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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Wel - Wil

ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED4p5a Wells Rena
Ed7p7b Wencel Chester
ED5p6b Wencel Esther
Ed7p7b Wencel Gus
Ed7p7b Wencel Hattie
ED5p6b Wencel Helene
ED5p6b Wencel Rubin
ED5p6b Wencel Tekla
ED5p6b Wencel Theodor
ED1p12b Wendt Adolph
ED1p7b Wendt Bertha B
ED10p7b Wendt Carl
ED1p9a Wendt Dallas
ED1p12b Wendt Edith
ED10p7b Wendt Emilie
ED1p4b Wendt Gertrude
ED1p9a Wendt Gracie M
ED1p9a Wendt Gus
ED1p4b Wendt Gus
ED1p12b Wendt Kenneth
ED1p7b Wendt Lilian
Ed7p4a Wendt Martha
ED1p9a Wendt Mary
ED1p12b Wendt Mary
ED1p9a Wendt Wallace
ED1p7b Wendt Walter
ED1p12b Wendt Wilburt
ED1p12b Wendt Winifred
ED8p6a Wennerviese Emma
ED8p6a Wennerviese Max
ED8p6a Wennerviese Willie
ED5p7a Wensel Adolph
ED13p7a Wensel Alma
ED12p4a Wensel Amila
ED5p10a Wensel August
ED5p10a Wensel Elsa
ED5p7a Wensel Laura
ED13p7a Wensel Louise
ED5p10a Wensel Louise
ED13p7a Wensel Reinhold
ED5p10a Wensel Robert
ED5p10a Wensel Selma
ED5p7a Wensel Tony
ED13p7a Wensel Wm
ED5p5b Wenzel Bertha
ED5p5b Wenzel Edna
ED5p5b Wenzel Lonnie
ED5p5b Wenzel Otto 
ED2p5a Werner Albert
ED2p5a Werner Albert
ED2p5a Werner Annie
ED2p5a Werner Clara
ED2p5a Werner Fred
ED2p5a Werner John D
ED2p5a Werner Lillian
ED2p5a Werner Sevilla
ED2p5a Werner Walter
ED2p5a Werner Walter
ED12p6a Wernly Wernli Caroline
ED12p6a Wernly Wernli Emma
ED12p6a Wernly Wernli Emma
ED12p6a Wernly Wernli Emmie
ED12p6a Wernly Wernli Lena
ED12p6a Wernly Wernli Mary
ED12p6a Wernly Wernli Rosa M
ED12p6a Wernly Wernli Rudolph
ED12p6a Wernly Wernli Sam C
ED12p6a Wernly Wernli Tabbie
ED12p6a Wernly Wernli Willie
ED12p1b Werth Albert
ED12p1b Werth Bernice
ED12p1b Werth Ella
ED12p1b Werth Viola
ED5p7a Wesatzka Arine
ED5p7a Wesatzka Arine
ED5p7a Wesatzka Auguste
ED5p7a Wesatzka Christine
ED5p7a Wesatzka Elda
ED5p7a Wesatzka Herold
ED5p7a Wesatzka Malinde
ED5p7a Wesatzka Otto
ED6p12b Wesely Alvina
ED6p12b Wesely Amelia
ED6p12b Wesely John
ED6p12b Wesely Mary
ED6p12b Wesely Mary
ED2p5b Westerman Estelle
ED2p5b Westerman Harman
ED2p5b Westerman Harman, Jr.
ED2p5b Westerman Lula
ED2p5b Westerman Otis
ED2p5b Westerman Vertis
Ed7p2a Westermann Alma
ED4p7b Westermann Clara
ED4p7b Westermann Elmer
ED4p7b Westermann Erich
Ed7p2a Westermann Fred
Ed7p2a Westermann Fritz
Ed7p2a Westermann Gertrude
ED4p7b Westermann Harry
ED4p7b Westermann Henry
ED4p7b Westermann Ida
ED4p7b Westermann Lenora
ED4p7b Westermann Leroy
Ed7p2a Westermann Marie
ED4p7b Westermann Minna
ED2p3b Westermann Robert
ED2p3b Westermann Virginia
ED2p3b Westermann William
ED2p3b Westermann Wilma
Ed7p16a Wheat Aaron
ED2p10a Wheat Anna
Ed7p16a Wheat George
Ed7p16a Wheat George
Ed7p16a Wheat Joe
Ed7p16a Wheat Nellie
Ed7p16a Wheat Roosevelt
ED2p10a Wheat Thomas B
ED2p10a Wheat Thomas H
Ed7p16a Wheat William
ED13p7b Whinkemann Winkelmann Augusta
ED13p7b Whinkemann Winkelmann Chas
ED13p7b Whinkemann Winkelmann Leana
ED13p7b Whinkemann Winkelmann Louise
ED13p7b Whinkemann Winkelmann Otto
ED13p7b Whinkemann Winkelmann Theo
ED11p7b White Alberta
Ed7p10a White Anna
ED10p16a White Birdie May
Ed7p9a White Dave
Ed7p10a White Eva
Ed7p9a White Hattie Pearl
Ed7p10a White Inez
ED11p7b White Johnnie
Ed7p9a White Katie
Ed7p9a White Leona
ED11p7b White Lillie
ED10p16a White Millie
ED11p7b White Richard
Ed7p9a White Ruby
Ed7p3a White Ruth
Ed7p3a White Taylor
ED10p15b White Wilson
ED11p7b White Zelma
ED15p18a Whitehead Henry
ED11p2a Whiting Mignon
ED1p14b Whitmere Jum
ED1p14b Whitmere Lulu
ED1p14b Whitmere Mabel
ED1p14b Whitmere Martha
ED1p14b Whitmere Monroe
ED1p14b Whitmere Monroe
ED3p6a Whitmire Amelia
ED3p6a Whitmire Beatrice
ED3p11a Whitmire Birda
ED3p14a Whitmire Eddie
ED1p15b Whitmire Emma
ED1p8a Whitmire Evelyn
ED4p1b Whitmire Frank
ED4p1b Whitmire Ida
ED3p5a Whitmire Lillie May
ED1p8a Whitmire Pearly
ED3p5a Whitmire Precilla
ED3p11a Whitmire Roberta
ED3p11a Whitmire Rufus
ED3p6a Whitmire Theodore W
ED3p6a Whitmire Walter
ED1p15b Whitmire William
ED3p8a Wichkoski Frank
ED3p8a Wichkoski Phil
ED3p8a Wichkoski Stella
Ed7p3a Wickham Amanda
ED2p5a Wiege Alice
ED2p5a Wiege Charles
ED2p5a Wiege Charlie C
ED2p5a Wiege Leah
ED2p5a Wiege Viola
ED1p1a Wienberger Abe
ED1p1a Wienberger Freda
ED1p1a Wienberger Hannah
ED1p1a Wienberger Ima
ED1p1a Wienberger Josephine
ED1p1a Wienberger Martin
ED1p11b Wienecke Bertha
ED1p11b Wienecke Eddie
ED1p11b Wienecke Harmon
ED1p11b Wienecke Metta
ED1p11b Wienecke Monroe
ED1p11b Wienecke Nonie
ED1p11b Wienecke Norma
ED1p11b Wienecke Rosalia
ED1p11b Wienecke William
ED1p12b Wienecker Dorothy
ED10p7a Wienke Bertha
ED10p7a Wienke Edgar
ED10p7a Wienke Edith
ED10p7a Wienke Eveline
ED10p7a Wienke Louis
ED10p7a Wienke Mary
ED10p7a Wienke Olga
ED10p7a Wienke Otto
ED12p3b Wiese Agusta
ED12p3b Wiese Arthur
ED12p3b Wiese Christoph
ED12p3b Wiese Henry
ED12p3b Wiese Leona
ED12p3b Wiese Lillie
ED12p3b Wiese Oscar
ED12p3b Wiese Raymond
ED12p3b Wiese Regina
ED2p7b Wietstruck Alvin
ED1p7b Wietstruck Emily
ED1p7b Wietstruck Eva
ED2p7b Wietstruck Frederica
ED2p7b Wietstruck Hedwig
ED2p7b Wietstruck Hilda
ED1p7b Wietstruck Irich
ED1p7b Wietstruck Lillie
ED1p7b Wietstruck Lilly
ED1p7b Wietstruck Louis
ED1p7b Wietstruck Louis
ED1p7b Wietstruck Lula
ED1p7b Wietstruck Melvin
ED2p7b Wietstruck Mercedes
ED1p7b Wietstruck Mildred
ED2p7b Wietstruck Otto
ED2p7b Wietstruck Walter
ED2p7b Wietstruck William
ED2p7b Wietstruck Wilma
ED5p2a Wiktorik Anna
ED5p2a Wiktorik Franciska
ED5p2a Wiktorik Frank
ED5p2a Wiktorik George
ED5p2a Wiktorik John
ED5p2a Wiktorik Joseph
ED11p8b Wilde Annie
ED11p8b Wilde Louis R
Ed7p8b Wildy Fritz
Ed7p8b Wildy Fritz
Ed7p8b Wildy Henry
Ed7p8b Wildy Lillie
Ed7p8b Wildy Lillie
Ed7p8b Wildy Mary
ED3p7a Wiliams B V
ED3p7a Wiliams Dave
ED3p7a Wiliams Dave
ED3p7a Wiliams Ed
ED3p7a Wiliams Henderson
ED3p7a Wiliams Jessie
ED3p7a Wiliams Laura
ED3p7a Wiliams Lillian
ED3p7a Wiliams Sarah
ED6p22b Wilke Adele
ED5p6b Wilke Anna
ED5p6b Wilke Arnold
ED5p4b Wilke August
ED5p6b Wilke August
ED6p22b Wilke Edward
ED5p4b Wilke Emilie
ED8p6b Wilke Ernest
ED8 p 7b Wilke Erwin
ED5p6b Wilke Fredrika
ED5p4b Wilke Fritz
ED6p22b Wilke Henry
ED8 p 7b Wilke Herman
ED8p6b Wilke Ida
ED5p6b Wilke Ida
ED5p4b Wilke Irene
ED6p22b Wilke Minda
ED8p2a Wilke Minda
ED5p6b Wilke Otto
ED5p6b Wilke Paul
ED5p4b Wilke Phoebe
ED5p6b Wilke Richard
ED8 p 7b Wilke Sophia
ED8p6b Wilke Theodore
ED8 p 7b Wilke Viola
ED6p22b Wilke Walter
ED12p8b Wilkerson Warren
ED15p4a Wilkes Archie
ED15p4a Wilkes Arlington
ED15p4a Wilkes Sophia
ED15p17a Wilkins Ada
ED15p17a Wilkins Denzie
ED15p17a Wilkins Jake
ED15p17a Wilkins Roosevelt
ED6p19a Will Rolly
Ed7p11b William Annie
Ed7p11b William Annie
ED1p14b William Betty
ED1p14b William Emelia
ED1p14b William Emma
Ed7p11b William Lela
ED1p14b William Louisa
ED1p14b William Odessa
Ed7p11b William Thomas
ED1p14b William Tolbert
ED3p15b Williams Adaline
ED10p2b Williams Addie
ED1p9b Williams Albert
Ed7p10a Williams Alfred
ED3p11b Williams Alice
ED3p15a Williams Alice
ED10p2b Williams Amanda
ED3p6b Williams Amy
ED10p2b Williams Annie
ED3p6a Williams Annie
Ed7p10b Williams Anson
ED3p6b Williams Beatrice
ED11p5b Williams Ben
ED11p3a Williams Bennie
ED15p7a Williams Bessie 
ED10p2b Williams Booker T
Ed7p10b Williams Bunk
ED5p4a Williams Burnet
ED15p16a Williams Carl
ED4p2b Williams Cecelie
ED3p17a Williams Charity
ED2p3a Williams Charlie
ED10p9b Williams Charlie
ED5p4a Williams Clarence
ED10p9b Williams Cora
Ed7p10b Williams Cornelius
ED10p6a Williams Dallas
ED6p5a Williams Dave
ED3p6b Williams Delphene
ED3p15a Williams Ed
ED10p2b Williams Ed
Ed7p10a Williams Ella
ED4p2b Williams Ella
Ed7p10b Williams Elvira
Ed7p10a Williams Elvira
ED15p6a Williams Emma
Ed7p10a Williams Emma
ED11p3a Williams Emma
ED15p6a Williams Emmit
ED15p7a Williams Faithe
ED5p4a Williams George
ED15p16a Williams Georgia
ED10p6a Williams Helena
ED10p6a Williams Henrietta
ED10p2b Williams Henry
ED10p8a Williams Hoyce W
ED3p4b Williams Ira
ED15p7a Williams Iris
ED3p6b Williams Issac
ED10p2b Williams J C
ED10p2b Williams J Olie
ED6p19a Williams J R
ED3p12b Williams Jeff
ED10p8a Williams Jessie
ED3p15a Williams Jessie
ED10p2b Williams Jessie
ED10p2b Williams John
ED15p16a Williams John
ED3p8a Williams John Henry
ED6p19a Williams Joyce
ED3p15a Williams Julia
ED11p5b Williams Julie
ED10p2b Williams K T
ED15p16a Williams L C
Ed7p10b Williams Le Ella
ED3p15a Williams Leonard
ED15p7a Williams Lester
ED3p15a Williams Leutinant
Ed7p12b Williams Levi
Ed7p10b Williams Liddie
ED5p4a Williams Lillian
ED11p3a Williams Lillie
Ed7p12b Williams Lucinda
Ed7p10b Williams Lucy
ED3p6b Williams Luella
ED10p2b Williams Magnolia
ED3p15a Williams Mary
ED3p6b Williams Mary Ella
ED3p17a Williams Mathis
ED3p15a Williams Matilda
ED3p15a Williams Mavor
ED3p12b Williams May Anna
ED10p2b Williams Mckinley
ED10p2b Williams Melvin
ED4p4a Williams Millie
ED4p6b Williams Minna
ED10p2b Williams Monroe
ED11p3a Williams Neala
ED3p12b Williams Needham
ED10p9b Williams Nettie May
ED15p7a Williams Norman
ED11p3a Williams Olive
Ed7p10b Williams Oretta
ED10p8a Williams Percilla
ED3p6b Williams Pinky
ED3p4b Williams Rebecca
Ed7p10b Williams Richard
ED3p12b Williams Robert
ED5p4a Williams Sally
ED4p2b Williams Sam
ED3p6a Williams Sam
ED3p6b Williams Seth
ED3p12b Williams Sylvia
ED6p19a Williams Synthia
ED6p5a Williams Texana
ED3p12b Williams Theodore
ED15p6a Williams Tom
ED4p4a Williams Van
ED4p2b Williams Varnell
ED6p19a Williams Virginia
ED10p9b Williams Walter
ED15p7a Williams Walton
ED15p16a Williams Will
ED3p13a Williams Will
ED3p17a Williams Willie
ED4p2b Williams Willie
ED3p11b Williams York
Ed7p5a Williamson Bertha
Ed7p5a Williamson Eldridge
Ed7p5a Williamson J A
ED8 p8b Williamson Lena
Ed7p5a Williamson Ulna
ED3p10b Willis Daisy
ED3p10b Willis Mathis
ED6p19b Willis Zack
ED2p3b Willrodt Dethloff
ED2p2b Willrodt Emma
ED2p3b Willrodt Ernst
ED4p2a Willrodt Herman
ED4p2a Willrodt Leola
ED2p3b Willrodt Meta
ED4p2a Willrodt Minna
ED2p2b Willrodt Reese
ED2p2b Willrodt William P
ED4p2a Willrodt Willie
ED1p7b Willroot Louise
ED1p7b Willroot Richard
ED15p3a Wills Clenton
ED15p3a Wills Ineta
ED15p3a Wills Mary J
ED15p3a Wills Willie
ED15p3a Wills Wilton
ED2p3b Wilson Anita
ED3p13a Wilson Berdella
ED3p11a Wilson Caldonia
ED3p13b Wilson Celia
ED6p8a Wilson Charley
ED3p15b Wilson Charlie
ED3p11b Wilson Coy
ED3p11a Wilson Edmund
ED2p3b Wilson Edwin B
ED2p3b Wilson Edwin B
ED2p3b Wilson Elizabeth
ED3p11b Wilson Elizabeth
ED3p13b Wilson Ethel
Ed7p19a Wilson Harry
ED3p11b Wilson Hazel
ED3p11b Wilson Henry
ED3p11b Wilson Henry
ED3p13b Wilson Heyward
ED3p13a Wilson Irie
ED3p12b Wilson Jack
ED2p3b Wilson Jesse O.
ED3p12b Wilson Jim
ED3p12b Wilson John Eddie
ED3p13b Wilson Josie
ED3p11b Wilson Julia
ED3p13b Wilson Kate
ED3p13b Wilson Lillie
ED3p12b Wilson Lillie
ED3p12b Wilson Lillie May
ED3p11a Wilson Lola
ED3p15b Wilson Lottie
Ed7p19a Wilson Mattie
ED3p11b Wilson Millie
ED2p3b Wilson Minnie
ED3p13b Wilson Ned
Ed7p19a Wilson Pansy
ED3p13b Wilson Rubie
ED3p11b Wilson Sammie
ED3p11b Wilson Sarah
ED3p11b Wilson Sarah
ED3p12b Wilson Tinsie
ED3p15b Wilson Tobe
ED3p13b Wilson Wesley
ED3p13b Wilson Wilbur
ED3p15b Wilson Willie
ED3p11b Wilson Willie
ED3p11b Wilson Willis



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