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125 Oak Park Boerne, Tx
OWNERS: Frey, Allan McWilliams LOCATION: Dietert Addition, Block 1, Lot 10 DATE: Early 1930's HISTORICAL DESIGNATION: NONE
BUILDER: unknown CONSTRUCTED OF: Wood frame; 1 x 1 windows CONDITION: Poor, being remodelled DESCRIPTION:

HISTORY: The property on which this house stands was sold in 1905 by William F. Hayes to W. P. Stendebach. Katherine Stendebach acquired the house in 1914. Some time in the 1940s Bob and Doris Wall rented the house from Mrs. Frey. At that time there were two front doors. One led to the bedroom and the other into the parlor. There was a big screened porch in the back of the house and a nice, large kitchen. The ceilings were high and the walls had beaded boards. Recently Tony and Carolyn Carter purchased the house and have remodelled it.

Following is a report from Tony Carter: "My Notes I think the 1914 purchase was on the 11 1/4 varas. I bought the house from the McWilliams’ and it doesn’t appear that he added on but converted the screened in porch to a washroom. The bathroom and kitchen were already added at the time Doris Wall lived there in the 40’s.

I think the 4 lots from 125 E. Oak Park to the Subway [corner building] were originally 3 lots and were subdivided in 1914. John 1859-1949 and Marie Frey 1870-1958 owned several rental properties around town during the 40’s including 125 E. Oak Park. Lots 10,11,12 could be converted to 4 lots if 11-1/4 Varas (31’ 3”), as my deed states, were taken from each. Did K. Stendebach own lot 11 and 12? And by buying this from William P. was able to make 3 lots from the 2 she owned? The original lots 10,11,and 12 were subdivided into 4 lots in 1914. In 1914 W.P.’s mother, Kathrine, would have been 80 years old.

If the house was built in the middle of the original 125’ Lot 10 and then the west side was reduced by the 33 ¼ ft it would be 16 feet from the West property line and today it is around 10’ which leads me to believe that it was built before 1914 in the middle of the property . The theory I’m working on is that has it built before 1905 by W. F. Hayes and when he built a larger house across current day Main street on Lot 23 in 1904. He then sold this one to W. P. Stendebach. In 1905." -Tony Carter

Source: Boerne Public Library files-2005.

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