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Austin County Veterans who served during the Korean War, 1950-1953

Our thanks to Joy Neely who  compiled most of this information.  Our sincere appreciation for her ongoing efforts to supply genealogical data to us all! 

Note: In the Source column, BT indicates Bellville Times, and SN , Sealy News.

Other abbreviations are:  DC = Death Certificate

                                                       DF = V.A. Death File                

                                           DR = Discharge Record


If you are aware of other available military records or can provide us with such records, please contact Joy Neely or Steve Alvarez  .

Abel, Jr. Alfred Erwin, Jr. US  Army 1951-53 Oak Knoll BT-9/5/85, VA death file
Adams Thomas E US Army 1950-1952 Oak Knoll VA death file
Alford Ernest J. US Armed forces.   Inducted March 5, 1951    BT-2/1/1951p.1
Alvarado Eulalio Cpl. MC KIA WAL BT-5/26/55 & tombstone
Ammann Elmo, Jr. US Army 1953-1959   BT obit
Andrews Robert Lee PVT CoB4 Tank Bn US Army SF_Blace military tombstone
Ashorn Milton W. KW Pfc. SalemChCeme. BT-10/22/92 p. 8
Balke, Sr. Charles Herman  Pf c US Army I_ICChurch mil tombstone
Ballington John Emanuel AC1 US Navy Pilgrims Rest US Vet. Gravesites, mil. tombstone
Baranowski Leonard Lee Sgt. U. S. Army CathCemSealy BT-6/10/99 p. 4
Barber A. P. U. S. Armed forces.   Inducted March 5, 1951    BT-2/1/1951p.1
Bargas Valeska Army PR VA
Barr Bryant C Army  K, W2 Oak Knoll VA
Bartay Vernon Ray US Army Air Force 1948-52 OKC V.A.
Beachboard Robert US Marine Corps Sgt 1952-83   Self
Becker (Dr. ) Paul Joseph U. S. Army Air Force. ICC Industry Cem discharge rec. Obit.
Bennett Thomas J. Sr US. Army Jeff Obit
Bernshausen Arthur R. USAF Sealy mil. tombstone Dierking's list - correct dates?
Blum Harvey Rudolph, Sr. Chief Warrant Off. U. S. Army Natl. SanAntonio BT-11/5/87 p. 12
Boehme Ernest Lee US Army New Ulm  
Boecker Burney U.S. Army Oak Knoll family
Bookout John Charles ENCS US Navy 1941-61 Houston Nt. Cem. BT obit
Brandes Owen Otto US Marine Corps Pilgrim's Rest VA death file
Brast Roy Everett U. S. Army SourLake,TX BT-8/19/99 p. 4
Brast Weldon Daniel US. Army Sp4 Ord (Tank Div)   SN 11/11/2008
Brast William Edmund U. S. Armed forces.   Inducted March 5, 1951    BT-2/1/1951p.1
Bravenec John I  SSGT QMC US Army Oak Knoll Enl. Rec., VA, BT-5/10/84
Brooks Ulysses W. U. S. Armed forces.   Inducted March 5, 1951    BT-2/1/1951p.1
Brown Charles Dean Capt. U. S. Army Veterinary Corp College Station personal knowledge
Buechmann Eugene  U. S. Army PubSealy BT-7/8/99 p. 4
Bullard Robert L. (Lee) Cpl U. S. Army radio operator Pilgrim's Rest tombstone, VA death file
Bunton Franklin Delano A1C U. S. Air Force PubSealy US Vet. Gravesites
Buntzel Herbert, Jr. US Air Force   obit BT-1/7/2010 p7
Burditt Robert Wesley Pvt US Army 1950-52 Wounded Dotson military tombstone, VA file
Burditt Willie M MSgt US Army Ho. Ntl. Cem.  
Burger Raymond  U S Navy   BT-5/8/86 p. 12
Burnley Cary Lamar SA U S Navy, K, W2 Oak Knoll VA, VM, US Vet. Gravesites
Burns Rome DeMent  U S Navy Immac.Sealy BT-1/8/98
Byerly Clement S SA US Navy Oak Knoll death cert. tombstone
Caldwell Tolly Rex Sr. US Air Force Korea & V.N National tombstone
Campos Blas  Cpl. co B 11 Engr C BN US KIA Immac.Sealy BT-5/26/55 & tombstone
Cerny Anton  Cpl. U. S. Army 61st Eng. Const. Batt.    
Chernosky Al  U S Air Force NatlNelsonville BT-4/16/98, VA death file
Chernosky Norris Rudy  Cpl U S Army National tombstone
Clark, Jr. Lawton J.      
Clayton Eugene E SGT US Army San Felipe Military tombstone
Cloyd Sam  U. S. Army 1950-1952 FreyCemMonav BT-11/12/98 p. 4
Condon Charles John A1c Air Force PR VA, mil. tombstone
Crawford Bobby Jerome  SGT US Army 1948-52 Oak Knoll VM; death cert.,BT-5/26/55
Dahse Calvin Louis US Navy Oak Knoll death cert, tombstone
Dierschke Walter Doyle "Bub" Sgt.  U. S. Army CathSealy BT-12/19/96 p. 16
Diggs Dennis L.      
Dittert Clarence Alvin     Discharge,VM
Dittert J. L(Lee)., Jr.  Lt. Jg; LCMR U. S. Navy Pilgrim's Rest mil. tombstone
Faircloth Billy E.  M/Sgt. U. S. Army  also V.N. CatSpringCeme BT-10/8/98
Fajkus Felix R. KW  KIA   COURTHOUSE RECORD 5 965 915
Ferrell Alton "Sonny"  U. S. Army HillFamilySanFe BT-5/13/93
Filip Alfred U. S. Armed forces.   Inducted March 5, 1951    BT-2/1/1951p.1
Fisher Clifton Neely SSGT 8th US Army Air Force OKa S#18061358; BT 4/18/96; VA; VM
Flentge Alvinlee M. Pvt US Army 1970-74 National mil. tombstone
Frank Calvin Kenneth SP3 US Army Pilgrim's Rest mil. tombstone
Frank Leon H.  U. S. Marine Corps PubSealy BT- 10/13/88 p. 3
Frank Robert Walter CPL US Marine Corps Sturdivant Cem. Mineral Wells, Tx BT obit, mil. tombstone
Franks Lee Roy  USMC Sgt Pilgrim's Rest mil. tombstone
Fricke Kenneth M.      
Froebel Cecil R.      
Fuchs Raymond J.  Pfc. U S Army PubSealy tombstone sec 4
Gallas Frank D QM3 US Navy Korea Phillipsburg Luth V. A.
Garling Allen Earl PFC U. S. Army   BT6/18/98; 11/12 53; Am. Leg. Post 115
Garrett Allen A. Sgt. U. S. Marine 1948-1952 I Co 3rd Batt   serial # 662500
Gass Walter Harvey Hosp. Corpsman US Navy WW II & Korea   SN 11/2012
Gentry Eddie Gene GYSGT US Marine Corps Houston Ntl. Cem BT obit, US Vet Gravesites
Giebel Clarence G.  Cpl. US Army Shelby Tombstone
Giebel Dennis E.   Shelby BT-6/10/93
Gonzales Jose Raul A2c US Air Force National mil. tombstone
Gonzales Willie US Navy Forest Pk Cem. Houston BT Obit
Graham Jack Freeman   Pilgrim's Rest VA death file
Grounds James Robert A1c US Air Force Pilgrim's Rest mil. tombstone
Grawunder James SPl 3/c, radar   family
Gross Harlen E.  SSgt US Army New Ulm BT-Aug/86
Goodwin Marion Robert (Bob) 2Lt US Army Pilgrim's Rest VA; mil. tombstone
Haar Clarence Robert U. S. Army Rehburg, TX BT-12/?/2001
Haczynski Paul Edward  U. S. Army StMary/Frydek BT-3/7/96 p. 14
Hagen Bobby U. S. Army M.P.   Douglas T Mewis
Hamala Fred Joseph US Army                     CPL HQ BYRY 518  AAA GUn Bn Immac.Sealy military marker
Hamm Willie Eugene  TX Pfc Co. C, 224 Inf. U S Army PubSealy SN-6/28/79 & tombstone sec 6
Hammack, Sr. Allen L.   StAnthony's BT-11/24/88 p. 13
Hansard Thomas J.   Oak Knoll V.A.
Hatch Gordon Lee SSgt US Army Pilgrim's Rest mil. tombstone
Henderson Tracy Sr Pvt US Army 1952-1955 Dotson military tombstone, VA file.
Henneke Emil J U. S. Armed forces.   Inducted March 5, 1951    BT-2/1/1951p.1
Higgins, Jr. Frank Joseph, Jr.  U S Army 1953-1954 Pilgrim's Rest BT-6/7/01 p. 4
Hines James Doyle Jr. SN US Navy, Korea & Viet Nam I_Pilgrims_Rest tombstone
Holiday Italy US Army SF_Black SN 11/9/2012
Holiday Northon O. U. S. Armed forces.   Inducted March 5, 1951    BT-2/1/1951p.1
Holiday Oscar Inducted Mar 5, 1951 Houston, TX   BT-3-1-51 p. 1
Holloway James Edward US Army 4 years OKc BT obit
Holtkamp Elroy Herman SP4 US Army PR VA, mil. tombstone
Hruzek Raymond Robert Pfc US Army Immac.Sealy military marker
Hurta Leroy  US Army OKb BT obit
Jahnke Calvin S/Sgt U S Air Force 1950-1958    
Janicek Alphonse V.  T/Sgt. U S Army Cath. Sealy tombstone, military marker
Janik Charlie E Sgt. U. S. Army   Family
Janszen Charles Victor  U S Army Dental Technician PubSealy BT-6/11/98
Jez Norbert J TECS US Army 1951-1954 Cath. Sealy military marker
Johnston Floyd William, Jr   Sealy  
Jurek Delfean Sylvester     Death Cert.
Kaase Robert E.  TX Sgt Btry B 37 Atry, US Army OKa tombstone
Kahanek Robert  Sgt U S Army WAL tombstone
Kamas Edwin (John)  Sgt U S Army National tombstone
Kemper Leroy Bennie "Pete"  U S. Army 1952-1955 OKc BT-6/25/98
Kersten Marvin Albert  Pvt. U. S. Army 7th Div. 31st Reg. Co. G PubSealy tombstone sec 7 & BT-1/28/93 p. 12
Klaus Roy Willie SFC US Army Welcome 2 mil. tombstone
Klausmeyer Elgin H.  Cpl 7th Inf Div 31st Reg    
Klehm Wilburt   Phillipsburg Luth V.A.
Kmiec Phillip David Sr   SN US Navy tombstone, VA death file
Knobeldorf William Joseph SSGT US Air Force I_Pilgrims_Rest mil tombstone
Kokemor Leroy William  Pvt. 1 U. S. Army   dgt. Janice
Konesheck William Fred "Bill"  U. S. Army CathSealy BT-10/22/98 p. 4, military marker
Korenek Dennis A. U. S. Armed forces.   Inducted March 5, 1951    BT-2/1/1951p.1
Koy Charley  Army Medical-51-53-6/4/24    
Krampitz Donell W US Army 1950-1951 Immac.Sealy VA death file
Krebs Calvin Otto Sgt US Army Shelby mil tombstone
Krenek Wilfred T. Master Sgt. U. S. Army Star Hill BT-4/20/95 p. 11 mil. tombstone
Krupala Edwin Edward Pfc US Army.   Inducted March 5, 1951 Pilgrim's Rest  BT-2/1/1951p.1, friend., mil. tombstone
Krumrey Lloyd US Navy 1951-55 OKc VA death file
Loescher Vernon Ray KIA Sealy BT 5-26-55, Courthouse Record
Luedecke Wilfred C SP4 US Army Immac.Sealy military marker
Luedeker Quinton H Sgt US Army Shelby mil tombstone
Luedke George Albert Pvt. US Army New Ulm mil. tombstone
Lunsford Robert Vaden, Sr US Air Force OKa BT obit
Lynn Barkley Young "B.Y." US Army 1952-54 OKa BT obit
Lyons Jesse D.  Pfc. U. S. Army, KIA AtC tombstone,  BT 5-26-55 Courthouse Record
Lyons Marvin Ellsworth AMC US Navy 1938-1954 OKa VA; DC
Maeckel Leland Edward 24th Div. QM Co., Puson, Korea I. Brethren. Family
Mahlmann Bailey Bennie Pvt US Army Susen mil tombstone
Mahnke Paul C S/Sgt U S Air Corp Unit Sealy BT 10 22/1953p5 mil. tombstone
Maler Edward Lee  U. S. Army PubSealy BT-4/7/88 p. 9
Maler George Eugene  U. S. Army PubSealy BT-1/25/97
Marcinkiewicz Edmund Sgt 1st Class 120th Combat Engs US Army OKa VA
Marek Clarence H. "Bobby"  U S Army 1951-1953   BT-2/12/98
Marek Edwin Gilbert RM2c US Navy OKc S5765043; VM; Bt Obit.
Masar Joe (F.)  Pfc U S Army National Ceme tombstone
Mazac Jerry  U. S. Navy CathFrydek BT-3/24/94
McDonald Freddie Pfc US Army SF_Black military tombstone
Meier Melvin Adolph  U. S. Navy PubSealy tombstone sec 7 & BT-8/5/95 p.8
Meinecke Gillis Earl SP3 US Army OKc BT Obit 2002 p.172; VA; US Vet. Gravesites
Meinecke Robert Lee Enlisted, Sgt. US Army 1945-54 Houston Ntl Cem. VA; VM; BT 5/23/96; US Vet. Gravesites
Meinecke Vivian Lois Collett  Pvt US Army OKc tombstone; DC
Meinscher William Henry  Pfc. U. S. Army OKb S # 38679132 & BT-6/24/93VA
Mersmann Clarence Edward  U. S. Navy PubSealy tombstone sec 6 & BT-7/15/93p.10
Mewis Monroe Ben, Jr. Sfc US Army Pilgrim's Rest tombstone, BT Obit.
Mewis Wilbert Emil US Army Pilgrim's Rest BT Obit
Meyer Elmer Dennis Sfc US Army (1952-1954) Pilgrim's Rest BT-12/26/1991
Mikeska Donal Edmund Sr. SP4 US Army National mil tombstone
Miller Oscar Lee US Army  Korea & WWII National VA death file
Morgan Leonard Amos Army PR VA
Morgan Robert Eugene Navy - WWII & Korea OKc VA; US Vet. Gravesites
Mueller Fred H Pvt Arty US Army Shelby mil. tombstone
Mueller William Earl, Sr. US Army Calvary Cath Ce BT-7/18/91 p 6
Neely Winston Brookfield  Captain U. S. Army Medical Corp 51-53 OKc BT obit
Norwood Loyd Edward SN US Navy Welcome 2 mil tombstone
Noviskie Bryan Theodore. "Cotton" US Navy USS Shasta Spf 3c W2, KW  USS Shipley Bay VM, VA
Oldag Al Smith  U. S. Army PubSealy BT-4/6/95 p. 16
Pacher George Lee Sgt US Army Immac.Sealy military marker
Pate, Sr. Orvis Lee, Sr.  Air Force OKc tombstone; DC
Pavlicek George J US Army Immac. Sealy military marker


Peschke Jerome Matthewson Capt.US Navy Mem. Oaks Cem. Houston BT 5/26/55, US Vet. Gravesites
Peters Edward Oran Cpl, US Army PR VA, tombstone
Pfeffer Eugene Winston Air Force A1c 1954-58 OKc VM; BT obit.
Pfeffer Milton Lee CPL US Army Pilgrim's Rest Schmidt Obit.
Pfeffer Woodrow W. SFC U. S. Army45-46, 49-53 D W2 & Korea Pilgrim's Rest VM, tombstone
Phillips Jack Dwight  U. S. Army & Navy  also V. N. San Felipe Cem BT-2/26/98 & tombstone
Pless Wilbert A.  TX Cpl Hq Btry 625 FABN U S Army PubSealy SN-6/28/79 & tombstone sec 3
Polasek, Jr. Charlie   AtC BT-5/26/55
Pomykal Frank George CPL US Army National mil tombstone
Porter Glen Dale Sgt US Army, W2& KW PR VA, VM, tombstone
Powell Dudley C SSgt US Air Force I_Pilgrims_Rest mil tombstone
Reinhardt Oliver Wilburn Pvt, US Army PR V. A., tombstone, BT obit.
Remmert Floyd Gordon  T/Sgt. Infantry U. S. Army, K, W2 OKb BT-11/20/97; VM; VA; S#38547625
Remmert Harold  S/Sgt. 52-54   BT-6/18/98 & BT-10/7/93 p.1
Remmert Kenneth Lee  U S Army PubSealy BT-5/21/98
Repka Eugene   WAL BT-5/26/95-
Reznicek Henry F     AC Discharge
Richard MIlton Milford CPL US Army National mil tombstone
Rinn Edwin   Hoppe(NewBremen) BT-5/26/55-
Rohan Frank S.   CathSealy BT-5/26/55-
Rudek Stanley Daniel Cpl. US Army OKc V.A; US Vet. Gravesites
Sander Walter, Jr. U. S. Armed forces.   Inducted March 5, 1951    BT-2/1/1951p.1
Schiller Aldon Henry  U S Army Sealy BT-11/21/96 p. 10
Schiller Milton Edward MOMM2c U. S. Navy OKc (M) VM; BT 8/1/96
Schiller Milton Willie (Pete) (Cpl)(Spec 4th Class E4) U. S. Army 1953-1955 PR Vet. Gravesites
Schiller/Shiller Neolin (Wincent US Navy Gravel Ridge Cem.; Nacogdoches Co. BT-5/26/55-  Findagrave.
Schindler, Jr. Marvin Willy  Cpl. U S Army Sealy tombstone sec 6
Schmid William Robert III Cpl US Army OKc BT-10/31/1991 p. 9; VA; tombstone
Schovajsa Raymond Willie Cpl US Army Welcome 2 military tombstone
Schroeder Aaron Ray 1st Lt 614 FTR Bomb Sq US Air Force PR tombstone
Schwecke Hugh R Col ORD Corps US Army WW I, II, Korea New Ulm mil. tombstone
Seals Anthony James SSGT US Army Macedonia military tombstone
Sessums John Valton, Jr. LT US Navy OKc US Vet. Gravesites
Shelburne Wilbur Bud  S 1/c U. S. Navy Holy Rosary Cath. Cem. Houma, LA Serial Number 8431577 VA death file
Shelton Clyde E US Army 1942-46 (d. Houston) VA death file
Shultz Robert Lloyd, Sr.  U. S. Coast Guard OKa BT-2/21/91 p. 11
Sincl Lloyd (A) PFC 11 Arm Cav US Army HoppeNBremen BT-5/26/55 & tombstone
Sisa Ladgie  US Army Natl.Ceme. BT-3/17/94
Slansky Peter F.  KIA FrydekCath BT-5/26/55, Courthouse Record
Slovak Clifford William  US Army Natlional BT-9/24/98, mil tombstone
Smith Ebbie   PRC  tombstone  Black
Smith Frank Thomas  Capt. U. S. Army   BT-11/19/92
Solis Joe Staff Sgt. Signal Corps     
Spacek Jerome Albert US NAVY 1950-54   Discharge Record
Spacek Joe Ladislav US Navy OKb Mem, V.A.
Stafford Robert Ernest, Jr. US Air Force OKa BT; Knesek obit
Stanley James "Wayne" US Army 1955-61 OKc Schmidt obit
Steinbach Edgar John US MarineCorps OKc VA; BT obit.
Stepan Clarence Ben US Army National mil tombstone
Stewart Roger Paul US Marine Corps OKa VA
Stoerner Willie L. Sgt. 7th Inf Div. U. S. Army 1952-1954    
Surovcak Frank Alois  Sgt. U S Army Immac.Sealy BT-3/26/98 military marker
Surovcak Willie M CPL US Army Immac. Sealy military marker
Svajda Virgil J U. S. Armed forces.   Inducted March 5, 1951    BT-2/1/1951p.1
Teague James Milton GM3 US Navy; W2,K, VN PR VM; tombstone; BT obit; VA
Teichmann Wilfred M(Milton) "Bubba" CPLArmy PR VA, tombstone
Thielemann Charles  14th Air Divn; Staff Sgt    
Thompson Carl Roy Sgt. U. S. Army Sealy BT 1/9/1992p.6
Thompson, Jr. Norris  Navy Jeff Ceme tombstone
Thompson Walter M   San Felipe picture on tombstone
Tirey William Donald  AN U S Air Force PubSealy SN-6/28/79 & tombstone sec 6
Toalson Clayton E US Army 1940-45/50-51 OKb VA; VM
Tomlinson Charles Ray A2/c U S Air Force PubSealy tombstone sec 7
Trenckmann Leon Maurice. Jr. U.S. Army Air Force OKc VA; BTobit June 1994
Ueckert Bruce Wayne US Navy Ready Rsv 1953-61 OKc VM;  BTobit
Ueckert Jesse, Jr. SGT US Air Force 1952-56 OKa VA; VM; BT-11/16/95
Valentine Boyce K.  TX Pfc 515 M.P. Service Plat Sealy SN-6/28/79;BT-5/26/55;tombstone
Vavrecka James W U.S Army 1951-1953 Immac. Sealy SN 1/5/2012
Velchoff William, Sr. SMSgt US Air Force; W2, K PR BT obit; VM; Vet. Gravesites
Vicenik Louis James US Navy GM2c Immac. Sealy military marker
Viereck Charles Arthur US Navy OKc Schmidt obit
Vornkahl Weldon Everett U. S. Air Force Millheim Family
Voswinkel William Herman Cpl US Marine Corps 1952-55 PR BT 5/21/98; USMC Muster Rolls
Waak James Allen  U S Army OKb Tombstone
Waddell John Jack III PFC US Army S_Catholic Tombstone
Walden Charles Ray Cpl US Army PR BT 11/30/89 p.7, tombstone
Waldrop Jones Carter "Pops"  U. S. Army San Felipe Cem Tombstone
Warburton Bruce Lane U.S. Army 1953-1956   BT obit; VM
Warmke Bobby Dale AEAN US Navy Welcome 2 military tombstone
Wehring Waldo Henry  CPL U S Army PR BT-11/28/96 p. 17; tombstone
Wehring Weldon Air Force Bay Cliff Cemetery Friend
Wehring, Jr. Theo  CPL 7th Inf. Div, 31st Reg (New Wehdem)    
Wendt Harold  U. S. Army Lexington,TX  
Wendt Vernon L EN1 Navy  Guam  1950-51 & - (WWII )    
Wienecke Edward Lee Cpl. US Army PR BT-12/29/94; tombstone
Willoughby Jim  US Army/ US Air Force  Sealy military tombstone 
Wittneben Robert Lee Navy - WWII & Korea   Dierking
Zander H. G. 14th Air Divn; Staff Sgt    
Zander Ross Sterling  US Navy OKb BT-6/4/98; VM; US Vet. Gravesites
Zapalac Joe C US Army 1951-1953 Immac Sealy VA death file
Zapalac Louis Joseph, Jr US Marine Corps Sgt 1948-49 1950-52   SN-11/11/2008,p15
Zaruba Lawrence U. S. Army    
Zettel Jessie G. Cpl US Army PR Tombstone
Zuber Lesher Louis SGT 1714 Sig Ser Co.US Army Air Force W2, K OKb DC, V.A.; tombstone



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