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Austin County, Texas 

Sixteenth Census of the United States  1940 Population Schedule

Enumeration District 3 Pages 11a - 11b

 Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely  for her contribution to this information!   These files have  been retyped and edited for accuracy in names and easy access at this website.   If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact  

Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   

Listed in order shown on original census. 

Justice Precinct 8  


Enumeration District 8-19 

Pages (Sheets) 9a - 9b

Page Surname Given Name Relation-


Sex Race  



Marital Status Birthplace
ED3-p11a Yancy Lois dau F N 8 S Texas
ED3-p11a Yancy Ollie Mae dau F N 24 D Texas
ED3-p11a Williams Pleaze head M N 65 M Louisiana
ED3-p11a Williams Patsy wife F N 56 M Texas
ED3-p11a Fisher Alexander st-son M N 18 S Texas
ED3-p11a Cole Nancy head F N 66 Wd Texas
ED3-p11a Jackson John head M N 39 M Texas
ED3-p11a Jackson Annie Dell wife F N 29 M Texas
ED3-p11a Jackson John Jr son M N 7 S Texas
ED3-p11a Jackson Thomas Zack son M N 6 s Texas
ED3-p11a Jackson Julia Mae dau F N 4 s Texas
ED3-p11a Jackson Shirley Jean dau F N 2 s Texas
ED3-p11a Jackson Jessie James son M N 1 s Texas
ED3-p11a Phillips Olan head M N 25 M Texas
ED3-p11a Phillips Inez wife F N 22 M Texas
ED3-p11a Phillips Olan Jr son M N 4 S Texas
ED3-p11a Phillips Johnnie Mae dau F N 3 S Texas
ED3-p11a Phillips Wilmer Jane dau F N 8mo S Texas
ED3-p11a Holmes Johnnie Mae sis-in-law F N 23 M Texas
ED3-p11a Ward Ernestine niece F N 2mo M Texas
ED3-p11a Williams Leonard head M N 42 S Texas
ED3-p11a Williams Edna wife F N 32 M Texas
ED3-p11a Austin Inez dau F N 16 M Texas
ED3-p11a Thompson James head M N 35 S Texas
ED3-p11a Thompson Ada wife F N 35 S Texas
ED3-p11a Thompson John Eddie son M N 15 S Texas
ED3-p11a Thompson W H son M N 14 S Texas
ED3-p11a Thompson Nathan son M N 12 S Texas
ED3-p11a Thompson Ruby Lee dau F N 10 S Texas
ED3-p11a Thompson Louise dau F N 8 S Texas
ED3-p11a Thompson James Jr son M N 6 S Texas
ED3-p11a Thompson Mellow Gere dau F N 4 S Texas
ED3-p11a Thompson Ada B dau F N 2 S Texas
ED3-p11a Brzymialkiewicz Walter head M W 50 M Texas
ED3-p11a Brzymialkiewicz Victoria wife F W 40 M Texas
ED3-p11a Brzymialkiewicz Mary Ann dau F W 17 S Texas
ED3-p11a Brzymialkiewicz Johnnie  son M W 14 S Texas
ED3-p11a Krusleski Frank head M W 63 M Poland
ED3-p11a Krusleski Mary    wife F W 55 M Poland
ED3-p11a Krusleski Martha dau F W 21 S Texas
ED3p11b Krusleski Stella dau F W 19 S Texas
ED3p11b Krusleski Vick son M W 18 S Texas
ED3p11b Krusleski Annie dau F W 16 S Texas
ED3p11b Michalak Michalina mo-in-law F W 95 Wd Poland
ED3p11b Reese Maggie head F N 43 D Texas
ED3p11b Reese Dorothy dau-in-law F N 24 S Texas
ED3p11b Jackson Adeline g mother F N 80 Wd Texas
ED3p11b Brown Will J head M N 54 M Texas
ED3p11b Brown Mattie wife F N 38 M Texas
ED3p11b Hughes Joe st-son M N 16 S Texas
ED3p11b Hughes Emmiet st-son M N 14 S Texas
ED3p11b Hughes Annie Mae st-dau F N 13 S Texas
ED3p11b Hughes Henry James st-son M N 9 S Texas
ED3p11b Hughes Katy B st-dau F N 7 S Texas
ED3p11b Hammonds Henry   head M N 88 M Missouri
ED3p11b Hammonds Mattie wife F N 72 M Texas
ED3p11b Emerson Ed head M N 52 M Texas
ED3p11b Emerson Jewel wife F N 39 M Texas
ED3p11b Emerson Gladys dau F N 18 S Texas
ED3p11b Newsome Tom head M N 40 M Texas
ED3p11b Newsome Johnnie Mae wife F N 33 M Texas
ED3p11b Newsome Tom Jr son M N 13 S Texas
ED3p11b Newsome Gladys Marie dau F N 3 S Texas
ED3p11b Wichkoski Frank head M W 50 M Texas
ED3p11b Wichkoski Stella wife F W 40 M Texas
ED3p11b Wichkoski Zefer son M W 22 S Texas
ED3p11b Wichkoski Louise dau F W 19 S Texas
ED3p11b Wichkoski Valara dau F W 18 S Texas
ED3p11b Wichkoski Frances dau F W 15 S Texas
ED3p11b Wichkoski Flora Lee dau F W 12 S Texas
ED3p11b Wichkoski Grace Marie dau F W 9 S Texas
ED3p11b Wichkoski Raymond son M W 4 S Texas
ED3p11b Peters Edgar lodger M W 24 S Texas
ED3p11b Dabney Johnnie Mae head M N 50 M Texas
ED3p11b Harper John  E head M N 44 M Texas
ED3p11b Harper Lucy wife F N 44 M Texas
ED3p11b Blackman Ruby Mae adopted dau F N 9 S Texas
ED3p11b Rand Ida Mae g-dau F N 5 S Texas
ED3p11b Reese Leathie mo-in-law F N 71 Wd Texas


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