Abbreviations in the "War" column  indicate the time period during which the veteran served.   If nothing is shown, it either means we do not know the time served, or the time served did not fit into the categories we constructed to help viewers find the veterans.  Categories are as follows:  Rev. War 1776-1783; Civil War (CW) 1861-65; Mex. War 1845-49; Spanish American War (SP) 1898-1901; World War I (W1) 1914-1919;  World War II (W2) 1939-45; Korean War (K) 1950-53; Viet Nam  (V) 1959-1975  Gulf War aka Desert Storm aka Persian Gulf  (Gulf) 1990-1991; Iraq War (I) 2003- .


Surname First Name(s) War Text  Served
Oakley Charles F. W2, K Air Force, S W. Pacific  
Ognoskie Roy  PT U. S. army Medical Unit Ft. Lewis WA 1946-48
Ognosky Jesse A W2 Sgt U. S. Army 823 Tank Destroy, Europe 1943-45
O'Jibway James P. V USAF Travis AFB CA 1971-74
Oldag Al S K U. S. Army 2 yrs
Oldag James F W2 U. S. Army Luxomburg KIA  
Oldag Joe C W1 U. S. Army Europe 1918-19
Olson Edward G. W2 USN Pacific 3 yrs  
Olson George W. W1 Cpl US Army 2 yrs  
Olson Joseph F. W2 USN 2 yrs Valley Forge -CV45 USNR 8 yrs  
Ondruch Jerry  K CPL US Army 1953-66
Opperman Edgar  W2 S/Sgt, Signal Corp, ETO Five Campaigns 2/42-10/45
Orange James D.   USAF SSGT 96th Trans. Germany 1983-91
Orange James E. W2 Sgt T31st Air Natl Sqd North France Rhineland 1942-45
Orsak Charlie W2 Sgt. U. S. Army 1942-45
Orsak Daniel A.   US Army Germany 1969-71
Orth Elmore E W2 Army Pacific, Bronze Star  
Osanik Alex W2 U. S. Navy, Pacific 1942-46
Osborne Allan K. W2 USCG & USAF 1940-1964
Ottmer David H VN U. S. Army South Vietnam 1969-71
Ottmer Dennis A VN SPS U. S. Army Co. C. 79th Engr, Germany 1963-66
Ottmer Johnnie L VN Sp4 U. S. Army, 1 Bn 54 Inf. Germany 1963-64
Pacher Georgie L. K U. S. Army 1951-52
Paine Ray Treat W2 India Burma Campaign AAF 1941-45
Papke Adolph L. W1 Pvt. Icl 17 Fld Arty Div. Germany  
Papke Edward H. K USS Rogers 1953-57
Papke Henry A W2 Cpl 6th Inf. Purple Heart 1943-46
Papke Paul E. T. W1 Pvt. U. S. Army 323rd Aero Squadron  
Parker John Priestly CC 35 Miss CSA died at Corinth  
Parker Robert Oran, Sr. W2 Lt. US Navy  
Pate Orvis Lee K Air Force Smyrna Tenn, Philippines 1949-52
Pate Ronny L   Navy, Norfolk, Va. 1976-80
Patton Wm. Moody K USAF b.6-21-1926, d. 9-27-2005  
Paulsen Mikel V Sgt A TRP 11 ACR US Army 1970-1971
Pavelka Elgin M W2 Army 25 Div. 27th Reg  
Pavlicek George J K U. S. Army 1
Pawlowski Norbert   US Marines Jun 1956-June 1958
Payton Chester F. W2 US Army Air Force Pacific  
Peake Stephen V US Navy LCDR Naval Aviator 1955-76, 1979-83
Pearson David W W2 U. S. Coast Guard Merchant Marine 1941-45
Peden Gary V 6/20 Arty 5 Div Ft Carson, Colo Mar 66-Mar 68
Pedreira Dario A W2 Tec 5  Army CO B 61st Engr. Batt 1942-46
Percival R. E. W2 US Navy 1943-1946
Pereyra Max V USMC Camp Pendleton, Ca 1960-64
Perkins Arthur E W2 Army ETO Corporal 1942-45
Perley Myron C. W2 US Army Ft. Robinson 1942-44
Perry A. Jake   US Navy  
Persky Lee A   Army USAR 6 yrs
Peschel Newton W2 1st Sgt US Army Pacific 1940-45
Peschel Wilfred K US Army CPL Austria 1952--54
Peska Joe L W2 Sgt. Army Central Europe 1942-45
Peters Edgar  W2 US Army 192 Tank Div. Bataan Death March 1942--45
Peters Edward O K Cpl U. S. Army, Germany 1952-54
Peters Frankie W. K E4 US Army 1st Cavalry Div 1958-60
Peters Herman W1 Pvt b. 8-23-1888 killed 9-16-1918  
Peters Kermit F. W2 Asiatic Pacific 6/15/42 - 1/946
Peters Monroe Sr. W2 U. S. Army Philippines 1943-45
Pfeffer Bobby D. K US Army MSgt 1948-69
Pfeffer Delano VN U. S. Army 25th Div 1964-66
Pfeffer Dustin   Spc.1/1 SFG  Army Airborne, Okinawa OEF '04 Pacific 4 yrs
Pfeffer Eugene W. K A1C US Air Force Jas Connaly AFB 1954-58
Pfeffer Lawrence A W2 Pfc U. S. Army, Europe 1942-45
Pfeffer Oscar W2 Sgt. U. S. Army, Europe 1942-45
Pfeffer Phillip W. W2 Infantry European 3 yrs  
Pfeffer Woodrow W2, K SFC U. S. Army45-46, 49-53 1945-53
Pfeffer Samuel V US Army Vietnam 1966--67
Pfeiffer Harry   Army Cavalry CBI Theater  
Pfeiffer Lee C      
Pfeiffer Stephen   1st BN 7th Marine,1st Marine Div.  
Phillips Brison B (Moose) Gulf Major USAF 1988-2000
Pilchiek Travis K Air Force 1953-57
Pilcik Eddie V.   U. S. Army 21st Ord. Osaka, Japan 1945-47
Plasek Joe V. W2 Army, Pacific 3 + yrs
Pledger Robin C. W2 101st Airborne 501st Para Reg Medic  
Poffenberger J. E. W2 US Navy S/C Pacific 1945-46
Poliquin William P. V US Army (US55855182) 1966-68
Pomikal Ben J. W2 Pfc Army, Pacific 1 yr 3 mo
Pophanken Emmett W2 U. S. Army Air Force 1942-46
Porter Dale   Sgt US Army 1953-56
Potts Michael A VN Airborn E/A Advisory 1969-71
Powell William K US Army Signal Corp Peters E-5 Apr 60-May 61
Prado Arnaud E W2 T/Sgt. US Army 483rd B-17 Crewman 6-29-42 - 1-18-46
Prall Robert L. W2 1st Lt 13th AF So Pacific 1942-45
Price David L. V USN Vietnam 64- 70 USARNG 1980-96
Price James E. Gulf US Marine Corps Persian Gulf 1992-93
Price Paul E. Gulf US Army 1988-92
Price Virgil V US Army 1969-72
Priesmeyer Erwin W W2 USMC First Marine Div. China 1945-47
Priesmeyer H. F. W2 Navy San Diego, Calif. 1942-46
Pruitt Milam W1 360 INF Texas Brigade  
Purcell Robert E.   US Navy River Boats RVN 1953-1972
Rabb Tom V USN SUB Service 1969-73
Raeke Alwin H. W2 Cpl US Marines Pacific 1944-46
Raeke Milton H. W2 US Navy Pacific USS Boxer 1944-46
Raiford Earl A. W2 US Navy Pearl Harbor Survivor  
Randolph Edward v US Navy 1969-73
Randolph Seth E. V Co. A 3BN 187 Inf SP4 SS, BSM, PH KIA VM 4/26/1969  
Rasch Walter W2 Pfc Army Inf. Am Theater EAME 3 Bronze Stars. 1941-45
Rayburn Thomas H. W2 Army, European Theater 1940-45
Reddick C. A. W2 Cpl. USMC P.I. AS. PAC. POW 3 1/2 yrs Japan 1940-46
Reddick C. H. W2 Sgt. USMC Pearl Harbor  AS PAC 1940-45
Reddick G. W. K Pfc USMC, AS PAC 1946-50
Reddick W. R. W2 Pfc USMC Died Okinawa, Jap. AS PAC 1943-45
Reeder Herman W1 Pfc U. S. Army France, Germany 1917-19
Reichart Otto K Cpl. Army, Fts Bliss, Carswell, 1953-55
Reichert Jack VN Army 1966-69
Reichle Lawrence A W2 S/Sgt Army Inf. Europe 1943-46
Reid Alan W VN U. S. Navy 1965-71
Reinecker Delma L   Cpl Infantry, New Guinea 3 1/2 yrs
Reinicke C F W CW` Musician Waul's Tx Legion  Vicksburg 1863
Remmert Arthur L. VN U.S. Army Germany Security Agcy 1959-62
Remmert Earl F. V US Army 2/12/68 - 4/11/70
Remmert Floyd G. W2 K US Army 1944-46  1950-51
Remmert Gerhardt A. W2 US Army Air Force Oct1942  Dec 1945
Remmert Harold K Sgt. U. S. Army 25th Div 1952-1954
Remmert John C. W. W2 U. S. Army 1942-45
Remmert Kenneth L K US Army Korea  
Remmert Mary K W2 U. S. Navy  
Remmert Melvin L W2 U.S. Airforce 1942-48
Remmert Otto A W1 Pfc Battery F 50th Field Artillery  
Remmert Wilbert W2 U.S. Army Asiatic - Pacific 1943-46
Remmert Wilhelm CW` Conf. Army  
Remmert William Morris W2 US Air Force  Europe 12/20/41 - 10/18/45
Ressmann Marv V USAF Da Nang AB RVN 1970--71
Reuther George W1 Army Infantry  1917-19
Reuther J. L. W2 AOM Yc Navy 1942-46
Reynolds Steven Jr.   E 4 Air Force Honduras 1994 4 yrs
Richards Roland   4th Army Div. Germany 1951-53
Richardson John E.   US Army Reserve !st LT Transportation 1971--79
Richardson Thomas O. W2 US Army LTC (Ret) Infantry--Airborne 1942--69
Richie Elgin W2 T-5 36 INF DIV FRANCE  
Richter Chris. CC Co E 16 Tex REG  
Richter Eddie W2 Pfc US. Army Pacific 1943-45
Richter Emil e. W1 TSgt U. S. Army France, Germany 1916-18
Richter John W. J. W2 Sgt US Army Field Artiliary 12/5/44 - 11/10/46
Richter Norman L. W2 US Army South Pacific  
Riley Donald E W2 U. S. Army, Europe 17 yrs
Riley Henry, Jr. V US Navy 1965-
Ring Herbert C. W2 US Coast Guard Omaha Beach 1944 1942-46
Riniker Charles W2 US Army 2 yrs  
Riniker Gus W1 US Army Europe 1918-19
Rinn A. C. W1 US Army 1917
Rinn Alvin Henry W1 Pvt US Army Camp Lee, VA 1917-19
Rinn Emil J. W2 US Army Phillipines, Japan 1946
Rinn Harvey M. W2 US Army SGT 1940--45
Rinn Marvin W2 S/C US Navy Pacific 1944-46
Rinn Robert Lee K US Army 1953-55
Ripple John, Jr. W1 Pvt. Co. H. 64th Infantry Died in France 1918  
Riviello Joe W2 US Army, PFC, KIA Belgium 1/15/1945 1944--45
Robertson Craig Gulf Sgt. U. S.Army 1990-97
Robertson George W2 Pfc U. S. Army 1943-46
Robertson Jeannie Kvanvig Gulf Cpt U. S. Army Avn 1990=96
Rodriguez Frank VN Army NG US- QMC 1961-65
Rogers William J W2 Marines, Pacific 3 yrs
Rohan Alfons L. W2 USMC Artillery Pacific Areas 4 Years
Rohan Benjamin F. W2 US Army Air Corps Gunner Inst. American Defense 4 Years
Rohan Frank S. W2 9th US Army Air Corps Supp Clerk Europe 3 Years
Rohan Franklin A. V 3rd US Army Air Frame REPMAN 3 Years
Rohan Ronald G.   USMC Aviation Electronics 1988--93
Rohan Sylvester W2 3rd US Army Infantry Africa, Europe 3 Years
Rollins John R. W2 US Merchant Marine MV Tybee 1945-46
Roper Theodore W2 Lt. U. S. A. F. MIA  
Rosebush Mark Gulf USMC, San Diego, Calif. 1990-1993
Ross Ben W2 Ft. Sam Houston Comp D 330 Eng 6/11/42 4/14/45
Rothermel Andrew CC CSA PVT Co A 22th INF 1863-64
Rotter Mark Gulf Sgt. Air Force, Persian 1987-91
Rudloff Burnie W. K Cpl US Army 1/15/52-12/30/53
Rudloff Christian CC Lt Confederate Army Co A Inf 1863
Rudloff Clarence K US Army 1946-47
Rudloff Dennis B. W2 T/Sgt US Army Air Force European 2/2/43-7/3/45
Rudloff Harold W. W2 Cpl US Air Force Medical Corp 1942-1946
Rudloff Kermit W2 SC 3/C US Navy 2/15/45-8/3/46
Rudloff Oliver H. W2 MOMM 3/C US Navy Pacific 1944-46
Rudloff Percy K Pfc US Army 1/5/54-1/6/56
Rudloff Perry W. W2 Pfc US Army Co L 126 Inf 32 Div Pacific 10/25/44-11/15/46
Rudloff Reinhardt W1 US Army Euroean Combat 1916-18
Rudloff Rubin O. K Sgt US Army 2nd Div 5/7/52 - 2/9/54
Ruether Clarence   US Army SP4 1st Batl. 81st Arty 1965-67
Ruggles Chas. E W2 Tech Sgt. U. S. Army  TX, LA 4 yrs
Ruggles Morris W2 Lt. Col  U. S. Air Force 4 yrs.
Ruggles Owen F W2 M/Sgt U. S. Air Force Midland, Tx 27yrs
Rush Roy Raymond W2 US Army Europe 1943-45
Rutledge W. P. W2 US Army Bronze Star 636 Tank Destroyer ETO 1940-45


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