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410 E. Hosack
OWNERS: Henry Dietert, Leslie Boswell, K. A. Ehman, Houser, Droste,Legate, Rooge, Schoenfeld, Winegar LOCATION: Cibolo Estates Addition Lot #38 DATE:c1860 Style/Period: German pioneer HISTORICAL DESIGNATION: BHP
BUILDER: Henry Dietert CONSTRUCTED OF: Rock;metal roof; 4 x 4 windows CONDITION: Good DESCRIPTION:One story rambling house with many additions through the years. Started as a log cabin, then limestone additions; adobe walls were built and taken down. Once had a dog-trot; original walls 18 inches thick.

HISTORY: Henry Dietert, a prominent pioneer of Boerne, owned with his brother, William, the first old saw and grist mill on Cibolo Creek near the house. They built the dam on the creek. He built this house for his family on the south side of the creek, while his brother, William built on the north side. For information on William Dietert House, See: The house stayed in the Henry Dietert family for over seventy years, through his children Gus Dietert, Amalie Dietert Wendler, and Bertha Dietert Fabra who sold to the Boswells in 1936. Ten years later the Boswell's sold to the Ehman's who lived here for 25 years from 1946 - 1971. The Houser family lived here for seven years and then Katherine Droste from 1979- 1983 when she did extensive restorations. In 1983, Duckworth Properties bought the house and developed the land around it. The house was empty until the Legate's bought it in 1988 and sold in 1992 to the Rooge family from California. Jimmy Keeter bought the house in 1995 and began another restoration and remodelling of the house. They sold the house to Maggie and Fred Schoenfeld in 1996. In the spring of 2000 the house was purchased by Richard Winegar.

Source: Boerne Public Library files.

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