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Austin County, Texas 

Sixteenth Census of the United States  1940 Population Schedule

Enumeration District 6 Pages 1a - 2b

 Our sincere appreciation to Joy Neely  for her contribution to this information!   These files have  been retyped and edited for accuracy in names and easy access at this website.   If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact  

Joy Neely  or Steve Alvarez  .   

Listed in order shown on original census. 

Justice Precinct 8  


Enumeration District 8-19 

Pages (Sheets) 9a - 9b

Page Surname Given Name Relation-


Sex Race  



Marital Status Birthplace
ED6p1a Keer Charles M head M W 39 M Texas
ED6p1a Keer Lottie Mae wife F W 38 M Texas
ED6p1a Keer Mary Alice dau F W 13 S Texas
ED6p1a Keer Peggy Ann dau F W 4 S Texas
ED6p1a Hrbacek Martin head M W 79 M Czechoslovakia
ED6p1a Hrbacek Marcella wife F W 69 M Texas
ED6p1a Hall William head M N 68 M Texas
ED6p1a Hall Ella wife F N 66 M Texas
ED6p1a Hall Marie dau F N 23 S Texas
ED6p1a Hall Clifie son M N 22 S Texas
ED6p1a Eveline Rosie Lee g-dau F N 16 S Texas
ED6p1a Ammonds Isa Mae g-dau F N 2 S Texas
ED6p1a Yetman Willie Mae head F N 42 M Texas
ED6p1a Yetman Willie Robert son M N 23 S Texas
ED6p1a Yetman Lois Marie dau F N 20 S Texas
ED6p1a Edwards Dane head M N 69 S Texas
ED6p1a Samuels Edward lodger M N 68 S Texas
ED6p1a Mederais Gentie G head M N 57 M Texas
ED6p1a Mederais Lelia Ann wife F N 65 M Tennessee
ED6p1a Mitchell Sallie Mae dau F N 29 D Texas
ED6p1a McDade Dallas head M N 49 M Texas
ED6p1a McDade Lottie Mae wife F N 43 M Texas
ED6p1a Brownlee John A head M W 56 S Texas
ED6p1a Brownlee Katie sis F W 65 S Texas
ED6p1a Brownlee Lizzie sis F W 62 S Texas
ED6p1a Brownlee Rosene sis F W 59 M Texas
ED6p1a Fredrich Willie Jr head M W 78 S Texas
ED6p1a Fredrich Jennie dau F W 28 M Texas
ED6p1a Baebel Frank W head M W 61 M Texas
ED6p1a Baebel Hallie wife F W 52 S Texas
ED6p1a Elkins James David neph M W 14 S Texas
ED6p1a Bangermann Frederick W head M W 75 Wd Germany
ED6p1a Craig James H son-in-law M W 52 M Arkansas
ED6p1a Craig Clara L dau F W 46 S Missouri
ED6p1a Craig J Graydon g-son M W 7 M Texas
ED6p1a Kunze Robert C head M W 56 M Texas
ED6p1a Kunze Zada wife F W 52 M Texas
ED6p1a Hall George head M N 38 M Texas
ED6p1a Hall Allie V wife F N 34 M Texas
ED6p1a Gonzales Rosie Lee step-dau F N 19 S Texas
ED6p1b Gonzales Willard stepson M N 17 S Texas
ED6p1b Perkins Richard head M N 66 Wd Texas
ED6p1b McDade Annie head F N 68 Wd Texas
ED6p1b Sloan Agnes head F W 49 D Texas
ED6p1b Sloan Henry son M W 21 S Texas
ED6p1b Sloan Helen dau F W 14 S Texas
ED6p1b Miller Sadie Ray g-dau F W 9 S Texas
ED6p1b Jerls Dan head M N 97 M Texas
ED6p1b Jerls Lue Frits wife F N 71 M Texas
ED6p1b Dabney Sarah head F N 65 Wd Texas
ED6p1b Dabney Robert son M N 25 S Texas
ED6p1b Dabney Bessie dau F N 18 S Texas
ED6p1b Dabney Eddie g-son M N 21 S Texas
ED6p1b Williams Laura head F N 64 Wd Texas
ED6p1b Taft Bernice g-dau F N 14 S Texas
ED6p1b Tensly Mary Alice gg-dau F N 10 S Texas
ED6p1b Meyer Frank head M W 64 M Texas
ED6p1b Meyer Mittie May wife F W 59 M Texas
ED6p1b Hall Tommy head M N 45 M Texas
ED6p1b Hall Alma wife F N 30 M Texas
ED6p1b William Clara Mae st-dau F N 11 S Texas
ED6p1b Hall Tommy Jr son M N 8 S Texas
ED6p1b Slaughter Vada head F N 36 M Texas
ED6p1b Slaughter Harold son F N 15 S Texas
ED6p1b Slaughter Dorothy Mae dau M N 13 S Texas
ED6p1b Thomas Margaret head F N 67 D Texas
ED6p1b Thomas Robert son M N 28 S Texas
ED6p1b Hood Edna g-dau F N 25 M Texas
ED6p1b Shield Jim head F N 39 M Texas
ED6p1b Shield Roberta wife F N 39 M Texas
ED6p1b Shield Velma Lee dau F N 21 S Texas
ED6p1b Person Ira head F N 52 M Texas
ED6p1b Person Seresa dau F N 25 S Texas
ED6p1b Person Lovie dau F N 20 S Texas
ED6p1b Person Emerson son M N 11 S Texas
ED6p5b Person Walter son M N 27 S Texas
ED6p1b Gonzales Wheeler head M N 50 M Texas
ED6p1b Gonzales Maggie wife F N 44 M Texas
ED6p1b Gonzales J D son M N 16 S Texas
ED6p1b Gonzales Lorene dau F N 14 S Texas
ED6p1b Metcad Sarah head F N 86 Wd Texas
ED6p2a Phillips W. G Head M W 33 M Texas
ED6p2a Phillips Enola S wife F W 33 M Texas
ED6p2a Blakey Lillie head F W 53 Wd Texas
ED6p2a Blakey Floyd son M W 24 M Texas
ED6p2a Blakey Ruth dau-in-law F W 18 M Arkansas
ED6p2a Burger Toney mo F W 87 Wd Austria
ED6p2a Phillips John head M W 73 M Scotland
ED6p2a Phillips Rosa wife F W 63 M Texas
ED6p2a Melton Alice head F N 70 Wd Texas
ED6p2a Richards Roby lodger M N 35 M Texas
ED6p2a Richards Lurene C lodger F N 31 M Texas
ED6p2a Elkins Carrie head F W 50 Wd Texas
ED6p2a Skrivanek Theresa head F W 40 Wd Czechoslovakia
ED6p2a Skrivanek Frances dau  F W 40 S Texas
ED6p2a Skrivanek Frank son M W 50 Wd Texas
ED6p2a Skrivanek Charlie g-son M W 20 S Texas
ED6p2a Skrivanek Louis head M W 32 M Texas
ED6p2a Skrivanek Emily wife M W 23 M Texas
ED6p2a Skrivanek Leona Lorene dau F W 2 S Texas
ED6p2a Skrivanek Martha Theresa  dau F W 8mo S Texas
ED6p2a Hall Lee head M N 24 S Texas
ED6p2a Hintz Edwin head M W 46 M Texas
ED6p2a Hintz Linnie wife F W 45 M Texas
ED6p2a Hintz Hover son M W 8 S Texas
ED6p2a Cole Mat head M W 68 S Texas
ED6p2a Bolten Laura head F W 78 Wd Texas
ED6p2a Kunze Matilda head F W 85 Wd Texas
ED6p2a Bilton Mary Ester lodger F W 16 S Texas
ED6p2a Peugh I S. head M N 66 M Texas
ED6p2a Peugh Lueresey wife F N 68 M Texas
ED6p2a Peugh Ennis son M N 32 M Texas
ED6p2a Peugh Ada dau-in-law F N 21 M Texas
ED6p2a Peugh Lenora g-dau F N 4 S Texas
ED6p2a Peugh Adolph g-son M N 4mo S Texas
ED6p2a Peugh Nettie Mae head F N 29 Wd Texas
ED6p2a King Frank head M W 65 M Texas
ED6p2a King Geneva wife F W 64 M Texas
ED6p2a Heflin Leroy head M W 28 M Texas
ED6p2a Heflin Mary    wife F W 32 M Texas
ED6p2a Brode Waldine st-dau F W 14 S Texas
ED6p2b Brode Ervin st-son M W 10 S Texas
ED6p2b Nakel Joe fa-in-law M W 53 M Texas
ED6p2b Severin August head M W 41 M Texas
ED6p2b Severin Frieda wife F W 34 M Texas
ED6p2b Severin Ervin son M W 14 S Texas
ED6p2b Hill J Walter head M W 67 M Texas
ED6p2b Hill Carrie Mae wife F W 59 M Texas
ED6p2b Ferrell Carrie Mae dau F W 33 D Texas
ED6p2b Ferrell Alton g-son M W 10 S Texas
ED6p2b Ferrell Florence Mae g-dau F W 7 S Texas
ED6p2b Teichmann Fritz head M W 69 S Germany
ED6p2b Teichmann Anna sis F W 63 S Texas
ED6p2b Hagemann Albert head M W 59 M Texas
ED6p2b Hagemann Ella wife F W 50 S Texas
ED6p2b Hagemann Sydney son M W 27 S Texas
ED6p2b Hagemann Alberta dau F W 19 S Texas
ED6p2b Hagemann Marjorie dau F W 15 S Texas
ED6p2b Severin Emil head M W 50 M Texas
ED6p2b Severin Minnie wife F W 49 M Texas
ED6p2b Rapsilver Elvin son-in-law M W 35 M Texas
ED6p2b Rapsilver Clara dau F W 25 M Texas
ED6p2b Rapsilver Mary Louise g-dau F W 3mo S Texas
ED6p2b Jackson Virge head M N 52 M Texas
ED6p2b Jackson Emma wife F N 50 M Texas
ED6p2b Jackson Leroy son M N 26 S Texas
ED6p2b Dabney Samuel g-son M N 15 S Texas
ED6p2b Ridley Elias head M N 60 M Texas
ED6p2b Ridley Mary wife F N 50 M N. Carolina
ED6p2b Harris Morris head M N 40 M Texas
ED6p2b Harris Lillie Belle wife   N 20 M Texas
ED6p2b Harris Leroy son M N 3 S Texas
ED6p2b Harris Howard son M N 1 S Texas
ED6p2b Byers Charlie head M N 70 M Texas
ED6p2b Byers Ella wife F N 49 M Texas
ED6p2b Basey Henry Lee neph M N 18 S Texas
ED6p2b Brown Roosevelt head M N 35 M Texas
ED6p2b Brown Ora wife F N 32 M Texas
ED6p2b Brown Willie Mae dau F N 13 S Texas
ED6p2b Brown Myrtle Lee dau F N 9 S Texas
ED6p2b Brown Rutha Mae dau F N 6 S Texas


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