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Austin County, Texas 

United States Census for 1930

Alphabetically and as shown on original Census.

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 This web page contains the  Census Transcriptions and  Index for 1930 Census. Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely for her voluntary work editing this information.  The  files have  been retyped and edited for easy access at this website.   If you have comments, additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   


Over 18,000 names!

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 

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ED8-1p6b Stephen Frank Boarder White 33 Texas Texas Czchosolvakia

The first column  in the index  shows the Enumeration District(ED8-1) and page number(6b) shown on the original census.   Use that information in the next section (below)  to find transcriptions of each page.   (Comment: the number 8 (for example ED8-3 or ED8-9) seems exclusive to Austin County.  Wise county's number is 249.   Example ED249-3) 


 1930  Austin County Census

Transcribed from original census pages. 

Over 18,000 entries!

Precinct 1 

Enumeration District 8-1


 Enumeration District 8-2 (South) Burleigh


 Enumeration District 8-3 (NW) Buckhorn

 Enumeration District 8-4 (NE) Cochran


Precinct 2

Enumeration District 8-5   (Welcome area)


Precinct 3 

Enumeration District 8-6 (San Felipe) 

 Enumeration District 8-7  (Sealy area SE)


 Enumeration District 8-8 (Sealy area NW)

Enumeration District 8-9 (Sealy area SW)


Precinct 4  (see map)

Enumeration District 8-10 (P4-NE) Millheim

  Enumeration District 8-11 (P4-SW) Catspring


Precinct 5  (see map)

 Enumeration District 8-12  (P5- NW) Shelby

  Enumeration District 8-13 (P5- Middle) Bleiblerville

 Enumeration District 8-14 (P5-South) NEW ULM


Precinct 6   (see map)

 Enumeration District 8-15 ( P6 East)  Phillipsburg

 Enumeration District 8- 16 (P-6 West) New Wehden


Precinct 7 

  Enumeration District 8-17 (Nelsonville)


Precinct 8 

 Enumeration District 8-18  (Wallis and NE)


Enumeration District 8-19  (Wallis and SW) 



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