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Hwy. 46,Bergheim
elmax1920s elmax881988

HISTORY: This is a very large house having 18 rooms most of which opened on to the porches downstairs as well as upstairs. It may have been owned by the Oppenheimer family before 1921. The file has information from Stuart R. McCormick in which he says, "The headquarters ranch of 300 ac. belonged to my parents (H.C. McCormick) between 1921 and 1929 and was known than as "Rainbow Rest. I [Stuart R. McCormick) believe the house was built about 1915 and when purchased by my Father, was occupied by a family I know only as the Oppenheimer's. I have been told that the house was either built as a rest home or sanitorium or was used for that purpose at one time."..." I was five years old at the time my parents sold the place and have no recollection of who the purchaser might have been. I know that R. T. McDermott bought the original 300 ac. about 1946 and subsequently added other properties naming it the Elmax Ranch." In the 1990's the Elmax Ranch sold to developers. It is now known as the subdivision, Cordillera.

Source: Boerne Public Library files, February, 2000.

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