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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

U - V 

ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED14p9a Ubaik Uhrik Fannie
ED14p9a Ubaik Uhrik Frank
ED3p7b Uchert Ueckert Alvina
ED3p7b Uchert Ueckert Emil
ED14p4b Ueckert Albert
ED1p14b Ueckert Albert
ED14p1b Ueckert Alfred
ED14p1b Ueckert Alice
ED14p1b Ueckert Almetta
ED2p6a Ueckert Annie
ED1p14b Ueckert Ben
ED12p5b Ueckert Bennie
ED3p2b Ueckert Charlie
ED12p2b Ueckert Dora
ED14p9a Ueckert Edwin
Ed7p8a Ueckert Emma
ED1p1b Ueckert Erna
ED1p14b Ueckert Erna
ED14p9a Ueckert Francis
ED2p6b Ueckert Fritz C
ED12p5b Ueckert Gladys
ED2p6a Ueckert Henry
ED2p6a Ueckert Henry K
ED14p9a Ueckert Herbert
Ed7p8a Ueckert Herbert
Ed7p8a Ueckert Herman
ED12p2b Ueckert Hugo
ED14p9a Ueckert Ida
ED2p6a Ueckert Irene
ED12p2b Ueckert John W
ED2p6b Ueckert Katie
ED3p2b Ueckert Leola
ED1p14b Ueckert Lilly
ED12p2b Ueckert Lydia
ED14p4b Ueckert Malinde
ED1p1b Ueckert Max
ED1p14b Ueckert Minna
ED12p2b Ueckert Minnie
ED12p5b Ueckert Olga
ED1p14b Ueckert Ollie
ED14p1b Ueckert Otto
ED14p9a Ueckert Paul G
ED12p2b Ueckert Rubie M
ED14p1b Ueckert Sophia
ED1p14b Ueckert Tilda
ED3p2b Ueckert Viola
ED12p2b Ueckert William
ED14p4b Uhrik Edward
ED14p4b Uhrik Helen
ED14p4b Uhrik Willie
ED15p1b Uhyrek Albena
ED15p1b Uhyrek Filomena
ED15p1b Uhyrek Frank
ED15p1b Uhyrek Lillian
ED15p1b Uhyrek Sylvester
ED15p10a Uiatek Johnie
ED11p4a Ullrich Anton
ED11p3a Ullrich Frank
ED11p3a Ullrich Herbert
ED11p3a Ullrich Lillie
ED11p3a Ullrich Magrate
ED11p4a Ullrich Martha
ED11p3a Ullrich Minna
ED11p3a Ullrich Renatha
ED11p4b Ulrich Carline
ED1p5a Umland Gustave
Ed7p14b Upshaw Alex
Ed7p14b Upshaw Alma
Ed7p14b Upshaw Andora
Ed7p14b Upshaw Andora
ED9p7b Upshaw Bertha
ED9p7b Upshaw Edd
ED9p7b Upshaw Edgar
ED15p11b Upshaw Ella
ED4p9a Upshaw Frank
ED4p9a Upshaw George
Ed7p14b Upshaw George
ED15p11b Upshaw Hallie C
ED4p9a Upshaw Hattie
ED9p7b Upshaw L C
ED15p11b Upshaw Lenora
ED15p11b Upshaw Leola A
ED9p7b Upshaw Lillie May
ED9p7b Upshaw Lola
ED15p11b Upshaw Lyda L
ED15p11a Upshaw M S
ED4p9a Upshaw Maggie Lee
ED4p3b Upshaw Maray
ED12p9b Upshaw Maria
Ed7p14b Upshaw Mary
ED4p9a Upshaw Pinkie
Ed7p14b Upshaw Will
ED6p14b Urbanscheck Frank
ED6p14b Urbanscheck Frankie
ED6p14b Urbanscheck Lizzie
ED6p14b Urbanscheck Lizzie
ED6p14b Urbanscheck Pauline
ED6p15a Urbbler Rosa
ED6p6b Valerian Joe
ED6p6b Valerian Joe
ED6p6b Valerian Joe
ED6p6b Valerian Mary
ED6p6b Valerian Very
ED3p13a Valley Harriet
ED13p4a Van Effey B
ED13p4a Van Fredonia
ED13p4a Van Irelee
ED13p4a Van L D
ED13p4a Van Lillie
ED13p4a Van Ollie
ED13p4a Van Robert
ED13p4a Van Rosa
ED13p4a Van Will
ED13p4a Van Willie Lee
ED6p5b Vancik Amail
ED6p13a Vancik Antona
ED6p5b Vancik Eddie
ED6p13a Vancik Frank
ED6p5b Vancik Henry
ED6p5b Vancik Joe
ED6p5b Vancik Joe
ED6p5b Vancik Mary
ED6p13a Vancik Mary
ED6p5b Vancik Vera
ED6p13a Vancik Vine
Ed7p8a Vandegrift Alice
Ed7p8b Vandegrift Waldine
ED10p1b Vasicek Agnes
ED10p1a Vasicek Anna
ED10p1a Vasicek George
ED10p1a Vasicek Joseph
ED10p1a Vasicek Joseph
ED10p1b Vasicek Lilly
ED10p1a Vasicek Mary
ED10p1a Vasicek Mary
ED10p1b Vasicek Stanislaw
ED10p1b Vasicek Theresa
ED15p9b Vasquez Concepcion
ED15p9b Vasquez Jose
ED15p9b Vasquez Juan
ED15p9b Vasquez Maria
ED15p9b Vasquez Rufinio
ED15p10a Vasser Dora
ED15p10a Vasser W H
ED5p9b Vavra Annie
ED5p9b Vavra Edward
ED5p9b Vavra Frances
ED5p9b Vavra Jerry
ED5p9b Vavra Sylvia
ED5p9b Vavra Thomas
ED11p7a Veith Anna
ED11p7a Veith Bertha
ED11p7a Veith Herbert F
ED11p7a Veith Herman
ED11p7a Veith Irene
ED11p7a Veith Kinnie F
ED11p7a Veith Renate
ED11p7a Veith Walter L
ED2p10b Vella Jesse
ED2p10b Vella Leona M
ED2p10b Vella Maurel
ED2p10b Vella Ornell
ED10p15a Venghau Edmund
ED10p15a Venghau Frieda
ED6p5a Verm Adaff
ED6p5a Verm Bethel
ED6p5a Verm Boyd
ED6p5a Verm Brooks
ED6p5a Verm Brooks
ED6p5a Verm Carry
ED6p5a Verm Cathren
ED6p5a Verm Eby
ED6p5a Verm Eby
ED6p5a Verm Eddie
ED6p5a Verm Eddie
ED6p5a Verm Fannie
ED6p5a Verm Henry
ED6p5a Verm James Clyde
ED6p5a Verm Johnnie
ED6p5a Verm Rosey
ED6p5a Verm Zenes
ED6p5a Verm Zenes
ED6p10b Vesely Rosie
ED6p10b Vesely Sophie
ED15p9a Viaclovsky Agnes
ED15p9a Viaclovsky Bessie
ED15p9a Viaclovsky Charlie
ED15p9a Viaclovsky Francis
ED15p9a Viaclovsky Frank
ED15p9a Viaclovsky Frank
ED15p9a Viaclovsky John
ED15p9a Viaclovsky Mary
ED15p9a Viaclovsky Sylvester
ED15p9a Viaclovsky Theodore
ED15p9a Viaclovsky Willie
Ed7p16b Vicenik Annie
Ed7p16b Vicenik Antone
Ed7p16b Vicenik Francis
Ed7p16b Vicenik Francis
Ed7p16b Vicenik Frank
Ed7p16a Vicenik Frank
Ed7p16a Vicenik Frank
Ed7p16b Vicenik John
Ed7p16b Vicenik Louis
Ed7p16a Vicenik Mary
Ed7p16b Vicenik Mary
Ed7p16b Vicenik Staly
Ed7p16b Vicenik Vince
ED6p9b Vichnik Francis
ED6p9b Vichnik Joe W
ED15p12b Vick Andrew L
ED15p12b Vick Bernice
Ed7p4a Vick Jennie
Ed7p4a Vick John
ED15p12b Vick Lilly B
ED15p12b Vick Lugusta
Ed7p4a Vick Mary
ED15p12b Vick Mary J
ED15p12b Vick Seth
Ed7p5b Vierack Viereck William
ED4p7a Viereck Acie
Ed7p8a Viereck Alfred
Ed7p6b Viereck Augusta
ED9p6a Viereck Ben H
ED9p6a Viereck Bernice
ED4p7a Viereck Bruce
ED9p6a Viereck Elsie
ED9p6a Viereck Ennis
ED4p7a Viereck Gardner
Ed7p6b Viereck Hawley
ED4p7a Viereck Irene
ED4p8a Viereck Laurine
Ed7p8a Viereck Lena
ED4p8a Viereck Linnie
ED4p8a Viereck Mabell
ED4p8a Viereck Minna
Ed7p6b Viereck Norma
ED4p8a Viereck Wilburn
ED4p8a Viereck Willie
Ed7p6b Viereck Willie
ED9p6a Viereck Wilma
ED1p11a Vierick Clausen
ED1p11a Vierick Dolly
ED2p10b Vierick Emma
ED1p11a Vierick Fritz
ED2p10b Vierick James W
ED2p10b Vierick Leona M
ED1p11a Vierick Mebria
ED1p11b Vierick Ollie
ED2p10b Vierick Walter
ED12p9a Vinson Almus
ED3p8a Vinson Ellen
ED12p9a Vinson Pinkie
Ed7p2a Vint Edward
Ed7p2a Vint Elizabeth
Ed7p2a Vint Emma
Ed7p2a Vint Eveline
ED6p10a Visaskey Charley
ED6p10a Visaskey Henry
ED6p10a Visaskey Joe
ED6p10a Visaskey Martha
ED6p10a Visaskey Sophie
ED6p10a Visaskey Steave
ED6p10a Visaskey Tralana
ED6p10b Vitek Bohumil
ED6p10b Vitek Emiel
ED6p10b Vitek Joe
ED6p10b Vitek Louis
ED6p10b Vitek Tonie
ED11p1a Voelkel Albert
ED11p1a Voelkel Albert E
ED11p1a Voelkel Alex E
ED11p1a Voelkel Alexa
ED5p7b Voelkel Alice Mae
ED11p3b Voelkel Alma
ED11p3b Voelkel Arthur
ED11p6a Voelkel August H
ED11p5b Voelkel Bertha
ED11p5b Voelkel Chas
ED11p1a Voelkel E W
ED5p7b Voelkel Edmunda
ED11p5b Voelkel Herman
ED11p3b Voelkel Herter
ED11p1a Voelkel Inez
ED11p1a Voelkel Kermit
ED11p1a Voelkel Louise
ED11p6a Voelkel Malinda
ED11p1a Voelkel Mathilde
ED11p1a Voelkel Mattie
ED11p6a Voelkel Maurine
ED11p1a Voelkel Minnie M
ED11p1a Voelkel Myra
ED11p6a Voelkel Oskar
ED11p1a Voelkel Osker
ED11p1a Voelkel Paula
ED11p5b Voelkel Paula
ED11p5b Voelkel Selma
ED5p7b Voelkel William
ED2p5b Voelkening Alina
ED2p5b Voelkening Ben O
ED2p5b Voelkening Vertis
ED1p4a Vogelpohl Antonia
ED1p4a Vogelpohl Ernst
ED1p4a Vogelpohl Herbert
ED1p4a Vogelpohl Leona
ED1p4a Vogelpohl Richard C
ED1p4a Vogelpohl Viola
ED11p2a Vogelsang Anna
ED11p5a Vogelsang Emma
ED11p2a Vogelsang George
ED11p5a Vogelsang Paul C
ED10p17a Voigt Adele
ED10p17a Voigt Gus R
ED10p17a Voigt Robert 
ED10p17a Voigt Robert H
ED15p7a Voitek Ollie
ED10p16b Volak Mary
ED10p16b Volak Vaclav
ED6p8b Vollbaum Myrtle
ED6p8b Vollbaum Willie Flynn
ED9p2b Vornkahl Anna
ED9p2a Vornkahl Bertha
ED9p2a Vornkahl Charles
ED9p2b Vornkahl Henry
ED9p6a Vornkahl Henry
ED9p6a Vornkahl Minnie
ED9p2a Vornkahl Myrtle
ED9p2b Vornkahl Samuel
ED9p2b Vornkahl Walter
ED9p6a Vornkahl Willie May
ED10p18a Voskamp Antonia
ED10p18a Voskamp Ardnie
ED10p18a Voskamp Eilert
ED10p18a Voskamp Eleonora
ED10p18a Voskamp H L
ED10p18a Voskamp Lawrence
ED10p18a Voskamp Louis
ED5p1b Voskamp Marcus
ED10p18a Voskamp Marcus
ED10p18a Voskamp Olivia
ED1p15b Vosswinkle Lena
Ed7p1a Voyteck Voitek Franciska
Ed7p1a Voyteck Voitek Martin
ED2p3a Vozel John
ED6p12b Vsely Annie
ED6p12b Vsely Annie
ED6p12b Vsely Francis
ED6p12b Vsely Joe
ED6p12b Vsely John
ED6p12b Vsely Louis
ED6p12b Vsely Louis
ED6p12b Vsely Lucy
ED6p12b Vsely Mary


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