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Generation No. 1


1.  MARTIN2 ALLEN  (BENJAMIN1) was born November 28, 1780 in KENTUCKY, and died December 20, 1837.  He married ELIZABETH VICE September 24, 1804 in CAMPBELL COUNTY, KENTUCKY.  She was born July 26, 1784, and died February 08, 1843.



Martin C. ALLEN

Sex: M

Birth: 28 NOV 1780 in Irland or Newport, Kentucky

Birth: 28 NOV 1780

Birth: 28 NOV 1780 in Ireland

Death: 20 DEC 1837 in Wallis, Tx in Austin Co. ( Eight Miles Point) Allen Cemetery

Death: 25 JUN 1838

PROP: Land Grant:07/19/1824, Wharton Co., Austin, Texas

PROP: 1830- Operated ferry across Buffalo Bayou

Military Service: Gutierrez Magee Expedition


Member Ayuntamiento of Mina (Goliad)

Associate Land Commissioner for Austin County

Justice of Peace in Austin

Martin and his father moved from Campbell County , KY. around 1808 to Louisana.

He was married to Elizabeth Vice and had three children, Miles N. , Anna Catherine, and Mary G. Upon reaching a settlement in Louisana, which was later renamed Allen's settlement. He and Elizabeth had James Bud, Elizabeth ,Martin Jackson , Nancy, Saraha, and Benjamin John, and Carolina Eliza Matild In 1809 , Martin and his father and their families led a colony of settlers from Kentucky to the coast of ''Louisiana, then called Attakapas Parish, Now St. Marys. The Allens moved further inland to Natchitoches Parish and founded what was then know a Allen's Settlement. Later the name was shortened to Allen. La. It is located not far from the town of Natchitoches. When the "republican Army of the North" was defeated at Medina River in Texas. Martin Allen returned to Allen's Settlement in Louisana to care for his family and step-mother , Sarah. There are various documents in Natchitoches Parish concerning Sarah after her husband's death. In February of 1822, she bought a slave and child from James W. Allen; October of 1822 she recorded a will in which the two slaves were to be freed upon her death. Then in February of 1823 Sarah mortgaged the two slaves for a debt of $100. Mary Ann Allen the widow of Hiram, Married Dury Thompson in St. Parish in 1814. In 1820 , Moses Austin obtained permission from the Spanish government, to establish a colony of settlers from the United States on Spanish soil in the Provence of Tejas. Returning to Missouri, Moses Austin became ill and died. His deathbed wish was that his son , Stephen F. Austin, carry through with his plans for a colony. In August of 1821 ,Stephen Austin returned to San Antonio to finalize the agreement with Governor Martinez to bring 300 families to Tajas. These 300 Families, know as "The OLD THREE HUNDRED" are considered the founders of Texas. The next year in 1822, Martin Allen began preparation to fulfill his dream of moving to Texas. Martin began the move on his own before applying to Austin. Throughout the "Austin Papers" are letters from Martin Allen to Austin. These letters have provided a wealth of information on Austin's Colony and the Allen family's move to Texas. We know it took three years for Martin to finalize the move. In 1822 he was 42 years old , and Mary was 38 and the mother of eight children. Their ages ranged from 16 to a baby of less than a year old. In the 1826 Census of Texas we can only account for seven children, Three boys and four girls. It is possible the one boy died or stayed in Louisiana. TX+index+711170730+F at source for following information

Cnidr isearch-cgi 1.20.06 (file probate.txt) Houston Texas Newspaper Probate Notices 1839-1844. Probate Notices From The Houston Morning Star Newspaper 1839-1844. Probate notices in Houston newspapers were placed as advertisements notifying the " Republic of Texas, County of Harrisburg (later Harris)Probate court, (date) Notice is hereby given to all whom it may concern that- The following list the petitioners name first , then the deceased, as noted wit. ( on page 4 0f 5) James B. Allen for Martin Allen, dec'd 7/7/1840:2


Martin Allen , born November 28, 1780 in Ireland or Newport, KY. (Source DRT Founders & Patriots of the Republic of Texas) ; died Dec 20, 1837 in Wallis ,Austin Co.,TX. (Source : DRT Founders & Patriots of the Republic of TX.) He was the son of Benjamin Allen. He married Elizabeth Vice on September 27, 1804 in Campbell Co. . KY. (Source DRT founders & Patriots of the Republic of TX. and Bob Reed.

The following is a letter in the "Austin Papers" to Stephen F. Austin. State of Louisiana Parrish of Natchitoches Allen's Settlement 24th March 1822

Judge Austin Sir I must troble you with a few lines without having the pleasure of a personal acquainta(n)ce with you--- I am one of the first men to make A Settlement on the Collarado, I have built a cabbin made some inprovements planted a gardian etc which agreeable to your termes I concidered would be respected as an actual settler until the first Day of January next provide I am on it with my family by that time. Some men in this Country have asserted that I have Declined moving to the Country, which is not the Case I intend to move as soon as I can and encourage the immigration all I Can an Do Justice to myself, now sir if my Claime will be good to the place that I have improved on the Collorado if you will be so good as to write me a line you will oblige me very much...mine is the first improved place on the Collorado I improved it on the 22nd day of Decem 1821 you will be kind anough to send me one of your Printed permissions by Mr.Rogers Mr Mcartey Judge Cummins or any safe hand you will much oblige me You may return me as an actual settler to the Government I have a Wife and eight Children four sons and four Daughters Martin Allen (Rubic) The property he chose was on Peach Creek near the present Town of Warton Co. TX. At the time it was in Matagorda County. This original grant is commonly referred to as Martin Allen Survey # 1 , Wharton County, Granted 19th July 1824. It is a sitio of land or league ( about 444 acres). From a letter written the 25th of July 1824 at the home of his daughter Anna and her husband James Lynch in Texas, we know that Martin had not received word that his title to his league at Peach Creek was granted. He makes plain his desire to live in Texas and acquire as much land as possible. At Jas Lynches July 25 Th 1824 Col. Austin Sir It was with much Pleasure that I received the few lines from you by hand of Mr. Lynch- respecting my land you wrote that there is a good League on the St Bernard that I can get should it suit me, I make not the smallest Doubt of its suiting me-- You say it is a good League which is suffcient proof for me-- in fact I leave it intirely with yourself to enter my League and you make out my deed and give it to Mr. Lynch or keep it yourself until I return whichever you may think best-- I am entirely willing to submit to the rules and regulations that you may make with the first settlers,-- if you will give my deeds to Mr, Lynch you can hold this Letter which will be the same as my obligation-- I can pay you two hundred Dollars or perhaps more this winter in good proiperty if requested, in fact my will is to oblige you at any time which when in my power. I shall return home in a few days in the Highest spirits and will return with my family this fall if life lasts. Now Sir if my League is allready surveyed as I have to draw Land for my eldest son in my own name there is one or two young men who will come on with me that will attach themselves to my family-- If I am intitled to any more land besides my League and my Labbour by the size of my family or for building a mill, I will take it on the Creek that is Called Seeder Creek at the first main fork above Simon Millers tract which is at a place by the Board Camp. Sir if you think propper to give me a grant agreeable to the rules authorized by the government for building a mill I will obligate myself to build a good mill. The place that I have Described I located in December 1821 which if I can shall yet get? I located it for the purpose of building a mill it will not interfer with any settler- bur if it interfere with any arrangement allready made I will take it at the second crossing of the second fork of the Navisota on the Labberdee road Commencing at the road and running Down for quantity this would be Covenient to the Millikins settlement if you think proper to grant this petition you will please inform Mr. Lynch and he will attend to the Surveying etc I hope Sir you wil excuse my troubling you so much at so busy a moment of your Business-- And receive the best wishes of your most obd. Friend and well wisher Martin C. Allen (Rubric)

This short undated note is also preserved in Austin's Papers.Martin Allen was born November 28, 1780. His exact birth place is unknown. He married Elizabeth Vice (Vise), on September 27, 1804.


Martin volunteered in the Republican Army to go to Texas and fight against the Spanish in 1812. He is seen next in Southwest Arkansas Territory in 1817. From there they moved to Louisiana, now Clairborne Parish. This is where he joined Stephen F. Austin's First Colony. In March of 1822, he was one of the first settlers on the Colorado, near Peach Creek. He asked for approval of his land title, stating that he had a wife and eight children, four boys and four girls. He returned to the United States to get his family, but found his wife too ill to travel. He sent his two sons, Miles N. and James (Bud), back to Texas to plant a crop and drive the cattle back.


Martin arrived back in Texas after May and before the 1826 census, with his wife and other children. He had been granted his land in 1824. It was in what is now Wharton County.


In 1830, Martin was granted the right to operate a ferry across Buffalo Bayou, opposite Harrisburg.


The Allen home was at Eight Mile Point, named so because it was eight miles from San Felipe. Martin Allen died there and it is believed that both he and Elizabeth are buried in the family cemetary back of the old home place. Although there are no longer markers to prove it.


At the time of Martin Allen's death, he had no will. His estate was divided by the court. It consisted of 8600 acres of land, farming equipment, animals, wagons and slaves. It was divided between Elizabeth and the surviving children Petition of Martin Allen


23 Nov 1836


Petitions for remuneration for Services in the Army of Texas by Grant of Land


File Box No. 1, Letter No. A


To the Honerable Sennet & House of repreasentatives of the first Congress in the Republic of Texas - In Jenral Assembly Convened


Your Petitioner humbly begs leave to lay before your Honerable boddy A Statement of facts Which is well known to Some of Your Honerable Boddy. Your Petitioner wishes to inform Your Honerable boddy that He is one the first settlers of Austins Coloney. Your petitioner Came and Settled in this Coloney in 1821 on the Colorado River, in a part of the Country that was much anoyed by hostile Indians of Different tribes. Your petitioner was allmost Constantly imployed for Several years, in Campains & Scouts after them. Myself & two sons, the only Help your petitioner Had to seport a Large family and often furnished Horses Guns Ammunition & provisions to Young Men who ware not in a situation to furnish themselves. Your petitioner Wishes to Lay before Your Honerable boddy, in his own Language many other just & strong Claims which your petitioner have long sought an oppertunity to make known to a free & Republickan people. Where Laws are founded on Justice, and true merrit will git its just rights, instid of bribery and corruption, your petitioner wishes to lay before your Honerable boddy, some former Claims of an Earlier date more perhaps any that has been presented. Your petitioner was a vollenteer Soldier in the republickan Army of Texas Under Jenal Bernarda Gutaras Commander in Chief of the Army in the Province of Texas, in the year of 1812.


Your petitioner Also had A father a brother and a Nephew all ingaged in the Same Service. Your Petitioners father and nephew ware both killed at the battle of the Medeena, 18 miles W of San Antonia on the 18th day of August 1813 Where our Whole Army was Defeted and a Jenral Massecree took place_____ no quarter ware given by the Enimy. Your petitioner was on the Day of the Defeat, in Louisiana on A recruiting Service. Your petitioner was promised One League Square of Land in any unapropeated Lands in the province of Texas, this was the terms of our inlistment, my farther brother & nephew All Had Drawn there certificates, but ware all lost on the Day of the Defeete. Your Petitioners farther Left A Widow in Much Distress poore and not Able to seporte her Self by her labour which was the only means She had for seporte, until your petitioner provided for her seport for which She gave Your petitioner A Legal Transfer to All her Husbands interest in the province of Texas, this Sarah Allen was the wife of Benj. Allen Stepmother to your petitioner Which tranfer Your petitioner Still holds in his possession, Your petitioner produced All those well athenticated Dockaments togather with Letters of recommendation Cirtifyed by the Spanish Consul Directed to the Governor of the Province of Texas. Your petitioner makes this brief Statement of Facts in order to Show to Your Honerable boddy that your petitioner have not received the favours, that would have been granted him by the Mexican government Could Your petitioner have aproched the government personally or in his own Language. It is painfull for me to say that I have not been treated with Equal Justice with the first Settlers of the Country. Your petitioner knowing the regulations of the Land Law seeks the Earlies oppertunity to petition the government for an ogmentation of one League Which was granted to All who Did petiton, in this I was presecuted by these who had the intire Controle of All Land matters in this Coloney at that time, there was but one translater in the Coloney, and he refused to write my petition for what reason God only knws. Your petitioner made frequent Applications to the Empersario & for Land for his two Sons Miles Allen and James Allen both of whom had been in the Service of there Country from its Earliest Settlement. Neither of them ware granted a foot of land for many years after we settled the Coloney. When your petitioner's Eldest son Drew one fourth League, While many other young men that came to the Country long after they Did, and never have lifted Armes in Defence of the Country had Drawn Some half Leagues some whole Leagues & while your petitioners Second son James Allen have not Drawn Any Land in the Country and has been in the Country for fifteen years, and was in the Service of his Country on the Day of the battle of Sanjacinto. Your Petitioner lays these facts before your Honerable boddy in full hopes & Confidence that he may have Justice done him hereafter. Your petitioner laid all those facts before the Ayuenmentor of the Municipality of Austin in a petition to them to recommend to the Legislator of the State to grant to your petitioner One League of Land as a Compensation for his Services in Texas. this petition was strongly recommended by that boddy togather with the recommendation of His Excelency Henry Smith then Political Chief of this Department. Those Lengthey Dockaments ware all translated into Spanish by the Brave W. B. Travis, Esq. and sent on to Montclova byt the hand of the Brave Benjamin Milam Esqr to lay before the State Legislater, Which grant would have been made to your petitioner, had not that boddy been Dissolved by the tirant Santeanna, who soon after invaded out soil. Your petitioner have laid before your Honerable boddy a breef Sketch of those facts that in justice to My Self & my family, I could not have neglected. Your petitioner wishes to inform your Honerable boddy, that he was one of the First volunteers in the expidition agains Sanantonia, and remained in the service until prevented by the loss of health, your petitioner considers himself a Cityzen Vollunter During the War. The services rendered by your petitioner at Sanantonia I appeal to C A Somerville and others that fought with me. Your petitioner considers himself in his Countries Service Since the first day of October 1835 directly or in Directly. Your petitioners health forbids his actual Service in Camp, but your petitioner lives on the publickest road in the Country and has been furnishing All the Soldiers going to and from tha Army at his own Expence, this fact is known to Several of the menbers of your Honerable boddy, particularly Col. A. Somerville & Capt. M. Baker Esq. Your petitioner have suffered greate loss by the war, in stock of All kinds Horses Cattle Hoggs & Household furniture kitchen furniture farming utinsials blackSmiths & Carpenters tools etc. and many other things too tedious to mention. Your petitioner having now made asbreaf a statemennt as the nature of his case would permit in justice to himSelf - Now Submits his Case to the Consideration of your Honerable Boddy for your just and wise Consideration. Your Humble petitioner Solissets your Honerable Boddy to Grant to him One League of Land on a footing with other military Claims for services renderd to the government if in the Wisdom of your Honerable Boddy you think your petitioner worthy of such favours, taking in consideration all his former claimes looses in the War Services rendred to the republick. Such a grant would be the highest boon that could be bestowed on your humble petitioner, or such portion as in your wisdom may think proper to Grant will be thankfully Recd by your Humble petitioner. And your petitioner as in Duty bound will Ever pray (God)


8 miles point Novm. 23 1836


Martin Allen









                   i.       ANNA CATHERINE3 ALLEN.

                  ii.       MARY G. ALLEN.

2.              iii.       MILES NORTON ALLEN, b. September 07, 1805, NEWPORT, CAMPBELL COUNTY, KY; d. May 1834, EIGHT MILE POINT, AUSTIN COUNTY, TEXAS.



Generation No. 2


2.  MILES NORTON3 ALLEN (MARTIN2, BENJAMIN1) was born September 07, 1805 in NEWPORT, CAMPBELL COUNTY, KY, and died May 1834 in EIGHT MILE POINT, AUSTIN COUNTY, TEXAS.  He married MARY PENELOPE DODSON, daughter of JESSE DODSON.  She was born November 30, 1811 in KY, and died July 30, 1863 in CORYELL COUNTY, TX.



Miles Norton ALLEN 1 2 3 4 5

Sex: M

Birth: 7 SEP 1805 in Newport, Campbell Co., Kentucky

Death: MAY 1834 in Austin Co. Texas (Eight Miles Point)

Burial: Allen Johnston Cemetery

PROP: Land Grant: 11/29/1832, Austin

PROP: Land Grant 05/21/1827, Austin


Miles and his father operated a Public house on Allens Creek .Location in Sealy wakkus area at the light company's Allen creek plant. William B. Travis was probably the most celebrated Texan that ever stayed at Allen's stop. Travis , a lawyer , handled Allen's legal affairs and lived in San Felipe for a short time. In his diary of 1834 he wrote, October 21 Left San Feliipe and stayed at Martin Allen's all night. The following day he entered paid Allen $1 compesation for his meals and quarters for his horse. Colonel Travis died two years later at the Alamo. The area was also called Eight mile Point in the early 1800's because Allens Creek originated eight miles below San Felipe, where Stephen F. Austin had established his colony's seat of government. Martin Allen started operating the Public House in 1833. The public House was destroyed in a fire in 1917.


Miles received title to one-fourth of a league of land in Austin's first Colony May 21, 1827, situated in the present county of Austin. On November 29, 1832 he was issued title to three-fourths of one league in Austin's Second colony, Situated in Austin County.


75 League's (3321.30 Acres) land grant 11/29/1832, Austin, Texas

25 Leauge's ( 1107.1 Acres) Land grang 05/21/1827, Austin, Texas


Father: Martin C. ALLEN b: 28 NOV 1780 in Ireland or Newport, Kentucky

Mother: Elizabeth VICE b: 26 JUL 1784 in Newport, Campbell Co., Kentucky/ Virginia


Marriage 1 Mary Penelope DODSON b: 30 NOV 1811 in Kentucky

Married: 1831 in LA.


 James William ALLEN b: 25 JAN 1832 in Austin Co., Texas

 Elizabeth Miles ALLEN b: JAN 1835 in Eight Mile Point, Texas/ Austin Co./Texas



Title: World Family Tree Print Out of a Descendant of Benjamin Allen Tree, Tubbs, Johnston, Allen Etc. Betty Jo Vaughn,


Call Number:

Media: Electronic

Title: Family Tree, Tubbs, Johnston, Allen, etc. Families of Texas, Genealogy Report: Descendants of Benjamin Allen, Betty Vaughn


Call Number:

Media: Electronic



Call Number:

Media: Electronic

Title: Family Tree, Ancestors of Sheri Gail Price


Call Number:

Media: Electronic

Title:, The Handbook of Texas Online, Martin Allen


Call Number:

Media: Electronic



Burial: 1863, Flint Creek Cem, Coryell Co, TX


Children of MILES ALLEN and MARY DODSON are:

3.                i.       JAMES WILLIAM4 ALLEN, b. January 25, 1832, AUSTIN COUNTY, TEXAS; d. March 18, 1871, AUSTIN COUNTY, TEXAS.

4.               ii.       ELIZABETH MILES ALLEN, b. May 1834, EIGHT MILE POINT, AUSTIN COUNTY, TEXAS; d. Bef. 1880, CORYELL COUNTY, TX.



Generation No. 3


3.  JAMES WILLIAM4 ALLEN (MILES NORTON3, MARTIN2, BENJAMIN1) was born January 25, 1832 in AUSTIN COUNTY, TEXAS, and died March 18, 1871 in AUSTIN COUNTY, TEXAS.  He married PENELOPE JOHNSTON September 01, 1853 in AUSTIN COUNTY, TEXAS, daughter of JOHN JOHNSTON and ELIZA MCGEE.  She was born February 01, 1829 in MOBILE COUNTY, AL, and died December 21, 1909 in AUSTIN COUNTY, TEXAS.



1880 Census Place:  Hartsville, Austin, Texas

     Source:   FHL Film 1255289  National Archives Film T9-1289     Page 425A

     Relation  Sex  Marr Race Age  Birthplace

Penelope ALLEN Self FWW  51   AL Occ:   Farmer    Fa: AL    Mo: GA

Susan ALLEN    Dau  FSW  21   TX Occ:   Keeping House  Fa: TX    Mo: AL

Mary L. ALLEN  Dau  FSW  18   TX Occ:   At Home   Fa: TX    Mo: AL

Sam ALLEN Son  MSW  14   TX Occ:   At Home   Fa: TX    Mo: AL

Jack ALLEN     Son  MSW  11   TX Occ:   At Home   Fa: TX    Mo: AL

Elisa DUNCAN   Mother    FWW  72   GA Occ:   At Home   Fa: US    Mo: US

David WILLIAM  Other     MSB  23   LA Occ:   Works In The Field  Fa: US Mo: US




Allen James W. Penelope Johnston C 91 1 Sep 1853


James William ALLEN 1 2 3 4 5

Sex: M

Birth: 25 JAN 1832 in Austin Co., Texas

Birth: 25 JAN 1832

Death: 18 MAR 1871 in 8 Miles Point, Austin Co., Texas


Father: Miles Norton ALLEN b: 7 SEP 1805 in Newport, Campbell Co., Kentucky

Mother: Mary Penelope DODSON b: 30 NOV 1811 in Kentucky


Marriage 1 Penelope JOHNSTON b: 1 FEB 1829 in Mobile, Mobile Co., Alabama

Married: 30 AUG 1853 in Austin Co., Texas

Married: 30 AUG 1853 in Austin Co., Texas


 James ALLEN b: 1853

 Winnie Margaret ALLEN b: 1 SEP 1854 in Eight Miles Point, Austin Co., Texas

 Miles Johnson ALLEN b: 10 NOV 1856 in Eight Miles Point, Austin Co., Texas

 Susan Penelope ALLEN b: 11 NOV 1858 in Eight Miles Point, Austin Co., Texas

 Mary Eliza ALLEN b: 23 SEP 1861 in Eight Miles Point, Austin Co., Texas

 Samuel Norton ALLEN b: 19 NOV 1865 in Eight Miles Point, Austin Co., Texas

 John Linder ALLEN b: 3 AUG 1867 in Wallis, Austin Co., Texas

 Jack L. ALLEN b: AUG 1868 in Eight Miles Point, Austin Co. , Tx.







Penelope Johnston married

James William Allen August 30, 1853.  He served in the Confederate Army and

was pardoned in 1864 with failing health.  The family cemetery is on Allen's

Creek on land purchased by HL&P to build a nuclear plant.  The cemetery is

supposed to be maintained by HL&P through deed restrictions.






                   i.       JAMES5 ALLEN, d. DIED YOUNG.

5.               ii.       WINIFRED MARGARET ALLEN, b. September 01, 1854, EIGHT MILE POINT, AUSTIN COUNTY, TEXAS; d. December 17, 1896.

                 iii.       TOMMIE M. ALLEN, b. Abt. 1855, TEXAS.

6.              iv.       MILES JOHNSTON ALLEN, b. November 10, 1856, TEXAS; d. June 08, 1939.

7.               v.       SUSAN T. OR P. ALLEN, b. November 01, 1858, TEXAS; d. January 12, 1900.

8.              vi.       MARY ELIZA ALLEN, b. September 25, 1861, TEXAS; d. April 06, 1944, HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS.

                vii.       SAMUEL NORTON ALLEN, b. November 29, 1865, EIGHT MILE POINT, AUSTIN COUNTY, TEXAS; d. January 1960, ABILENE, TAYLOR COUNTY, TEXAS; m. EDNA S. TOMLINSON, December 08, 1886, AUSTIN CO., TEXAS.



Allen Samuel N. Edna S. Tomlinson H 225 8 Dec 1886


Samuel Norton ALLEN 1 2 3 4

Sex: M

Birth: 19 NOV 1865 in Eight Miles Point, Austin Co., Texas

Death: JAN 1960 in Abilene, Taylor Co., Texas


Father: James William ALLEN b: 25 JAN 1832 in Austin Co., Texas

Mother: Penelope JOHNSTON b: 1 FEB 1829 in Mobile, Mobile Co., Alabama


Marriage 1 Edna Sidney TOMLINSON b: 5 JAN 1864 in Alabama

Married: 8 DEC 1886 in Wallis, Austin Co., Texas


 James William ALLEN b: 17 OCT 1887 in Wallis, Austin Co., Texas

 Robert Newton ALLEN b: 22 AUG 1889 in Wallis, Austin Co., Texas

 Penelope ALLEN b: 29 MAR 1891 in Wallis, Austin Co., Texas

 Ida Delia ALLEN b: 9 AUG 1896 in Wallis, Austin Co., Texas

 Bessie Enda ALLEN b: 12 SEP 1900 in Wallis, Austin Co., Texas

 Herman Lloyd ALLEN b: 30 AUG 1903 in Wallis, Austin Co., Texas

 Jessie Sam ALLEN b: 23 JUL 1906 in Wallis, Austin Co., Texas



               viii.       JOHN LINDER "JACK" ALLEN, b. August 03, 1867, WALLIS, AUSTIN COUNTY, TEXAS; d. 1942.



Jack L. ALLEN 1

Sex: M

Birth: AUG 1868 in Eight Miles Point, Austin Co. , Tx.

Death: 1942



 John Linder ALLEN 1 2 3 4

Sex: M

ALIA: /Jack/

Birth: 3 AUG 1867 in Wallis, Austin Co., Texas

Death: 12 JUL 1912 in Edwards, Texas


Father: James William ALLEN b: 25 JAN 1832 in Austin Co., Texas

Mother: Penelope JOHNSTON b: 1 FEB 1829 in Mobile, Mobile Co., Alabama


Marriage 1 Lottie C. BELL b: 28 APR 1867 in Kenedy, Texas

Married: 7 MAR 1888 in Austin Co., Texas


 Ruby Rea ALLEN

 Mary Elizabeth ALLEN b: in Texas

 Anna Mae ALLEN b: in Texas

 Betsy ALLEN b: in Texas

 Susan ALLEN b: JUL 1889 in Texas

 Audlie G. ALLEN b: SEP 1891 in Texas

 Mike ALLEN b: JUL 1893

 Lottie Vada ALLEN b: 1895 in Texas

 Alta Alice ALLEN b: SEP 1896 in Texas




4.  ELIZABETH MILES4 ALLEN (MILES NORTON3, MARTIN2, BENJAMIN1) was born May 1834 in EIGHT MILE POINT, AUSTIN COUNTY, TEXAS, and died Bef. 1880 in CORYELL COUNTY, TX.  She married WILLIAM E. JOHNSTON February 01, 1853 in AUSTIN COUNTY, TX, son of JOHN JOHNSTON and ELIZA MCGEE.  He was born Abt. 1833 in MISSISSIPPI, and died January 28, 1884 in AUSTIN COUNTY, TEXAS.









One correction from typed Index of Austin Co.   Index has.. William Johnston or Johnson.. (not sure if the "t" was left out many times it is) marrying Eliza McAllen.. the marriage record is plainly.. William Johnston marrying Eliza M. Allen... Eliza M. Allen was daughter of Miles Allen son of Martin Allen- one of the Old 300. Her full name is Eliza Miles Allen, she was born abt 6 months after Miles died...


If you could put a note or something it would help.  I spent many hours and many dollars looking for a McAllen family!!


Betty Vaughn



387/387 WILLIAM JOHNSTON 27 M S RAISER 1950 2200 MISS.

              E. M.  WIFE                25 F TX

                                                      M TX

              F. A.                              3 F  TX


 JOHNSON, WM   (1870 U.S. Census)


Age: 37, Male, Race: WHITE, Born: MS

Series: M593 Roll: 1581 Page: 298 A








     Census Place:  San Bernardo, Austin, Texas

1880 Source:   FHL Film 1255289  National Archives Film T9-1289     Page 427A

     Relation  Sex  Marr Race Age  Birthplace

William E. JOHNSTON Self MMW  47 MS Occ:Farmer & Stock Raiser Fa: AL Mo: AL

Elisa JOHNSTON Wife FMW  27   TX Occ:   Keeping House  Fa: TX    Mo: OH

Maria Jane JOHNSTON Dau  FSW  16   TXOcc:    At Home   Fa: MS    Mo: TX

Lizzie JOHNSTON     Dau  FSW  10   TXOcc:    At Home   Fa: MS    Mo: TX

Penelope Elisabeth JOHNSTON   Dau  FSW  8 TX Occ: At Home   Fa: MS    Mo: TX

Lisa JOHNSTON  Dau  FSW  2    TX Occ:   At Home   Fa: MS    Mo: TX

Fanny STANFIELD     SDau FSW  5    TX Occ:   At Home   Fa: MS    Mo: TX

John W. COLE   Other     MW   22   TX Fa: MS Mo: TX

Plejs COLE     Other     MW   35   TX Fa: MS Mo: TX

Mary Jane BULLOCK   MotherL   FWW  50   OH Occ:   At Home   Fa: OH    Mo: U.S.

James BULLOCK  BroL MSW  17   TX Occ:   Work In Field  Fa: U.S.  Mo: OH

Wyatt BULLOCK  BroL MSW  13   TX Occ:   At Home   Fa: U.S.  Mo: OH



Burial: January 1884



9.                i.       JAMES WOODALL5 JOHNSTON, b. November 23, 1856, WALLIS, AUSTIN, TEXAS; d. May 26, 1878, WALLIS, AUSTIN COUNTY, TEXAS.

                  ii.       FRANCIS ANN JOHNSTON, b. Abt. 1857, TEXAS.

                 iii.       MARIAH JANE JOHNSTON, b. Abt. 1864, TEXAS.

                 iv.       LIZZIE ALICE JOHNSTON, b. Abt. 1869, TEXAS.

                  v.       PENELOPE ELIZABETH JOHNSTON, b. Abt. 1872.

                 vi.       LISA JOHNSTON, b. Abt. 1878.





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