED6p12a Sodolak Emiel
ED6p12a Sodolak Francis
Ed7p17b Sodolak Francis
ED6p12a Sodolak Frank
Ed7p17b Sodolak Joe
ED6p12a Sodolak Louis
Ed7p17b Sodolak Louis
ED6p12a Sodolak Louise
Ed7p17b Sodolak Louise
ED6p12a Sodolak Lucy
Ed7p17b Sodolak Mary
Ed7p17b Sodolak Mary
Ed7p17b Sodolak Steve
ED14p2b Soergel Ida
ED14p2b Soergel Minnie
ED14p2b Soergel Rogers
ED14p2b Soergel William
ED14p2b Soergel Woodrow
ED1p6a Soeton Allice
ED1p6a Soeton Leona
ED1p6a Soeton Metta
ED1p6a Soeton Osman
ED1p6a Soeton Osman
ED1p6a Soeton Wallace
ED9p3a Solansky Ida
ED9p3a Solansky Katy
ED9p3a Solansky Louisa
ED1p12a Soldana Carlos
ED1p12a Soldana Inadalupe
ED1p11a Solomon Charles
ED1p11a Solomon Clifton
ED1p11a Solomon Ester
Ed7p5b Solomon Minnie
ED1p11a Solomon Nettie
ED1p11a Solomon Robert
Ed7p5b Solomon Seymour
ED11p1b Sommerlatte Charlie J
ED11p1b Sommerlatte Hilma
ED11p1b Sommerlatte Ora Nell
Ed7p14b Sommermeyer Elsie
Ed7p14b Sommermeyer Evelyn
Ed7p14b Sommermeyer Louis
Ed7p14b Sommermeyer Lydia
Ed7p14b Sommermeyer Mary
Ed7p14b Sommermeyer Otto T
Ed7p14b Sommermeyer Volrad
ED3p7a Sonds Emma
ED3p7a Sonds Matthew
ED10p9a Sonnenberg Edna
ED10p3a Sonnenberg Emma
ED10p3a Sonnenberg Esther
ED10p3a Sonnenberg Jessie
ED10p3a Sonnenberg Lorena
ED10p9a Sonnenberg Louis E
ED10p3a Sonnenberg Ludwig
ED10p3a Sonnenberg Otto
ED12p2a Sonsel Annice
ED12p2a Sonsel Bernice
ED12p2a Sonsel Clara
ED12p2a Sonsel E H
ED12p2a Sonsel Elsie
ED12p2a Sonsel Henry
ED12p2a Sonsel Marvin
ED9p6b Sonsel Sophie
ED12p2a Sonsel Stella
ED1p10a Sontag Alfred
ED1p10a Sontag Edwin
ED1p10a Sontag Emma
ED1p10a Sontag Linda
ED1p10a Sontag William
ED4p3b Sorthem Annie
ED4p3b Sorthem Lucy
ED4p3b Sorthem Rinzer
ED14p10b Sounivik John
ED14p11a Sourivik Annie
ED14p11a Sourivik Johnnie
ED14p11a Sourivik Laddie
ED14p11a Sourivik Olga
ED14p11a Sourivik Rosie
ED14p11a Sourivik Rosie
ED14p11a Sourivik Surovik John
ED15p1a Southerland Bessie
ED15p1a Southerland Levi
Ed7p10a Southern Alphorence
ED1p10a Southern Anna
ED1p10a Southern Carrie
ED1p10a Southern Charlie
Ed7p10a Southern Dan
ED1p10a Southern Eligi
ED1p10a Southern Hannibal
ED1p10a Southern Hardy
ED1p10a Southern Henry
ED1p9a Southern Lemmel
ED1p10a Southern Leola
Ed7p10a Southern Mary
ED1p10a Southern Sally
ED1p10a Southern Simon
ED1p9a Southern Sose
ED1p10a Southern Will R
ED6p9b Sowa Agness
ED6p10a Sowa Alex
ED6p10a Sowa Annie
ED6p9b Sowa Gabralia
ED6p10a Sowa Jacob
ED6p10a Sowa Lucld
ED6p10a Sowa Marcia
ED6p9b Sowa Martina
ED6p10a Sowa Mary
ED6p10a Sowa Mike
ED6p9b Sowa Philip
ED6p9b Sowa Rosia
ED6p10a Sowa Wlasta
ED6p10b Soynka Joe
ED6p10b Soynka Julia
ED6p10b Soynka Julia
ED6p10b Soynka Richard
ED2p11a Spacek Albert
ED2p11a Spacek Anna
ED2p11a Spacek Annie
ED2p11a Spacek Anton
ED2p11a Spacek Ignatz
ED2p11a Spacek John
ED2p11a Spacek Joseph
ED2p11a Spacek Josephine
ED2p11a Spacek Mary
ED2p11a Spacek Mary
ED2p11a Spacek Sophie
ED6p5b Span Henry
ED1p4b Spangler Henry
ED1p4b Spangler Ruth O
ED9p2a Sparks Betty
ED1p15b Sparks Florence
ED1p15b Sparks Jannell
ED1p15b Sparks Jesse
ED1p15b Sparks Jesse M
ED13p8b Spates Douglas
ED10p14a Spates Ernest
ED13p8b Spates James
ED9p3a Spates Joe
ED15p10a Spates John 
ED9p3a Spates Lina
ED15p10a Spates Lizzie
ED13p8b Spates Maggie
ED13p8b Spates Major
ED15p10a Spates Mattie
ED13p8b Spates Minnie
ED15p10a Spates Prince A
ED13p8b Spates Rebecka
ED13p8b Spates Robert
ED15p10a Spates Sam
ED13p8b Spates Sarah
ED15p10a Spates Theodore
ED13p8b Spates Walter
ED13p8b Spates Walter
ED13p8b Spates Wright
ED14p4a Spather Thelma
ED15p13a Spears Marrah
ED2p10b Spence Agnes
ED2p2a Spence Aleander Alexander
ED2p2a Spence Alice
ED2p10b Spence Annie
ED2p10b Spence Baby
ED2p10b Spence Hanora
ED2p10b Spence Jeroline
ED2p10b Spence John
ED2p11a Spence Joseph J
ED2p10b Spence Julia
ED2p10b Spence Leo
ED2p2a Spence Mary A
ED2p2a Spence Mary A
ED2p3a Spence Mary E
ED2p2a Spence Morris
ED2p10b Spence Nora
ED2p3a Spence Presley M
ED2p10b Spence Rosie
ED1p6a Spence William
ED1p6a Spence Zula Belle
ED3p7a Spicer Hayes
ED3p7a Spicer Ida B
ED3p7a Spicer Louis B
ED3p7a Spicer Mattie
ED3p7a Spicer Nathaniel
ED3p7a Spicer Theodore 
ED5p10a Spiess Alvine
ED5p10a Spiess Bennie
ED5p10a Spiess Bertha
ED5p11b Spiess Edward
ED5p11b Spiess Edwin
ED5p11b Spiess Emil
ED5p10a Spiess John
ED5p10a Spiess Lina
ED5p11b Spiess Minnie
ED5p10a Spiess Nettie
ED5p11b Spiess Robert
ED2p3b Spivey John R
ED15p15b Spoede Bessie
ED15p5a Spoede Edna
ED15p5a Spoede Gerhard
ED15p15b Spoede Herman
ED15p15b Spoede John 
ED15p15b Spoede Lucy
ED15p16b Spoede Mary
ED15p5a Spoede Minnie
ED15p16b Spoede Pauline
ED15p16b Spoede Wm
ED15p11b Sprain Bernice
ED15p11b Sprain Carry
ED15p16a Sprain Ida
ED15p16a Sprain Louis
ED15p16a Sprain Louis
ED15p16a Sprain Marvin
ED15p11b Sprain Otto
ED6p21b Spreen Alfred
ED6p21b Spreen Bertha
ED10p4a Spreen Elbertha
ED10p4a Spreen Ella
ED10p4a Spreen Esther
ED15p14a Spreen Fritz
ED6p21b Spreen Fritz
ED10p4a Spreen Goldie
ED5p2b Spreen H Fred
ED5p3a Spreen H Fred
ED5p2b Spreen Herbert
ED5p3a Spreen Herbert
ED6p21b Spreen Hilda
ED5p2b Spreen John
ED5p3a Spreen John
ED5p2b Spreen John
ED5p3a Spreen John
ED5p2b Spreen Louise
ED5p3a Spreen Louise
ED5p2b Spreen Louise
ED5p3a Spreen Louise
ED10p4a Spreen Odessie
ED10p4a Spreen W C
ED15p10a Sproles Josephine
ED15p10b Spurek Frank
ED15p10b Spurek Fred
ED15p10b Spurek Lydia
ED15p10b Spurek Mary
ED15p10b Spurek Olga
ED15p10b Spurek Rosa



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