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146 S. Main, Boerne
OWNERS: Eddie John Vogt, John Eddie Vogt, Bernice Giddens, NAPA LOCATION: Town Lot: #67 DATE: c1940 Style/Period: CommercialHISTORICAL DESIGNATION: NO
BUILDER: Eddie Vogt CONSTRUCTED OF: Brick; flat roof; commercial windows CONDITION: Good DESCRIPTION: The building is a one- story, brick; flat roof; show windows in the front.

HISTORY: Quoting a letter by John Eddie Vogt to the Boerne Star, July 6, 1972 is the following information about this building and the business therein:
"In today's paper you will find an ad on specials that I am giving in celebration of my 25 years in business..This is in appreciation of the fact that the people of Boerne and the surrounding area have allowed the Vogt family to serve them through a retail business for the past 63 years.

In 1909 my father [Eddie John Vogt] opened a general merchandise business at approximately the same spot that I am located at today. He carried everything front groceries to clothing and hardware. At his store you could purchase everything from fresh groceries to dynamite. In 1943 my father passed away and my mother and older sister ran the business until 1945 when it was sold to persons outside the family. The new owners were unable to make a go of it and finally in 1947 the business was bankrupt.

It was at about this time that I graduated from high school and decided that I would give retail merchandising a try. At that time there were two other dry goods stores in Boerne and there were a number of years of pretty rough sledding."...

In the "Boerne Star," July 20, 1978 Mr. Vogt ran a Thank You notice to his many customers and to the two workers in the store, Vera D'Spain and Lois Soell, and to his wife, Nelda. At this time he closed the doors to the store. Since that time other businesses have occupied the building.

Source: Boerne Public Library files.- May, 1999