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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Sr - Sz

ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
Ed7p8b Sramek Edward
Ed7p8b Sramek Edward
Ed7p8b Sramek Fannie
Ed7p8b Sramek Fannie
Ed7p8b Sramek Otto
ED3p6a Staehle Charlie
ED3p6a Staehle Dena
ED3p6a Staehle Edgar
ED3p6a Staehle Harman
ED3p6a Staehle Melissa
ED3p6a Staehle William C
ED13p3a Stafan Adolph
ED13p3a Stafan Annie May
ED13p3a Stafan Frank
ED13p3a Stafan Joe
ED13p3a Stafan Minie
ED13p3a Stafan Vlasta
ED2p1b Stafford Elizabeth
ED2p1b Stafford Katherine
ED2p1b Stafford Robert E
ED15p7b Staha Anton
ED3p15b Stalbaum Adeline
ED3p16a Stalbaum Clara
ED3p15b Stalbaum Eddie
ED3p15b Stalbaum Elsa
ED3p15b Stalbaum Flora
ED3p15b Stalbaum Gus A
ED3p15b Stalbaum Gus H
ED14p5a Stalmach Edmond
ED14p5a Stalmach John
ED14p5a Stalmach Lydia
ED14p5a Stalmach Therese
ED11p3a Stammann Alma
ED11p3a Stammann Anita
ED11p4a Stammann Augusta
ED11p4a Stammann Bertha
ED11p3a Stammann Elsa
ED11p4a Stammann John
ED11p3a Stammann Lillie
ED11p4a Stammann Lina
ED11p4a Stammann Sophie
ED11p3a Stammann Willie
ED3p8b Stamnitz Adolph
ED3p8b Stamnitz Annie
ED3p8b Stamnitz Anselm
ED3p8b Stamnitz Charlie
ED3p8b Stamnitz Clara
ED3p8b Stamnitz Elizabeth
ED3p8b Stamnitz Emil
ED3p8b Stamnitz Gus
ED3p8b Stamnitz Gus
ED3p8b Stamnitz Magdalene
ED3p8b Stamnitz Willie
ED1p4a Stanfield Missouri
ED15p19a Stanko Anton
ED15p19a Stanko Ludrica
Ed7p14b Stark Albert
Ed7p14b Stark James
Ed7p14b Stark Nannie
ED3p13a Starks Ed
ED3p7a Starks Edna
ED3p17a Starks Gertrude
ED1p15a Starks Harrison
ED3p17a Starks Henry
ED3p17a Starks Ida
ED3p17a Starks Isiac
ED3p17a Starks Levi
ED3p17a Starks Mary
ED3p17a Starks Sealy
ED15p12b Starks Susan
ED15p12b Starks Willie
ED2p1a Stasney John L
ED8p3a Stasny Edmond
ED8p3a Stasny Helen
ED14p9a Stasny Katie
ED8p3a Stasny Mathilda
ED8p3a Stasny Otto
ED8p3a Stasny Tom
ED3p7b Staulbaum Annie
ED3p7b Staulbaum Theo
ED2p9b Stauter Dave
ED2p9b Stauter Hannah
ED2p9b Stauter Maggie L
ED15p11a Stavinoha Adela
ED15p11a Stavinoha Adela
ED15p11a Stavinoha Annie
ED15p11a Stavinoha F W
ED15p11a Stavinoha Francis
ED15p11a Stavinoha Frank
ED15p11a Stavinoha John
ED15p11a Stavinoha John
ED15p11a Stavinoha Lena
ED15p11a Stavinoha Martha
ED15p11a Stavinoha Mary
ED15p11a Stavinoha Vaclay
Ed7p9b Steck Adolph
ED4p2a Steck August
ED6p1b Steck Bertha
ED4p2a Steck Bettie
ED1p4b Steck Charles
ED1p4b Steck Charlotte
ED9p7b Steck Daniel
ED6p1b Steck Dennis
ED9p7b Steck Ernest C
ED4p2a Steck Hilda
ED4p2a Steck Idell
Ed7p9b Steck Johanna
ED4p2a Steck Lela Belle
ED2p5a Steck Lelia
ED9p7b Steck Lillie 
ED2p5a Steck Lina J
ED4p2a Steck Lola May
ED4p2a Steck Magdalena
ED6p1b Steck Marcus
ED1p3b Steck Marie
ED9p7b Steck Marvin
ED2p5a Steck Otto E
ED1p3b Steck Paul
ED6p1b Steck Reinhold
ED6p1b Steck William G
Ed7p19a Stedham Charlott
Ed7p19a Stedham Mescal
ED10p7b Steffert Willie
ED13p7b Stein Edna
ED9p7b Stein Edward C
ED9p7b Stein Ella
ED9p7b Stein Gertrude
ED13p7b Stein Henry
ED9p7b Stein Herbert
ED13p7b Stein Louie
ED13p7b Stein Pauline
ED9p7b Stein Sophie
ED13p7b Stein Willie 
ED11p2a Steiner Mary
Ed7p7a Steirling John
Ed7p7a Steirling Leroy
Ed7p7a Steirling Lester
Ed7p7a Steirling Stella
ED5p2a Stepan Adolph
ED5p2a Stepan Alfred
ED5p2a Stepan Frank
ED5p2a Stepan John 
ED5p2a Stepan Lydia
ED5p2a Stepan Marie
ED5p2a Stepan Otto
ED5p2a Stepan Rosie
ED5p2a Stepan Vlasta
ED5p2a Stepan William
ED5p2a Stepan William
ED6p20b Stephens Andrew John
ED15p18b Stephens Ed
ED15p19a Stephens Hattie
ED15p17b Stephens Lige
ED15p17b Stephens Lucy
ED15p19a Stephens Shelly
ED15p19a Stephens Viola
Ed7p13b Stephenson Gussie
Ed7p3a Stephenson Mary
Ed7p13b Stephenson Monroe
Ed7p13b Stephenson Viola
ED3p6b Stephenson? Sarah R
ED2p10a Stepheson Prudy
ED13p4b Stern Alma
ED15p3b Stern Annabell
ED12p1b Stern Arno
ED15p3b Stern Ben 
ED12p4b Stern Bertha
ED15p3b Stern Bessie
ED15p3b Stern Caroline
ED12p3a Stern Charlie
ED12p1b Stern Clara
ED12p3a Stern Edwin C
ED12p3a Stern Ella
ED13p4b Stern Ella
ED13p7b Stern Elsie
ED13p7b Stern Emma
ED12p3a Stern Ernest
ED12p4b Stern Fred
ED12p1b Stern Henryette
ED13p7b Stern Herman
ED15p3b Stern Irene
ED12p4b Stern Irvin
ED15p3b Stern Jack
ED10p11a Stern Johanna
ED10p11a Stern Leo
ED12p3a Stern Lonnie
ED12p3a Stern Louise
ED12p3a Stern Lydia A
ED15p3b Stern Mollie
ED13p4b Stern Otto
ED12p4b Stern Otto
ED12p1b Stern Robert
ED10p11a Stern William
ED10p13a Sternenberg Gladys
ED10p7b Sternenberg Gracia
ED10p7b Sternenberg Harry
ED10p7b Sternenberg Helen
ED10p13a Sternenberg Julius
ED10p7b Sternenberg M A
ED10p7b Sternenberg Mrs. C O
ED10p7b Sternenberg Mrs. Jul
ED10p7b Sternenberg Olga
ED10p7b Sternenberg Otto
ED10p7b Sternenberg Ralph
ED2p10b Steveson Fred
ED2p10b Steveson Lizzie
ED2p5b Steveson Mary
ED15p16a Stevins Ara
Ed7p11a Steward Mary
Ed7p11a Steward Will
ED15p12a Stewart Crecy
ED3p12a Stewart John
Ed7p1b Stillman Harry
Ed7p1b Stillman Harry
Ed7p1b Stillman John Thomas
Ed7p1b Stillman Ruth
Ed7p3a Stock Augusta
Ed7p3a Stock Erven
Ed7p3a Stock Leroy
Ed7p3a Stock Lucile
Ed7p4b Stockwell Myron H
Ed7p4b Stockwell Susan
ED10p9a Stoelke Charles
ED10p9a Stoelke Charles
ED10p9a Stoelke Emma
ED10p9a Stoelke Erna
ED10p3a Stoelke Ernst
ED10p9a Stoelke Henry
ED10p9a Stoelke Ida
ED10p9a Stoelke John
ED10p9a Stoelke Louis Ernest
ED5p7b Stoerner Anna
ED5p8a Stoerner Erwin
ED5p8a Stoerner Selma
Ed7p14a Stokeld Ada
Ed7p14a Stokeld Eleanor
Ed7p14a Stokeld Fred
Ed7p14a Stokeld George
Ed7p14a Stokeld Thomas
ED1p1b Stokes Alice
ED12p6b Stokes Bonnie
ED1p1b Stokes Daffney
ED12p6b Stokes Emma
ED12p8b Stokes Emma
ED12p1b Stokes Ennis
ED12p6b Stokes James William
ED12p8b Stokes John
ED12p8b Stokes John J
ED12p6b Stokes Linette
ED12p8b Stokes Lloyd
ED12p6b Stokes Lottie
ED12p6b Stokes Monroe
ED12p1b Stokes Ora
ED12p6b Stokes Roland
ED12p6b Stokes Ruth
ED12p6b Stokes Sam
ED12p6b Stokes Will
ED6p14b Stolsky Annie
ED6p14a Stolsky Annie
ED6p14a Stolsky Frank
ED6p14b Stolsky Gusta
ED6p14a Stolsky Joe
ED6p14a Stolsky John
ED6p14b Stolsky Mary
ED6p14b Stolsky Paulina
ED6p14a Stolsky Rosie
ED6p14b Stolsky Wilmena
ED1p15b Stone Helen E
ED6p19a Stone Marria
ED2p1b Stoner Kuich
Ed7p17b Strauss Adele
ED2p10b Strauss Adolph
Ed7p17b Strauss Alfred
ED4p7a Strauss Alma
ED1p2a Strauss Annie
ED1p2a Strauss Annie B
ED8p2a Strauss Bernice
ED2p5b Strauss Charles
ED2p5b Strauss Deloris
ED1p2a Strauss Dennis
ED2p10b Strauss Doris M
ED4p7a Strauss Emil
ED2p10b Strauss Emma
ED8p2a Strauss Emma
ED8p2a Strauss Evelyn
ED8 p8b Strauss Fritz
ED2p5b Strauss Harold
ED1p2a Strauss Henry
ED8p2a Strauss Herman
ED1p2a Strauss Homer
ED8p2a Strauss John
ED2p10b Strauss Lilly
ED2p5b Strauss Lottie
Ed7p17b Strauss Louis
Ed7p17b Strauss Mary
ED8p2a Strauss Olga
ED1p2a Strauss Richard
ED1p2a Strauss Richard
Ed7p17b Strauss Robert
ED8 p8b Strauss Robetina
ED3p9a Stravoski Adelhidt
ED3p9a Stravoski Annie
ED3p9a Stravoski Annie
ED3p9a Stravoski Bryan
ED3p9a Stravoski Charlie
ED3p9a Stravoski Edna
ED3p9a Stravoski Lit
ED3p9a Stravoski Walter
ED12p7b Streb Annie A
ED12p7b Streb Arthur E
ED12p7b Streb Ernest L
ED12p7b Streb Helene
ED12p7b Streb Hilma M
ED12p7b Streb John
ED12p7b Streb John C
ED12p7b Streb Lillian E
ED12p7b Streb Willie A
ED8 p 7b Stricher Anitar
ED11p7a Strickler Edwin
ED11p7a Strickler Erwin
ED11p7a Strickler Helena
ED11p8b Strickler Henry W
ED11p7a Strickler Neal
ED11p8b Strickler Nolan
ED11p8b Strickler Norma
ED15p12a Struggs Edward
ED15p12a Struggs Edward
ED15p12a Struggs Mattie
Ed7p1b Stuart Sayde
ED6p13b Stuchlik Anna
ED6p13b Stuchlik Annie
ED6p13b Stuchlik F John
ED6p13b Stuchlik Hermina
ED6p13b Stuchlik Jerry
ED6p7a Stuessel Annie
ED8p3a Stuessel Arthur
ED6p7a Stuessel Edwin
ED6p7a Stuessel Estella
ED8p3b Stuessel Henry A
ED8p3b Stuessel Herbert
ED8p3a Stuessel Lenora
ED8p3a Stuessel Lily
ED8p3b Stuessel Mary
ED8p3a Stuessel Milton
ED8p3b Stuessel Olga
ED6p7a Stuessel Orville
ED8p3b Stuessel Theodore
ED14p4b Stupka Ben
ED14p4b Stupka Frank
ED14p4b Stupka Karl
ED14p4b Stupka Karl
ED14p4b Stupka Raymond
ED14p4b Stupka Vinska
ED12p11a Sturdirant Ethel
ED12p11a Sturdirant Mery
ED12p11a Sturdirant Robert
ED12p11a Sturdirant Sarah
ED11p8a Sturm Adolph L
ED11p8a Sturm Frida
ED11p8a Sturm Katherina
ED10p15a Suchadoll Edward
ED10p15a Suchadoll Isabella
ED10p15a Suchadoll Lidia
ED10p15a Suchadoll Wilhelmine
ED6p18a Suderman Henry W
ED6p18a Suderman Louisa
ED8p3a Suhr August
ED8p3a Suhr Clara
ED8p3a Suhr Hugo
ED15p8a Sula Georgia
ED15p8a Sula John C
ED15p8a Sula Libusa
ED15p8a Sula Willie
ED15p6b Sulak Albert
ED15p6b Sulak Edwin
ED15p6b Sulak Elic
ED15p6b Sulak John 
ED15p9a Sulak Leonard
ED15p6b Sulak Lilly
ED15p6b Sulak Lucy
ED15p9a Sulak Mart
ED15p9a Sulak Mary
ED15p9a Sulak Stevin
ED15p10a Sulak Tonie
ED15p6b Sulak Veronica
ED15p9a Sulak Willie
ED15p6b Sullivan Ida E
ED15p6b Sullivan James M
ED15p6b Sullivan Mary E
ED11p4a Sulzmann Freda
ED11p4a Sulzmann Louis
ED11p4a Sulzmann Norma
ED11p4a Sulzmann Paul
ED3p15a Summag Juhnnie Ruby
ED3p15a Summag L T
ED3p15a Summag Lulu
Ed7p13b Summer Lucinda
ED5p7b Sunderhusen Tekla
ED5p7b Sunderhusen William
ED9p7a Sungs Denolla
ED9p7a Sungs Harold
ED9p7a Sungs Sam
ED9p7a Sungs Sammie
ED10p14a Sunka Estella
ED10p14a Sunka Frieda
ED10p14a Sunka Joe
ED14p3a Supak August
ED14p3a Supak Ben
ED14p3a Supak Fannie
ED14p3a Supak Joe
ED14p3a Supak Ladge
ED14p3a Supak William
ED14p3a Supak Willie
ED11p7b Surmann Antonie
ED6p4b Surovcak Annie
Ed7p17b Surovcak Annie
Ed7p17b Surovcak Caria
Ed7p17b Surovcak Frank
Ed7p17b Surovcak Joe
ED6p4b Surovcak Joe
Ed7p17b Surovcak John
Ed7p17b Surovcak Martin
Ed7p17b Surovcak Mary
Ed7p17b Surovcak Theresa
ED13p3a Surovick John
ED13p3a Surovick Paul
ED13p3a Surovick Paul
ED13p3a Surovick Rosie
ED5p9a Surovik Adela
ED10p5b Surovik Alvina
ED5p9a Surovik Annie
ED10p5b Surovik Emil
ED10p5b Surovik Francis
ED10p5b Surovik Francis
ED5p9a Surovik Joseph
ED5p9a Surovik Joseph
ED5p9a Surovik Julia
ED10p5b Surovik Mary
ED5p9a Surovik Robert
ED10p5b Surovik Stannie
ED10p5b Surovik Tom
ED5p9a Surovik Vladislav
ED5p9a Surovik Vlasta
ED14p10a Susan Annie
ED14p10a Susan Bessie
ED14p10a Susan Olga
ED14p1a Susen Alfred
ED14p5b Susen Bessie
ED14p1a Susen Emelie
ED14p5b Susen Frank
ED14p4a Susen Hermina
ED14p4a Susen John
ED14p1a Susen John C
ED14p4a Susen Mary
ED14p4a Susen Olga
ED14p4a Susen Rosia
ED14p4a Susen Rosie
ED14p4a Susen Sidonia
ED14p5b Susen Therese
ED14p5b Susen Therese
ED14p5b Susen Tillie
ED14p4a Susen Willie 
ED6p19b Suthland Annie
ED6p19b Suthland DeoberAnn
ED6p19b Suthland Frank
ED2p1a Sutton Daniel
ED2p1a Sutton Gertrude
ED2p2a Sutton Gracie O
ED2p2a Sutton Joseph D
ED2p2a Sutton Katie
ED2p1a Sutton Paul 
ED2p1a Sutton Paul A
ED14p3b Svajda Clement
ED14p3b Svajda Frank
ED14p3b Svajda Hermina
ED14p3b Svajda Isabel
ED14p3b Svajda Isador
ED14p4b Svajda Jerome
ED14p3b Svajda Joe
ED14p3b Svajda Leonard
ED14p3b Svajda Marguarite
ED14p4b Svajda Mary
ED14p3b Svajda Mary
ED14p4b Svajda Vlidimir
ED1p6b Svertori Alice
ED6p12b Svoboda Adolph
ED6p12b Svoboda Bettie
ED6p12b Svoboda Celestina
ED6p12b Svoboda Emanuel
ED6p12b Svoboda Emanuel
ED6p12b Svoboda Joe
ED6p12b Svoboda Joe
ED6p12b Svoboda Mary
ED6p12b Svoboda Mary
ED6p12b Svoboda Robert
ED2p7a Swain Annie L
ED2p7a Swain Bernice L
ED2p7a Swain William R
ED9p2a Swearingen E W
ED8p4a Swearingen Ella
ED9p2a Swearingen Grant Lee
ED9p2a Swearingen Hattie
ED9p2a Swearingen Lawrence
ED9p2a Swearingen Lawrence Earl
ED8p4a Swearingen Marvin
ED8p4a Swearingen Richard
ED9p2a Swearingen Ruby May
ED8p4a Swearingen Wesley
  Swift Joe Wheeler
ED10p18a Swift Richard H
ED2p9b Swinton Charice
ED2p9b Swinton Ella I
ED2p9b Swinton Lillian
ED2p9b Swinton Lizzie
ED2p9a Sykes Addie
ED2p9a Sykes Arie J
ED2p9a Sykes Armatee
ED2p9a Sykes Carry
ED1p14a Sykes Charlie
ED3p17a Sykes Emily
ED1p14a Sykes Evelyn
ED1p14a Sykes Fred
ED1p14a Sykes George
ED2p9a Sykes Goldie
ED14p3b Sykes Johnnie Mac
ED9p2a Sykes Maggie
ED3p17a Sykes Marcellus
ED2p9a Sykes Matt
ED1p14a Sykes Mayania
ED2p9a Sykes Sadie
ED1p14a Sykes Sam
ED1p14a Sykes Sam
ED4p3a Sykes Susie
ED4p3a Sykes Taylor
ED2p9a Sykes Tula
ED1p14a Sykes Willie
ED3p1a Sylvester Bessie
ED3p1a Sylvester Cala
ED3p1a Sylvester Hattie
ED3p1a Sylvester Jim 
ED3p1a Sylvester Jim L
ED3p1a Sylvester Lottie
ED3p1a Sylvester Willie Lee
Ed7p11b Syms Marceline
ED14p8a Syptak Alphon
ED14p8a Syptak Annie
ED14p8a Syptak Chas
ED14p8a Syptak Edmund
ED14p8a Syptak Milford
ED14p8a Syptak Milly
ED6p4a Syzdk Clara
ED6p4a Syzdk Ferix
ED6p4a Syzdk Louis
ED6p4a Syzdk Mary
ED6p4a Syzdk Rosey
ED10p17a Szymauske Friedericke
ED10p17a Szymauske John



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