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114 Hickman Street
Library File #113
OWNERS: Percival Shephard, Arthur S. Hathaway LOCATION: Kernaghan Addition Lot: #5, #6 DATE: c1920 Style/Period: Bungalow HISTORICAL DESIGNATION: NO
BUILDER: unknown CONSTRUCTED OF: CONDITION: Good DESCRIPTION: House was vacant for many years, but now has been remodelled

HISTORY: Percival W. Shephard was owner of this house at one time. A copy of his obituary reveals the following: "The decedent [Percival W. Shephard] came to Comfort about thirty years ago as a health seeker. He spent several years at Nichol's Ranch, and then returned to Pittsburg, where he resumed his work as editor and publisher of The Index, a successful weekly devoted to society, music and art. Later he returned to comfort with intention of buying a place and making this his home. But being unable at that time to find a suitable place for sale, he turned to Boerne and purchased a home there. This he beautified and improved until it became one of the show places of our neighboring community."

"Two years ago business matters necessitated his return to the North and he sold his attractive Boerne home to Prof. Hathaway.........."

Professor Hathaway was succeeded in the residence by his daughter, Hilda. She lived in the house until that time when residence in a nursing home was necessary. The house was vacant for many years and fell into disrepair. It also became overgrown with vines and shrubbery, but happily, it has now been purchased by new owners, remodelled and renovated, to its former beauty.

Source: Boerne Public Library files.

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