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    Superintendent of Bellville Schools
    Principal of Bellville High School
    Principal of Elementary School

      Mr. Baker Wright
      Mr. R. Boyd Vaugh
      Mr. LeRoy Grebe

      School Board

      Dr. H. F. Roensch, President Mr. Al Brooks Mr. Baker Wright Mr. Fritz Schumann Mr. Hugo Muery Mr. Ernie Koy Dr. Dean Brown Mr. Pete Etlinger Mr. Otto Severin

      PTA Officers

      Mrs. C. C. Smith, President Mrs. William Schomberg Mrs. Bonnie Fisher Mrs. Wayne Alexander Mrs. Herbert Vogelpohl Mrs. Carl Schott Mrs. R. E. Trenchmann Mrs. H. D. Gattis Mrs. Carlton Kinnison Mrs. Lenard Sager Mrs. W. G. Engleking Mrs. Herman Keohn


      Hazel Andrews Sam Bell Mrs. A. T. Clarke B. J. Coufal William Fariss Dorothy Ford Harvie Hamilton Louise Louwien Edis Martinelli Bertie May Payne Boyd Vaughn Wayne Volkman Charles Wright Edwin Bohne Clara Brugger Martina Buelow Mrs. Nettie Cannon LeRoy Grebe Ellen Kloss Mrs. S. J. Makeever Mrs. M. Volkman Mrs. G. Wermecke Mrs. Arlie Severin  

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     Fifth Grade  Fourth Grade  Third Grade  Second Grade  First Grade


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