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Sources are provided when known.  SN indicates Sealy News; BT indicates Bellville Times.   If other abbreviations  are confusing, let us know.   And, as always:

If you are aware of other available records or can provide us with such records, please contact Joy Neely or Steve Alvarez  .



Surname Given Name Rank, Etc Cemetery Source
Raby Cleta Mae     V. A.
Ragusa Frank   New Ulm  
Rahan Franklin   New Ulm  
Ramex David G.      
Rampey David      
Ramsey John W.      
Ramsey Walter     V. A.. Bleiblerville
Rankin Alfert G.      
Ranley Erwin K.      
Rasch Charles Patrick, Jr.     V. A.
Raska Anthony      
Raska Donald L.      
Raskey Douglas Basil, Jr. US Marine Corps Sealy Ceme BT-4/17/2003  V. A.
Ratjen Charles     BT-4/21/55 p 5
Ratjen Leroy Henry US Army OK BT-1/17/2002  V. A..  Bellville
Reed W. C.      
Reese Arthur  TX Pioneer Inf. Pleasant Grove tombstone
Reese Hoffman Clifton 1952-1954 Richard Grove V. A.  death cert
Regenbrecht Fred      
Remmert Gene A.  8th Inf Div Spec 3rd    
Reuter Delvin L.   Buckhorn  
Reveal James W.   Coch  
Reward John A.   Coch  
Reznicek Henry Frank     V. A.
Richards George      
Richie Elgin     V. A.
Rider William Edward     V. A.
Ridley Edward      
Rigener Edwin H.      
Riley Frank A. military Yes armed forces    
Rink Albert Jefferson death cert Yes armed forces Brookside Memorial Park V. A.  death cert
Ripple Ross      
Ripple William      
Roberson Jesse     V. A.
Robertson Cecil Moore     V. A.
Rodriguez Roland Anzaldua Jr. US Army 1992 New Ulm VA death file
Rogers Allen Burgess, Sr.     V. A.
Romine William Warren "Bill"     V. A..  Sealy  BT-Dec 2004
Rudel James Morris     V. A.
Rudloff Percy L.   Wallis Black  
Ruether George   Welcome  
Salcido Angel A.     V. A.
Sallach Lois     V. A.
Sample Lawrence Buford death cert Yes armed forces Giddings City Cem V. A.  death cert
Schmid Raymond John death cert Yes armed forces industry Meth Ch Ceme V. A.  death cert
Schneider Charles R   Cath. Sealy VA death file
Schoppe Bethany US Army 2006   SN-11/11/2008 p 13
Schramm Alvin G.     V. A.
Schroeder Arthur Fredrick Yes US armed forces Rosewood Ceme Houston V. A.  death cert
Schroeder Lloyd      
Schroeder Lloyd   PRC  
Schroeder Ralph   PRC  
Schroeder Rud B. W.   StJamesLuthera tombstone
Schulte Robert Micheal     V. A.
Schultz Charles Edward Yes US armed forces St Clair C Ute, Iowa V. A.  death cert
Scrogin Bernard G., Jr. death cert yes armed forces Wallis Cemetery V. A. death cert
Seals Kenneth US Army 1977-79 Ft Bennig, Ga   SN-11/11/2008 p 14
Seeger John Jerry     V. A.
Seibert John   SHBY BT-5/26/55
Seibert John   SHBY, Black  
Selig Fred Friedrick Henry V.N.    
Seals Elmer Army   Frienc
Sell Glenn Eldon US Navy 1954-58 Flemington Cem Flemington, MO BT-6/7/2001 V. A..   Sealy
Sell Leon      
Sell R. E.      
Seymour Edward      
Share John Bertram     V. A.
Shedd Julius Milton, Jr. US Navy OKC BT-Oct 2008
Shelton James D. Pvt. U S Army Hillside Ceme. tombstone
Shewmaker George     V. A.
Shiller Glenwood R.      
Short James Arthur, Sr.     V. A.
Shultz Medford A.     BT-6/25/45
Shupak Ernest      
Siga Joseph      
Simmons William Russell     V. A..  Bellville
Singleton Kirby E.      
Siptak Delvin      
Skalak Douglas W. U S Army CatSprCem BT-Jul/86
Sklar Edward      
Slammann Bennie      
Sliva Raymond Dominic   St. Mary Frydec BT12/27/90
Slovacek Paul      
Smidovec Arthur      
Smith Bryant Cpl, 57th Field Hospital    
Smith Darrell Raythanel     V. A.
Smith Garry L.      
Smith Lawrence Curtis, Sr.   Dotson Ceme V. A.
Smith Raymond J.     V. A.
Smith S. Burton      
Smith Wilber Choice     V. A.
Sneed William C., Jr. Lt. Col. U S Air Force PubSealy tombstone sec 7
Sodek Albin J.      
Sojak Billy      
Sojak Jessie A. Staff Sgt, Flight Surgeons Assistance, Medical Corps    
Solis Joe Staff Sgt, Signal Corps    
Sollenberger Melvin Lloyd death cert Yes armed forces Baylor U College of Medicine V. A. death cert
Somer Alfons W. Staff Sgt, 434 AntiAircraft    
Somer Leon F.      
Sorrel Marcial      
Southern Nash      
Sowa Gilbert      
Spencer Horace Felder     V. A.
Spohn Edward Allen US Army 21 yrs Africa Cem Lewis Center, Oh BT-5/16/2002  V. A..  Sealy
Stark Robert Clifton Yes US armed forces PubSealy V. A. death cert
Stavinoha James M.      
Stefka John      
Stone Clifford      
Strange Edward Alan     V. A..   Sealy
Stull Herman Theodore     V. A.
Sumerlin Macon Dee     V. A..   Sealy
Surovcak Frank Fred ET2 US Navy 1958-1962 Cath. Sealy military marker
Susen Douglas Alfred     V. A.
Svach Joe J. Jr US Army 1970-1986 Cath. Sealy V. A. death file
Svajda Vladimir F US Army 1947-1948 Cath. Sealy VA death file
Svoboda Adolph Joe, Jr. death cert Yes armed forces Guardian Angel V. A.  death cert
Svoboda Robert C. Yes US armed forces Guardian Angel V. A.  death cert  Wallis
Swearingen Victor Vaughn Yes US armed forces Polk Ceme  New Ulm, TX  






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