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4 mi. N of Comfort, Tx., Hwy. 87

HISTORY: On September 14, 1942, L. C. Wiggins purchased the property known as North Creek Ranch. It was well improved, but the sturdy old residence was in run-down condition and required much refurbishing. The thick, hand-cut stone indicates that it was built in two stages - the first part, probably about 1850. It is situated about four miles north of Comfort fronting on the east side of Highway 87. When Adolph Stieler learned that Wiggins had paid $20 per acre for this land, he told Wiggins that he was paying so much it would increase local taxes.
Leonidas Chesley Wiggins was born in Tyler, Texas, on February 4, 1880. After completing his formal education there, he moved to Kansas City where he was employed as a claims agent for a railroad company. While living in Pittsburg, Kansas, he met and married Grace Radley on October 6, 1906. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Radley. Grace Radley was born October 19, 1883 in Girard, [KS]. She attended Kansas State University.
In 1910, the Wiggins moved to San Antonio, Texas, where they purchased a home on Guenther Street. It was here that their two daughters, Annie Pearl and Martha Grace, were born. Wiggins, with Henry Radley, established the San Antonio Packing Box Company, a manufacturer of wooden boxes. After a few years, Wiggins purchased Radley's interest and thereafter, operated this business as a sole proprietor.
Mrs. Wiggins enjoyed the ranch where she was an enthusiastic gardener. She took an active interest in church and social affairs in Comfort until her death on June 9, 1945, in San Antonio. Thereafter, Mr. Wiggins continued ranching, owning cattle, sheep and goats, until his death on June 23, 1953. After the death of Mr. Wiggins, the ranch was operated by Fred L. Johnston, Jr. who married Annie Pearl Wiggins on August 25, 1933, and Travis D. Bailey, who married Martha Grace Wiggins on March 26, 1940. This arrangement was continued until October 1, 1961, when the ranch was divided. Mrs. Johnston took title to the northern portion and Mrs. Bailey received the southern part. This part is now known as the Bailey Ranch.
The Bailey's land was unimproved and it was necessary to build a residence, barns, cross fences, wells, etc. From the modern brick residence, one sees a beautiful valley and hills to the west. On September 15, 1967, Martha W. Bailey purchased fifty one acres between Highway 87 and Old Fredericksburg Road......

Source: Boerne Public Library files. Information from Travis D. Bailey. No photo available.

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