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Draft Registration for World War I

These are the names of those men who registered in Austin County.    The men  were not required to register in their own county, or state.  Not all, or even most, of the men served in the U. S. armed forces.   However, the information provided in the record may be important to you.    Information is from NARA microfilms TX 5, A-H and TX 6 I-Z

If you want a copy of the actual  Selective Service System Draft Registration Card, it  may be ordered online....but not from us.  Here is the  link for more information:

Listed by registrant's surname.

Files are large and slow to open.


       NOPQ   R    S   TUV WXYZ


If you are aware of other records or can provide us with such records, please contact 

Joy Neely or Steve Alvarez  .

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