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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

Win - Wy

ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED13p6b Winkelman Arthur
ED13p6b Winkelman Ed
ED13p6b Winkelman Leona
ED13p6b Winkelman Malinde
ED13p3b Winkelmann Ida
ED13p3b Winkelmann Ramond
ED13p3b Winkelmann Reinhard
ED13p3b Winkelmann Sophia
ED13p3b Winkelmann Willie
ED12p5b Winkleman Winkelman Eddie
ED12p5b Winkleman Winkelman Lily
ED12p5b Winkleman Winkelman Minnie
ED12p5b Winkleman Winkelman Nora
ED12p5b Winkleman Winkelman Otto
ED12p5b Winkleman Winkelman William
Ed7p14a Winkler Burnie
Ed7p14a Winkler Edward
Ed7p14a Winkler Edward
Ed7p14a Winkler Emma
Ed7p14a Winkler Fred
Ed7p17a Winkler Ida
Ed7p14a Winkler Jerry
Ed7p14a Winkler Minna
Ed7p14a Winkler Olga
ED12p1a Winston Turner
ED1p9a Witt Clara
ED1p9a Witt Gerhardt
ED1p9a Witt Gus
ED1p9a Witt Lodella
ED1p9a Witt Luella
ED1p9a Witt Minna
ED1p9a Witt Norma
ED1p9a Witt Otto
ED15p4b Witte Alex
ED3p3a Witte Anita
ED15p13b Witte Anna D
ED11p1b Witte Annie
ED15p13b Witte Arnold
ED11p1b Witte B O Dr
ED11p1b Witte Ben, Jr.
ED8p7a Witte Christian
ED9p3b Witte Conrad
ED3p3a Witte Dennie
ED9p3b Witte Edmund
ED3p3a Witte Edwin
ED15p4b Witte Elmore
ED8p7a Witte Elsie
ED15p13b Witte Erich
ED11p1b Witte Ernest H
ED4p7b Witte Henriette
ED8 p9a Witte Henry
ED9p3b Witte Ida
ED1p11b Witte Johnny
ED3p3a Witte Leola
ED15p4b Witte Leroy
ED8p7a Witte Lina
ED15p4b Witte Mabel
ED3p3a Witte Max
ED1p11b Witte Minna
ED3p3a Witte Minnie
ED3p3a Witte Morris
ED15p4b Witte Myrtle
ED11p2a Witte Oly B
ED11p2a Witte Otto, Dr.
ED1p11b Witte Paul
ED11p2a Witte Pauline
ED15p13b Witte Pearlie
ED11p1b Witte Violet
ED15p13b Witte Willie
ED15p13b Witte Willie
ED8 p10a Witte Albert
ED8 p9b Witte Francias
ED8 p9b Witte Philip
ED8 p9b Witte Richardt
ED8 p9b Witte Rosa
ED8 p8b Wittenburg Albert
ED8 p9b Wittenburg Alfred
ED8 p9b Wittenburg Alma
ED8 p8b Wittenburg Augusta
ED8 p9b Wittenburg Bertha
Ed7p14a Wittenburg Bertha
ED8p2a Wittenburg Clara
ED8 p8b Wittenburg Edna
ED8 p8b Wittenburg Edwin
Ed7p14a Wittenburg Elbertha
ED8 p8b Wittenburg Elice
ED8p1b Wittenburg Elmo
ED8 p9b Wittenburg Emily
ED8 p8b Wittenburg Emma
ED8 p8a Wittenburg Emma
ED8p1b Wittenburg Ethel
Ed7p14a Wittenburg Freda
ED8 p9b Wittenburg George
ED8p2a Wittenburg Gustav J
ED8p1b Wittenburg Herman
ED8 p8b Wittenburg Homer
ED8p1b Wittenburg Ida
ED8 p9b Wittenburg Jessie
ED8 p8b Wittenburg John
Ed7p14a Wittenburg Julius
Ed7p14a Wittenburg Lee
ED8 p9b Wittenburg Leo
ED8 p8b Wittenburg Lina
ED8 p9b Wittenburg Louis
ED8p2a Wittenburg Lucile
Ed7p14a Wittenburg Mabel
ED8 p8b Wittenburg Meta
ED8 p8b Wittenburg Sophie
ED8 p8b Wittenburg Sophie
ED8 p8b Wittenburg Ulna
Ed7p14a Wittenburg Wilbur
ED5p6a Wittliff Anna
ED5p6a Wittliff Gustav
ED5p6a Wittliff Hedwig
ED5p6a Wittliff Martha
ED5p6a Wittliff William
ED5p8b Wittneben Fridrika
ED5p8b Wittneben Frieda
ED5p8b Wittneben Hedwig
ED5p8b Wittneben Heinrich
ED5p8b Wittneben Henry
ED5p8b Wittneben Herbert
ED5p8b Wittneben Herman
ED5p8b Wittneben Robert
ED5p4a Wittner Alvina
ED5p4a Wittner Anna
ED5p4b Wittner Benno
ED5p4a Wittner Dennis
ED5p4b Wittner Elda
ED14p2a Wittner Ellie
ED5p4a Wittner Fritz
ED5p4a Wittner Henry
ED14p2a Wittner Herman
ED5p4a Wittner Hilda
ED5p4b Wittner Marvin
ED5p4b Wittner Monroe
ED14p2a Wittner Nobert
ED5p4b Wittner Robert
ED5p4a Wittner Roy
ED5p4a Wittner Sylvia
ED2p6a Woehst Annie
ED2p6a Woehst Arnold
ED2p6a Woehst Edna
ED2p6a Woehst Harmon
ED2p6a Woehst Roland
ED2p6a Woehst Wilson
ED2p6a Woehst Woodrow
ED8p3a Wolchik Charlie
ED8p3a Wolchik Charlie
ED8p3a Wolchik Rosa
ED8p3a Wolchik Willie
ED6p17a Wolcik Alvina
ED6p17a Wolcik Elda
ED6p17a Wolcik Jessie
ED6p17a Wolcik Joe
ED6p17a Wolcik Minnie
ED6p17a Wolcik Stephina
Ed7p20a Wolcink Francis
Ed7p20a Wolcink Ilbin
ED13p4a Woldridge Andrew
ED13p4a Woldridge Mary
ED11p3b Wolf Emma
ED11p3b Wolf Leon
ED11p3b Wolf William
ED1p2b Wolhat Arrnell
ED1p2b Wolhat August
ED1p2b Wolhat Edna
ED1p2b Wolhat Leslie
ED1p2b Wolmitzek Nettie
ED1p2b Wolmitzek Oscar
ED1p1b Wolnitzek Alma
ED1p1b Wolnitzek Alvin
ED1p1b Wolnitzek Emma
ED1p1b Wolnitzek Norma
ED1p1b Wolnitzek Thomas
Ed7p7a Wood Claranell
ED15p2b Wood Ella
Ed7p7a Wood Idas
ED14p3a Wood Myrtle
Ed7p7a Wood Olliebelle
ED6p5a Wood Oney
ED15p2b Wood Oney
ED15p2b Wood Pauline
ED15p2b Wood ? Bird
ED3p11b Woodley Fred
ED3p11b Woodley Fred
ED3p11b Woodley Hattie
ED3p11b Woodley Mata
ED3p11b Woodley Reinhold
ED3p11b Woodley Sudie M
ED3p11b Woodley Vasser
ED3p11b Woodley William
ED3p11b Woodley Willie
ED6p17a Woodrich John
ED5p8a Woods Allen
ED5p8a Woods Lucy
ED5p8a Woods Robert
ED1p4a Worhst Clara
ED1p4a Worhst Edgar
ED1p4a Worhst Orin
Ed7p17a Wosnitzky Edward
Ed7p17a Wosnitzky Frank
Ed7p17a Wosnitzky Hedwig
Ed7p17a Wosnitzky Jacob
Ed7p17a Wosnitzky John
Ed7p17a Wosnitzky John
Ed7p17a Wosnitzky Mary
Ed7p17a Wosnitzky Sophie
Ed7p17a Wosnitzky Theodore
Ed7p17a Wosnitzky Tom
ED2p4a Wotipka Bessie
ED2p4a Wotipka Francis
ED2p4a Wotipka Gladys
ED2p4a Wotipka Joseph
ED8p2b Wotipke Wotipka John
ED3p13b Wright Abe
ED3p13b Wright Anna
ED3p13b Wright Fannie
ED1p2a Wright James
ED3p13b Wright Mac
ED3p13b Wright Nervie
ED1p2a Wright Ora
ED3p13b Wright Roxie
ED1p2a Wright William
ED15p8a Wssusky Stash
ED11p1b Wunderlich Anna
ED11p4b Wunderlich Delwin
ED11p4b Wunderlich Dennis
ED11p1b Wunderlich Edmund
ED11p4b Wunderlich Edwin
ED11p1b Wunderlich Emil
ED13p7b Wunderlich Emma
ED13p7b Wunderlich Gladys
ED11p1b Wunderlich Henry A
ED2p5a Wunderlich Henry A
ED11p4b Wunderlich Hilbert
ED11p1b Wunderlich Hugo
ED11p4b Wunderlich Hulda
ED11p1b Wunderlich Ida
ED11p4b Wunderlich Kattie
ED11p1b Wunderlich Laura
ED11p1b Wunderlich Lilly
ED11p1b Wunderlich Olga
ED13p7b Wunderlich Perly
ED11p4b Wunderlich Roy
ED13p7b Wunderlich Ruby
ED13p7b Wunderlich Rudolph
ED2p10a Wyatt Della
ED2p10a Wyatt Earl
ED2p10a Wyatt Edgar
ED2p10a Wyatt Frankie J
ED3p12b Wyatt Ida May
ED2p10a Wyatt James
ED3p8a Wyatt Julia
ED2p10a Wyatt Moses
ED2p10a Wyatt Sidney
ED3p8a Wyatt Tom
ED3p8a Wyatt Tommy
ED3p8a Wyatt Vilanda



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