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Joachim Schroeder Family History

Submitted by James V. Woodrick



            Four children of George Schroeder and his wife Mekalene Samenkount immigrated to Texas between 1868 and 1871 from town of Kritzkow, some 16 miles south of the Baltic port of Rostock in the Mecklenburg area northwest of Berlin.   All four of these siblings, Christian, Joachim, Christina and Louise, initially settled in Cat Spring in Austin County.    Christian Schroeder’s obituary indicated that he arrived with his wife Marie in Texas in 1868.  Christina married Karl Ladig in Germany in 1865; they arrived in Galveston in 1869 and lived in Cat Spring for the rest of their lives.  Joachim and his wife Wilhelmine and her parents Johann and Sophie Rath left in 1870 and arrived in January of 1871  -  their oldest child Louise was born on the ship in transit.   Louise Schroeder followed her siblings to Cat Spring as a single woman, probably traveling with her brother Joachim.  She married Wilhelm Meier on December 30, 1872, and lived in Cat Spring all of her adult life.



born:    in Prussia (Germany), lived in Kritzkow, Mecklenburg

wife:            Mekalene Samenkount


1.  Christian  born May 11, 1841, Mecklenburg, Germany.  Married Marie Goldberg (b.             January 11, 1846) in Germany, then Louise Goldberg in Austin County on January 31,             1881.   He died on June 22, 1923.

2.  Joachim John  born November 6, 1843 in Mecklenburg, Prussia (Germany)

3.  Christina  born March 7 1846 in Kritzkow, Mecklenburg, Prussia (Germany), married Karl             Ladig in 1865, died January 1, 1937 in Cat Spring, Texas.

4.  Louise  born 12 NOV 1849 in Germany, married Wilhelm Meier (aka Meyer) in 1872, died             September 1939 near Cat Spring, Texas.


            The Christian Schroeder obituary appeared in the Bellville Times on June 29, 1923:

            “Christian Schroeder passed away at his home in Bellville at 8 o'clock Friday night, aged 82 years, one month and 11 days.

            “Funeral services were held at his late residence at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon, June the 23, followed by services, with Rev. J. K. Poch officiating, and interment was made in Pilgrim's Rest cemetery.  A large gathering of sorrowing relatives and friends attended the obsequies, and beautiful floral offerings attested how esteemed the deceased was.

            “Decedent was born in Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany, but came to America in 1868.  He was twice married, first to Miss Mary Goldberg, who passed away in 1879.  A few years later he was united in marriage with Mrs. Louise Goldberg.

            “Surviving relatives are one daughter, two sons, one step-daughter, one step-son, 3 sisters and one brother, 13 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren, other relatives and numerous friends.

            “He was a member of the Concordia Singing Society for the past 50 years, the members of which rendered a number of appropriate songs at the grave.  The Lutheran choir also had song service at the home and at the grave.  The Sons of Herman lodge, of which he was a member, also paid their deceased member their last honors at the grave.

            “For sixteen years Mr. Schroeder served as janitor of the county court house, and, realizing that he was too far advanced in age to continue at this post and give satisfactory service, he tendered his resignation about a year ago.  He had many friends and was particularly well liked by court house officials, who would always make it a practice to remember the aged janitor on Christmas Day.”

            Christian and Marie had three children, Carl (b. December 19, 1871 in Germany), August (born May 14, 1877 in Texas) and Carolina (born May 14, 1878 in Texas).  After Marie died Christian apparently went back to Germany, united with Louise who may have been a sister of his first wife, and then returned to Texas after the birth of their first child.  Family lore indicated that Louise was a bar maid in Germany and her two children may have been illegitimate (one son who took her Goldberg surname, and one daughter by Christian Schroeder).  Her obituary (Bellville Times, March 16, 1923) says that “Mrs. Schroeder was born Jan. 1, 1847 at Kensterde, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.  In 1880 she came with two children to Texas and in the same year she married to Christian Schroeder.    She is survived by her husband, one son, Hy. Goldberg of Burton, and one daughter, Mrs. Anna Peterson, one stepdaughter, Mrs Lena Pacher of Millheim and two step sons, Chas. and August Schroeder of Bellville;  thirteen grand-children and 4 great grand-children, besides many other relatives who mourn her death.”.    Austin County Marriage Records indicate that Christian Schroeder and Louise Goldberg were married on January 31, 1881. 


            The obituary for Christine Schroeder Ladig appeared in the Bellville Times on January 8, 1937:


            “Friday morning at the dawn of the New Year, the soul of Mrs. Christine Ladig, nee Schroeder, passed from this life into the life of eternal peace at the age of 90 years, 9 months and 24 days.

            “She was born March 7, 1846, in Kritzkov Mecklenburg Scheweien, Germany.  She was married to Karl Ladig, Sr., in 1865 and came to Texas -- landing in Galveston in 1869, as has resided in Cat Spring, Austin County, Texas, since that time.

            “Mrs. Ladig was unusually active for one of her age, and was always ready to minister aid in sickness or distress, no only to her immediate family but to friends and acquaintances as well.  She was  member of the Lutheran Church and Rosenduft Lodge No. 44.

            “The funeral services were conducted Sunday afternoon, January 3, 1937, at 2 p.m., at here home, by Rev. Schliesser of Bellville, and the Sealy Choral Club rendered appropriate songs.  The pallbearers were six grandchildren, namely; Jesse J. Jousan, Granger; Aaron Tieman, La Grange; Milton V. Skeen, Kenneth Ladig and Willie Necker, Houston, and Raymond Ladig, Cat Spring.

            “Her husband preceded her in death July 3, 1914.  She was the mother of eight children, one son, Fritz, having died December 10, 1908.  She is survived by the following children:  Mrs. Jake Jousan, Miss Gusta Ladig, Mrs. M. W. Sken, Mrs. Hugo Suhr, William Ladig of Houston; also one sister, Mrs. Louise Meier of Cat Spring; 21 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.  Truly she was one of God's nobel Women.

            “A precious one from us has gone

            A voice we loved is stilled,

            A place is vacant in our home

            Which never can be filled,

            Peaceful be Thy Silent Slumber

            Peaceful be thy grave so low,

            Thou no more will join our number

            Thou no more our sorrow know,

            Yet again we hope to meet thee

            When this day of life is fled,

            And in Heaven with joy to greet Thee

            Where no fare well tears are shed.”


Karl Ladig’s obituary (Bellville Times July 9, 1914) indicates that he was born in Kassow, Mecklenberg (seven miles from Kritzkow).



            i.            FRITZ LADIG (b. ca. 1868, Texas; d. December 10, 1908, Cat Spring.

            ii.            FRANCIS LADIG (b. ca. 1870, Texas); m. JAKE JOUSAN.

            iii.            AUGUSTE/GUSTA LADIG  (b. ca.. 1872, d. Cat Spring, Austin Co).

            iv.            KARL/CHARLES LADIG, JR., b. ca.. 1874, Texas; d. La Grange

            v.            WILHELM/WILLIAM LADIG, b. ca. 1874, d. Cat Spring

            vi.            MARY LADIG, b. ca,. 1877

            vii.       OTTO (O. E.) LADIG

ix.              LENA LADIG




            The obituary of Louise Schroeder Meier appeared in the Bellville Times, September 21, 1939:

            “Death Claims Mrs. Louise Meier at Age Of 89 Years  --  Mrs. Louise Meier, nee Schroeder, died at the home of Mrs. Emma Schulz in Cat Spring at 2:20 p.m. Friday, after an extended illness.  She would have been 90 years of age on Nov. 12 of this year.  Having been born on that date in 1849.

     “Mrs. Meier was a native of Germany, emigrating to this country as a young girl.  She was a member of the Lutheran Church.

     “Many years ago she was married to Wilhelm Meier who preceded her in death in 1918.  The greater part of her long life was spent in and near Cat Spring.

     “Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Augusta Tomlin of Seligman, Ariz., and Miss Elizabeth Meier of Seattle Washington; a daughter-in-law, Mrs. Johanna Meier; nine grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

     “Services were held at 4 p.m. Sunday at Cat Spring Lutheran Church with Rev. G. Wolf of Eagle Lake officiating there, and Rev. H. Schliesser at the cemetery.  Burial was in the Kollatchney Cemetery.”

            The children of William and louise Schroeder Meier were Elizabeth, Lula, William, Ema, Pauline, Herman, Augusta, Louise and Lizzie.






born:    6 NOV 1843 in Kritzkow, Mecklenburg, Prussia.  He died  19 FEB 1936 and was buried in Pilgrim's Rest Cemetery near Bellville.

wife:            Wilhemmina Rad (Rath)  born 11 JUN 1849, married October 1868, died 10 AUG 1937.


1.  Louise   born at sea 10 DEC 1870, married Karl Hoff, died 5 DEC 1963 at Ennis, Texas,             buried Coshatte Cemetery, Austin County.

2.  Frederick    born 14 DEC 1872- later known as Fritz.  Baptized 8/31/1873.  Moved to Piney    Creek community in 1897.  Married widow Ida Amanda Reinecker Frank on 15 DEC    1897.  She was born 3 DEC 1864 in Bellville, died 23 JAN 1938.    Fritz Schroeder died      9 JAN 1951 and was buried in Pilgrim’s Rest Cemetery.

3.  Carl   born 2 NOV 1874.  Died before 1936.

4.  Wilhelmine Franziska Maria (Minna)   born 28 OCT 1876, married Emil Krumrey, died June             17, 1960, buried Oak Knoll Cemetery, Bellville.

5.  Heinrich Martin Adolf  (Henry) born 4 SEPT 1878.  Apparently died young. 

6.  Lena   born 5 SEP 1880, married Albert Grube, died 3 JUL 1964.

7.  August   born 1883.  Buried Pilgrim’s Rest Cemetery, Bellville. 

8.  Harmon (Henry, Herman)   born 25 DEC 1885, married Rosa Merten, died 13 JUN 1974.

9.  Annie and Meta   twins born 12 SEP 1887.  Annie married Emil F. Roegge; she died 20 OCT             1966. Meta (Martha) married Edward Carter, then Edward Roegge on 2 NOV 1905, died      2 JUL 1964.

10.  Otto    born 12 APR 1890, died 26 APR 1969, buried Pilgrim's Rest Cemetery

11.  Alvina   born 6 APR 1891, married Bernard Frank, died 17 NOV 1972 in Bellville.



            Joachim John Schroeder was born in 1843 in Kritzkow, Mecklenburg, the German principality on the Baltic Sea northeast of Berlin.  He married Wilhelmine Rad (or Rath) in Germany in October of 1868.  Wilhelmine (“Minna”) was born in Mecklenburg on 11 June 1849, died 10  AUG 1937, and is buried in Pilgrim's Rest Cemetery near Bellville.  They left Germany in late 1870, apparently arriving at Galveston in January of 1871 and settled near his siblings at Cat Spring for nine years.  Their first child, a daughter Louise, was born on the ship from Germany.  Daughter Wilhelmine (also “Minna”) and son Harmon (later Herman) were baptized 6 APR 1879, at Trinity Lutheran Church in Frelsburg (there was no church in Cat Spring at this time.). On December 15, 1879 they bought 105 acres in Colorado County (deed record Volume W page 312; lein paid Vol. 2 p. 191) for $375 between Cat Spring and Frelsburg adjoining the Little San Bernard River.  Living with the Schroeders in Colorado County 1880 (U.S. Census records) were her parents John (age 88) and Sophie (age 84) Rad (Rath), both born in Prussia.  Presumably all immigrated together.   On November 9, 1883 they bought an additional 37.5 acres of timberland for $105 (Colorado Co. deed records Vol. Z p. 596).  On August 1, 1885 the Schroeders sold their two tracts of land in Colorado County for $1,500 (Vol. 2 p. 289).  Joachim and Wilhelmine moved to Austin County, buying a 234.5 acre farm on Ives Creek on 2 August 1886, for $1,055. (Recorded in Deed Records Volume 4 page 490).  On January 1,  1889 they bought an adjacent 19.5 acres for $100.  On 20 February 1895, they sold 64 acres of this land to their son Fritz.  (Vol. 16 page 287).

            The Schroeder's spoke Plattdeutsch, or Low German, dialect of the low country in the north and west of Germany and along the Baltic coast.

            Joachim and Minna Schroeder were divorced in Austin County on 5 JAN 1898.  He had a history of alcoholism and related family abuse.  The divorce proceedings (recorded in Vol. K, page 458, of the Austin County District Clerk Records) listed their community property as follows:



1                      Wardrobe                                                                    $            4.00

1                      Bureau                                                                                     5.00

1                      Lamp                                                                                       1.00

1                      Safe                                                                                           .75

1                      Round Table                                                                              .75

45                    bushels of corn at 35 cents per bus.                                         15.75

1                      Cultivator                                                                                 5.00

2                      Wagons                                                                                  40.00

4                      Plows                                                                                       8.00

1                      Middle Breaker                                                                        6.00

2                      Sweep Stocks                                                                          1.00

1                      Corn Planter                                                                          5.50

                        Pitchforks and spades                                                               1.00

1                      Mowing machine and rake                                                   30.00

                     Wood saws                                                                             1.00

2                      Hand saws                                                                             1.00

                        Plow                                                                                        1.50

2                      Mules                                                                                   100.00

1                      Horse                                                                                     15.00

2                      Mare colts                                                                           30.00

3                      Bed steads                                                                           1.00

1                      Clock                                                                                       0.50

1                      Sewing machine                                                                        3.00

1                      Disc plow                                                                           35.00

9                      Bale cotton seed                                                                18.00

1                      Force pump                                                                            3.00

1                      Hack and harness                                                                50.00

1                      Mule colt                                                                             25.00

1                      Corn sheller                                                                           5.00

58                    bushels of corn at 35 cents per bus.                                     20.30

2                      bale cotton seed sold                                                                  4.00

42                    head cattle sold King                                                         290.00

                        Account of C. Hoff                                                                 26.00

                                                            Total Amount                                          $878.05

190                  acres of land @ $10 per acre                                              $1900.00        




            Following the divorce, Minna Schroeder sold the remaining 190 acres of their homestead on Ives Creek to Henry King on 5 February 1898, for $1520. (Vol. 21 Page 84 of Deed Records).  On the same date Fritz and Ida Schroeder sold their 64 acres to Henry King for $512 (Vol 21 page 85).  Mrs. Wilhelmina Schroeder sold 11 5/16 acres of land at Industry on the west fork of Mill Creek to her son Herman on 17 May 1893 (14/5).  Mrs. Schroeder and her remaining minor children lived with her daughter Minna who had married Emil Krumrey and purchased a farm in 1897 on Clear Creek near the Schroeder homestead.  Emil built a small house for his mother-in-law on their property close to the banks of Clear Creek.  After 1900, Herman Schroeder farmed land next to the Krumrey’s on Clear Creek.  Mrs. Schroeder moved with the Krumrey's to their new house in near Bellville in 1922, and lived with them until her death in 1937.  She mentioned to her grandchildren that Mecklenburg was their original home, and specifically mentioned a location named Minden.   She indicated that the Schroeders worked for the Graf (a German nobility title equivalent to "count") as serfs or peasant farmers.  They would work in the fields all week, until at noon on Sunday a bell would ring and all would go to church.  The nameplace Minden could not be identified near their family home of Kritzkow.  It may have ben the name of the Graf or estate on which they worked. Ora Nell Krumrey Woodrick remembers going to St. John’s Lutheran church in Bellville with her grandmother Schroeder where she was encouraged to remain quiet during the service or else be pricked with her grandmother's hatpin.


            The 1900 U.S. Census of Austin County, Texas, lists Joachim Schroeder living west of Cat Spring with Eduard Palm and Palm’s mother.  Schroeder is shown as a servant (farm laborer) who was born in Germany in November, 1849 [should be 1843], immigrated in 1871, divorced, a naturalized citizen, can read, write and speak English.   The same 1900 census lists “Schroeder, Minna: head of house - white female - Born in June 1845 - 54 years old - divorced - 12 children born - 11 living born in Germany - parents born in Germany - immigrated 1870, farm schedule 278”.

Children:                                   Birth Date     Age            Birth Place

Charles   Son                ___ 1874                   25               Texas

Harmon   Son              Dec 1884                   15               Texas

Annie      Dau.             Sep 1887                   12               Texas

Meta       Dau.             Sep 1887                   12               Texas

Otto        Son              Apr 1889                   11               Texas

Alvina    Dau.               Apr 1891                 9                Texas

            At this time daughters Louise, Fritz and Minna had married and left home, and Lena and August were living with Emil and Minna Krumrey. 

            Sometime during the decade after 1900 Joachim Schroeder either left or lost his job as a farm laborer, became destitute, and was admitted to the Austin County Poor Farm where he resided for the rest of his life.  The 1910 U.S. Census of Austin County, Texas lists Joachim Schroeder as a 67 year old German-born white male resident of the Austin County Poor Farm who speaks English.

            The December 25, 1915 issue of the Bellville Times has the following item:  “Joachim Schroeder, an inmate of the poor farm, is the recipient of a suit of clothes and hat, as a Christmas present from C. W. Steck.  Mr. Schroeder is highly appreciative of the gift, which shows the philanthropic spirit upon the part of the donor.”


            Joachim Schroeder’s obituary from the February 28, 1936 Bellville Times follows:

                        “Joachim John Schroeder was born in Mecklenburg Schwerin, Germany, on the 6th day of November, 1843.  He married in 1868, and in 1871 he came with his family to Cat Spring, Texas, where he lived eight years, then seven years in Colorado county, and the rest of his life in Bellville.  He died on the afternoon of Feb. 19th, at the age of 92 years, 3 months, 13 days.  Three children, Carl, Henry and August, preceded their father in death, the surviving children including Mrs. Louise Hoff, Fritz Schroeder, Mrs. Abert Grube, Herman Schroeder, all of Bellville, Mrs. Emil Rogge of Waller county, Mrs. Ed Carter of Bryan, Otto Schroeder of Waller County, and Mrs. Bernhard Frank of Bellville: 36 grandchildren, 28 great-grandchildren, and two sisters, Mrs. Christina Ladig and Mrs. Louis Meier, of Cat Spring.

            Funeral services for Mr. Schroeder were held Feb. 20th, at 3 p.m., with burial at Pilgrims Rest Cemetery, Rev. H. Schliesser officiating.  Pall bearers were Robert Meinecke, Raymond Schroeder, R. B. Wehring, Walter Teichmann, Edmund Hoff, and J. D. Mahnke”.


        The following obituary for Wilhelmina Rath Schroeder appeared in the 13 August 1937 issue of the Bellville Times newspaper:


            “Aged woman was Texas resident for 66 years

            “Mrs. Minna Schroeder, 88, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Emil Krumrey, on Tuesday morning, after an illness which kept her confined to her bed for several weeks.  Despite her age, she was comparatively active until the illness which resulted in her death. 

Mrs. Schroeder, nee Rath, was born in Mecklenburg, Germany on June 11, 1849.  In 1868 she married Joachim Schroeder and came to Texas in 1871.   To them twelve children were born, three preceding her in death.  She is survived by six daughters: Mrs. Louise Hoff, Mrs. Minna Krumrey and Mrs. Alvina Frank of Bellville; Mrs. Lena Grube, Ganado, Mrs. Meta Carter, Bryan, and Mrs. Anna Roegge, Rosenburg; three sons Fritz, Otto and Herman of Bellville; thirty-five grandchildren and thirty great  grandchildren.

            “Funeral services were held on Wednesday afternoon at Pilgrim’s Rest Cemetery, with Rev. A.L. Conner of the Methodist Church officiating.

            “Pallbearers were:  Emil Ottmer, Ed. Krumrey, Wilbert Frank, Walter Teichmann, Raymond Schroeder, Roman Mewis."


            Louise Schroeder was born December 10, 1870 at sea, and died December 05, 1963 in Ennis, Texas. She married Karl Hoff  February 07, 1892 in Bellville.   He was born August 24, 1861 in Rostock, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany, and died December 25, 1933 in Bellville.

            The obituary for Louise Schroeder Hoff reads as follows:

            “Mrs. Karl Hoff, 92, dies at Ennis.

             “Mrs. Karl Hoff, the former Miss Louise Schroeder, died at an Ennis Hospital, Thursday December 5, at 2:40 p.m. She was 92 years of age.

             “The Reverend C.H. Rose officiated at the funeral rites held Saturday, December 7, at 2 p.m. at the chapel of the Pete Etlinger funeral home in Bellville. Interment was at the Coshatte Cemetery.

             “Pallbearers, member of the Sons of Hermann lodge, were Joe Schavrda, Erich Witte, Allen Garling, Chris Seyer, Leroy Kruger, and Jack Bader.

             “Mrs. Hoff was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Joachim Schroeder. She was born in Germany December 10, 1870, coming to the United States at the age of one, and settling near Bellville She attended the Piney School, and was of the Lutheran faith.

             “Her marriage to the late Mr. Hoff, who died December 25, 1933, was solemnized in Bellville.

             “For the past 14 years she had made her home with a daughter, Mrs. Fred Calhoun, at Ennis. She spent most of her life in this area.

             “Surviving are two daughters Mrs. Hattie Brooks of Houston and Mrs. Calhoun of Ennis; two sons Edwin Hoff of Madrill, Oklahoma and Mr. Charles Hoff of Lake Arthur La.; four sisters Mrs. Lena Grube and Mrs. Ben Frank of Bellville, Mrs. Emil Rogge of Rosenburg and Mrs. Meta Carter of Bryan; two brothers Herman Schroeder of Texas City and Otto Schroeder of Rosenberg; nine grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.”

            Children of Louise Schroeder and Karl Hoff were:

            1.  Theodore,  born January 20, 1892 in Bellville, baptized 11 DEC 1910;  married Alma Dahms (daughter of William and Friedericke Grabow Dahms) on March 3, 1913 in Austin County, died June 18, 1952, in Houston. 

            2.  Henry, , b. November 21, 1893 in Austin County; married Sudie Amanda Woodley (daughter of William and Hattie Small Woodley) on April 15, 1931.  d. May 10, 1952.  Children Geralfdine (m. Goebel), Shirley (m. Norton).

            3.  Wilhelmine (Minnie) , b. October 07, 1896, in Austin County; m. Fred Calhoun, May 24, 1924, in Austin County.

            4.  Hedwig “Hatttie”, b. February 08, 1898 in Austin County, married Sam Brooks.  Daughter Bessie Marie.

            5.  Edgar Albert, b. November 08, 1903, Piney Community, Austin County; m. Rebel Nation; m. Elda Mewis (daughter of Richard and Adele Brockman Mewis) on March 26, 1932 in Sealy.  Edgar died December 10, 1950 and was buried in Oak Knoll Cemetery.  Their children were David Edd, Karl Richard,  Stephen Michael and Edgar Albert.

            6.  Charles William, b. September 18, 1905, Austin County; Baptized 11 DEC 1910 ,d. October 1973

            7.  Edwin Frank, b. October 03, 1908, Bellville; maried Eliza Otto Bader (daughter of John and Georgia Cumings Bader), d. February 19, 1980 in Antlers, Oklahoma and was buried in Woodberry Forest Cemetery, Madill, OK.   They had a son named Edwin Frank.


            Theodore Hoff’s obituary follows:

            “Theodore Hoff Dies Suddenly In Houston

            “Theodore Hoff of Houston and a native of Bellville, died suddenly and unexpectedly on Wednesday, June 18, less than six weeks after the death of his brother, the late Henry Hoff. He was 60 years of age.

            “Funeral rites were held at the Pete E. Etlinger Funeral home at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, June 20, the Rev. Paul Cullen of Houston officiating. Palbearers were Edgar Woehst, Edmond Frank, John Grube, Walter Mewis, Ray Payne and Henry Hoff.

            “Mr. Hoff was born in Bellville January 20, 1892. He attended the Piney and Mittanch schools and became a member of the Lutheran church. A pipe-fitter by trade, he had lived in Houston for a number of years. Mr. Hoff was highly regarded by his friends here and in Houston and elsewhere.

            “Mr. Hoff was married to Miss Alma Dahms, who survives him along with his mother, Mrs. Louise Hoff; two daughters; Mrs. G. P. Burk and Mrs. J. A. Robertson Jr. of Houston; two sisters, Mrs. Fred Calhoun of Ennis and Mrs. Hattie Brooks of Galveston; two brothers Charles Hoff of Plaquamine, La., and Edwin Hoff of Medill, Oklahoma, and three grandchildren.”



            The following obituary of Mrs. Fritz (Ida Reinecker Frank) Schroeder appeared in the Bellville Times on January 27, 1938:

            “In Memory of Mrs. Fritz Schroeder

            “Mrs. Fritz Schroeder, whose maiden name was Ida Amanda Reinecker, was born December 3, 1864, in Bellville, and spent all of her life near this city. 

            “On September 13, 1903, she was baptized, and so made a child of God. On the same day she was confirmed, at which time she promised to remain true to her Lord. At confirmation she became a member of St. John's Lutheran Church and remained a member the rest of her life.

            “In 1882 she was united in marriage with Ferdinand Frank. This union was blessed with five children. Three of them, Albert Frank and Mrs. Ellen Meinecke of Bellville, and Reinhold Frank of Houston, survive. Mrs. Martha Finn, and an infant child preceded their mother in death. Mrs. Martha Finn, however, had a daughter who became Mrs. Herman Woehst, who was reared by Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Schroeder, having lost her mother, Mrs. Finn, when very young. In 1893, Mr. Frank passed away.

            “On December 15, 1897, she was united in marriage with Fritz Schroeder. This union was blessed with three children, Mrs. Hattie Kiesewetter, Raymond Schroeder, and Mrs. Anita Teichmann, all of Bellville.

            “Sometime ago, Mrs. Schroeder became ill and the Lord took her out of this life on Sunday morning at nine o'clock. she had reached the age of 73 years, 1 month, and 20 days.

In addition to the children already mentioned, she is survived by her husband, Fritz Schroeder, twenty-five grandchildren, twelve great-grandchildren, and the following brothers and sisters: Emil Reinecker, Bellville; Mrs. Emma Neumann, Chapel Hill; Mrs. Bertha Frank, Bellville' Mrs. Laura Muelller, Valley Mills; Mrs. Annie Bell, New Braunsfels, besides three brothers who preceded her in death.

            “She was known to be a good wife, and a loving, faithful mother. Her loss is mourned by many neighbors and friends throughout the county.

Services were held at St. John's Lutheran Church, Monday at 3:00 p.m., with Dr. Luther Schliesser of Houston officiating.

            “Pallbearers were: Reese Frank, Morris Frank, Marvin Frank, Ely Frank, Robert Lee Meinecke, and Wilbur Kiesewetter, all grandsons of Mrs. Schroeder.”

            Ida Reinecker was the daughter of Ferdinand Reinecker (b: 2 APR 1823 in Fischausen near Koenigsberg, East Prussia) and Wilhelmenia Netzel (b: 30 JUL 1838 in Prussia).   Fritz and Ida Schroeder had three children:

            1.  Hedwig Lula  b: 19 OCT 1898, in Piney Community, married William F. Kiesewetter (son of Ferdinand and Fredericka Hasselmann Kiesewetter) on December 15, 1915.  Hattie  died on 4 MAY 1996 in Brenham.  Their children were Wilbert Melvin (m. Evelyn Cameron), Walline Leila (m. Jacque C. Daniels),             Pearl Lee (m. David Radabough), Robert Allen, James Ferdinand (m. Agnes Marie Kleypas).

            2.  Raymond Edward  b: 24 DEC 1903 in Cat Spring, married Leona Louise Ottmer (daughter of Henry and Louise Ueckert Ottmer)  on September 14, 1927.  Raymond Schroeder died on 5 DEC 1966 in Bellville and was buried in Pilgrim’s Rest Cemetery.  Their children were Ileene Louise (m. Isador Fritz Alvin Zander), Aaron Ray, Ruth Nell (married Lee Roy Peters),  Grace Virginia (m. Elroy Herman Holtkamp), Ona Lea (m. Lee Hall Pierce)

            3.  Anita Clara Wilhelmine  b: July 13, 1909 in Piney Community, married Walter J. Teichmann (son of William and Annie Lamp Teichmann) on September 28, 1927.  Anita died on 26 JUN 2000 in Bellville.  Their children were Wilfred Milton “Bubba” (married Margaret Ann Noviskie), Jeanette Ann “Dolly” (married Dean Allen Steck).


            Hattie Schroeder Kiesewetter’s obituary was in the Bellville Times on May 9, 1966:


            “Funeral services for Hattie Kiesewetter, 97, of Burton, Texas and formerly of Bellville and Houston, were held at 2 p.m. Monday, May 6, 1996 from Knesek Bros./Etlinger Funeral Chapel in Bellville with Rev. Ann Dwelle Ward (Assoc. Pastor St. John's Lutheran Church, Bellville) officiating.

            “Interment was at Pilgrims Rest Cemetery. Serving as pallbearers for the service were her grandsons Keith Dean, Wayne and Steve Radabaugh, Bobby, Dennis and Kent Kiesewetter.

            “Hattie Kiesewetter was born Oct. 19, 1989 in the Piney Community near Bellville to parents Fritz and Ida (Reinecker) Schroeder. She was raised in the Piney Community and attended Piney Community Public School.

            “On Dec. 15, 1915 Hattie Schroeder and William F. Kiesewetter were married in Piney Community.

            “She moved to Houston and lived there for a number of years and in 1980 moved to Round Top.

            “Mrs. Kiesewetter loved to garden, cook, make fresh bread and spend as much time as possible with family.

            “She was a homemaker all of her life. She was a member of the St. John Lutheran Church in Bellville.

            “Mrs. Kiesewetter passed away on Saturday, May 4, 1996 in Brenham, Texas.

She is survived by her daughter and son-in-law, Pearl and David Radabaugh of Round Top; son, Robert A. Kiesewetter of Round Top; Daughters-in-law Agnes Kiesewetter of Houston and Evelyn Kiese of New Orleans, La.; Sister Anita Teichmann of Bellville; sister-in-law, Leona Zajicek of Bellville; grandchildren and spouses Karen Kiese, Connie Kiese, Carol Kiese, Andrew Daniels, Susan Daniels, Keith and Karen Radabaugh, Dean and Gayle Radabaugh, Wayne and Terri Radabaugh, Steve and Joy Radabaugh, Bobby and Mary Kiesewetter, Dennis and Karen Kiesewetter; great-grandchildren Haley, Corey, Casey and James Douglas Kiesewetter, Melissa and Ryan Hegefeld, Daniel, Douglas, Diane, David, Shannon and Travis Radabaugh and Kaylee Kiese Plus numerous nieces and nephews.

            “She was preceded in death by her parents Fritz and Ida (Reinecker) Schroeder; husband William F. Kiesewetter; Sons James F. Kiesewetter and Wilbur Kiese; daughter Lelia Daniels; grandsons William Conrad Radabaugh and Donald E. Radabaugh; Brother Raymond Schroeder; half-brothers Albert and Reinhart Frank and half-sisters Martha Finn and Ellen Mieneke.

            “Funeral Services were held under the direction of Knesek Bros./Etlinger Funeral Chapel in Bellville.”



            Wilhelmine (Minna) Schoeder was born on October 28, 1876, the daughter of Joachim and Wilhelmina Rath Schroeder.  She was baptized in the Frelsberg Lutheran church on April 6, 1879.  She married Emil Krumrey (son of Wilhelm and Bertha Frenkel Krumrey) on February 10, 1897.   She and Emil lived in the Bellville area their entire lives.  She died on June 17, 1960, and was buried in Oak Knoll Cemetery, Bellville.  Her children were:  

            1.  August (born and died in 1898, buried in unmarked grave in Koehn Cemetery)

            2.  Walter (b: March 24, 1899, married Margaret Minnie Mueller on November 3, 1928,                       died May 26, 1980.  No children.)

            3.  Edward (b: January 5, 1904, Married Clara Louise Kaechele on October 6, 1929, d:                       July 17, 1942.  No children.)

            4.  Hildegarde (b: March 17, 1908, d: February 10, 1973.  Never married.)

            5.  Mozelle Lucille  (b: July 11, 1912, married Charles Ruggles on December 14, 1940,               died March 15, 2009.  No children.).

            6.  Gardner Macadoo (b. September 19, 1917, married Floy Ruth Kendrick on March 27,                    1938, died on December 15, 2003.  Three children: Doyle, Ronald and Alan)

            7.  Ora Nell (b. September 30, 1920,  married Victor Woodrick on June 22,1942, died                  March             12, 2005.  Two children: James and Pamela.)


Minna Schroeder Krumrey’s obituary appeared in the Bellville Times, June, 1960:

            “Mrs. Emil Krumrey Dies Following Short Illness

            “Mrs. Emil Krumrey, 83, died in Bellville hospital at 3 a.m. Friday, june 17, after a short illness.  She became ill about a week ago.

            “The former Miss Minna Schroeder, she was born October 28, 1876, at Bernardo.    Her childhood was spent in the Piney community where she attended school, and in February of 1895 she was married to Mr. Krumrey, who preceded her in death 50 years later, January 6, 1945.

            “The Rev. A.J. Mohr officiated at the funeral rites held at 3 p.m. Saturday, June 18, at the Pete E. Etlinger Funeral chapel here, with Etlinger in charge of arrangements.  Pallbearers were Joe A. Peschke, E.L. Aukerman, Robert Blum, Dr. L.J. Clark, H.M. Broulette and Cornell Eckermann.  Interment was at Oak Knoll.

            “Mrs. Krumrey was baptized as a child and confirmed in St. John’s Lutheran church here in 1955.   She was a member of the Sons of Herman sister lodge. 

            “Surviving are three daughters, two sons, five sisters, two brothers and four grandsons.  Also preceding her in death were one son and one granddaughter.”



            Lena Schroeder, daughter of Joachim and Wilhelmine Schreder, was born on September 5, 1880, in Cat Spring.  On December 11, 1911 she married Albert Frederick Grube (son of Carl and Minna Grabow Grube).  She died July 3, 1964, and was buried in Pilgrim’s Rest Cemetery.  Their children were:

            Jimmy Grube

            Allen Otto Grube (b: September 24, 1920) 


            Annie Schroeder, daughter of Joachim and Wilhelmina Schroeder, was born on September 12, 1887.  She married Emil Frank Rogge (son of Frederick and Annie Lala Rogge) on August 16, 1906 in Austin County, She died on October 20, 1966 and was buried in Pilgrim’s Rest Cemetery.  Their children were:

            Hertha May (born March 10, 1914 in Bellville.

            Delmar (born August 15, 1918 in Bellville, died February 14, 1937)   

            Flora Bell (b. March 31, 1922 in Bellville)

            Annabell Martha Hermine (b. October 29, 1935,



            Otto Schroeder’s obituary appeared in the Bellville Times, April 1969”

            Otto Schroeder Dies at Age 79

            “Funeral services for Otto Schroeder, 79, were held from the Pete E. Etlinger funeral chapel in Bellville at 4 p.m. Monday, April 28, with the Rev. C.H. Rose officiating.

            “Internment was at Pilgrim’s Rest, with Emil Ottmer, Walter Krumrey, Walter Teighman, Bill Dequeant, Wilbert Frank and Leroy Schroeder serving as pallbearers.

            “A well known Austin County bachelor, he was born April 12, 1890, at Bellville, a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Joachim Schroeder.  He was a member of the St. John Lutheran Church of Bellville.

            Mr. Schroeder died of a heart attack at 11:20 p.m. Saturday in Bellville Hospital.

            “Surviving are a sister, Mrs. Alwina Frank of Bellville, a brother, Herman Schroeder of Texas City, and a number of nieces and nephews.”








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