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Boerne State Bank & Vogt Hotel

Boerne State Bank, 1971

Boerne Benefit Planners
194 S. Main
OWNERS: Stock Share Owners ADDITION: Original Town Lot LOTS: #27 DATE: c1906 Style/Period: Commercial
BUILDER: unknown CONSTRUCTED OF: Rock; flat roof; DESCRIPTION: The first building built for the Boerne State Bank was built in 1906. In the 1960s the old building was torn down to make way for a new bank. This building was expanded several times, then it was torn down and another, much larger building was built. This latest building is a three story, rock with veranda on the front of first floor; similar porch on second floor. Cupola windows showing on the third floor, with a pitched roof.

HISTORY: This building was planned to preserve the Fabra Smokehouse which had been designated as Historic Building. The Smokehouse originally served the household of the Fabra family whose home and business occupied two of these city lots. The Calrow Building, Graham Building and the Vogt Hotel were also on this property just north of the Fabra property. The Boerne State Bank occupied this beautiful building for several years before the economy in the U.S. caused many banks to have a difficult time collecting on loans. The bank economized by building a smaller building on joining property, but facing on San Antonio Street. The Boerne State Bank was sold to a national bank, which in turn was sold several times more. The new, larger building at 194 S. Main was purchased by a company named Benefit Planners, a group which handles insurance claims.

Source: Boerne Public Library files.- May, 1999

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