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Austin County, Texas 

Sixteenth Census of the United States  1940 Population Schedule

Enumeration District 15 Pages 11a,b

 Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely  for her contribution to this information!   These files have  been retyped and edited for accuracy in names and easy access at this website.   If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact  

Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   

Listed in order shown on original census. 

Justice Precinct 8  


Enumeration District 8-19 

Pages (Sheets) 9a - 9b

Page Surname Given Name Relation-


Sex Race  



Marital Status Birthplace
ED15p11a Engleholm Robert head M W 44 M Texas
ED15p11a Engleholm Celia wife F W 42 M Texas
ED15p11a Engleholm Gilbert son M W 19 S Texas
ED15p11a Engleholm James son M W 15 S Texas
ED15p11a Engleholm Bernice dau F W 12 S Texas
ED15p11a Engleholm Robert Jr son M W 10 S Texas
ED15p11a Schanick Bill head M W 66 S Texas
ED15p11a Jackson Sam head M N 23 M Texas
ED15p11a Jackson Willie Mae wife F N 21 M Texas
ED15p11a Mosley Lousion head M N 49 M Texas
ED15p11a Mosley Elerona wife F N 49 M Texas
ED15p11a Davis Elizabeth g dau F N 15 S Texas
ED15p11a Rogers Henrietta g mo F N 104 Wd Virginia
ED15p11a Keener Clara head F N 31 Wd Texas
ED15p11a Keener Tommy son M N 17 S Texas
ED15p11a Keener Elnora dau F N 15 S Texas
ED15p11a Keener Gladys dau F N 11 S Texas
ED15p11a Cummings Willie    hired hand M N 39 S Texas
ED15p11a Mosley Jace head M N 77 Wd Louisiana
ED15p11a Lubojacky Chas head M W 40 M Texas
ED15p11a Lubojacky Hermina wife F W 33 M Texas
ED15p11a Lubojacky Bennie son M W 16 S Texas
ED15p11a Lubojacky Roger son M W 7 S Texas
ED15p11a Lubojacky Burges son M W 10 S Texas
ED15p11a Evans Joe head M N 21 M Texas
ED15p11a Stepherson Fred head M N 68 M Texas
ED15p11a Stepherson Lillie wife F N 72 M Texas
ED15p11a Mikeska Frank head M W 70 M Texas
ED15p11a Mikeska Henrietta wife F W 65 M Texas
ED15p11a Mikeska Frank son M W 33 M Texas
ED15p11a Mikeska Helen dau in law F W 29 M Texas
ED15p11a Mikeska Delmo g son M W 5 S Texas
ED15p11a Stokes Monroe head M W 67 M Texas
ED15p11a Stokes Emma wife F W 76 M Texas
ED15p11a Meinecke Arthur st son M W 48 M Texas
ED15p11a Toles CC head M N 42 M Texas
ED15p11a Toles Agnes wife F N 22 M Texas
ED15p11a Spates Walter head M N 31 S Texas
ED15p11a Buster Emma cook F N 31 M Texas
ED15p11b Stokes Ennis head M N 28 M Texas
ED15p11b Stokes Berth Lee wife F N 24 M Texas
ED15p11b Stokes Leroy son M N 5 S Texas
ED15p11b Twiggs Richard head M N 43 M Texas
ED15p11b Twiggs Willida wife F N 41 M Texas
ED15p11b Twiggs Richard son M N 17 S Texas
ED15p11b Twiggs Brady son M N 15 S Texas
ED15p11b Twiggs Arthur son M N 13 S Texas
ED15p11b Twiggs Lee Artie son M N 4 S Texas
ED15p11b Cleveland Mattie mo in law F N 60 S Texas
ED15p11b Williams Elsie neph M N 3 S Texas
ED15p11b Stokes Steve head M W 61 S Texas
ED15p11b Golan Jesse head M W 32 M Texas
ED15p11b Golan Edna wife F W 24 M Texas
ED15p11b Golan Floyd son M W 3mo S Texas
ED15p11b Lott Janey head F N 60 Wd Texas
ED15p11b Lott Chas son M N 21 S Texas
ED15p11b Lott Eddie dau F N 19 S Texas
ED15p11b Lott Annie dau F N 28 S Texas
ED15p11b Gonzales Lizzie dau F N 12 S Texas
ED15p11b Hubbard Janesette dau F N 10 S Texas
ED15p11b Washington Lillie Mae g dau F N 4 S Texas
ED15p11b Hill Manuel head M N 51 Wd Texas
ED15p11b Wilson Susie cook F N 49 S Texas
ED15p11b Hill Boyce lodger M N 13 M Texas
ED15p11b Ebert Charles head M W 68 M Germany
ED15p11b Ebert Alwina wife F W 55 M Texas
ED15p11b Ebert Elfrieda dau F W 29 S Texas
ED15p11b Ebert Meta dau F W 22 M Texas
ED15p11b Jones D head M N 29 M Texas
ED15p11b Jones Alberta wife F N 22 M Texas
ED15p11b Jones C D son M N 5 S Texas
ED15p11b Jones Birdie Mae dau F N 2 S Texas
ED15p11b Evans Lenora sis in law F N 17 S Texas
ED15p11b Evans Curtis neph M N 5mo S Texas

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