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The following information is reproduced from  the Bellville Historical Society Webpage.

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Masonic Lodge Petitions

The Bellville Masonic Lodge, No. 223, was chartered in June, 1858. It has provided service to Bellville since that date. Its archives which contain correspondence, financial records, reports of committees, etc. are preserved by the Bellville Historical Society in the old Masonic Lodge building on Masonic Street. In December, 2003, the Grand Lodge of Texas authorized the publication of information about petitioners who were admitted to Lodges. Such information is potentially valuable to genealogists because of the information included in the membership petitions. Men wishing to join the Lodge wrote a petition which contained their residence, occupation, and age. If a petitioner had previously been admitted to another Lodge, that information was included. The petitions were signed by the applicant and two members of the Lodge who stood as sponsors.

The petition file in the Masonic Lodge Archives contain items from 1858 until 1923. Other items such as demits (statement of good standing from a previous lodge) and committee reports are also included in the file. According to Grand Lodge policy, information about rejected petitioners is not included in the following catalog of the petition file.

For more information about the Bellville Masonic Lodge Archives please contact the historian of the Bellville Historical Society.

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name date of filing sponsors previous affiliation residence occupation age
Acton, J. G. 1/2/1907 Louwein, Kopisch   Bellville conductor 34
Alexander, Wm. 1/1/1876 Matthaei, Stopple Jackson, AL      
Artmann, I. 2/2/1901 Hellmuth, Hill   Bellville cotton buyer 28
Asbeck, Charles 4/12/1867 Cocke, Chesley   Bellville merchant 28
Bailleux, J. B. 7/14/1883 Prouty, Molsa   Bellville sadler 35
Ballard, K. 9/29/1860 request for demit        
Bell, John P. 3/27/1869 Engelke, Seelhorst   Bellville lawyer 24
Bell, Joseph T 5/1/1858 Osterhout, Hunt   forks of creek farmer  
Bethany, J. W. 2/22/1886 Chesley, Prouty Brenham      
Bethany, J. W. 11/29/1862 Ward, Chessher   forks of Mill Cr farmer 38
Biggs, A. B. 6/28/1890 Stone, Blake   Buckhorn physician 21
Biggs, T.S.   Bell, Shelburne Bellville Buckhorn farmer 55
Biggs, Thomas S. 5/14/1874 McLaran, Bell Hempstead Buckhorn    
Blake, S. R. 7/25/1874 Chesley, Johnson   Bellville lawyer 29
Blassingame, Joseph 4/11/1874 Brossman, Glenn Terry Lodge      
Bonney, E. T. 11/30/1859 Johnson, Hunt   Bellville physician 25
Bosman, J. W. 6/3/1876 McLaran, Lee     farmer 27
Bostick, James W. 3/19/1863 Osterhout, Elliott   Travis farmer 23
Boynton, G. A. 2/23/1907 Louwein, Knop   Bellville carrier of passengers and mail  
Bozeman, John 11/28/1888 Chesley, Sanders Bellville Kenney    
Bozeman, P. R. 10/6/1900 Bell, Brewer Nelsonville Kenney farmer 44
Brandes, F. W. 9/17/1873 Chesley, Glenn     farmer 41
Brewer, B. D. 4/16/1878 Chesley, Lee Nelsonville      
Brewer, B. D. 2/13/1878 demit from Nelsonville        
Brewer, R. H. 2/12/1870 Johnson, Chesley   Center Hill farm/stock raiser 39
Brewer, R. H. 2/24/1877 McLaran, Stevens   Travis farmer 45
Brewer, S. 3/18/1860 Catlin, Bell   Travis farmer 55
Brewer. B.D. 1/26/1888 Chesley, Holtkamp Bellville      
Brewer. J. S. 6/24/1896 Chesley, Lewis   Bellville lawyer 27
Brooks, J. W. 12/29/1892 Tomlinson, Chesley   Bellville bookkeeper 35
Brossman, Char. 4/5/1867 Engelke, Bonney   Bellville carpenter 30
Brown, Harold Edney 5/31/1912 Louwein, Strauss   Bellville electrician 28
Burdett, J. B. 7/31/1902 Bell, Lewis   Bellville physician 30
Byrnes, J. P. 7/5/1865 Chesley, Elliott Potter Lodge, MO      
Campbell, W. T. 8/28/1879 Lee, Blake     farmer 42
Catlin, Ben. S. 6/5/1875 Chesley, McLaran   Travis farmer 21
Catlin, S. W. 6/3/1876 McLaran, Lee Nelsonville      
Chambers, E. G 12/6/1875 Blake, Howard   Bellville farmer 33
Chambers, E. G. 12/11/1875 Blake, Thomas   Bellville farmer 33
Chatham, Henry 1/4/1879 Bell, Chesley Brenham   farmer 37
Chatham, R.E. 6/19/1891 Stone, Chesley   Bellville butcher 25
Chatham, Walter 3/22/1902 Hill, Kopisch   Bellville Car inspector 32
Chesley, Alvah 12/6/1862 Ward, Catlin        
Chesley, Alvah 7/2/1860 Bell, Francis New Market NH      
Chessher, Daniel. S. 5/5/1860 Knolle, Shelburne   Industry physician 23
Chessman, Thomas 12/31/1870 Bell, Prouty Hempstead      
Childers, J. P. 2/13/1883 Prouty, Bell Cold Spring, Iola TX Bellville minister 44
Clemons, Wm. C. 9/11/1875 Hober, Catlin   travis farmer 24
Cochran, J. F. 9/3/1902 Bell, Brooks   Buckhorn farmer 26
Cochran, John D. 12/22/1877 Bell, Lewis     farmer 37
Cochran, W.W. 12/11/1867 Bonney, Chesley Hempstead   farmer 31
Cochran, W.W. 5/10/1889 Bell, Stone Bellville      
Cochran, W.W. 11/5/1881 demit        
Cochrane, W. W. 8/8/1873 Morris, Bell     farmer 35
Cocke, W. J. 6/5/1858 Hunt, Elliott     physician  
Collins, K.   Bell, Brossman   Buckhorn farmer 42
Collins, S. W. 7/25/1885 Sanders, Glenn Brenham Kenney farmer  
Cooper, Pashel   Osterhout, Cocke     planter 26
Cumings, W. L. 9/2/1876 Francis, Thomas   Bellville farmer 24
Daniels, J. N. 7/8/1865 Terry, Bell Terry Lodge, TX      
Daughtery, James 11/29/1862 Chessher, Ward   Industry (2 mi.) farmer 39
Dearman, B. F. 4/9/1892 Stone, Wessendorf   Bellville telegraph operator 26
Dent, Theodore 12/10/1859 demit Tuscaloosa      
Dent, Theodore 6/30/1860 Johnson, Sherburne Tuscaloosa      
Dial, L. F. 10/1/1906 Bell, Matthaei Bay City, TX Bellville rr conductor 33
Dittmann, Max Fredich   4 letters of recomm. Marietta, I.T.      
Dittmann, Max Fredrich 3/22/1902 Hill, Kopisch   Bellville Section foreman 26
Dixon, W. Z. 12/15/1865 Foster, Shelburne High Log, Al Bellville    
Dodd, Tom 10/22/1904 Bell, Brewer   Kenney stockman 28
Drake, S.A 7/14/1883 Thomas, Bell   Bellville editor, publisher 40
Early. T. P. 3/16/1878 Morris, Bell Brenham      
Ellerkamp, J. H. 4/13/1908 Dial, Louwein   Bellville engineer 31
Elliott, B. F.   request for demit        
Engleke, F.A. 4/28/1866 Cocke, Chesley Giddings Lodge Bellville    
Faucett, C. H. 7/21/1877 Bozman, Bell Nelsonville      
Ferrell, John P. 1/1/1872 Brossman, Prouty Brazos Lodge      
Ferris, H.C. 1/16/1875 Stopple, Morris Chappell Hill      
Fetterly, A. J. 1/19/1890 Bell, Prouty   Yoakum locomotive engineer  
Fettley, A. J.(Fetterly) 1/11/1890 demit San Felipe      
Fitzgerald, T. W. 6/5/1858 Osterhout   Travis teacher  
Fitzgerald, T. W. 7/21/1858 3rd degree pet.        
Fort, Clinton 7/19/1859 Johnson, Bell Hernando Ld MS      
Foster, G. W. 3/24/1866 Ward, Bethany San Felipe Forkston, Tx    
Foster, Geo. W. 9/18/1858 Hunt, Johnson     teacher  
Fox, Andrew C. 11/3/1890 Bell, Brewer Cameron   telegraph operator 42
Francis, George M. 3/31/1860 Bell, Elliott, Ward Prairie Lea      
Francis, Wm. M. 8/16/1875 Bell, Thomas   Bellville farmer  
Frank, Arnold Charlie 7/9/1921 Zeiske, Moorhead   Bellville hardware merchant 39
Frear, A.W. 6/5/1858 Hunt, Elliott   Bellville lawyer 29
Frederick, W. J.   Louwien,Bell San Felipe San Felipe merchant  
Gardner, A. B. 2/22/1886 Chesley, Prouty Bellville      
Gardner, A. B. 12/31/1881 Thomas, Francis Post Oak Island      
Gardner, A.B. 1/28/1882 Chesley, Bell        
Gerdes, John D. 9/13/1902 Wolf,Kopisch LaGrange Bellville clerk 30
Glenn, Alexander 1/15/1869 Hunt, Elliott Chappell Hill      
Glenn, Colbert 4/29/1893 Kopisch, Hellmuth   Bellville clerk 24
Glenn, W. B. 12/19/1874 Stopple, Bell   Austin Co. farmer 24
Glenn, W. I. 3/27/1869 Engleke, Brossman   Bellville lawyer 26
Glenn, W.B. 2/22/1886 Chesley, Bell Bellville      
Glueck, Franz 1/4/1879 Peters, Langhammer   Cat Spring farmer 27
Granbury, J. R. 6/5/1858 Osterhuit, Catlin, Bell   Cat Spring    
Harcourt, James 1/1/1902 Harcourt, Lewis   Bellville railroad employee. 28
Harcourt, Wm. J. 5/12/1900 Wolf, Lewis   Bellville RR section boss  
Haring, Peter 5/21/1887 Stone, Blake   Bellville carpenter 52
Harloff, J. 1/2/1868 Engelke, Chesley   Bellville carpenter 43
Hellmuth, C. F. 6/23/1877 Stopple, Matthaei Lodge #46      
Hill, F. M. D. 7/13/1889 demit Colorado Ldg #96      
Hill, F. M. D.   Blake, Gardner Colorado Ldg #96      
Hill, S. A. Jr. 9/11/1882 Shelburne, Stone   Bellville telegraph oper 24
Hilltpold, Gottleib 11/20/1858 Amsler, Hunt   Cat Spring stone mason 35
Hoben, F. C. 2/24/1866 Cocke, Chesley Adison U. NY      
Hober, Darius W. 11/20/1874 Catlin, Chesley     teacher 31
Holtkamp, Edwin 11/10/1883 Harloff, Bell   Bellville merchant  
Hopkins, Chas. F. 1/15/1906 Brooks, Chatham   Bellville rr clerk 24
Howard, Iverson 4/1/1866          
Howard, Iverson 5/26/1866 Lewis     farmer 33
Howard, Silas 12/15/1866 Foster, Ward Terry Lodge      
Hunt, Z. 5/30/1874 McLaran, Bell        
illegible, G. P. 8/3/1895 Bell, Prouty Nelsonville   laborer 40
Kastrop, Henry 4/27/1866 Bell, Chesley   Bellville sadler 31
Kessler, Chas. W. 5/16/1861 Johnson, Shelburne Caladonia Ldg. New Ulm merchant 26
Kistler, August 5/30/1888 Thomas, Matthews   Cat Spring merchant 39
Knolle, A. P. 6/9/1891 Prouty, Matthews   Cat Spring physician 21
Knolle, A. P. 1/28/1890 Shelburne, Bell   Cat Spring physician 21
Knolle, B. B. 2/13/1907 Bell, Louwein,   Bellville dentist 25
Knolle, B. E. 4/23/1904 Bell, Kopisch   Industry physician 37
Knolle, Chas. F. 10/10/1907 Knolle, Knolle   Industry merchant 36
Knolle, Chas. F. 1/18/1906 Bell, Tesch   Industry merchant 34
Knolle, Ernst 7/24/1858 Hunt, Johnson   Industry farmer, tavern keeper, miller, merchant 44
Knolle, Ernst 9/10/1859 Elliott, Shelburn   Industry farmer, tavern keeper, miller, merchant 44
Knolle, Kinch C. 6/16/1906 Bell, Knolle   Industry clerk 21
Knolle, Otto 4/23/1904 Bell, Kopisch   Industry physician 26
Knopp, K. 12/29/1900 Brooks, Kopisch   Bellville merchant 37
Kopisch, Arthur E. 3/5/1874 Prouty, Morris   Bellville merchant 37
Kratzinger, R. H. 8/5/1897 demit San Felipe      
Kratzmeyer, R. H. 7/7/1897 Hill, Prouty San Felipe Sealy RR man 38
Kroulik, John 11/14/1905 Knolle, Bell Nelsonville      
Krumrey, W. G. 5/27/1882 Prouty, Blake Hempstead Bellville shoe maker 43
Kuykendall, S. G. 5/16/1861 Catlin, Menke, Ward   Travis farmer 38
Landers, C.T. 1/30/1876 Blake, Stopple   Bellivlle teacher 24
Langhammer, C. 10/13/1877 Lewis, Matthaei   Bellville sheriff 33
Lee, James K. 5/8/1875 Catlin, Hober, Hober, Kinney   Travis farmer 25
Lee, Louis F. 2/11/1893 Prouty, Hill Nelsonville      
Lester, J. C. 12/30/1865 Elliott, Swearingen Terry Lodge      
Lewis, Isaac 10/28/1865 Shelburne, Terry Terry Lodge, TX      
Lewis, Isaac 2/25/1893 Bell, Prouty Nelsonville      
Lewis, J. B. 4/18/1885 dimit attached Bellville Bellville county collector  
Lewis, John B. 1/17/1874 Glenn, Bell     farmer 29
Lewis, W. C. (Willie)   Bell, Prouty   Bellville merchant 21
Locke, Morris L 10/20/1866 Catlin, Chesley   Buckhorn merchant 28
Logermann, George R. 2/1/1879 Morris, Springfield   Bellville merchant 21
Lott, John W. 12/19/1863 Catlin, Shelburne     farmer 33
Louwein, A. 11/4/1904 Matthaei, Biel   Bellville merchant 24
Louwein, Herman H. 10/2/1907 Knolle, Bell   Bellville Telegraph operator  
Louwein, Wm. 7/2/1901 Hellmuth, Hill   Bellville jeweler 24
Malechek, John A.   Bell, Prouty Nelsonville      
Malich, Charles W. F. 5/5/1906 Chatham, Louwein   Bellville rr fireman 23
Matthaei, C. A 1/1/1874 McLaran, Prouty   near Bellville bookkeeper 38
Matthaei, W. A. 8/6/1892 Chesley, Wessendorf   2 mi. east of Bellville law student 22
Matthaei, W.A. 7/14/1894 Prouty, Chesley   Bellville    
Matthaei, Wolfgang A.   Brwer, Bell Boston, MA Bellville lawyer 30
Matthews, Henry 3/29/1886 Chesley, Sanders   Bellville dept. county clerk 31
McCasland, A. T. 9/29/1906 Dial, Hill   Bellville rr engineer 38
McGregor, J. D. 5/19/1883 Blake, Sanders   Kenney physician  
McGregor, J.C. D. 2/11/1893 lrt from Grand Lodge        
McGregor, Jas. C. D. 2/28/1893 Bell, Wessendorf Nelsonville Nelsonville    
McKee, M 3/24/1866 Ward, Lewis     farmer 40
McKee, M. 3/24/1866 Ward, Lewis     farmer 40
McLaran (McLarren) J. W. 10/31/1873 Bell, Prouty Nelsonville      
McLaran, J. H 1/11/1873 demit Nelsonville      
McLarran, J. H. 2/12/1881 Sanders, Brossman Bellville      
Meisner, Max 6/13/1898 Prouty, Lewis Nelsonville Industry lawyer 61
Menke, H. B. 8/14/1886 Bell, Sanders   Bellville merchant 29
Minton, R. 3/20/1880 Bell, Thomas Nelsonville      
Molsa, Wm. 7/18/1880 Prouty, Thomas Philadelphia      
Morgan, J. J. 9/23/1882 Blake, Prouty Unity, Alabama      
Morris, James E. 10/28/1871 Bell, Prouty Aurora, LA   physician  
Mueller, J. G.   Bell, Brewer (Alaghenie, PA) Bellville minister 56
Oestreicher, A. A. 12/8/1894 Gardner, Kopisch Beeville Bellville bookkeeper 40
Oliver, J. B. 12/14/1907 Louwien, Hill   Bellville teacher 24
Perrine, J. W. 12/15/1865 Chesley, Elliott   Bellville blacksmith 25
Peters, F. 6/23/1866 Elliott, Bell   Catsprings merchant 35
Philips, Henry S. 6/6/1921     Bellville clerk 25
Pope, Thomas 7/20/1872 Chatham, Johnson     farmer 35
Prouty, D. L. 9/29/1906 Dial, Louwein, Zeiske   Bellville brakeman 30
Prouty, L. L. 9/26/1868 Chesley, Brossman Lodge #18      
Roach, B. E.   Cocke, Hunt     planter 39
Rothermel, A. 4/14/1906 Bell, Tesch McClellan Ldg. Bellville sadler  
Rothermel, A. 9/29/1906 committee report        
Russell, E. S. 10/3/1908 Knolle, Louwein Sommerville Bellville conductor 30
Russell, S. E. 6/21/1912 Strauss, Louwein   Bellville conductor 31
Schenk, A. 4/27/1866 Bell, Chesley   Bellville merchant  
Schindler, A. A. 8/4/1906 Dial, Chatham   Matagorda rr conductor 34
Schmitt, R.A. 9/30/1879 Blake, Lewis   Cat Spring physician 41
Schonert, J. 9/14/1872 Harloff, Brossman Hempstead      
Seelhorst, E. W. 2/6/1867 Engelke   Bellville tinsmith 32
Shaw, Freddie Lee 6/6/1921 Carter, Swain   Bellville barber 37
Shelburne, Henry 7/24/1860 Elliott, Osterhout Chappell Hill      
Shelburne, James H. 4/17/1886 Chesley, Prouty Brenham      
Shelburne, Samuel A. 12/6/1901 Bell, Brooks Nelsonville Bellville   83
Shelburne, Samuel A. 8/3/1858 Steven, Elliott     farmer 41
Smith, H. J. 12/28/1868 Chesley, Bonney   Buckhorn farmer 39
Sparks, Daniel Pierce 12/29/1885 Prouty, Brossman   Bellville lumber merchant 40
Springfield, W. L. 9/24/1898 dimit        
Springfield, W. L. 9/2/1876 McLaran, Chesley   Bellville druggist 32
Springfield, W. L. 12/1/1902 Brooks, Kopisch Bellville Bellville salesman 58
Stern, Morris 6/21/1888 Gardner, Holtkamp   Bellville merchant 24
Sternenberg, E. H. 3/10/1906 Bell, Hill   Bellville teacher 29
Stevens, J. E. 12/19/1874 Chesley, Hober Nelsonville      
Stevens, Joseph 5/1/1858 Osterhout, Elliott, Bell   Travis    
Stone, John K. 7/14/1883 Thomas, Bethany,   Buckhorn    
Stone, John Koyer 12/28/1885 Chesley, Prouty   Bellville physician 36
Stoppel, J. J. 1/7/1873 McLaran     carpenter 36
Stopple, J. J. 9/21/1907 Bell, Matthaei Goliad Bellville    
Strauss, W. 9/22/1906 Tesch   Bellville life insurance solicitor 27
Sutton, J. C. 3/8/1879 Biggs, Blake   Buckhorn teacher 32
Sutton, Thomas 1/4/1876 Stopple, Lewis     carpenter 27
Swearingen, L. W. 7/30/1874 Bell, Morris Nelsonville      
Swearingen, Lewis 2/26/1860 Catlin, Elliott   Millheim farmer 24
Swearingin, W. L. 3/21/1891 Bell, Prouty Belton Kenney farmer  
Terry, R. H. 3/12/1859 Hunt, Bell   forks of Mill Cr farmer 33
Tesch, Fred L. 6/30/1904 Bell, Mueller   Bellville Deputy county clerk 31
Thomas, E. R. 8/15/1874 Bell, Mims     bookkeeper 40
Thompson, James R. 12/17/1904 Bell, Tesch   Bellville clerk in drug store 33
Thompson, John H. 1/26/1904 Bell, Brooks   Bellville lawyer 31
Thompson, R. W. 12/14/1907 Bell, Matthaei Nelsonville      
Thompson, W. R. P. 2/25/1893 Bell, Prouty Nelsonville      
Tomlinson, Edgar H. 12/6/1886 Wessendorf, Bell     lumber dealer  
Torrence, E. J. 2/2/1876 Chesley, Brossman Nelsonville      
Tottenham, J. W. 12/18/1878 Chesley, Springfield     physician 45
Tottenham, J. W. 4/14/1875 refusal of Chap. Hill Lod.        
Tottenham, J. W. 2/20/1875 Chesley, Stopple     physician 40
Trott, Geo. A. 11/20/1879 Thomas, Blake   Bellville teacher 24
Viano, J. B. 2/8/1907 Bell, Louwein Bay City Bellville piano merchant 44
Walton, C.R. 9/22/1877 Blake, Bell     farmer 28
Wangemann, Ernst 5/16/1861 Fort, Johnson   New Ulm merchant 33
Ward, David G. 7/19/1866 Foster, Bethany   Travis farmer 35
Ward, Jesse 6/9/1859 Johnson, Bell     farmer 37
Ward, John 12/6/1862 Shelburne, Ward Bellville      
Ward, John 6/1/1860 Terry, Shelburne     farmer/stock raiser 39
Ward, Solomon 12/1/1862 Catlin, Bell   Travis farmer 45
Weatherby, J. L. 2/4/1927 letter of recom. League City      
Wenenwieser, Wm. 6/12/1906 Brewer, Matthaei Nelsonville Industry farmer 40
Wessendorf, J. G. 3/12/1881 Prouty, Sutton   Bellville rr agent 21
Wessendorf, J. G. 4/21/1883 Thomas, Prouty   Bellville RR station master 23
Wheat, Thomas B. 1/26/1906 Hellmuth, Hill   Bellville rr clerk 29
White, James Bowie 7/29/1902 Bell, Brooks   Buckhorn farmer 22
Whitley, E. H.   Elliott, Shelburne   near Travis farmer 26
Whittington, J. G.   Elliott, Bell Chappell Hill      
Whittington, J.C. 3/23/1861 Elliott, Bonney Chappell Hill      
Williams, Thomas P. 12/18/1890 Holtkamp, Prouty   Bellville dentist 31
Willis, Geo. T. 1/31/1901 Bell, Hill Nelsonville      
Wolf, A.   Stone, Sanders Nelsonville      
Wolf, Aaron 9/11/1888 Stone, Sanders Nelsonville      
Zeiske, Oscar 3/20/1908 Brooks, Matthaei   Bellville clerk 40
Zeiske, Richard E. 3/9/1906 Bell, Matthaei   Bellville printer 25
Note: Original spellings have been retained.



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