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F.M.474 near Boerne

HISTORY:" What is now a very substantial looking barn on the Herbert and Lotti Kohls place, one half mile N of Adler Street on Plant Street, was in the early days a four room log home of either the Stendebach or Hofheinz family. It was later known as the Toepperwein home. A.S. Toepperwein and Clara Theis, parents of Jake and Fritz Toepperwein, were married in the parlor of this fine old log house. for the occasion the room was especially decorated with unbleached domestic or muslin draped to cover the beams, making a softer look for the wedding. Besides the four rooms there was a hall and a covered dog trot or breezeway, common to log homes in the early days", according to Nellmarie Huff in 1979. Underneath the sketch of the barn she made in 1980, Bettie Edmonds writes the following:" Toepperwein Barn in Boerne...Built in the 1860's-70's by Frederick Hofheinz as the first home on this homestead. there is a two room log and rock home still standing within this structure. For many years it was the property of the Toepperwein family and is now owned by Mrs. Lottie Kohls."

Source: Boerne Public Library files, February, 2000.