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Other Veterans

Please Help us.

 We believe all the names on this list are names of veterans.  Some are Veterans who definitely served in peacetime.  Others  may have served during a specific war, but we do not know when. or where.   Many names were given to us with very little other information.  We believe they once lived in Austin County, or have/had relatives here, or wandered through in the dark of night.   If you know more about anyone on this list, or,  if you have information for  Veterans that should be included in this category,  please let us know.  Also give us a source:  ie. "Family," name of publication,   url for a Web Site, etc.   Please keep the source  very brief so it will  fit into our little boxes.  Thanks!


If you are aware of other available records or can provide us with such records, please contact Joy Neely or Steve Alvarez  .










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