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Kreuzberg Road, East of Boerne

HISTORY: "On September 19, 1847, the instrument for obtaining the site on which the Haag house was built, was recorded. It was acquired from the Texas board of Land commissioners in the Ignacio Gonzales Survey No. 249, Abstract No. 188." The Adolph Haag homestead is located nine miles northeast of Boerne, Texas on Kreuzberg Road. The two-story stone house was completed in 1864 and had five rooms. Four of the rooms were downstairs and one upstairs. The stone was quarried not far from where the house stands; then hauled in the family wagon by Adolph and his brother, Fritz. The hand- hewn cypress used for planking was cut from the banks of the Guadalupe river. The cedar foundation posts and beams, and the lintels for the doors and windows, were cut from the old cedar breaks on the Haag property. The red long leaf pine flooring material was brought in from East Texas by freight haulers, such as the Haag family, from the Kreuzberg area. A stone fireplace in the living room was the Haag family's source of heat along with a wood stove in the kitchen.
Outbuildings near the stone house include a two-room log cabin with a dog trot. This was the original Haag homestead. Nearby, Adolph Haag built a two-story log barn that was used to store hay. This barn and the log cabin were built in 1860. Two cypress sided barns, built around 1900 by the Haag family, also stand near the house."
The house was owned by the Koepke family from 1919 to 1976 when Nick Naccaroto, an architect, purchased it, along with Eduardo and Shelby Longoria. The restoration/renovation project took sixteen months.- article and sketch by Nick Naccarato.

Source: Boerne Public Library files, February, 2000.

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