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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 


ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED4p3a Tambles Fannie
ED4p1a Tap Clarence
ED4p5b Tarvert Charlie
ED4p5b Tarvert Dorkas
ED4p5b Tarvert Melinda
ED4p5b Tarvert Philipe
ED15p2b Taska Alma
ED14p3a Taska Annie
ED6p3b Taska Frances
ED6p3b Taska Frank
ED14p3a Taska Frank
ED15p2b Taska George C
ED15p2b Taska Isador J
ED14p3a Taska John
ED15p2b Taska Joseph
ED14p3a Taska Louisa
ED14p3a Taska Willie
ED3p8a Tate Ada
ED3p8a Tate Agnes
ED3p8a Tate Algie
ED3p1b Tate Callie
ED13p5a Tate Eder
ED3p17a Tate Elder
ED3p15b Tate Emily
ED13p5a Tate Emma
ED3p8a Tate Enda
ED13p5a Tate Ever
Ed7p4b Tate Jack
ED3p8a Tate Jake
ED3p8a Tate Jessie
ED3p8a Tate Johnnie
ED13p5a Tate Luther
ED13p5a Tate May
ED12p10a Taylor A A
ED4p4a Taylor Archie
ED6p7b Taylor Beatic
ED6p7b Taylor Clara
ED6p7b Taylor Cliff
ED1p1b Taylor Creed
ED10p17a Taylor Dorothy
ED4p4a Taylor Eddie
ED10p17a Taylor Elma
ED6p3a Taylor Endy
ED12p10a Taylor Eula
ED6p7b Taylor George
ED4p4a Taylor Hattie
ED6p3a Taylor Jake
ED10p17a Taylor James
ED6p7b Taylor Jessie
ED6p8b Taylor L T
ED6p7b Taylor Lullar
ED6p7b Taylor Luzine
ED6p7b Taylor Marthe
ED6p8b Taylor May Alla
ED6p8b Taylor Mildred
ED10p17a Taylor Oliver A
ED6p8b Taylor Ransom
ED12p10a Taylor T G
ED1p12a Taylor Tolbert
ED6p7b Taylor Will
ED6p7b Taylor Willie
ED6p8b Taylor Willie
ED3p14b Teague Margurite
ED3p14b Teague Viola
ED3p14b Teague William
ED12p1b Tefs Herbert
ED12p1b Tefs Nora
ED12p1a Tefs Norma
ED12p4b Tegeler Dora
ED12p4b Tegeler Herman
ED12p4b Tegeler Raymond
ED13p4b Tegler Tegeler Ben
ED13p4b Tegler Tegeler Ben
ED13p4b Tegler Tegeler Clara
ED13p4b Tegler Tegeler Eddie
ED13p4b Tegler Tegeler Ernest
ED13p4b Tegler Tegeler Minnie
ED13p4b Tegler Tegeler Walter
ED6p20b Teichman Anna
ED6p20b Teichman Fred
ED4p2b Teichman Teichmann Anne
ED4p2b Teichman Teichmann Hedwig
ED4p2b Teichman Teichmann Walter
ED4p2b Teichman Teichmann William
ED4p8a Teichmann Emmie
ED4p8a Teichmann Katie
ED4p8a Teichmann Martha
ED4p8a Teichmann Otto
ED12p9a Telford Cora
ED12p9a Telford Effie
ED15p7b Tennessee Ophelia
ED1p10b Tennis Adelaide
ED1p10b Tennis Becky
ED1p10b Tennis Bertha
ED1p10b Tennis Christine
ED1p10b Tennis Cornelius
ED1p10b Tennis Ida
ED1p9a Tennis Milton
ED1p10b Tennis Minnie M
ED1p10b Tennis Rowland
ED1p10b Tennis Rowland
ED2p9b Terry Asie
ED1p5b Terry Fannie
ED1p5b Terry Jill Ida
ED1p5b Terry Johnny
ED2p9b Terry Lulu
ED2p9b Terry Rebecca
ED1p5b Terry Sam
ED13p1a Tesch Alfred
ED2p4a Tesch Annie M
ED2p4a Tesch Charles F
ED12p4b Tesch Charlie
ED2p4a Tesch Fred L
ED13p1a Tesch Henrietta
ED13p1a Tesch Henry
ED13p1a Tesch Ida
ED12p4b Tesch Lohran
ED12p4b Tesch Louisa
ED2p4a Tesch Lulah
ED12p4b Tesch Robert
ED10p11b Tetsch Fritz
ED10p11b Tetsch Fritz
ED10p11b Tetsch Johanna
ED10p11b Tetsch Louise
Ed7p7b Tetzlof Robert
ED10p4b Teufel Annie
ED10p9b Teufel Birdie
ED10p9b Teufel Clara
ED10p9b Teufel E L
ED10p9b Teufel Edgar
ED10p9b Teufel Lesley
ED1p7b Thaemer Elizabeth
ED1p7b Thaemer Theodore
Ed7p2a Thanheiser Agnes
Ed7p2a Thanheiser August
Ed7p2a Thanheiser Leo
Ed7p2a Thanheiser Lillian
ED8p2a Theuman Adele
ED9p2b Theuman Alex
ED8p7a Theuman Bennetta
ED8p2a Theuman Charlie
ED8p7a Theuman Ellen Allen
ED8p7a Theuman Elmo
ED8p7a Theuman Gladies
ED8p2a Theuman Mary
ED8p7a Theuman Natila
ED8p2a Theuman Oliver C
ED8p7a Theuman Rudolph
ED12p2a Thiel Emma
ED12p2a Thiel Hilda
ED12p2a Thiel Johnnie
ED12p2a Thiel Richard A
ED5p2a Thieleman Albert
ED5p2a Thieleman Benny
ED5p2a Thieleman Caroline
ED5p2a Thieleman Emily
ED5p2a Thieleman Fredrick
ED5p2a Thieleman Herbert
ED5p2a Thieleman Lonny
ED5p2a Thieleman Louis
ED5p2a Thieleman Lydia
ED5p2a Thieleman Olga
ED5p2a Thieleman Raymond
ED5p2a Thieleman Rudolph
ED5p2a Thieleman Sophie
ED5p2a Thieleman Tusnelda
ED5p6a Thielemann Alfred
ED5p6a Thielemann Alvin
ED5p7a Thielemann Charlotte
ED5p7a Thielemann Christoph
ED5p6a Thielemann Edmund
ED5p7a Thielemann Elsa
ED5p6a Thielemann Ervin
ED5p6a Thielemann Esta
ED5p7a Thielemann Esther
ED5p10a Thielemann Freida
ED5p10a Thielemann Lenora
ED5p6a Thielemann Lillie
ED5p7a Thielemann Louise
ED5p7a Thielemann Ophelia
ED5p10a Thielemann Robert
ED5p6a Thielemann Theodore
ED5p7a Thielemann William C
ED13p8a Thiemann Emily
ED13p8a Thiemann Emma
ED13p8a Thiemann Ervin
ED13p8a Thiemann Fritz
ED13p8a Thiemann Henry
ED13p8a Thiemann Louis
ED13p8a Thiemann Matilda
ED13p8a Thiemann Minnie
ED13p8a Thiemann Selma
ED13p8a Thiemann Theo
ED13p3a Thiemann Tiemann Annie
ED13p2b Thiemann Tiemann Esther
ED13p2b Thiemann Tiemann Gladys
ED13p2b Thiemann Tiemann Hannah
ED13p2b Thiemann Tiemann Hilda
ED13p2b Thiemann Tiemann Melvin
ED13p2b Thiemann Tiemann Minnie
ED13p2b Thiemann Tiemann Otto
ED13p2b Thiemann Tiemann Robert
ED13p3a Thiemann Tiemann Sophia
ED13p3a Thiemann Tiemann Wm
ED5p4b Thomas Ada
ED3p5b Thomas Allen
ED3p3b Thomas Allie
ED3p2b Thomas Anna
ED3p3b Thomas Annias
ED6p20b Thomas Annie
ED12p10a Thomas Annie
ED13p6a Thomas Annie
ED12p10a Thomas Arthur
ED6p20a Thomas Bobert
ED6p16b Thomas Burline
ED6p16a Thomas Charley
ED6p16a Thomas Charley
ED4p3a Thomas Charlie
ED6p16b Thomas Creed
ED8p7a Thomas Daisy
ED6p20b Thomas Dallas
ED3p3b Thomas Davie
ED12p1b Thomas Dinkie
ED13p6a Thomas Dollie
ED6p16a Thomas Earnest
ED15p7a Thomas Elizabeth
ED3p2b Thomas Eva
ED3p3b Thomas Fannie
Ed7p11a Thomas Fanny
ED6p16a Thomas Fatie
ED15p7a Thomas Frances
ED8p6b Thomas Frc G
ED9p3a Thomas George
ED9p1b Thomas Hattie
ED3p3b Thomas Henry
ED9p3a Thomas Henry
ED15p7a Thomas Henry L
ED15p7a Thomas Ida M
ED5p4b Thomas Ira
ED3p3b Thomas Johnnie May
ED6p20b Thomas Josette
ED13p6a Thomas Karie
ED6p20a Thomas Lenceal
ED6p20b Thomas Lizzie
ED3p13b Thomas Louisa
ED15p7a Thomas Lucile
ED3p2b Thomas Lucy
ED12p7a Thomas Lue V
ED6p20b Thomas Maltie
ED9p3a Thomas Mandy
ED6p20a Thomas Margart
ED8p6b Thomas Mattie
ED3p3b Thomas Mattie
ED12p5a Thomas Maud 
ED8p7a Thomas Nella
ED3p5b Thomas Nettie
ED8p6b Thomas Nettie
ED8p7a Thomas Odall
ED9p3a Thomas Philis
ED13p6a Thomas Precilla
ED13p6a Thomas Robert
ED3p3b Thomas Rosa
ED15p16b Thomas Ruth
ED13p6a Thomas T D
ED6p16b Thomas Timothy
ED6p20b Thomas Vada
ED15p7a Thomas Virginia
ED6p20b Thomas W T
ED15p16b Thomas Will
ED3p2b Thomas Will
ED8p7a Thomas Willey
ED15p7a Thomas William
ED6p20b Thomas Willie
ED3p2b Thomas Willie
ED3p3b Thomas Willie
ED9p3a Thomas Willie
ED15p7a Thomas Wm L
ED4p2b Thompson Alberta
ED4p1a Thompson Aquallia
ED4p1a Thompson Blanchett
ED1p5b Thompson Catherine
ED4p1a Thompson Curtis
ED4p1a Thompson Edna
ED3p12b Thompson Edna
ED6p21a Thompson Elbert
Ed7p15b Thompson Emma
ED2p6a Thompson Estella
ED4p1a Thompson Felma
Ed7p15b Thompson Fred
ED1p9b Thompson Henderson
ED4p1a Thompson Ishmael
ED1p9b Thompson James H
ED1p9b Thompson John A
ED3p12b Thompson Johnnie
ED4p6b Thompson Lela Bell
ED1p9b Thompson Louisa
ED1p5b Thompson Lucindy
ED3p10b Thompson Mary
Ed7p15b Thompson Mary
ED4p1a Thompson Mattie
ED1p9b Thompson Mella Lee
ED1p5b Thompson Millie
Ed7p15b Thompson Minna
ED4p1a Thompson Richmond
ED4p4a Thompson Richmond J
ED3p12b Thompson Robert W
ED3p12b Thompson Roy
ED2p6a Thompson Roy
ED3p12b Thompson Roy Douglas
ED2p6a Thompson Willis
ED8p3a Thomsen Paul
Ed7p14b Thorer Anna
ED1p14b Thornton Ely
ED2p11a Thornton Ely
ED1p14b Thornton Hester
ED2p11a Thornton Hester
ED3p8a Tieda Edward
ED14p5b Tiemann Adolph
ED14p5b Tiemann Annie
ED14p5b Tiemann August
ED3p5a Tiemann Earnest
ED3p5a Tiemann Hannah
ED3p5a Tiemann Henry C
ED14p5b Tiemann Lester
ED14p5b Tiemann Lillie
ED14p5b Tiemann Willie
ED5p5b Tietjen Meta
ED6p2a Tillotson Leonard
Ed7p14b Timme Anna
Ed7p14b Timme Edgar
Ed7p14b Timme Edith
ED15p12a Timme Elsie
ED4p5a Timme Emmie
ED4p5a Timme Ewald
ED4p5a Timme Gus
ED4p5a Timme Hilda
ED15p12a Timme Louis
ED4p5a Timme Olive
ED15p12a Timme Ralph
ED1p13a Tippitt Harrison
ED1p13a Tippitt Lucy
ED1p13a Tippitt Mary
ED1p13a Tippitt Quilly
ED1p13a Tippitt Will
ED1p13a Tippitt Will R
ED14p4a Tiska Elvia
ED14p4a Tiska Emilie
ED14p4a Tiska Franklin
ED14p4a Tiska Taska Joe
ED15p15b Toellner Author
ED10p15a Toellner Carl
ED15p15b Toellner Edwin
ED15p15b Toellner H I
ED15p15b Toellner Henry
ED15p15b Toellner Lee
ED15p15b Toellner Willie
ED15p15b Toellner Willie
ED3p8a Toland Major
ED12p1b Toland Mattie
Ed7p13a Tolden Mimi
ED15p3a Toler Joe
ED15p3a Toler Lee
ED5p3b Toliber Clarence
ED5p3b Toliber Lillian
ED5p3b Toliber William
ED5p3b Toliber William
ED13p7a Toliver Alhambre
ED13p7a Toliver Bula Lee
ED13p7a Toliver Georgan
ED13p7a Toliver James Willie
ED10p8b Toliver Josephine
ED10p8b Toliver Mary
Ed7p17a Tomarree Powell
ED1p6a Tomlinson ?
ED1p6a Tomlinson ?
ED1p2b Tomlinson Alma
ED15p11b Tomlinson Belle
ED15p2b Tomlinson Charlie
ED1p6a Tomlinson Edgar A
ED1p2b Tomlinson Henry
ED1p2b Tomlinson Metta
ED15p11b Tomlinson Mildred
ED15p2b Tomlinson Ralph Ernest
ED15p2b Tomlinson Susan C
ED1p6a Tomlinson Virginia
ED15p11b Tomlinson W N
ED15p2b Tomlinson Wilma Lee
ED6p9b Tomlison H P
ED6p9b Tomlison Hermina
ED6p9b Tomlison Loyd
ED6p9b Tomlison Philip
ED1p9a Torres Jose
ED12p8a Tottenham Meccie
ED12p8a Tottenham Woodson
Ed7p1b Traney Lois
Ed7p1b Traney Willie
ED2p7a Trenckman Ellin L
ED2p7a Trenckman Karl O
ED2p7a Trenckman Leon M
ED2p7a Trenckman Mercedes
ED2p7a Trenckman Otto A
ED2p7a Trenckman Richard E
ED11p1a Trenckmann Arnold E
ED11p1a Trenckmann Emma
ED9p5a Trenckmann Ernst
ED11p1a Trenckmann Evelyn
ED9p5a Trenckmann Irma
ED11p1a Trenckmann Loraine
ED11p1a Trenckmann Martha
ED9p5a Trenckmann Mary
ED9p5a Trenckmann Max
ED9p5a Trenckmann Otto
ED11p1a Trenckmann Paul
ED14p3b Trevino Joe
Ed7p19a Troganiska Bill
Ed7p19a Troganiska Eddie
Ed7p19a Troganiska Leon
Ed7p19a Troganiska Louise
Ed7p19a Troganiska Paulina
Ed7p19a Troganiska Willie
Ed7p7a Troganska Anton
Ed7p7a Troganska Sophia
Ed7p7a Troganska Victoria
ED15p8a Trojanowsky Albina
ED15p8a Trojanowsky Francis
ED15p8a Trojanowsky Frank
ED15p8a Trojanowsky Frank
ED15p8a Trojanowsky Peggie
ED15p8a Trojanowsky Stash
ED6p14b Tronosky Agnes
ED6p14b Tronosky Joe
ED6p14b Tronosky Joe
ED6p14b Tronosky Mary
Ed7p7a Trzabiatais Sylvesta
ED6p5b Tucker Ambrose
ED6p5b Tucker Ambrose
ED6p5b Tucker Bertha
ED6p5b Tucker Eliza Jane
ED6p5b Tucker George
ED6p5b Tucker James
ED6p20a Tucker Johnnie B
ED6p20a Tucker Velmer
ED1p13b Tunine August
ED1p13b Tunine Augusta
ED1p13b Tunine Ben
ED1p13b Tunine Martha
ED1p13b Tunine Roy
ED1p13b Tunine Royland
ED1p13b Tunine William
ED1p13b Tunine Willie May
Ed7p2b Turner Cecil
Ed7p2b Turner Sallie
Ed7p2b Turner Vivian
ED11p1b Tutson Addie
ED11p1b Tutson Elnora
ED11p1b Tutson Emma
ED11p1b Tutson James
ED3p15a Tutson James
ED11p1b Tutson James
ED11p1b Tutson Linnie
ED4p1a Twiggs Dennis
ED4p1a Twiggs Ennis
ED4p1a Twiggs Evie
ED4p1a Twiggs John Henry
ED4p1a Twiggs Lula
ED4p1a Twiggs Sadie
ED4p1a Twiggs Willie
ED12p6b Twigs Richard
ED14p5a Tylajka Steven



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