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Austin County, Texas 


Alphabetical Index of Surnames for 1920

United States Census 

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely and Imogene Storrs  for their contribution to this information!    If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   To see family and neighbors, return to     1920      and use the transcription index.

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 



ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial
ED3p7a Yancy Colquitt
ED3p7a Yancy Davie
ED3p7a Yancy Lonza
ED3p7a Yancy Mathew
ED3p7a Yancy Mathew
ED3p7a Yancy Ollie
ED3p7a Yancy Wesley
ED6p21b Yetman Lois Marie
ED6p21b Yetman Nelson
ED6p21b Yetman W B
ED6p21b Yetman Willie Mae
Ed7p18a York John
ED6p1a Young Albert
ED6p3b Young Albert
ED4p2b Young Alf
ED6p1a Young Allen
ED6p3b Young Annty
ED3p7b Young Aster
ED6p3b Young Aunty
ED6p19a Young Caroline
ED6p19b Young Cecil
ED6p3b Young Chester
ED6p1a Young Daisy
ED6p3b Young Dallas
ED6p19a Young Day
ED6p1a Young Elleshious
ED15p17b Young Emily
ED3p7b Young Jake
ED6p3b Young James
ED1p9b Young Jensey
ED6p3b Young Lather
ED6p3b Young Leddie
ED6p3b Young Mack
ED15p17b Young Mathews
ED6p3b Young Perlie
ED6p1a Young Tammie
ED6p3b Young Tammie
ED6p3b Young Tarrie
ED3p4a Young Tom
Ed7p2b Yunker Ben
ED9p1b Zachas Adele
ED8 p8a Zachas Annie
ED8 p8a Zachas Charlie
ED9p6b Zachas Emil
ED9p6b Zachas Esther
ED9p1a Zachas Frank
ED9p1a Zachas Joseph 
ED8 p8a Zachas Lee
ED8 p8a Zachas Lily
ED9p1a Zachas Lina
ED9p6b Zachas Magnolia
ED8 p8a Zachas Sadie
Ed7p18b Zahradnick Clara
Ed7p18b Zahradnick Emil
Ed7p18b Zahradnick John
Ed7p18b Zahradnick Louise
Ed7p18b Zahradnick Mary
ED14p8b Zajicek Angela
ED14p8b Zajicek Bennie
ED14p8b Zajicek Edwin
ED14p8b Zajicek Ella
ED14p8b Zajicek John
ED14p8b Zajicek Johnnie
ED14p8b Zajicek Katy
ED14p8b Zajicek Louise
ED14p8b Zajicek Mary
ED14p8b Zajicek Willie
ED6p12b Zalesak Annie
ED6p12b Zalesak Charlie
ED6p12b Zalesak Charlie
ED6p13a Zalesak Emil
ED6p12b Zalesak Fanny
ED6p12b Zalesak Fanny
ED6p12b Zalesak Frank
ED6p13a Zalesak Frank
ED6p13a Zalesak Julia
ED6p12b Zalesak Louis
ED6p13a Zalesak Mary
ED6p13a Zalesak Rudolf
ED6p13a Zalesak Rudolf
ED6p12b Zalesak Stefie
ED10p2b Zalman Anna
ED10p2b Zalman Joe
ED1p14b Zander Alonia
ED1p4a Zander Alvin
ED2p8b Zander Anita
ED2p8b Zander Annie
ED1p14b Zander Annie
ED10p17a Zander Dora
ED1p4a Zander Edmont
ED2p7b Zander Erna B
ED2p8a Zander Etta May
ED2p7b Zander Frederick
ED2p7b Zander Fritz H
ED10p17a Zander George
ED1p4a Zander George
ED2p8b Zander Herbert
ED1p14b Zander Herman
ED1p14b Zander Herman
ED1p4a Zander Hulda
ED2p7b Zander Ida May
ED1p4a Zander Lenora
ED1p14b Zander Lilly D
ED1p4a Zander Viola M
ED10p3b Zanek Annie
ED10p6b Zanek Annie 
ED10p6b Zanek Edgar
ED10p3b Zanek J J
ED10p6b Zanek Joe
ED10p3b Zanek Joe
ED10p6b Zanek Johnny
ED10p6b Zanek Julia
ED10p3b Zanek Otto
ED10p3b Zanek Sarah
ED10p3b Zanek Tillie
ED6p4a Zapalac Amalie
ED6p4a Zapalac Amalie
ED6p4a Zapalac Bill
ED6p10a Zapalac Charley
ED6p4a Zapalac Eddie
ED6p10a Zapalac Frances
ED6p4a Zapalac Henry
ED6p10a Zapalac Jennie
ED6p10a Zapalac Joe V
ED6p4a Zapalac John
ED6p4a Zapalac John
Ed7p9b Zapalac John
ED6p10a Zapalac John P
ED6p4a Zapalac Julie
Ed7p9b Zapalac Louis
ED6p4a Zapalac Ludmila
ED6p4a Zapalac Martin
Ed7p9b Zapalac Mary
ED6p4a Zapalac Matilda
ED6p10a Zapalac Mike
Ed7p9b Zapalac R.
ED6p10a Zapalac Rasia
ED6p10a Zapalac Rasia
Ed7p9b Zapalac Vladimir
Ed7p9b Zapalac Vlasta
ED6p10a Zapalac Willie
ED6p13b Zapalka Frank
ED6p13b Zapalka Jennie
ED6p4b Zapalka Joe
ED6p13b Zapalka Tony
ED6p4b Zapalka Vera
ED1p2a Zapp Robert
ED6p6b Zareuba Zaruba Fannie
ED6p6b Zareuba Zaruba Louise
ED6p6b Zareuba Zaruba Marta
ED6p6b Zareuba Zaruba Richard
Ed7p20a Zaruba Annie
Ed7p20a Zaruba Carl
Ed7p20a Zaruba Chas
Ed7p20a Zaruba Chas
Ed7p20a Zaruba Fanny
Ed7p20a Zaruba Fanny
Ed7p20a Zaruba Louis
ED10p8a Zaskoda Adolf
ED10p8a Zaskoda Annie
ED10p8a Zaskoda Emilie
ED10p3b Zatopek Annie
Ed7p13b Zboril Albena
Ed7p13b Zboril Amelia
ED6p6b Zboril Emilia
Ed7p13b Zboril Francis
Ed7p13b Zboril Francis
ED6p6b Zboril Francis
Ed7p13b Zboril Frank
ED6p6b Zboril Frank
Ed7p13b Zboril Frank
Ed7p13b Zboril Henry
ED6p6b Zboril Joe
ED6p7a Zboril Mary
ED6p7a Zboril Olga
ED6p6b Zboril R
ED6p6b Zboril Rhudalf
ED10p17b Zeiner Bertha
ED10p17b Zeiner Elo J
ED10p17b Zeiner Ida
ED10p17b Zeiner John
ED10p17b Zeiner Mathilde
ED10p17b Zeiner Mrs. Frank
ED10p17b Zeiner Tom
ED2p10a Zeiske Josephine
ED2p10a Zeiske Richard
ED6p2a Zellers Ellis
ED6p2b Zellers Jay
ED10p5a Zeptner Max
ED6p10b Zernicek Dilly
ED6p10b Zernicek Louis
ED6p10b Zernicek Mary
ED5p11b Zetik Delphin
ED5p11b Zetik Edwin
ED5p11b Zetik Fannie
ED5p11b Zetik Fannie
ED5p11b Zetik Herminea
ED5p11b Zetik John
ED5p11b Zetik Marvin
ED5p11b Zetik Rosie
ED14p9b Zettek Zettel Frank
ED14p6b Zettel Adelika
ED14p7b Zettel Alfred
ED14p6b Zettel Alvina
ED14p8a Zettel Annie
ED14p7b Zettel Annie
ED14p7a Zettel Annie
ED14p8a Zettel Charles
ED14p7b Zettel Chas
ED14p6b Zettel Edna
ED14p6b Zettel Elenora
ED14p6b Zettel Emily
ED14p6b Zettel Emma
ED14p6b Zettel Eva
ED14p6b Zettel Francis
ED14p7b Zettel Frank
ED14p6b Zettel Frank
ED14p6b Zettel Fritz
ED14p6b Zettel Fritz
ED14p6b Zettel Guss
ED14p7b Zettel Joe
ED14p7b Zettel John
ED14p7b Zettel Johnnie
ED14p6b Zettel Louisa
ED14p6b Zettel Louisa
ED14p6b Zettel Lydgie
ED14p7a Zettel Rosie
ED14p7a Zettel Sadie
ED14p6b Zettel Therese
ED14p6b Zettel Willie
ED14p7a Zettel Willie
ED14p7b Zettel Willie
ED14p6b Zettel Willie
ED4p3b Ziemer Sophie
ED13p7b Zierck John 
ED13p7b Zierck Martha
ED13p7b Zierck Mary
ED13p7b Zierck Max
ED13p7b Zierck Nick
ED10p18a Zinc Albert
ED10p18a Zinc Ethel
ED10p18a Zinc Fannie
ED10p18a Zinc Jessie
ED10p18a Zinc Willie
ED2p3a Zipitac Frank
ED6p2b Zlinsky Mary
ED6p2b Zlinsky Mary
ED6p2b Zlinsky Rudolf
ED14p2b Zocher Louis
ED10p14b Zollinger Alwin
ED10p14b Zollinger Mary
ED8p7a Zubicek Anna
ED8p7a Zubicek Eddie
ED8p7a Zubicek Eliese
ED8p7a Zubicek Joe
ED8p7a Zubicek Joe
ED8p7a Zubicek Leontine
ED8p7a Zubicek Sam
ED8p7a Zubicek Thomas
ED10p13a Zulauff Caroline
ED15p3b Zurek Adela
ED15p3b Zurek Alice
ED15p8b Zurek Annie
ED15p3b Zurek Arnold
ED15p8b Zurek August
ED15p3b Zurek Joe
ED15p8b Zurek John
ED15p8b Zurek Julias
ED15p8b Zurek Lena
ED15p3b Zurek Mary
ED2p7b Zykes Julius
ED2p7b Zykes Mary
ED2p7b Zykes Patsy
ED3p14b ? ?
ED3p6b ? Jotera
ED3p6b ? Rosemond
ED6p9a ?dd Mat


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