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Austin County Genealogical Society

Austin County Genealogical Society  meets the third Thursday of each month at the Bellville Historical Society Bldg...(the old Masonic Lodge building) at 15 North Masonic St.    Contact  Joy Neely.

The Swearingen Family Dr. Oren Swearingen
The Shiller Family That Came on the Maria in Feb. 1852 Shiller & Barler
The Machemehl Family A. C. Machemehl
The Wammel Family Arthur Wammel
The Cat Spring Story Lone Star Printing Co.
The Cemeteries of Austin County, Texas Austin Co. Hist. Comm.
Austin County, TX Index to Naturalization Records Trevia Wooster Beverly Tejas Publications & Research
Austin County, Texas Marriage Records 1824-1858 Austin County Genealogical Soc
Austin County Marriage Records Voume D David Ebert
Amslers of Austin's Colony Amanda (Howze) Amsler
The World Book of Nicholses Halbert's Family Heritage
The Family of Heinrich Otto Albert
The Charles Albert Family 1836-1913 Mark T. White
A History of Texas & Texans, Vol. 5 Frank W. Johnson I've indexed this book
The 1790-1890 Federal Population Censuses Natl. Archives Cat. Of Natl. Archives Microfilm
Getting Started in Genealogy William Dollarhide Gene. Pub. Co., Inc.
County Courthouse Book Elizabeth Petty Bentley Gene. Pub. Co., Inc.
Land & Property Research in the United States E. Wade Hone Ancestry, Inc.
Map Guide to the US Federal Censuses 1790-1920 Thorndale & Dollarhide Gene. Pub. Co., Inc.
Large Austin County, TX map donated by Jim Lassiter
Bellville information donated by Jim Lassiter
About Monroe! A Telling of My Life Monroe William Smith
Notebook and letters of Franz Koy Franz Koy
The Zvolanek Clan of Yesteryear and Today 1610-1985 Kay E. Zwolanek & Elizabeth M. Zvolanek Semrad from Jim Bishop
William Beckman Abstract from Julia Thompson
The Mewis Family from James Hull
William Bradbury Account Book and Diary 1852-1862 unbound
Connecticut Nutmegger Vol. 15 #4; 16 #1,2,4; 17 #1,2,3,4; 18 #1,2,3,4; 19 #1,2,3,4; 20 #1,2,3  
The Southwestern Historical Review
Genealogy Helper
Family Puzzlers
National Genealogy Society Quarterly
Franz Glueck & Ludwina Koy Family TX 1853-1983
Descendants of Gustav Louwien
Grandma Schenk-Elizabeth Gertrude Menke Schenk
Leidig/Lydick Family
Joe Hintz Family
Joachim Hintz
Joseph Henry Scales
Adolf (F. A.) Peschel
Clayton Thompson
Dewitt Clinton Fort
Old Clubfoot Fort, the Terrible Guerrilla!
Descendants of Henry Brill
Waul's Texas Legion 1862-1865
Descendants of Father Weige
Ancestors of Lois Jean Westerman
The Family of Joseph B. Brewer & Annie Collins Suzann Simmons Kendrick
Mardaus, Krueger, Meinecke
Footprints of Five Generations
Carl Christoph Findeisen, Sr. & Johanna D. Hetzel Jeanette K. Schaefer
History of Helweg Name Duane Helweg
Descendants of Wilheim Hensche
Founders and Patriots of The Republic of Texas-Francis
Settlement in the Forks of Mill Creek
The Early History of Austin County - thesis Julia Lange Dinkins, B.S.
History of Austin County
Krumrey/Schroeder   Bravenec/Schiller
A Pictorial History of Austin County The Sealy News 1994
WITTE FOOTPRINTS Nelda V. Rieger Torres
GENERATIONS PAST & PRESENT Connie Brast Brast, Peters, Richter, Schroeder
Bellville - The Founders and Their Legacy Isabel Frizzell New Ulm Enterprise 1992