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Beseler Cemetery
Hwy.#9, Welfare

HISTORY: The Atherton Farm on the Little Joshua Creek was part of the original homestead of Carl and Augusta Beseler, German settlers who landed in Indianola in 1850. Carl was given a land grant of 480 acres in 1854 and sometime after that built the stone cottage on the property. He died in 1862 and both he and his wife and a grandchild were buried on this property on the east bank of the Little Joshua. Geary and Prissy Atherton purchased the place from the Laas family in 1991. Mrs. Laas had purchased the property in the 1920's.

Prissy and Geary Atherton began work on the falling-down limestone walls of the original house. With the help of architect George Lovett and local craftsmen, the walls were rebuilt and a bedroom, a bath, and kitchen porch were added.

Source: Boerne Public Library files.

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