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415 O'Grady and Lott
ID# 23584 ORIGINAL USE: Social Hall PRESENT USE: Social Hall CURRENT OWNER: Crusader's Organization
OWNERS: Hispanic citizen group LOCATION: Iron & Graham Addition LOTS: #165, 168 DATE: 1978 HISTORICAL DESIGNATION: NO
BUILDERS: Crusader's Club CONSTRUCTED OF: concrete block, metal roof, commercial windows. CONDITION: DESCRIPTION: One story, rectangular hall.


The building was built about 1978 by the Hispanic citizens of the community for meetings and social gatherings. The group organized calling themselves The Crusader's. It has been used many times throughout the years for many various social events.

The first president of the Crusaders Club (1969- 1971) was George Mitchell, who was instrumental in the formation of the structure of the club with its Board of Directors, a Club Charter and the Club By-Laws. He appointed a three-man committee to look into the availability of land to purchase as a site for a future civic hall. Mr. Mitchell came to Boerne in 1955 from Houston, Texas where he had owned a dry cleaning business. He soon established Mitchell Cleaners in Boerne which he owned and operated for the next forty years.

Serving as second president, 1971-1974, was Lupe Rodriguez, who was retired from the Army with 24 years service. After serving on the original Building Committee of three, Mr. Rodriguez continued the efforts to acquire property for a civic hall and made sure it was properly zoned and curbed.

It was during the term of the third president, Robert Salinas,(1974- 1976), when the walls began to go up. Mr. Salinas' knowledge of the construction business would prove invaluable because his blueprints would become the very foundation of Crusaders Hall. His ability for leadership would rally all the members to work hard and with enthusiasm towards achieving their goal: to complete the construction of Crusaders Hall. His well-known reputation as a reputable builder was a positive force as many local contractors were encouraged to donate machinery and materials to this project.

Bedelia Mitchell serving as fourth president (1976- 1979)brought with her an experience of civic-mindedness. Bedelia was well known throughout the community for her outstanding work in a number of the civic organizations. During her term of office the club obtained a loan from Boerne State Bank to complete the construction of the building. The funds to pay the loan were earned by sponsoring a booth annually at the Kendall County Fair and at Berges Fest. The dedication service of the building was held in 1977 and completion was final in 1978.

Source: Tenth Anniversary Bulletin -Boerne Public Library files.- September, 2001

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