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117 S. Main, Boerne
OWNERS: August Vogt, L.N. Lavallee ADDITION: Original Town Lot LOT #84: DATE: C1879 Style/Period: German Pioneer
BUILDERS: Vogt CONSTRUCTED OF: Native Limestone DESCRIPTION: One and one-half story, rock, symmetrical with two front doors.

HISTORY: This house on E. San Antonio Stree was built by Mr. Lavallee in 1879 behind the candy store which he operated from approximately 1880. A Mills family was probably the last occupant of the old structure. They were burned out in the 1908 fire that destroyed most of the 200 block of S. Main. Mr. Lavalee was a Mason and an active civic leader according to existing records.

It became unused and went into dis-repair. The building was offered to BAHPS but they had no funds to move or restore it, therefore, it was demolished by Clarke Lang in 1983 for parking spaces behind his new building on Main Street.

According to information from deeds in the Kendall County Courthouse and St. Helen's records, as stated on page 77 of Recollections of Boerne and Kendall County, Family Histories compiled by Edith A. Gray, in 1949: On Jan. 13, 1879, Lavalle bought lots #81, 82, 83, on the corner of Main and San Antonio Streets from John James.
Oct. 20, 1880, Mrs. Lavalee bought Lots #87, 88, and 89 from John James
April 17, 1902, sold lots #87 and 88 to W. F. Schuchardt; April 17, 1902, sold lot #89 to F. W. Tucker; Louis Napoleon and Ellen Marie (Flynn) Lavallee had four children: Eva M
James Louis m. Rena (Graham) Homer
Mamie Lou married Richard W. Taylor
Harry (adopted)

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