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115 W. Highland
OWNERS:Gus Brink, William Schwarz, Pechacek, Billingsley, Emigh, Gish Radtke Law Firm, Clark Lang LOCATION: Dietert Addition Lot: #20 DATE: 1910 Style/Period: Victorian HISTORICAL DESIGNATION: BHP
BUILDERS: Alex Kaiser, William Schwarz CONSTRUCTED OF: Wood frame; corrugated tin roof; 1x1 windows CONDITION: Good DESCRIPTION: One and one-half story; developed from a three room house; several additions; front porch with gingerbread on porch & gable; bay window to west front. Barn in back moved from Old Boerne Motel on Main Street. Interesting fence made of some sixty wheel axles and rocks from all over the world.

HISTORY: This house developed from a three room house built in 1910 by Alex Kaiser and William Schwarz for Gus and Matilda (Kaiser) Brink. The sidewalk was added in 1914. Date is inscribed in the walk.

About 1923 the house became the home of William and Margaret (Kaiser) Schwarz, both of them active in Boerne singing groups for many years; William in the Boerne Gesang Verein, and both in the Boerne Choral Club. Their daughter Crescentia, married Adolph Pechacek in 1931. While visiting her parents in 1933, their son, Clyde Pechacek, was born in the front bedroom on the west side.

Over the years, several additions were made to the original three room house. During 1933-34, fences were added on the east, west, and north sides. During 1933-34, fences were added on the east, west and north sides. The fence posts are unique--some 60 buggy axles. Mr. Schwarz had collected rocks from all over the world, and many of them were used to build the wall and the two gate posts at the front of the house. In the right-hanbd post is an interesting cup-like stone. Mrs. Pechacek says that her father called it a "bird's nest", and for many years it contained a small, egg-shaped stone.

At some time in the thirties, a team of horses was used to move a barn from the site of the Boerne Motel on Main Street. Located in the backyard, the barn is still [1984] in use, and contains a workshop and small greenhouse area. Mrs. Pechacek remembers that it contained a knitting machine that was used to produce socks.

Mr. [William] Schwarz died in 1940, and his wife, Margaret, died in 1967. Ownership of the house passed to their daughter, Crescentia Pechacek. For some time it was a rental property until in 1972, the Pechacek's son, Clyde, bought the house and lived in it for eight years. In 1980 it was purchased by Nancy Billingsley, who undertook several alterations. In 1984, the house was sold to the Emigh family.

With great skill and artistry, the Emigh's restored the house; added a deck and spa and landscaped patio and pond, which is surrounded by stately live oaks, to create a restful haven in the backyard. Mrs. Emigh created several stained and prism glass panels, and utilized two skylights to bring light into a previously dimly lit kitchen. The master bedroom overlooked the spa and patio. A charming room was created for a recent addition to the Emigh family.

The house was more recently purchased by Gish & Radke Law Firm. Changes have been made to accommodate a professional office, but the charm and beauty of the restored has been retained.

This house was sold again in 2002 to Clark Lang who has remodelled the home into a western style house used for office rentals. Behind the house he built apartments and he has restored the Livery Stable.

Source: Boerne Public Library files and personal knowledge- July, 1999; update March 2004.

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