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Austin County, Texas 

United States Census Index for 1940

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely for her contribution to this information!   These files have  been retyped and edited for accuracy in names .   If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 



ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial Relation- ship Sex Race/ Color Age Marital Status Birthplace
ED13p5a Flake Beatrice dau F N 15 S Texas
ED7p19a Flake Dolores dau F N 7 S Texas
ED7p19a Flake Edarth son M N 5 S Texas
ED7p19a Flake Ella wife F N 38 M Texas
ED7p19a Flake Emma dau F N 11 S Texas
ED13p13b Flake Ernest son M N 14 S Texas
ED13p13b Flake Floyd son M N 12 S Texas
ED13p13b Flake Garfield head M N 55 M Texas
ED13p13b Flake Garfield son M N 15 S Texas
ED13p15b Flake Jef head M N 48 Wd Texas
ED13p15b Flake Jef Jr son M N 19 S Texas
ED13p13b Flake LaFayette head M N 60 M Texas
ED13p13b Flake Lillie M dau F N 17 S Texas
ED13p14a Flake Lizzie wife F N 45 M Texas
ED13p15b Flake Mary mother F N 73 Wd Texas
ED13p13b Flake Pansy dau F N 6 S Texas
ED13p13b Flake Pearly wife F N 52 M Texas
ED13p13b Flake R B son M N 19 S Texas
ED13p5a Flake Roy son M N 9 S Texas
ED13p5a Flake Sally wife F N 42 M Texas
ED13p5a Flake Shelly head M W (N?) 41 Texas
ED13p5a Flake Shelly son M N 18 S Texas
ED7p2b Flake Tom head M N 59 D Texas
ED7p19a Flake Tomas head M N 49 M Texas
ED7p19a Flake Tommie Mae dau F N 9 S Texas
ED13p12a Flake Van head M N 65 D Texas
ED13p13b Flake Viola dau F N 9 S Texas
Ed16p6b Flakes Alice Lee dau F N 7 S Texas
ED18p6a Flakes Annie Mae dau F N 7 S Texas
ED7p24a Flakes Clarsay wife F N 33 M Texas
Ed16p6b Flakes Dorthy May dau F N 9 S Texas
ED7p3a Flakes Eddie May lodger F N 1 S Texas
ED18p9b Flakes Fred bro in law M N 32 M Texas
ED18p6a Flakes Gertrude wife F N 26 M Texas
ED18p6a Flakes James B son M N 2 S Texas
ED18p6a Flakes Jessie Mae dau F N 5 S Texas
Ed16p6b Flakes Lee Allen head M N 26 M Texas
ED18p9b Flakes Mamie sis F N 30 M Texas
ED2p9a Flakes Minnie head F N 57 Wd Texas
ED6p3a Flakes Nancy head F N 66 Wd Texas
Ed16p6b Flakes Perline wife F N 26 M Texas
ED18p6a Flakes Robert D son M N 11 S Texas
ED7p24a Flakes Shellie head M N 41 M Texas
ED18p6a Flakes Stubin head M N 27 M Texas
ED18p6a Flakes Stubin Jr son M N 3 S Texas
Ed16p1a Flentge Alvin head M W 32 M Texas
Ed16p1a Flentge Infant dau F W 2mo S Texas
Ed16p1a Flentge Lavina dau F W 1 S Texas
Ed16p1a Flentge Leona wife F W 19 M Texas
ED3p6a Fletcher Elmer C lodger M N 20 S Texas
ED4p10b Fletcher George head M N 46 M Texas
ED4p10b Fletcher Lottie B wife F N 40 M Texas
ED13p14b Floyd Abraham head M N 58 M Texas
ED13p16a Floyd Butler head M N 28 M Texas
ED13p14b Floyd Henrietta wife F N 48 M Texas
ED13p16a Floyd Marine dau F N 9 S Texas
ED13p16a Floyd Ora Lee wife F N 29 M Texas
ED13p16a Floyd Rosie Fae dau F N 4 S Texas
ED13p16a Floyd Steve Edwin son M N 7 S Texas
ED13p16a Floyd Wanda dau F N 6 S Texas
ED17p3a Foehn Clifford st g son M N 4 S Texas
ED1p6b Foehner Ben O (Mrs) head F W 64 Wd Texas
ED9p3a Foehner Eugene g son M W 16 S Texas
ED1p6b Foehner Leon son M W 40 M Texas
ED9p3a Foehner Pauline dau F W 43 M Texas
ED13p15b Foerster Hattie wife F W 30 M Texas
ED13p15b Foerster Henry head M W 48 M Texas
ED13p15b Foerster Henry son M W 12 S Texas
ED13p16a Foerster Raymond L son M W 8 S Texas
ED13p16a Foerster Rodger Lee son M W 11 S Texas
ED17p3b Fojt Adolf head M W 42 M Texas
ED17p3b Fojt Adolf Jr son M W 2 S Texas
ED17p3b Fojt Alice wife F W 31 M Texas
ED18p6b Fojt Edna wife F W 39 M Texas
ED17p3b Fojt Harry Lee son M W 7 S Texas
ED18p6b Fojt John  head M W 46 M Texas
ED18p6b Fojt John Gilbert son M W 11 S Texas
ED18p6b Fojt Robert Lee son M W 8 S Texas
ED17p3b Fojt Sylvester son M W 9 S Texas
ED18p2b Fondon Audry mo in law F W 46 Wd Texas
ED7p2a Ford Johnnie Ray son M N 10 S Texas
ED1p7b Fordtran Ben head M W 51 M Texas
ED12p11a Fordtran Charles son M W 29 S Texas
ED1p7b Fordtran Della wife F W 41 M Texas
ED12p11a Fordtran Mary head F W 68 Wd Texas
ED5p9a Formuch Mary maid F W 70 Wd Texas
ED18p4a Fosha Bessie dau F N 13 S Texas
ED17p1a Fosha Bessie Mae wife M N 26 M Texas
ED18p4a Fosha Clifford head M N 27 D Texas
ED18p4a Fosha Elmo head M N 51 M Texas
ED18p4a Fosha Elmo Jr son M N 17 S Texas
ED18p4a Fosha Elonco bro M N 24 S Texas
ED18p4a Fosha Eula wife F N 46 M Texas
ED17p8a Fosha Ezel head M N 27 M Texas
ED17p1a Fosha Herman head M N 28 M Texas
ED18p4a Fosha Jennie wife F N 36 M Texas
ED18p4a Fosha Paris head M N 46 M Texas
ED18p4a Fosha Ruby dau F N 6 S Texas
ED18p4a Fosha Seth son M N 30 S Texas
ED18p4a Fosha Willis son M N 14 S Texas
ED17p8a Fosha Wilma wife F N 23 M Texas
ED17p7a Foster Corine wife F N 25 M Texas
ED3p3b Foster John Otts st-son M N 15 S Texas
ED9p8a Foster Mathilde wife F W 27 M Texas
ED17p7a Foster Robert head M N 34 M Texas
ED9p8a Foster Troy head M W 30 M Oklahoma
ED7p22b Fountain Luella head F W 45 Wd Texas
ED2p10a Fowler F J head M W 53 M Ohio
ED2p10a Fowler Ida wife F W 44 M Texas
ED1p14a Fowler Mary wife F W 70 M Texas
ED1p14a Fowler Walter head M W 68 M Texas
ED7p1a Foytik Frank head M W 62 M Czechoslovakia
ED7p1b Foytik Gloria dau F W 7 S Texas
ED7p1b Foytik Johnnie son M W 14 S Texas
ED7p1a Foytik Julia wife F W 52 M Texas
ED7p1b Foytik Lula Ann dau F W 11 S Texas
ED7p1a Foytik Mary Frances dau F W 20 S Texas
ED7p1a Foytik Mildred dau F W 28 S Texas
ED7p1a Foytik Rose Lee dau F W 12 S Texas
ED9p12a Foytik  Willie lodger M W 38 S Texas


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