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Abbreviations in the "War" column  indicate the time period during which the veteran served.   If nothing is shown, it either means we do not know the time served, or the time served did not fit into the categories we constructed to help viewers find the veterans.  Categories are as follows:  Rev. War 1776-1783; Civil War (CW) 1861-65; Mex. War 1845-49; Spanish American War (SP) 1898-1901; World War I (W1) 1914-1919;  World War II (W2) 1939-45; Korean War (K) 1950-53; Viet Nam  (V) 1959-1975  Gulf War aka Desert Storm aka Persian Gulf  (Gulf) 1990-1991; Iraq War (I) 2003-  .


Surname First Name(s) War Text  Served
Waak William Jr. W1 Pvt. Army Co1 erth 7 Div, France 1918-19
Wagner Adolph J W1 USA Medical Corp Died 1/30/18  
Wagner Julius E W2 Army Conbat Eng. Central Burma, India 1943-45
Wagner Willie A. W1 US Army PVT France 1918
Walley Gary (Sonny) VN U. S. Navy 1963-67
Warburton Bruce L. K US Army 1953-56
Ward John W W2 U. S. Navy South Pacific  
Warmke Freddy F. W2 S/Sgt Troop E 124 Cal CBI 1940-45
Warmke Lee O VN Pfc. U. S. Army Germany, Berlin Crisis 1959-62
Warner Walter W1 France  
Washam John E. W2 Cpl US Army  
Washam Thomas J. CC 21 Regt Tex Cav Medal of Honor 1862-1865
Waters R. M. (Dick) W2 Lt. AAF Navigator  
Watterson Lewis A W2, K, VN Lt. Col. U. S. A. F. 1948-75
Weaver Horace K US Army Korea 1951--53
Weber Landus W2 Sgt US Air Force 1/21/43 - 7/1/46
Wehmeyer Eldo G. W2 T/5 B Baty 387 Fd Art France Europe 1943-46
Wehring Jason    U. S. Army 1992-95
Wehring Theodore B. W2 U. S. Army Japanese POW 1941-45
Wehring Weldon   USA Air Force  
Weige Carl E. V USAF SGT 1965-66
Weige Lee F. W1 S2 USNRF  
Weige Wilton D. W2 SA USNR  
Weinert Bennie A. W2 US Army 1942-45
Weinert Wilfred C.. W2 US Army Europe 1941-45
Wells A. J. Jr W2 USAF Gunnery Inst.  
Wells D. K. Jr Gulf U. S. Army 10 yrs
Wendt Gus W1 Army 1918-19
Wendt Harold N. K US Army CPL   Korea  
Wendt Heath R   Navy 1986-1990
Wendt Ralph W. W2 US Army CPL European Theater  
Wendt Randy R Gulf Chaplain Army 1989-95
Wendt Vernon L. W2 K US Navy END1  
Wensel Walter W2 29th Inf Div Europe 1942-46
Wentzel Fredrick F. W2 US Army Air Corp  
Wentzel Henry Lee W2 US Calvary Killed Burma 1/31/1945
Wentzel Lawrence W2 US Marines  
Wentzel Lillian Ruth   PFC USMC 9/17/54-12/16/55
Werner John Ralf V US Marine Corp Sgt 1968-72
Wheeler Lionel W2 Cpl USMC South Pacific  
Wheeler William W2 USA Air Corps N Africa Europe  
White Leo Edward W2 Air Force 4 yrs
White Robert L.   Captain USAF Veterinary Corps 1965-70
White Shelby L. W2 Captain US Army 82nd Airborn 1941-45
Whorton Joe R. W2 US Army Pacific 1945-46
Wiebusch Adolph J W2 U. S. Army 91st Div. Italy, Germany 1944-48
Wiecker Elroy K Pfc 11th Cavalry 1953-55
Wied Carl R VN Sgt USMC 1971-75
Wienecke Edward L K Cpl U. S. Army  1950-52
Wienecke Floyd R VN Sgt U. S. army 1967-69
Wienecke LeeRoy VN Sp5 U. S. Army 1963-66
Wienecke Monroe A.   SP4 US Army Sep 1961 Sep 1963 9-1962 9-1963
Wienke Louis W1 US Army Florida; Hoboken, NJ Sep 1918 Nov 1918
Wietstruck Gene VN Spec 4 U. S. Army 1968-69
Wietstruck Larry VN 123 Sig Bt 3 I H F Germany 1966-68
Wietstruck Louis, Jr. W1 US Army 1917-18
Wiktorik Joseph W1 Pvt. U. S. Army   
Wiktorik Joseph A. Jr. VN Pfc U. S. Army 1963-65
Wiktorik Otto W2 Seaman 2nd Class US Naval Receiving Victory Medal  
Wiktorik Terry Clay   Cpl US Army Field Art Section Chief 1995-98
Wiktorik Terry O. V US Army  ERA 1969-1971
Wilke Arthur C W2 Navy 1944-46
Wilkens Gary A K USAF 47th Fighter Squ. 1952--57  
Wilkins George L. W2 E3 Staff Sgt Army Air Force Europe 20 yrs
Wilkins Susie G.   Mess Sgt Army WACKS Europe  
Williams David C W2 US Army Air Corp North Africa 1944-46
Williams Don VN Cpl USMc 35& 11th Marines 1958-64
Williams Milton W2 Pfc US Army Engineers Normandy 4 stars 1942-45
Williams C. F VN CWO USMC  VMCJ VMAQ 1956-78
Williamson Leroy W2 36th Div. & USAF ETO, ExPOW 1938-50
Willingham Leon   US Navy USS Jouett CG-29 Constellation CV 64 Jun 1975-Jun 1981
Willis Hugh B. W2 US Army Battle of the Bulge 1944
Willoughby Jim K, V USAF S Sgt. 1948-1970
Wilson Herman R. W2 US Army China Burma India  
Winfield Clyde A. W2 98th Infantry Attchd to 38th MP 1943-47
Wink Robert Earl, Jr.   Captain U. S. Army Air Defense Artillery  
Wise James H. W2 US Army Maples Fogg IA S. France Rheinland 1941-45
Witte Philip W1 Pvt. France 1918-19
Wittneben Henry F. W1   1917-18
Wittneben Robert L. W2 34th Reg 24th Inf South Pacific 1944-46
Wofford Nolan M.   US Navy South Pacific 2 yrs  
Wolchik Earl W. W2 34 Inf Reg Japan 1944
Wolfskill James C W2 U. S. Navy, Pacific 3 1/2 yrs
Wondrash Cecil E., Jr. K U. S. Army Ordnance Corp Nuclear Weapons  
Woodfin William W2 Army Europe l943-45
Woodley Harry   1 Air Medals P H 69 Missions killed in Italy  
Woodley L. B. W2 Pfc South Pacific 1944-46
Woodrick Victor W2,K Lt. Col U. S. Army Air Corps- Res. 1941-1977
Woods Allan V USAF 1953--91
Worch Cheryl D.   US Army Captain  July 1977--April 1985  
Worch Ross L.   US Army LTC 1972--94
Worst C. R., Jr. V US Army 1970-72
Wren Bill R W2 Sgt. Usaf  
Wright Henry C. Jr W2 67th Navy SeaBee Pho/2c Tinian Island 1942-45
Wunderlich Hilbert W2 Pvt. U. S. Army 1942-43
Yarcso Frank W2 USN USS LSt 835 Pacific 1944-46
Yoist Hubert V Sgt USMC 1963-67
Young Brandon C Gulf Cpl U. S. Marines, Hawaii & Japan 1990-94
Young Clarence O. W2 US Army 1942-45
Young Donald C. VN 1st Army  36th Infantry 1970-73
Young Gerald J. K USAF Recon SQ 6910th AFSS ETO 1947-1953
Young Lewis F. W2  US Navy USS Daly  
Young Robert K. Somalia US Army, Captain, 1990--97  
Youngs, Sr. Donald   US Army Dgermany 1961-63
Zajicek Albert E. K Cpl US Marine Corp 1952-54
Zajicek Ben W2 US Army SGT European Theater 1942-45
Zajicek Edwin J. W2 US Army CPL 1940--45
Zajicek Larry W. V US Army IV Corps 1968-69
Zalesak Emil A. W2 Sgt. US Army 7/18/40 - 10/13/44
Zalesak Joe J. W2 88 Glider 29 Inf Div ETO Rifleman 1942-45
Zander Harry R W2 Navy  1945-46
Zander Herman G   Army ETO 4 yrs
Zander Isador F. W2 Sgt Airforce Pacific 3 yrs
Zander R. Sterling K Navy USS Pine Island 1950-54
Zander Roy  W2 Cpl AAF Pacific 3 1/2 yrs
Zanek Kerby J PT,V US Army July, 1957 July 1959 10-1961/ 8-1967
Zapalac Gene E. V US Army Ft. in La and Korea 10/25/72-Jul 1973
Zapalac Louis, Jr. K Sgt USMC 1948-1949 KW 1950-52 1948-52
Zapalac Max J. W2 US Army Fort George, MD 10/13/42-10/15/45
Zapalac Willie W2 USAF 32 BB Missions S. Pacific, Tx Ntl Guard 1943-46 1948-60
Zaskoda Harvel F. W2 US Navy Pacific USS Miller 3 Years
Zbranek James H VN SP4-E4 13 Cav. Germany 1958-60
Zbranek Julius J. VN CW3 U.S. Army 1953-75
Zettel Charlie J. W2 S/Sgt 141 Inf. ETO  
Zettel Franklin W2 US Army Europe Btry D 910th(AW) AAA BN !942-45
Zettel Jessie G. K US Army 844th SIG RAD RELAY Co. 1951-53
Zettel Ladislav W2 US Army EAME CO. B 34th Signal Const. BN 1942--45
Zook David R. W2 US Navy Seaman 1st Class Phillipines-Pacific 1944-46
Zurek August S. W2 US ARMY PFC 114 INF CO.44 Germany Purple Heart 31/2 Years


If you are aware of other records or can provide us with such records, please contact Joy Neely or Steve Alvarez  .

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