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Early Veterans


Many Austin County residents found themselves involved in battles chronicled in Texas History and American History. Some veterans fought in the Texas Revolution 1835 - 1936, the Mexican War, 1845 - 1847,  and the Spanish War, 1898 to 1901.  Others found themselves embroiled in other similar situations, such as the Mier expedition. We do not know all the names, but Joy Neely has compiled information about as many veterans as she could find. 

From Handbook of Texas Online:

MIER EXPEDITION. The Mier expedition, the last of the raiding expeditions from Texas into the area south of the Nueces River during the days of the Republic of Texas, was the most disastrous of the expeditions from Texas into Mexico. It developed out of the Somervell expedition, which captured Laredo and Guerrero. On December 19, 1842, Alexander Somervell,qv recognizing that his expedition had been a failure and concluding that a longer stay upon the Rio Grande might prove disastrous, ordered his troops to prepare to return home by way of Gonzales. Many of the men had reached the conclusion that there was little possibility of accomplishing their objectives of engaging the Mexican Army and of seizing and plundering Mexican towns, but they were so dissatisfied with the order to return home that they determined to separate from the command, cross the river, and attack the Mexican settlements to secure cattle and horses. Only 189 men and officers obeyed the order to return; five captains and most of the men refused to do so. Constituting what is known as the Mier expedition, they moved down the Rio Grande to a convenient campsite and selected William S. Fisher as their commander. Some wanted revenge and retaliation; many sought adventure; the leaders were nearly all political opponents of Sam Houston.

  If you are aware of records for other veterans and can provide us with such records, please contact Joy Neely or Steve Alvarez  .


Surname First Name(s) Battle Information Veteran's Information Cemetery Source
Pilley Michael Robert MEIR EXPEDITION  b. Grantham, England Oak Knoll Stone erected by St. of TX 1936
Zurek August G.  Mier expedition 1842 Grantham, England 03/30/1820 d.01/07/1865   Stone-Erected by State of Texas 1936
Blanchette Ed Philippine Insurrection Oak Knoll BT-5/26/55
Milski Mike S. Philippine Insurrection   Oak Knoll BT-5/26/55
Brast Lee L. SP Am War  4 U. S. Army PubSealy tombstone sec 7
Coody Mance SP Am War   Wallis BT-5/26/55
Coody Warren G. SP Am War  Co H TX Inf Bluff Cem Memorial stone
Elolf Fritz SP Am War   WAL BT-5/26/55
Holecek John SP Am War  Pvt. U S Army GAngelWallis tombstone
Stalknecht F. H. SP Am War   Oak Knoll BT-5/26/55
Alford Winfield TEX REV 1st Regt 1st Brig Texas Army 1836 Gonzales, Texas Austin Co. tax list1833; family
Atkinson John TEX REV Army, Campaign of 1836   M. Glenn
Austin Stephen Fuller TEX REV Army   M. Glenn
Baker Joseph "Don Jose" TEX REV Army, Capt. Mosely Baker   M. Glenn
Baker Mosely TEX REV Army, Captain Co. D   M. Glenn
Bell James TEX REV     BT-7/16/98
Bell Joseph H. TEX REV Capt Byrd Lockhart's Co. Austin County  Julia Lange Dinkins' thesis p. 24
Bell Thomas TEX REV Pvt Art (Capt. J. York Co.)M Glenn shows him as Thomas H. Bell (with Ben Milam in 1835 at Seige of Bexar) Buckhorn TX Ch. Adv. Pub. Resolution 1858  Stone erected by St. of TX 1936
Bollinger Peter TEX REV Capt. B. J. Harpers Co. Austin Co.  Julia Lange Dinkins' thesis p. 25
Borden Paschal Paolo TEX REV (Capt. J. York Co.)also Capt. John Bird's Co. 1/12/35    Ann L.
Bostick Sion R. TEX REV Pvt. ( Capt.M. Baker's Co.)with Col. Ed Burleson 1st Reg. TX Vol. also Battle of Gonzales, Seige of Bexar   Ann L. & M. Glenn
Bricker John TEX REV  Armykillled in San Felipe skirmish   M. Glenn
Bryan Moses Austin TEX REV  Army, 3rd Sgt. Capt Mosely Baker Indepdence Cem M. Glenn
Campbell John TEX REV  Army, Campaign of 1836   M. Glenn
Campbell Rufus E. TEX REV  Army, Campaign of 1836 State ceme. M. Glenn
Cleveland Horatio N. TEX REV  Army, Lt.Col., Battle of San Jacinto   M. Glenn
Cochran James TEX REV  San Jacinto, detail to assist evacuation during battle.    
Cochran Thomas J. TEX REV  Army, Capt. Mosely Baker's Command   M. Glenn (named also sp. Cochrane
Ernst Friedrich TEX REV   20 July 1836-20 November 1836    
Ferrell John P. TEX REV  Army, Battle of San Jacinto  Capt. Moreland's Co.  Coch M. Glenn
Fordtran Charles William TEX REV  1835-6 Capt Byrd's Spy Rangers PLBrenham Hist. Marker on Hwy. 159
Foster Benjamin Franklin TEX REV  1835-1836 Buckhorn Ceme M. Glenn, ; obit
Foster John H. TEX REV  Capt. Mosely Baker's Co. Austin Co.  Julia Lange Dinkins' thesis p. 25
Francis Miller TEX REV  Army    M. Glenn
Granville Benjamin TEX REV   Pvt. Co of Gibson Kuykendall   BT-7/16/98
Grimes Frederick TEX REV  Co of Gibson Kuykendall    Texas Army   BT-7/16/98, M. Glenn
Grimes George W. TEX REV  Co of Gibson Kuykendall   Texas Army, Campaign of 1836   BT-7/16/98, M. Glenn
Groce Leonard Waller TEX REV  Pvt. &TX Colonial Army Sub Lt.   Liendo/WallerCo Ann L. & M. Glenn
Hall James  TEX REV  Army, Campaiwith Capt. Wm. Ware 1836 & supplied goods to armygn of 1836   M. Glenn
Hallien John F. TEX REV  Army, Campaign of 1836   M. Glenn
Hope  son of James TEX REV  Army, Battle of San Jacinto   Ann L.
Hope Adolphus TEX REV  Army, Siege of Bexar   M. Glenn
Hope Prosper S. TEX REV  Army, Battle of San Jacinto   M. Glenn
Hope Richard TEX REV  Army, Battle of San Jacinto   Ann L. & M. Glenn
Huff George TEX REV  Gonzales Vol. Army Provision supp.   Ann L.
Jackson Joseph TEX REV  Army  Buried Masonic Cemetery, Caldwell, TX M. Glenn
Kuykendall Barzilla TEX REV  Army 2nd Sgt Capt. Ab. Kuykendall  sick at Harrisburg-guarded supplies 1835-1836   Ann L.
Kuykendall Gibson TEX REV  Army Lt. Com E, 1st Reg. under Gen. Burleson, guard at Harrisburg   Ann L.
Kuykendall Jonathan Hampton TEX REV  Army (Capt. Robert McNutt's Co.)   Ann L.
Lapham Moses TEX REV  Army San Ant Ann L.
Martin Wylie TEX REV  Army (defend Thompson Ferry). helped with Runaway Scrape Ft. Bend County Ann L.
Montgomery McCready TEX REV  Army, Campaign of 1836. Co A Capt. James Pope Price's company   M. Glenn McCready???)
Nichols John TEX REV   BellVicinity  
Pettus John TEX REV  (1st Reg. Col. Burleson)  under Capt. M. Baker, Co. D, Battle of Sacinto, 7/1//36, Capt. J. York Co. Goliad County Ann L.
Pettus William A. TEX REV  Army, rear guard at Harrisburg during San Jacinto, supplied beef to army Wash.onBrazos Ann L.
Pier James Bradford TEX REV, 


 Army &  TX  Born Waleville, Ohio d. at Travis, TX Travis/ Pier BT-5/26/55


James Bradford


Kukendallís Company at San Jacinto

Travis/Pier .


Pilgrim Thomas J. TEX REV  Army b. Gonzales   M. Glenn & Ann L.
Price William B. TEX REV  Army, Battle of San Jacinto   M. Glenn
Reamos Sherwood Young TEX REV  Army, Battle of San Jacinto. detailed to guard the baggage at Harrisburg Apr. 21, 1836 & M. Glenn (Reams) Buckhorn Stone erected by St. of TX 1936 BT-5/26/55,  
Reed Nathaniel TEX REV  Army, Battle of San Jacinto   M. Glenn
Shelby David TEX REV  Army Colonial Militia, 1st Lt. 6-'24 Shelby,TX Ann L. & M. Glenn
Shipman Daniel TEX REV  Army (Seige of Bexar, San Jacinto with Capt. Byrd's Volunteers) Goliad Ann L.
Sommerville Alexander  TEX REV  d. Feb. 1854 Seige of Bexar, Lt. Col. Of TX Volunteer Army, Lt. Col. Battle of San Jacinto   M. Glenn & Ann L.
Star Franklin Jefferson TEX REV  Army (Capt. Mosely Baker Co.)   Ann L.
Swearingen Elemeleck TEX REV  Army, Battle of San Jacinto.  W. of Sealy M. Glenn & Ann L. Cat Spring Agriculture Society, listed as a CSA vet. - TX Army Turner's Co.
Swearingen Valentine W. TEX REV  Army, Battle of San Jacinto. Brother of Elemeleck Swearingen - TX Vol. Army - not reg. Army,  Seige of Bexar   M. Glenn & Ann L.
Travis William Barrett TEX REV  ('35 Lt Col Calvary;Chief Recruiter) Alamo Ann L. & M. Glenn
Williamson Robert McAlpin TEX REV  Army Commandant of Rangers, Major State Cem. d. in Wharton Ann L. & M. Glenn
York John TEX REV  Army (Capt. of Volunteer Company)Seige of Bexar, Captain; Capt. under Travis in Legion of Cavalry died Escondida Creek Yorktown Ann L.


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