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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Wa - Wei

ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED4p9a Waak Alwina
ED4p9a Waak Bertha
ED4p9a Waak Boxley Bill
ED4p9a Waak Grace
ED4p9a Waak Hazel
ED4p9b Waak Helen
ED4p9a Waak Henry C W
ED4p9b Waak Herman 
ED4p9a Waak Herman S
ED4p9a Waak Hulda
ED4p9a Waak Josephine
ED4p9a Waak Lula
ED4p9b Waak Monroe
ED4p9a Waak Walter
ED4p9a Waak William, Jr
ED4p9a Waak William, Sr
ED1p5b Wachob Edna
ED1p5b Wachob Harmon
ED14p7b Wacusek Francis
ED14p7a Wacusek Joe
ED10p10b Waddle Arma
ED10p10b Waddle Carrie
ED10p10b Waddle Cleveland
ED10p10b Waddle Eugene
ED10p10b Waddle James
ED10p10b Waddle Leo
ED10p10b Waddle Louis
ED10p10b Waddle Louis
ED10p10b Waddle Mary
ED10p10b Waddle Minnie May
ED10p10b Waddle Roszell
ED10p10b Waddle Vargile
ED10p10b Waddle Viola
ED10p10b Waddle Wallie
ED10p10b Waddle Willie
ED10p10b Waddle Zelma
ED3p15a Wade Elec Tash
ED3p9a Wade Elic
ED3p6b Wade Elnora
ED3p6b Wade Evelyn
ED3p15a Wade Hattie
ED3p6b Wade Henry
ED3p15a Wade Lila
ED3p15a Wade Liza Jane
ED3p6b Wade Matilda
ED3p9a Wade Rachel
ED3p15a Wade Tippet
ED11p5b Wagner Alma
ED10p5b Wagner Evelyn
ED10p5b Wagner Harry
ED11p3b Wagner Henry
Ed7p19a Wagner Henry
ED10p5b Wagner Lilly
ED11p5b Wagner Lyda
Ed7p19a Wagner Olga
ED11p5b Wagner Paul
ED11p5b Wagner Raymond
ED11p3b Wagner Walter
ED11p3b Wagner William
ED11p3b Wagner Williamena
ED11p3b Wagner Willie
ED8p4b Wagstalph John
ED12p9a Waiters Nathan
ED14p5b Wakusek Annie
ED14p5b Wakusek Dora
ED14p5b Wakusek Etta
ED14p5b Wakusek Frank
ED14p5b Wakusek Frank
ED14p5b Wakusek Herminia
ED14p5b Wakusek Olga
ED14p5b Wakusek Tillie
ED14p5b Wakusek Tomie
ED14p5a Walacek Walicek Adolph
ED14p5a Walacek Walicek Ben
ED14p5a Walacek Walicek Eddie
ED14p5a Walacek Walicek Edna
ED14p5a Walacek Walicek Lillie
ED14p5a Walacek Walicek Selvia
ED14p5a Walacek Walicek Theresa
ED15p7b Walden George L
ED15p7b Walden Viola L
Ed7p8a Waldrop Ben
Ed7p8a Waldrop Benjamine
Ed7p8a Waldrop Celia
Ed7p8a Waldrop Daisy
Ed7p8a Waldrop Fannie
Ed7p8a Waldrop Hazel
Ed7p8a Waldrop Jewel
Ed7p8a Waldrop John W
Ed7p8a Waldrop Lela
ED11p7a Walker Frank
ED10p11a Walker Lawrence
ED10p11a Walker Lizzie
ED10p11a Walker Lonie May
ED10p14a Walker Mariah
ED12p10b Walkins Hettie
ED12p10b Walkins John
ED12p10b Walkins Sallie
ED15p12b Wallace Bula
ED15p12b Wallace Charlie
Ed7p13b Wallace Florence
ED15p12b Wallace Lawrence
ED15p12b Wallace Martha
ED12p4b Wallace Mary 
ED14p4a Wallace Minnie Ann
ED15p12b Wallace Pauline
Ed7p13b Wallace Phil
ED15p12b Wallace Robert L
ED10p11a Wallace Rodgers
ED10p8b Wallace Rosa Lea
ED14p4a Wallace Roxie
ED14p4a Wallace Tom
ED14p4a Wallace Willie Mae
ED15p13a Wallace Winnie C
ED2p10a Waller Crawford
ED3p3b Waller Laura
ED2p8b Waller Lucy
ED2p10a Waller Maudy
ED2p10a Waller Oteu
ED6p19a Walls Daria
ED6p19a Walls Jerry
ED8p2a Walters Fred W
ED8p2b Walters Johana
ED8p2b Walters John
ED9p1a Walther Albert
ED9p1a Walther Alma
ED9p1a Walther Annie
ED9p1a Walther Charlie
ED9p1a Walther Frank
ED9p1a Walther Lillie
ED3p10b Walton Adeline
ED1p2b Walton Earla L
ED3p10b Walton Gill
ED3p10b Walton John
ED1p2b Walton Richard
ED3p10b Walton William Barton
ED1p8b Wammel Adell
ED1p8b Wammel Arthur
ED1p8b Wammel Arthur
ED2p4a Wammel Augusta
ED2p4a Wammel Ernest A
ED1p8b Wammel Fred F
ED2p4a Wammel Louise
ED1p12a Wandrast Cecil
ED1p12a Wandrast Gardena
ED1p12a Wandrast Gardena
ED1p12a Wandrast Joseph
ED1p12a Wandrast Stanley
Ed7p3a Wangemann David
ED10p4b Wangemann E H
Ed7p3a Wangemann Fred
Ed7p3a Wangemann Herbert
Ed7p3a Wangemann Jack
Ed7p3a Wangemann Janie
Ed7p3a Wangemann Marie
Ed7p3a Wangemann Paul
ED10p4b Wangemann Phillipine
Ed7p3a Wangemann Thelma
ED8p5b Wangler August W
ED8p5b Wangler Edwin J
ED8p5b Wangler Emilia
ED8p5b Wangler Norma
ED8p5b Wangler Willie
ED1p11b Ward Daisy
ED4p6b Ward Dave
ED4p6b Ward Dave
ED3p3b Ward Eliza
Ed7p7a Ward Forest
ED3p13b Ward George
ED1p7a Ward Henrietta
ED1p11b Ward Joe
ED3p3b Ward Lewis
Ed7p4b Ward Lillian
ED4p6b Ward Lula
ED3p13b Ward Mac
Ed7p4b Ward Marion
ED12p5a Ward Mary
ED4p6b Ward Nellie
ED4p6b Ward Nettie May
ED4p6b Ward Nevie
Ed7p7a Ward Presley
Ed7p7a Ward Richard
ED3p6b Ward Sarah
ED3p3b Ward West
ED12p5a Ward Whitt D
ED3p3b Ward William
Ed7p7a Ward Zula
ED5p3b Warmke Anita
ED5p3b Warmke Arnold
ED5p5b Warmke Ema
ED1p14b Warmke Ernie
ED5p5b Warmke Esta
ED5p3b Warmke Freddie
ED5p5b Warmke H. William
ED1p14b Warmke Harmon
ED1p14b Warmke Harmon
ED5p3b Warmke Harry
ED5p5b Warmke Herman
ED5p5b Warmke Hilda
ED5p3b Warmke Lee
ED5p5b Warmke Leona
ED1p14b Warmke Lizzie
ED5p3b Warmke Lydie
ED1p14b Warmke Mary
Ed7p9a Warmke Matilda
ED5p5b Warmke Nelda
ED5p5b Warmke Olga
ED5p5b Warmke Reinhardt
ED5p5b Warmke Robert
ED5p5b Warmke Sophie
Ed7p9a Warmke Wilfred
Ed7p9a Warmke Wm
ED11p2a Warnasch Alice
ED11p1a Warnasch Anna
ED11p2a Warnasch Carlyn
ED11p2a Warnasch Clinton
ED11p2a Warnasch Ernest A
ED11p2a Warnasch Louise
ED11p2a Warnasch Margett
ED11p2a Warnasch Minnie
ED11p1a Warnasch Traugott
ED11p1a Warnasch Walter
ED1p14a Warner Annie
ED1p14a Warner Byrdie
ED3p1a Warner Ethel
ED3p1a Warner Harry
ED3p1a Warner Jim L
ED1p14a Warner Julia
ED1p14a Warner Mahalie
ED3p1a Warner Manda
ED1p14a Warner Minervie
ED1p14a Warner Mitley
ED1p14a Warner Monroe
ED6p19b Warner Olivia
ED1p14a Warner Prince Albert
ED1p14a Warner Roy
ED1p14a Warner Walter
ED11p5a Warnsch Alvin
ED11p5a Warnsch Elizabeth
ED11p5a Warnsch Evelyn
ED11p5a Warnsch Gilbert
ED11p5a Warnsch Hedwig
ED11p5a Warnsch Henretta
ED11p5a Warnsch Henry
Ed7p11b Warren Lizzie
Ed7p11b Warren Richard
ED3p2a Washam Alice
ED3p2a Washam Emmett
ED3p2a Washam John
ED3p2a Washam John
ED3p2a Washam Lola
ED3p2a Washam Louise
ED3p2a Washam Vernell
ED6p21b Washington Auther
ED13p5a Washington Booker T
ED12p11b Washington Carrie M
ED6p21b Washington Christeen
ED3p9b Washington Clara
ED3p12a Washington Clarrianda
ED6p20a Washington Creasey
Ed7p3a Washington Dan
ED3p12b Washington Dane
ED3p9b Washington Elthenia
Ed7p3a Washington Ernest
Ed7p3a Washington Ethel
ED3p9b Washington Eugene
ED10p9b Washington Fred
ED6p21b Washington Garland
Ed7p3a Washington Geneva
ED12p11b Washington George
ED12p11b Washington George W
Ed7p3a Washington Georgie
ED6p21b Washington Hanna
ED3p9b Washington Hosea
ED12p11b Washington Ida
ED6p7a Washington Jo?
ED6p7a Washington John
ED3p8a Washington Johnnie
ED6p21b Washington Johnnie
ED12p11b Washington Josephine
ED6p21b Washington Jossie
ED12p7a Washington L A
ED3p9b Washington Laura
ED3p12b Washington Leola
ED6p20a Washington Lilbertha
ED3p9b Washington Lonnie
ED12p11b Washington Lou
ED12p11b Washington Martha
ED2p9a Washington Mattie
ED13p5a Washington Mattie
ED2p9a Washington Mattie
ED12p11b Washington May A
ED13p5a Washington Milly
ED2p9a Washington Minor
ED13p5a Washington Perley
ED6p21b Washington R A
ED6p21b Washington Reffre
ED6p20a Washington Robert Lee
ED13p5a Washington Silverda
ED6p21b Washington Sofa
ED13p5a Washington Will
ED13p5a Washington Willie B
ED6p2b Wasicek Anie
ED15p5b Wasicek August
ED6p2b Wasicek Bennie
ED15p5b Wasicek Bessie
ED15p5b Wasicek Charlie
ED15p5b Wasicek Francis
ED15p5b Wasicek Frnacis
ED6p2b Wasicek Hilda
ED15p5b Wasicek Joe
ED15p5b Wasicek Johnie
ED6p2b Wasicek Johnnie
ED6p2b Wasicek Josie
ED15p5b Wasicek Louise
ED15p5b Wasicek Marie
ED6p2b Wasicek Method
ED6p2b Wasicek Paul
ED15p5b Wasicek Richard
ED6p2b Wasicek Therzl
ED15p5b Wasicek Willie
ED10p1a Wasserman Carrie
ED10p1a Wasserman E.
ED10p1a Wasserman Edgar
ED10p1a Wasserman Edwin
ED10p1a Wasserman Emil
ED10p1a Wasserman Frieda
ED10p1a Wasserman Gladys
ED10p1a Wasserman Hattie
ED10p1a Wasserman Hugo
ED10p1a Wasserman Rosa
ED10p7b Watipka Anton
ED10p7b Watipka Edith
ED10p7b Watipka Lina
ED10p7b Watipka Paula
ED3p4b Watkin Johnson
ED3p4b Watkin Sallie
ED5p6a Watkins Anne
ED5p6a Watkins Clarence
ED5p6a Watkins Clinton
ED5p8b Watkins Danie
ED5p6a Watkins Davy
ED5p9a Watkins Elma
ED5p9a Watkins Essie
ED5p6a Watkins Ethel
ED5p9a Watkins Eudora
ED5p6a Watkins Grace
ED5p6a Watkins Isabelle
ED5p6a Watkins James
ED5p6a Watkins James
ED5p6a Watkins Lucile
ED5p8b Watkins Mary
ED5p9a Watkins Nelda
ED5p6a Watkins Ozora
ED5p6a Watkins Selma
ED5p6a Watkins William
ED6p8b Watson Annie
ED6p8b Watson Eddie
ED6p8b Watson Elijah
ED6p8b Watson Stanley
ED6p8b Watson Walter
Ed7p19b Watts Addie
Ed7p19b Watts Edwin
Ed7p19b Watts Lucy
Ed7p19b Watts Luther
ED10p17b Wavra Valeria
ED3p8b Wawarofskey  Ed
ED4p2a Wawarofsky Hedwig
ED4p2a Wawarofsky John
ED15p1a Weaver Elizabeth
ED15p1a Weaver Hubbard
ED15p1a Weaver Ina
ED15p1a Weaver John S
ED15p1a Weaver Millard
ED15p1a Weaver Noel
ED3p17a Webb Elsa
ED11p5b Weber Delia
ED11p1a Weber Elise
ED11p5b Weber Everlin
ED11p5b Weber Frederick
ED11p5b Weber Landers
ED11p5b Weber Laura
ED11p5b Weber Luetta
ED10p16b Weber Mrs. Robert
ED10p16b Weber Ottilie
ED11p5b Weber Rawlin
ED11p5b Weber Saddie
ED11p5b Weber Viola
ED5p1b Wehring Alida
ED5p1b Wehring Ben
ED5p1b Wehring Dennis
ED14p2a Wehring Ella
ED2p4b Wehring Elsie
ED2p4b Wehring Emma
ED2p4b Wehring Ferdinand
ED5p1b Wehring Frieda
ED14p2a Wehring Herbert
ED2p4b Wehring Isabel
ED5p1b Wehring Lillie
ED14p2a Wehring Lillie
ED2p4b Wehring Rudolph
ED5p1b Wehring Rudolph
ED5p1b Wehring Theodor
ED5p1b Wehring Theodore J
ED14p2a Wehring Walter
ED14p4b Weicker Wiecker Ben
ED14p4b Weicker Wiecker Ben
ED14p4b Weicker Wiecker Elise
ED14p4b Weicker Wiecker Ella
ED14p4b Weicker Wiecker Frieda
ED14p4b Weicker Wiecker Henry
ED14p4b Weicker Wiecker Hermenia
ED14p4b Weicker Wiecker Hermenia
ED10p3b Weige A L
ED8p6a Weige Adolph
ED10p4a Weige Alma
ED8p4b Weige August
ED8p6a Weige Augusta
ED10p3b Weige Bernice
ED2p4b Weige C F
ED8p6a Weige Charlie A
ED10p16b Weige Dessie
ED8p1b Weige Dora
ED8p6a Weige Edna
ED2p4b Weige Erline
ED10p16b Weige F A
ED10p4a Weige H W
ED10p12b Weige Herbert
ED8p6a Weige Hilda
ED2p4b Weige Irene
ED8p6a Weige Jessie
ED2p4b Weige Lee F
ED10p3b Weige Lilly
ED10p16b Weige Lina
ED10p13a Weige Marie
ED2p4b Weige Martha
ED8p5a Weige Oscar
ED10p16b Weige Roy
ED10p3b Weige Ruby
ED2p4b Weige Tony
ED2p4b Weige William E
ED12p3a Weise Alma I
ED12p3a Weise August
ED12p3a Weise Daniel
ED3p5b Weise Edna
ED12p3a Weise Edna
ED3p5b Weise Friedche
ED12p2a Weise Johnie
ED12p3a Weise Louise
ED3p5b Weise Reinhold
ED3p5b Weise Rlainey
ED12p3a Weise Selma
ED12p3a Weise Willie C
ED12p4a Weise Wiese Agnes
ED12p4a Weise Wiese Della
ED12p4a Weise Wiese Edwen
ED12p4a Weise Wiese Gerald
ED12p4a Weise Wiese Henry
ED12p4a Weise Wiese Henry
ED12p4a Weise Wiese Mildred
ED12p4a Weise Wiese Sophia
ED12p4a Weise Wiese Willie
ED11p7b Weiss Alma C
ED11p7b Weiss Edwin J L
ED11p7b Weiss Elise
ED11p7b Weiss Ernst W
ED11p7b Weiss Fritz
ED11p7b Weiss Paul A



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