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Austin County, Texas 

Sixteenth Census of the United States  1940 Population Schedule

Enumeration District 10 Pages 9a - 10a

 Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely  for her contribution to this information!   These files have  been retyped and edited for accuracy in names and easy access at this website.   If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact  

Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   

Listed in order shown on original census. 

Justice Precinct 8  


Enumeration District 8-19 

Pages (Sheets) 9a - 9b

Page Surname Given Name Relation-


Sex Race  



Marital Status Birthplace
ED10p9a Batla Ollie dau F W 38 S Texas
ED10p9a Uhlig Arnold head M W 43 M Texas
ED10p9a Uhlig Gladys wife F W 28 M Texas
ED10p9a Uhlig Robert Jean son M W 7 S Texas
ED10p9a Uhlig Wayne Earl son M W 5 S Texas
ED10p9a Edwards Tenola head M N 25 M Texas
ED10p9a Edwards Alice Jeanette wife F N 20 M Texas
ED10p9a Randle Frank head M N 53 Wd Texas
ED10p9a Jackson Mary Lee g dau F N 11 S Texas
ED10p9a Jackson Annie Ruth g dau F N 9 S Texas
ED10p9a Bynum Hattie lodger F N 66 D Texas
ED10p9a Malecek Joe head M W 62 M Texas
ED10p9a Malecek Mary wife F W 60 M Texas
ED10p9a Malecek Monroe head M W 35 M Saxonia
ED10p9a Malecek Meta wife F W 29 M Texas
ED10p9a Maecke Louis head M W 72 Wd Texas
ED10p9a Schwanbeck Oswald head M W 59 M Saxonia
ED10p9a Schwanbeck Ida wife F W 50 M Texas
ED10p9a Schwanbeck Estella dau F W 22 S Texas
ED10p9a Schwanbeck Leona dau F W 21 S Texas
ED10p9a Hinkel Henry F head M W 54 M Texas
ED10p9a Hinkel Ellie wife F W 44 M Texas
ED10p9a Hinkel Ellie Mae dau F W 20 S Texas
ED10p9a Hinkel Jane Louise dau F W 15 S Texas
ED10p9a Scheller Henry   head M W 71 S Texas
ED10p9a Martens Herman head M W 57 M Texas
ED10p9a Martens Meta wife F W 55 M Texas
ED10p9a Martens Walter son M W 20 S Texas
ED10p9a Martens Norman Lee son M W 17 S Texas
ED10p9a Stuessel Arthur head M W 49 M Texas
ED10p9a Stuessel Lillie wife F W 47 M Texas
ED10p9a Stuessel Harvey son M W 19 S Texas
ED10p9a Stuessel Burnitha dau F W 13 S Texas
ED10p9a Hassler Charles H head M W 70 M Texas
ED10p9a Hassler Augusta wife F W 65 M Texas
ED10p9a Hassler Jessie J son M W 41 S Texas
ED10p9a Thomsen Paul lodger M W 54 S Texas
ED10p9a Palm Lawrence lodger M W 33 M Texas
ED10p9a Kellner Rosetta head F W 79 Wd Texas
ED10p9a Kollatschny Willie head M W 76 M Texas
ED10p9b Kollatschny Augusta wife F W 54 M Texas
ED10p9b Kollatschny Dessie Mae dau F W 18 S Texas
ED10p9b Drab Emil lodger M W 49 S Texas
ED10p9b Meister Herman head M W 69 S Texas
ED10p9b Froebel August  head M W 79 S Texas
ED10p9b Dehnel Walter head M W 37 M Texas
ED10p9b Dehnel Gladys wife F W 24 M Texas
ED10p9b Dehnel Lillie Mae dau F W 7 S Texas
ED10p9b Dehnel Joyce Elaine dau F W 5 S Texas
ED10p9b Dehnel Lucille Meta dau F W 1 S Texas
ED10p9b Huber Lawrence head M W 40 S Texas
ED10p9b Huber Henry father M W 75 Wd Texas
ED10p9b Muench Robert lodger M W 45 Wd Texas
ED10p9b Selter Annie C lodger F W 17 S Texas
ED10p9b Walther Albert head M W 64 M Switzerland
ED10p9b Walther Alma wife F W 61 M Texas
ED10p9b Stasny Ed head M W 48 M Texas
ED10p9b Stasny Mary wife F W 46 M Texas
ED10p9b Stasny Matilda head F W 76 Wd Texas
ED10p9b Stasny Otto son M W 52 S Texas
ED10p9b Quinton Willie head M W 28 M Oklahoma
ED10p9b Quinton Alma wife F W 29 M Texas
ED10p9b Quinton Gilbert Arnold son M W 3 S Texas
ED10p9b Quinton Charles Edward son M W 1mo S Texas
ED10p9b Pomikal John head M W 53 M Texas
ED10p9b Pomikal Hattie wife F W 43 M Texas
ED10p9b Pomikal Sylvester son M W 22 S Texas
ED10p9b Pomikal Adella dau F W 16 S Texas
ED10p9b Pomikal Bennie son M W 13 S Texas
ED10p9b Pomikal James son M W 5 S Texas
ED10p9b Wolchik Willie head M W 39 M Texas
ED10p9b Wolchik Edna wife F W 38 M Texas
ED10p9b Wolchik Earl son M W 14 S Texas
ED10p9b Wolchik Charlie bro M W 49 S Texas
ED10p9b Himly Charlie head M W 46 M Texas
ED10p9b Himly Louise wife F W 36 M Texas
ED10p9b Himly Annie   dau F W 18 S Texas
ED10p9b Himly Clarence son M W 14 S Texas
ED10p9b Hoff John head M W 44 M Texas
ED10p9b Hoff Lydia wife F W 33 M Texas
ED10p10a Hoff John Jr son M W 10   Texas
ED10p10a Gross Marcus head M W 50 S Texas
ED10p10a Gross Clara mother F W 82 Wd Texas
ED10p10a Scherbich  Sherbig Anna lodger F W 62 Wd Texas
ED10p10a Wotipka John    head M W 69 Wd Texas
ED10p10a Froebel Arthur head M W 33 M Texas
ED10p10a Froebel Clara wife F W 32 M Texas
ED10p10a Froebel Cecil Ray son M W 8 S Texas
ED10p10a Froebel Robert Jean son M W 7 S Texas
ED10p10a Froebel Clyde Rupert son M W 5 S Texas
ED10p10a Froebel Arthur Jr son M W 3 S Texas
ED10p10a Froebel Clarence Wayne son M W 2mo S Texas
ED10p10a Froebel William father M W 74 Wd Texas


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