Abbreviations in the "War" column  indicate the time period during which the veteran served.   If nothing is shown, it either means we do not know the time served, or the time served did not fit into the categories we constructed to help viewers find the veterans.  Categories are as follows:  Rev. War 1776-1783; Civil War (CW) 1861-65; Mex. War 1845-49; Spanish American War (SP) 1898-1901; World War I (W1) 1914-1919;  World War II (W2) 1939-45; Korean War (K) 1950-53; Viet Nam  (V) 1959-1975  Gulf War aka Desert Storm aka Persian Gulf  (Gulf) 1990-1991; Iraq War (I) 2003- .


Surname First Name(s) War Text  Served
Sabrsula Johnnie W. W2 AOM2C Navy Air Corp So Pacific Nov 1942-Aug 1945
Sager Lenard Otto W2 U. S. Army Europe 1944-46
Salomon S. J. W1 US Army Infantry 18 mos. USA  
Sandel Thomas N. W2 US Navy Asiatic Pacific Area 1944-46
Sander Charles M. W2 814th AVN Engrs, Europe, ;N. Africa 1941-45
Sander Lee A VN U. S. Army, Turkey 1957--60
Sander Otto CW`    
Sander Walter Jr. K U. S. Army, Alaska 1951-53
Sandoval Fred A. V US Coast Guard Japan Hawaii US 1967-75
Sauer James E W2 Army Infantry Pacific 1944-46
Savoy Leon Weldon W2 US. Army England `1940-46
Schaare Theodor W1 US Army PVT  Veternary Hospital  
Schaefer Wilhelm CC Confedate Army Waul's Legion 1862-65
Schaeffer Walter O. W2 U. S. Army, Texas  
Schaer William K W2 Lt. Army Field Arty Europe 1942-45
Schanick Wilburn E. W2 U. S. Air Force Europe  1942-45
Schiller Aldon E.   US Army Ft. Knox; Germany Aug 55-May 57
Schiller Milton E W2, K U. S. Navy 1944-52
Schiller Pete K U. S. Army Salzburg Austria 1953-54
Schlabach Roy E.   Master Sgt 488th Engr LP Co Germany France  
Schmalriede Chester E. W2 Staff Sgt US Army China Offensive Central Burma 2/13/41-1/18/46
Schmidt Alton K Cpl US Army 10/6/50-10/7/52
Schmidt Erwin E W2 Army Pacific, Bronze Star 3 + yrs
Schmidt Monroe Sr W2 7th Cavalry, Asiatic Pacific Jan 45-Apr-46
Schmidt O William W2 T/S U. S. Army  
Schneider Robert Herman W2 Army Air Corp, England 1942-45
Schneider Royce W2 AAF 1944-46
Schomberg Paul W2 Tec 5 U. S. Army Europe 1942-45
Schonenberg Henry W2 K 1st Lt USAAF CBI & Langley Fld, VA KIA Korea 1942-46    1950 KIA
Schonenberg Henry, II V Capt US Army MSC DERT TAC Ft Knox, Ky 1973-1975
Schrader Billy L W2 Europe  
Schrader Glen R. V US Army 1971-74
Schrader Henry W2 US Army HQS Battery 2nd Field Artillery 1945-46
Schrader Leon H. W2 Army Air Force  18198449 1942-45
Schrader Monroe W2 3169 SIG SVC BAT US ARMY 1943-45
Schramm Delbert VN U. S. Army 1966-68
Schramm Herbert W2 U. S. Army 1943-46
Schramm Lelland F.   US Army SP4, 19th Arty 1957--63
Schramm Leroy W2 Cpl Army Air Force Guam 1945-46
Schramm Waldemar W2 US Army INF Europe Purple Heart 1942--46
Schramm Andrew W2 US Army PVT INF KIA Okinawa May 1945 1945
Schroeder Aaron   1st Lt. U. S. Airforce  
Schroeder Elmer W. K US Army CPL Korea 1951-53
Schroeder Tom W2 U. S. Army ETO 1942-45
Schuette Clarence W2 US Army 63 INF KIA Pacific  
Schulke Herman W2 CAAA-AW US & Pacific 1941-45
Schultz Gilbert J K, VN U. S. Air Force 1950-72
Schultz Gilbert J W2 U. S. Navy Seebees  
Schultz Raymond  W2 US Army Europe 547th Anti Aircraft 1942--45
Schultz Thomas W1 US Army 344th Field Artiillary WAGR Supply Co.  
Schulz Walter F. W2 US Army PFC Co. C 343rd INF 1944-46
Schulze Burnie H. W2 Cpl Army 387 Inf. 97th Div Japan 1945-46
Schulze Melvin H W2 Army, Rainbow Division 1943-46
Schulze Merton E. W2 137th Infantry EAME Campaign May 43-Nov 45
Schumacher R. W. W2 Army 1941-45
Schwarz Richard G V Maj. USMC, VN 65-66,69-70 1957-81
Schweke Clarence R W2 *AF 93rd BG ETO Hardwick Eng. 1940-45
Schweke Desmono A. H. W2 Pfc U. S. Air Force Camp Fannin Tx 1942-46
Scoby David H VN USNavy NAS Whiting Field 1973-78
Scoggins Ira R. W2 US MARINE CORPS PACIFIC 1944-45
Scott Roger L. V Pilot US Air Force 1969-70
Seals A. J. Jr VN SFC U. S. Army 1956-83
Sell Allen E. K US Army Korea 1952--54
Sell Herman A. W1 US Army France 1918-19 
Sell Jerry K US Navy Jan 1950 Aug 1956
Selman John R. W2 9th Air Force 1943-46
Sessums John Valton, MD VN Lt. Com. Subie Bay Philipines 1957-59
Severin Henry J. W1 Cpl 560 Inf 90 Div  
Severin Karl CC CSA  
Seward J. E. Jr.      
Seyer John CW` Conf. Army  
Sherrill Dalton Ray V Army 2 Years
Shows Barney N. V US Army SEC 1972-1998
Shows Ernest J. W2 Army Air Force Warrant Officer 1941-46
Shultz Edmond H. W2 US Marines Pacific 1945-47
Shultz Medford H W2 USNR Asiatic Pacific 1942-1945
Shultz Robert L. K US Coast Guard MM2(P) 5/13/49 - 9/16/52
Shupak Edwin D. W2 US Army Europe 1943-46
Shupak Elgin F W2 Sgt. U. S. Army, Pacific  
Shupak Willie L W2 Army 1942-46
Siegert Harold H. W2 US Navy San Diego, CA 12/19/43-1/12/45
Sillavan Gene A.   US Navy USS R. K. Huntington DD 781 1965-67
Sillavan John H. W2 US Army 20th Armd Div 3/22/44-12/13/45
Simmank Waldemar W2 Army Air Corp Pvt 8/21/1942-2/26/1943
Simpson Jerry L. K US Navy Far East 1951--54
Simpson Robert J. K USAF Retired Various Theaters 1947-67
Sims Richard E. V US Army 1972-74
Siptak Earnest A W2 S/Sgt Hq & Hq Service Gp. Phillippines 1944-47
Sisa Billie W.   SP5 Army Germany 1963-1970
Sisa Isidor A. W2 Pfc Army Air Force N. Africa Italy 1942-1945
Sisa Joseph B. W2 Cox Navy Pacific 1944-46
Sisa Ladislav R.   SP4 US Army Korea 1958-60
Sklar Joe A. W2 US Army 1942-46
Sklar S. J. W2 US Navy 1942-46
Skrivanek C. W. W2 US Army European Theater 2+ years
Skrivanek Frank W2 US Army Europe Purple Heart 2 Years
Skrivanek John E. W2 US Navy South Pacific 2+ yrs.  
Skrivanek L. F. W2 US Army South Pacific 2yrs.  
Skrivanek Rudy W2 US Army S. Pacific, Europe 51/2 years
Skrivanek Robert W2 US Navy Stteside 3 yrs  
Slansky Peter F. K Cpl 35R 25 Inf. Div Died in Korea 1950  
Slate Marston W2 Lt. USN  LST Pacific  
Slovak  C. W. K Sgt.1st Armored Div. Ft. Hood 1953-55
Slovak Otto F. W2 Sicily 1942-45
Smith C. Kent   US Navy Washington D. C. 1968-72
Smith Cecil V US Army Pilot Vietnam Vet 20 years
Smith Claude H W2 U. S. Army 1943-45
Smith John T W2 U. S. Army Air Corps, Europe  
Smith Ronald D. VN U. S. Army Infantry 101st Airborne 1969-70
Smith Stanley W2 US Air Force KIA  
Smith Stanley D. W2 15th USAF ETO KIA 12/27/44  
Smith Waco A W2 U. S. Army, Pacific  
Smith William Bryant W2 US Army  England  
Snow Bill D. W2,K W2 Europe&Korea 1944-53
Snow Manning B. W2 US Army Europe  
Snow Parm Y. W2 US Navy Pacific  
Snow Wilson H. W2 US Army Pacific POW 1942-1945 1939-46
Solis Joe K US Army  
Somerlatte Leroy W2 U. S. Navy USS Hollandia Pacific 27mo.
Sommerfeld Otto C. W2 US Navy Seaman 1st Class Asiatic--Pacific 1945-46
Sonsel Andreas CW` 17th Inf. Co. H.  
Sonsel Henry E. W2 86th Air Service Group Tinial 4 yrs  
Sothern Thomas Cooper   P. O. 3 U. S. Navy Alameda N.A.S. 1955-59
Sowa Boniface J. W2, K Sgt. U. S. Army 1941-62
Sowa Duane L    U. S. Navy ABH3AW USS Kitty Hawk CV63 1997-2000
Sowa Leon S. K Cpl US Army 388th Engr Bn Dec 1951-Dec 1953
Spacek Joe L K R M 3 U. S. Navy 1952-60
Spencer Overton (OV), Jr. US Army SP4 Comm. Germany 1965-67
Spiess Benjamin K Pfc US Army European Theater 6/2/53 -4/15/55
Spiess Bennie G W1 45th Infantry  
Spiess Edward CW` Wauls Tx. Legion  
Spiess John CW` Wauls Tx. Legion  
Spiess Robert L. W2 Army Air Corp 1942-46
Spradley Marvin   Army & Air Corp  
Stafford Bob, Sr. W1 US Army Air Corps 1918
Stafford R. E., Jr. K US Air Force 1951-52
Stalbaum Edward H. W1 Army 57th Inf. Div. 4 France 2 yrs
Stalbaum Gilmer W2 S/Sgt So Pacific 1944-46
Stalbaum Gus W1 Pvt US Army 1918
Stamnitz Adolph W2 Navy Seaman 1st Class S Pacific 2 yrs 11 m 7 d
Stamnitz Charlie W2 US Army California 1942-43
Stamnitz Emil W2 US Army CT Europe Gun Comm 1/21/42-9/2/45
Stamnitz Terrell R. VN U. S. Navy Aircraft Carrier USS F.D. Roosevelt 1969-73
Stamnitz Willie W2 Army Tank Crewman Africa Italy 3/20/41-11/18/44
Stark A. J. W2 Sgt US Army  Cavalry Burma Road 1940-45
Stark Frank D. K Cpl US Army Okinawa Island 11/7/52-2/7/54
Stark Q. W. W2 Cpl US Army Okinawa Japan 11/21/42-1/20/46
Stark W. F. W2 K Pvt 32nd Army Inf Mar 1946-Apr 1947
Stastny Arnold A W2, K, VN CSISSN Navy 1945-62
Steck Edward CW` CSA Co C. Wauls Legion 1862-65
Steck Michael E. V Sgt US Air Force 1967-1973
Steed Richard K V N U. S. Navy  
Stein Leroy H. W2 TSgt US Army Japan Germany 44-45  45-46
Steinbach Edgar K Cpl USMC Section Leader 1951-53
Stellberg Harrie R K U. S. Navy 1952-54
Stepan Frank V. W1 US Army 1918-19
Stepan Raymond J. W2 T/5 US Army Sicilian Europe 3 yrs  
Sterling Fred, Jr. V USAF TSgt RET 6/59 - 7/79
Sterling Fred, Sr. W2 Capt USAAF New Guinea 1943-48
Sterling Gene A. V USMC LCpl Da Nang 1966-69
Stewart Connie D. W2 Air Force Europe Campaigns B-17 Gunner 2 yrs  
Stewart James D. W2 Paratrooper Pfc US Army Comp G 1942-45
Stewart Marshall W2 Air Corp Div US Army 1942-43
Stewart Russell W2 Paratrooper US Army 1942-1945
Stokes Earl T.   338 Engrs 5th Army European Theater 39mo  
Stokes James W2 U. S. Army  
Stokes John W., Jr. W2 275 Port Co. War-Pacific 1941-45
Stokes Lloyd G. W2 Medical Corps Texas 1943-46
Stolarski Leonard M. V US Army 1963-69
Stone Jack W2 CPO US Navy South Pacific  
Strauss H. C W2 U. S. Army Pacific 1942-46
Strickland Jim VN Maj. U. S. A. F. 1951-78
Strieder Frank G W2 U. S. Marine Corps, Pacific 1943-46
Stuckey Medford W.   Cpl US Marines Asiatic Pacific 8/7/62 - 8/6/65
Suhr Hugo W1 U. S. Army Infantry France, Germany  
Supak Arnold P W2 Pfc Hq & Hq. Co. 13 Sig Svc Bn.  
Surovik Daniel V US Army May 66-Feb 68
Surovik Emil E. W2 Army Air Corps Pfc India  
Surrett Walter H. K Co. C 179 Inf. 45th Div Japan & Korea 1947-52
Susen Franklin W2 32nd Field ArtyS.Pacific``4 yrs 1942-45
Svec Adolph W. W2 US Navy Ships Cook Aleutians 1941-45
Svec Marvin J. V Air Force, ATC, Lt. Sheppard FFB 1969-72
Svoboda Emanuel W1 US Army Co K 64th Inf France 1918-19
Svoboda William G.   13 Air Force Philipines 18 mos.  
Swearingen Aaron W2 Pvt US Army Air Force  
Swearingen Elemelech TXRev 1836 War of Texas Independence  
Swearingen J. T. W2 Sat. 601 Batt. ETO 1943-45
Swearingen Jake H. W2 Cpl 6th Inf. Div. Pacific 1945-47
Swearingen Marvin R. W2 Sgt AAF So. West Pacific 6-42 - 7-45
Sykora George F. VN Sp4 U. S. Army Germany 1966-68
Talley Lee A.   Sgt 2117th Service Unit 6th Air Force  
Tata Chester A. W2 US Navy USS Sylph & PGM14 2/43 - 10/45
Taylor Wlen L. Jr. VN W02 U. S. Marine Corps 1969-73
Teague James M W2, K Navy, VN Reserves 1944-80
Tefs Herbert W2 US Army S. Pacific 1942-45
Tegeler Gerald   USAF 1966-69
Tegeler Otto W1    
Teichmann Wilfred K Cpl US Army Korea 1952-54
Terrel A. D. W2 US Army 15th Air Corps Italy, 1942--47  
Teufel Kermit W2 US Army 1942-46
Thielemann George V USMCR 1956-60
Thomas Larry W. V US Army Vietnam   1967--71
Thornton M. S. W2,K SM/Sgt Air Force 1942-72
Thornton Michael V S/Sgt Air Force 1971-78
Tipp Leaburn US Navy USS Springfield Pacific 1945--46  
Toalson Clayton W2 K US Army 1939-1954
Toalson David V Army of the US 1968-70
Toellner Sidney W2 Pfc. U. S. Army 1942-45
Toman J. J. (Buck) W2 Pfc U. S. Army 1942-45
Tomlinson H. P. W2 US Navy AMM2 Kingsville AFB 1942-45
Tomlinson Lloyd A W2 CMM U. S. Navy Pacific 1942-45
Touchette B. L. V USAF Vietnam 1967-68, Thialand 1971--72  
Towns Billy L VN Air Force  1962-66
Towns Jeff Gulf Capt US Air Force  
Trapolino Louis F. K US Army LST Cav 7th Reg D Co  
Tschatschula Clarence M. W2 European 2/25/43 - 10/27/45
Turner John Morgan W2, K  Major, U. S. Army, 338th Eng 1930-1952
Tylajka Steven Jr. W1 Pvt US Army BB Co 165 Depot Brig 1917-18
Ueckert Dr. Bruce W K, V US Navy Ready Reserve 1953-1961
Ueckert Edwin W1 Army 21 mos
Ueckert Harry L. W2 AAC 10th Air Corps Radar Tech 1943-46
Ueckert Henry W. W2 US Army Europe 1944-46
Ueckert Jesse K Sgt US Air Force Scotland 1952-1956
Ueckert Otis A W2 Army 31 mos
Ueckert Randall D. V USMCR 1970-76
Ueckert Robert A. W2 8th Air Force Ellington 1942-44
Ulbricht Hans (Jim) K U S. Air Force Greenland 1953-57
Ullrich Herbert A. W2 Cpl US Army AF Europe 10/31/42-10/11/45
Ulrich Bernard W. W2 US Navy Pacific Theater  
Ulrich Charles E W2 MSgt Air Corps Forecaster, 16th Weather Div.  
Valerian Henry S. W2 Pfc Marine Corp Pacific 1942-45
Valerian J. E., Jr. W2 S/Sgt US Army Pacific Theater  
Vasek Gilbert J W2 U. S. Navy, South Pacific 3 yrs.
Vasek John F. W1 Army, France 1918-19
Vasicek William V US Marines 1964-67
Vazansky John W2 U. S. Marines  
Veith Emmett Lee W2 Pfc US Marines Pacific KIA Saipan 1942-44
Veith Walter W1 Pfc U. S. Army 53rd Inf. 1918-19
Velasquez Mike W2 U. S. Army Germany 1944-45
Velchoff William W2 USN Pacific, Retd USAF SMSgt.  
Viaclovsky Jerome W2 USMC Pacific 4 years
Viereck Bruce   96th Inf Division Pacific 3 yrs  
Viereck James W. W2 US Army Europe 1941-45
Villa James VN U. S. Air Force 307 OMS B 47E's SAC 1961-65
Villa Jessie W2 S/S 11th & 82nd A. B  P/Trooper S/Luzon Campaign 1943-48
Villa Joe M W2 U. S. Navy Boatswain Mata Pacific 1942-47
Villa Lisa M Gulf Sgt. U. S. Air Force 1985-94
Villman C. J. W2 US Navy Pacific 4 yrs  
Villman E. L. W2 US Army So. Pacific 3 1/2 yrs  
Voelkel August F.   US Army Sgt.             Germany - 4/6/1953-4/6/1960
Voelkel Ben H. W1 US Army Pvt Camp Travis 9/19/1917-12/5/1917
Voelkel Benjamin   US Army Pvt. Korea 3/1/1953-6/19/1953
Voelkel Norfleet W2 US Army Pvt. Korea 2/11/1945-7/31/1946
Voelkel Oscar B., Sr. W1 US Army Pvt. France Germany 9/9/1917-6/25/1919
Voelkel Oscar, Jr.   US Army SP/5 Fort Polk Louisiana 1/15/1961-8/9/1962
Volkman Wayne W2 15 Army Air Force, Italy 1942-45
Vornkahl Gus C W2 U. S. Navy  
Vornkahl Leroy K Peters, Texas 1951-55
Vornkahl Weldon E. K Millheim, Texas  
Voskamp Aednie,  Jr. W2 US Army Combat Engr Germany ETO 1942-46
Voskamp Ann Derr W2 2 Lt. US Army Nurse China Burma India Jan 1945 - Mar 1946
Voskamp Wag Ardnie W1 US Army, Veternarian, Europe France 1917-18
Vykoukal Frank E. W2 Maj. US Army Dentist New Guinea 1941-46
Vykoukal Raymond W2 US Army PTO Japan  


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