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Austin County, Texas 

United States Census Index for 1940

Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely for her contribution to this information!   These files have  been retyped and edited for accuracy in names .   If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   

Listed by your ancestor's Surname 



ED&Page Surname First Name or Initial Relation- ship Sex Race/ Color Age Marital Status Birthplace
ED7p9a Gibson Alice g-child F N 11 S Texas
ED7p13a Gibson Fronia head F N 65 Wd Texas
ED18p4b Gibson Helen F dau F N 7 S Texas
ED18p4b Gibson Mary head F N 35 M Texas
ED18p4b Gibson Mary L dau F N 8 S Texas
ED2p9b Gibson Olie nephew M N 9 S Texas
ED18p4b Gibson Willard L son M N 5 S Texas
ED12p1b Giebel Bennie son M W 21 S Texas
ED12p7b Giebel Carolyn  dau F W 2 S Texas
ED12p2a Giebel Clarence son M W 8 S Texas
ED12p1b Giebel Dennis son M W 11 S Texas
ED12p7b Giebel Elsa wife F W 42 M Texas
ED12p7b Giebel Freddie son M W 14 S Texas
ED12p1b Giebel George head M W 43 M Texas
ED12p7b Giebel Herman head M W 41 M Texas
ED12p1b Giebel LeRoy son M W 15 S Texas
ED12p1b Giebel Pauline wife F W 48 M Texas
ED12p7b Giebel Vernon Lee son M W 9 S Texas
ED15p2a Giebler Adof head M W 47 M Texas
ED15p2a Giebler Allin dau F W 11 S Texas
ED15p2a Giebler Edwin son M W 16 S Texas
ED15p2a Giebler Lillie wife F W 44 M Texas
ED15p2a Giebler Virdill dau F W 13 S Texas
ED3p8a Gilbert Chris head M W 55 M Texas
ED4p20a Gilbert E L head M W 25 M Texas
ED4p20a Gilbert Gladys wife F W 22 M Texas
ED3p8b Gilbert John C son M W 27 M Texas
ED3p8b Gilbert Leona wife F W 18 M Texas
ED3p8a Gilbert Mary Lou wife F W 52 M Texas
ED3p8a Gilbert Otto Allen son M W 18 S Texas
ED4p2a Gillam Louis head M N 38 Wd Texas
ED4p14a Gillam Loyd g-son M N 4 S Texas
ED9p14b Gillam Mamie g dau F N 16 S Texas
ED7p23b Gillum Anderson head M N 29 M Texas
ED7p2a Gillum Anna Mae head F N 40 Wd Texas
ED7p23b Gillum Arron head M N 64 Wd Texas
ED7p23b Gillum Ausbeary son M N 35 S Texas
ED7p24a Gillum Dorothey Marie dau F N 5 S Texas
ED7p23b Gillum Elsie Lee wife F N 21 M Texas
ED7p24a Gillum Frimel son M N 12 S Texas
ED7p24a Gillum General Lee son M N 7 S Texas
ED7p23b Gillum James T g g child M N 3 S Texas
ED7p2a Gillum Jessie son M N 15 S Texas
ED7p24a Gillum John son M N 2 S Texas
ED7p24a Gillum Langston son M N 9 S Texas
ED7p23b Gillum Lorence son M N 32 Wd Texas
ED7p24a Gillum Petrena Mae wife F N 34 M Texas
ED7p24a Gillum Tomes head M N 34 M Texas
ED7p23b Gillum Verdell g g child F N 5 S Texas
ED7p23b Gillum Vita g child F N 18 S Texas
ED7p24a Gillum Willard son M N 16 S Texas
ED7p24b Gillum Willie g child M N 6 S Texas
ED5p5b Gilmore Clara dau F N 1 S Texas
ED5p5b Gilmore Clyde L son M N 3 S Texas
ED5p5b Gilmore Gladys dau F N 2 S Texas
ED5p5b Gilmore Lucianne wife F N 25 M Texas
ED5p5b Gilmore Thomas head M N 22 M Texas
ED4p18b Gindorf Hedwig wife F W 49 M Texas
ED4p18b Gindorf Stephan head M W 49 M Texas
ED4p18b Gindorf Stephan Jr son M W 15 S Texas
ED1p11a Gindt Arthur F head M W 53 M Texas
ED1p11a Gindt Bell wife F W 55 M Wisconsin
ED1p11a Gindt Dorthy Ann adopted dau F W 12 S Texas
ED10p3a Girard Frank head M W 60 M Minnesota
ED10p3a Girard Otilia wife F W 56 M Texas
ED4p1a Gisiecke Therasa servant F W 18 S Texas
ED9p9b Gist Garland son M W 23 S Texas
ED9p9b Gist Nettie wife F W 46 M Texas
ED9p9a Gist  Archie head M W 48 M Texas
ED18p2a Givins Clarence head M N 34 M Texas
ED17p1a Givins Earnest g child M N 9 S Texas
ED18p8b Givins Elizzie wife F N 59 M Texas
ED18p2a Givins Elsie Rae dau F N 2 S Texas
ED18p2a Givins Florence wife F N 31 M Texas
ED7p4b Givins Jerline head F N 29 D Texas
ED17p9a Givins Jim head M N 62 M Texas
ED18p8b Givins John W head M N 59 M Texas
ED18p2a Givins Lavaughn dau F N 6 S Texas
ED17p9a Givins Susie wife F N 64 M Texas
ED13p15b Glaeser Betty Jean dau F W 1 S Texas
ED15p10a Glaeser Elsie wife F W 28 M Texas
ED5p3a Glaeser Helen wife F W 20 M Texas
ED5p1a Glaeser Hilda wife F W 41 M Texas
ED5p1a Glaeser Irene dau F W 15 S Texas
ED13p15b Glaeser Isabella wife F W 21 M Texas
ED13p18b Glaeser Nola wife F W 26 M Texas
ED5p1a Glaeser Paul head M W 48 M Texas
ED13p15b Glaeser Ralph head M W 24 M Texas
ED15p10a Glaeser Verlien dau F W 7 S Texas
ED13p18b Glaeser Virginia dau F W 3 S Texas
ED13p18b Glaeser Walter head M W 28 M Texas
ED5p3a Glaeser Wilbert head M W 21 M Texas
ED15p10a Glaeser Willie head M W 36 M Texas
ED14p5a Glaser Addie Mae dau F W 19 M Texas
ED14p5a Glaser Arthur son M W 21 M Texas
ED14p5b Glaser Audrey dau F W 14 S Texas
ED14p5b Glaser Elizabeth wife F W 53 M Texas
ED15p5b Glaser Erma wife F W 47 M Texas
ED14p1a Glaser Fritz fa in law M W 83 Wd Germany
ED15p5b Glaser Fritz head M W 48 M Texas
ED14p5a Glaser Hattie wife F W 48 M Texas
Ed16p11a Glaser Ida head F W 71 Wd Texas
ED15p5a Glaser Joe head M W 39 M Texas
ED15p5b Glaser Oirs Jean dau F W 7 S Texas
ED14p5b Glaser Phillip head M W 53 M Texas
ED14p5a Glaser Walter head M W 45 M Texas
ED7p6a Glass Charlie head M N 88 M Georgia
ED7p6b Glass Eliza wife F N 72 M Texas
ED7p6b Glass Emily dau F N 26 Wd Texas
ED13p9a Gleaser  Glaeser Emma wife F W 56 M Texas
ED13p9a Gleaser  Glaeser Robert W head M W 58 M Texas
ED13p7b Gleaser Glaeser Edwin H son M W 49 S Texas
ED13p7b Gleaser Glaeser Emma wife F W 71 M Texas
ED13p7b Gleaser Glaeser Gilbert son M W 34 S Texas
ED13p7b Gleaser Glaeser Reinhard F head M W 79 M Germany
ED13p7b Gleaser Glaeser Roma dau F W 32 D Texas
ED8p4a Glen Eddie g son M N 8 S Texas
ED8p4a Glen James head M N 45 M Texas
ED8p4a Glen Lee George g son M N 21 S Texas
ED8p4a Glen Mary wife F N 70 M Texas
ED8p4a Glen Raymond g son M N 9 S Texas
ED8p4a Glen Rositta wife F N 38 M Texas
ED8p4a Glen Squire head M N 70 M Texas
ED8p4a Glen Vernal dau F N 13 S Texas
ED8p4a Glen Vernice dau F N 10 S Texas
ED7p9b Glenn Bula Lee wife F N 28 M Texas
ED9p4a Glenn C C head M W 77 M Texas
ED7p9b Glenn Gloria June dau F N 2 S Texas
ED1p4b Glenn Ida mo-in-law F W 83 Wd Texas
ED9p4a Glenn Ora wife F W 69 M Texas
ED7p9b Glenn Squire son M N 5 S Texas
ED9p15a Glueck Adele wife F W 34 M Texas
ED9p15a Glueck Alfred head M W 44 M Texas
ED9p15a Glueck Freddie son M W 9 S Texas
ED9p15a Glueck Walter son M W 7 S Texas
ED9p15a Glueck Willie Mae dau F W 4 S Texas
ED9p15a Glueck Woodrow son M W 12 S Texas


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